Top Places to Visit in Malaysia in 2024


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Malaysia, among the renowned South East Asian countries, is a country of contrasts where diverse cultures and multiple languages merge with a dash of modernity. The country is known for its exquisite beaches, delicious cuisines, outstanding skyscrapers, unique culture, fantastic nightlife, and more. 

Apart from its striking features, Malaysia has four iconic sites recognized by UNESCO, making it renowned for its rich heritage. As you may guess, Malaysia has things for every type of traveller and visitor in its store.

Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or architecture, Malaysia is an excellent place to visit with family and friends. So if you plan to visit Malaysia or explore possibilities, you can plot your path with the help of our list of the best places to visit in Malaysia.

Best Places to Visit in Malaysia

Let’s dive straight in and check out the best places to visit in Malaysia.

Best Places to Visit in Malaysia in Winters

Best Places to Visit in Malaysia in Summers

Best Places to Visit in Malaysia with Family

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands


Georgetown Penang


Genting Highlands

Cameron Highlands

Petaling Jaya

Cameron Highlands




1. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is one of the largest cities in Malaysia, spreading over 245 square kilometres. Popularly referred to as KL, it is a diverse area with Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and indigenous inhabitants. Ranging from temples & mosques to spectacular futuristic towers & local markets, Kuala Lumpur suits all ages and budgets.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur – 

  • Petronas Towers: The tallest twin towers in the world, Petronas Towers feature Islamic designs and postmodern architecture. You can walk over the bridge that connects these sky towers and admire the scenic beauty.
  • Sri Mahamariamman Temple: Built in the 19th century, this is the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur. It can be of your interest if you want to learn about the diverse religious culture and religions that contribute to making up this city.
  • Bird Sanctuary: Spanning over 20 acres, the bird sanctuary is home to more than 3,000 birds including local species and imported birds. You can enjoy the local flora and fauna, attend the breeding programs, and more.
  • Sunway Lagoon Theme Park: Famous for families, the park features interactive games, surf pools, theme park rides, a zoo, and more.
  • Kuala Lumpur Tower: To get panoramic views of the city, you can check out the Kuala Lumpur tower, which is the highest point in the city (it takes approximately 54 seconds for the lifts to ascend the site). You can visit this place around dusk to see the stunning night view.

2. Langkawi

Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands in Malaysia, is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Malaysia. Langkawi is primarily famous for the Sky Bridge, Cable Car, and plenty of restaurants and bars along the beaches. A notable feature of this destination is the UNESCO heritage site Langkawi Geopark, which is certainly among the must-visit places in Malaysia.

Some of the major attractions of Langkawi Island are – 

  • Sky Bridge: A cable ride takes you to the sky bridge, which is at an elevation of 2,300 feet above sea level. It is one of the perfect destinations to visit in Malaysia with family.
  • Underwater World: Spanning six acres, it is home to more than 200 species of marine life and fishes, like giant rays, penguins, sharks, harbour seals, and the largest freshwater fish in the world – Amazonian arapaima.
  • Tanjung Rhu Beach: If you want to visit a secluded place away from the city with your spouse and children, Tanjung Rhu Beach can be a good option. As one of the best places to visit in Malaysia and a top picnic destination, the beach has clear water and refined, powder-like sand.
  • Skytrail Jungle Trekking: A gateway to the world of flora and fauna that originated more than 500 years ago, this is a good place for trekking for all age groups.
  • Crocodile Adventureland: It houses more than 4,000 crocodiles of different specimens. You can attend the ‘heart-stopping’ show and engage in interactive and informative activities to make your trip memorable.

3. Genting Highlands

An hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands is one of Malaysia's most sought-after hill stations and is suitable for a visit all year round. This mesmerising hill town is referred to as the 'City of Entertainment' and is famous for luxury hotels, shopping complexes, spirited nightlife, and world-class casinos. It is the only place in Malaysia where gambling is legal and authorised.

The popular hotspots in Genting Highlands are listed below – 

  • Outdoor Theme Park: This park has fantastic water slides and a range of rides for kids and families, including thrilling roller coaster rides for adults and tamer rides for younger children.
  • Cloud 9: Genting highland is renowned for its nightlife, with Cloud 9 being one of the famous nightclubs in the area with concrete neon pillars. You can find hip-hop and live music there depending on the day (or night) of the week.
  • Haunted Adventure: This is a must-place for kids who love adventure. It gives you a tour that leads you through dark rooms with scary occupants.
  • Genting Highlands Mountains: Genting Highlands is famous for some of the prettiest scenery in Malaysia. You can go for a stroll and enjoy the beauty of raw nature.
  • Strawberry Leisure Farm: It is a massive and one of the most renowned strawberry farms in Malaysia. As a tourist, you can spend a whole afternoon picking up strawberries and taking in the views.

4.  Georgetown Penang

Georgetown Penang, the multicultural capital of Penang, is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia. The centre of Georgetown Penang is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to immigrants from China, India, and other parts of Malaysia. Such diversification aptly reflects in the local fusion cuisine. Apart from the food, the place is popular for street art, heritage architecture, and vibrant laneways.

Have a look at the major tourist attractions in Penang’s Georgetown – 

  • Street Art: Street art is plastered all over walls and buildings across the town. If you want an idea of the locals' creativity, this is certainly the best place to visit in Malaysia.
  • Hike Penang National Park: As the smallest national park in Malaysia, Hike Penang National Park offers different great hiking trails through the jungle and a secluded beach.
  • Street Food: As mentioned, from street food to fine dining, Penang is a culinary tapestry. With a large variety of cuisines available, you can also hire a guide to be helped in tasting food from the best food stations.
  • Tropical Spice Garden: Take a tour of the tropical spice garden and see 500+ herbs and spices. You can book special night tours and see the place in the beautiful night light as well.
  • Trishaw Ride: It is a traditional rickshaw where a bicyclist will push you in a chariot. You can find several amazing trishaw riders around the city.

5. Cameron Highlands

Another hill station in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is nestled in the hills of Pahang in Malaysia. Spread over 700 square kilometres, it is a great place to visit in the winter. This wonderland allures travellers with its hiking trails, museums, gardens, tea plantations, and other Highlands activities.

Check out the best places to visit in Cameron Highlands below – 

  • Time Tunnel: The first memorabilia museum of Malaysia, it is famous for its coffee shop, children's corner, barber shop, and more. 
  • Boh Plantation Tea: Besides providing you with scenic pleasures and aromatic tea, it also allows you to learn the five steps of the tea-making process and take advantage of the beauty by roaming around the plantations freely.
  • Mount Batu Brinchang: You can climb Mount Batu Brinchang and soak in the incredible scenic views from the top. Depending on your convenience and preference, you can drive or hike up here.
  • The Lakehouse: If you want to relish a delicious breakfast, you can head to the Lakehouse at Tudor Mansion which reflects the British colonial period there.
  • Cactus Valley: Located in the Pahang region of Highlands, Cactus Valley is home to cacti as old as 60 years. The collection here comprises clivia miniata, peaches, geranium, glory bush, coleus, and others.

6. Sabah

Sabah, a popular tourist spot and one of the best places to visit in Malaysia, is home to different religious ethnicities. It showcases luxuriant rainforests, vibrant locals, attractive architecture, and fascinating landscapes. 

Sabah attracts a flock of tourists every year who are seeking a way to get closer to the wonder of nature. This place is ideal to escape from the busy city life and get an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate to the full extent.

Mentioned below are some of the top things to do in Sabah and the places to explore there – 

  • Kota Kinabalu: Referred to as KK, Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah and home to numerous premium resorts which offer activities like cruises, watersports, and spas. Within the confines of city limits, you can also enjoy shopping in luxury malls or conventional markets.
  • Mari Mari Cultural Village: Situated 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu city, Mari Mari Cultural Village depicts the lives of Sabahan tribes. You can walk through the village and discover livelihood patterns, traditional houses, customs, food, and culture. 
  • Gaya Street Sunday Market: One of the fantastic street markets in Malaysia, the Gaya market is an excellent place to pick local handicrafts, accessories, clothes, knick-knacks, and souvenirs.
  • Sabah Tea Garden: The luxuriant Sabah Tea Garden is a drive of about 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu. This tea garden grows some of the best tea in the region with exotic local tea varieties.
  • Atkinson Clock Tower & Signal Hill Observatory: Both these sites, located on the same route, are significant landmarks of Kota Kinabalu. They are best known for scenic views and their surrounding hills.

7. Ipoh

Ipoh is the third largest city in Malaysia and is a must-go for lovers of heritage, with excellent food culture and a number of old and ramshackle streets to discover. Located around 180 kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur, the city has much to offer its visitors - you can enjoy plenty of things from limestone caves to Ipoh white coffee.

Some of the notable destinations that you can list on your travel itinerary are – 

  • Temples: Ipoh is famous for various temples such as Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple, Kwan Yin Tong Temple, Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple, and Ling Sen Tong Temple. These temples, set amongst beautiful pools and gardens, are picture-perfect.
  • Concubine Lane: It is a narrow lane bordered by fascinating antique shops, cafes, trendy boutiques, and Ipoh’s famous traditional white coffee shop. The best time to visit this lane is during weekends when the stalls are set up to sell typical foods and souvenirs.
  • Tasik Cermins: Popularly referred to as the ‘Mirror lake', it is surrounded by limestone karsts. You can visit the lake on any day of the week and enjoy this exceptionally peaceful art of nature.
  • Kong Heng Flea Market: Located in the city centre, the market is popular for small craft and flea markets. You can take a walk through the market and explore this creatively-decorated space.
  • 22 Hale Street: Building has two shops transformed into a café and museum. The museum displays the Ipoh lifestyles over time and includes many retro items.

8. Petaling Jaya

From ancient historical caves to street food, there is much to explore in Petaling Jaya. Established during British Malaya in the 1950s, this city can certainly charm you. It is renowned for its glitzy shopping malls, interspersed with temples and traditional restaurants.  

Some of the best places to visit in Petaling Jaya are listed below – 

  • Batu Caves: One of the major attractions in Petaling Jaya, Batu Caves are famous limestone caves that hold three significant caves – Art Gallery Cave, Museum Cave, and Cathedral Cave. These caves have a special place for the Hindu community and are adorned with different paintings and statues related to mythology.
  • Sultan Abdul Samad Building: It is considered one of the best places in Petaling Jaya and features Moorish and western influences in its architecture. It is a remarkable sightseeing place and draws in a lot of students as well as history buffs and enthusiasts.
  • Jalan Alor: It is certainly one of the best places to visit in Malaysia at night if you want to taste the hawker food. From air-conditioned fine dining restaurants to street-side carts & food hawkers, this place has enough delicious options to tempt you. Some famous dishes here include barbecued meat, spiced-up seafood, messy-finger food, sprinkled satay, and more.

9. Melaka

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, Melaka is culturally rich with a number of historical sites. Apart from offering cultural tourist attractions, Melaka is famous for its food and cuisines. 

There are great things to do with your family in this beautiful place such as visiting the renowned Christ church, partying in bars and cafes, shopping at night markets, and more. Infused with history, culture, and traditions, you can have a glimpse of Malaysian life through its gastronomic delights, museums, and more.

The following are some places you can visit in Melaka – 

  • Alor Gajah: Located 24 km from Malacca city, Alor Jagah is an excellent place to stroll amidst shops. Spread across 1,300 acres, the highlight of the site is the A’Famosa Resort which offers a magical world with various theme parks and a golf course.
  • Klebang: One of the best places to visit in Malaysia, Klebang is just a two-hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur and has incredible tourist attractions. You can visit Klebang beach to play in the sand and enjoy kite flying with your kids and spouse.
  • Ayer Keroh: To savour nature's splendour and greenery, you can visit Ayer Keroh. It is just 15 km from Malacca and will help you spend a fun-filled and relaxed day with your family.
  • Masjid Tanah: It is a nice place to visit in Malaysia if you want to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking trails. The place is surrounded by beautiful beaches and offers delectable seafood. The must-visit attractions in Masjid Tanah include Pengkalan Balak Beaches, Sungai Udang Recreational Forest, the turtle Information Centre, and more.
  • Jasin Hot Springs: Based on the Japanese onset concept, the place offers different degrees of thermal water and pools. You can take a soothing dip in healing water while your kids enjoy pools and inflatable slides. 
  • Pulau Besar: Popularly called 'Big Island', you can relax at the palm-shaded beaches and enjoy the place's natural beauty. This area is also one of the best places to visit in Malaysia if you plan to engage in jungle hiking.

How to Buy Travel Insurance for Malaysia from the UAE?

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Travel insurance is an integral part of travelling that not only safeguards us against the risk of unforeseen medical expenses but also serves as a safety net against other travel-related emergencies - loss of passport or documents, missed or delayed flights, loss of checked-in baggage, and more.

Apart from offering financial protection against unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance is necessary while travelling to Malaysia as it – 

  • Assures you of immediate assistance, be it for admission to the network hospital, medical evacuation, or the process for issuance of misplaced medical documents
  • Reduces the financial strain on your pocket if things go haywire overseas
  • Provides you coverage for the entire duration of the trip

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Before Taking Off

Malaysia is a popular destination with much to offer to tourists and visitors – regardless of your age, budget, or your idea of fun. From excellent infrastructure and spectacular beaches to amazing nights & fascinating shops, as showcased in this article 'Top Places to Visit in Malaysia’, you can add this country to your trip calendar and get a chance to explore the diversity. 

To make the trip fruitful and stress-free, it is advisable to pack travel insurance along with all the essentials!

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