Oman Visas for UAE Residents


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Oman, a gem between the Arabian Sea and the rugged mountains of the Arabian Peninsula, beckons UAE residents with its rich tapestry of culture and natural beauty. From the bustling souks of Muscat to the awe-inspiring dunes of the Wahiba Sands, Oman is a land of contrasts and captivating experiences. As you set your sights on this enchanting destination, navigating the realm of Oman visas becomes paramount.

To assist you in understanding the visa process, we've compiled an all-inclusive guide that provides essential information about Oman visas, specifically for UAE residents.

Visa Exemptions and Requirements

Oman has implemented a visa policy that grants exemptions to nationals of certain countries and regions, allowing them to enter the country without a visa for stays of up to 14 days. However, these exemptions are subject to specific conditions:

  • Prior and Confirmed Hotel Booking: Visitors must have a confirmed hotel reservation for their stay in Oman.
  • health insurance: Possession of health insurance coverage during the trip.
  • Return Ticket: Travellers must hold a return ticket as proof of their intention to leave Oman after their visit.

To make your travel smoother, residents of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates can enter Oman without the need for visas.

Oman Visa Guidelines for UAE Residents Traveling by Road

Navigating the visa requirements for travelling from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Oman by road involves a few key points to remember. Whether you're a UAE citizen or a resident with a GCC residence card, understanding the visa policy, application process, and entry details is crucial. Let's explore the essential information to ensure a seamless journey:

  • Oman visa policy for UAE citizens and residents:
  1. UAE citizens can enter Oman without a visa using their passport.
  2. Residents with a GCC residence card need an Oman visa for road travel.
  • Oman Visa Application:
  1. Non-UAE residents with a residence card can apply for an Oman visa online.
  2. Required documents: Valid passport (with six months left), passport scan, recent photo, valid email, and payment method.
  • GCC E-Visa Application Process:
  1. Complete an application form and choose the GCC e-visa option.
  2. Processing times and fees:
Standard (4 Business Days) $74.99
Rush (2 Business Days) $126.99
Super Rush (1 Business Day) $189.99

Visa is sent via email and should be printed.

  • UAE Residents Traveling by Road:
  1. UAE residents with an Oman visa can enter through any checkpoint.
  2. The maximum stay allowed is 28 days.


Types of Oman Visas

For UAE residents planning to visit Oman, there are various visa options catering to different purposes and requirements. These visas fall into four main categories:

  1. Resident Sponsored visa
  2. Resident Unsponsored visa
  3. Visit Sponsored visa
  4. Visit Unsponsored visa

Resident Sponsored Visas offer several choices, including:

  • Housemaid Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Joining Visa (for accompanying family members of foreign residents or investors)
  • Student Visa
  • Employment Visa With Endorsee
  • Family Joining Visa
  • Investor Visa, Citizen Spouse Visa
  • Property Owner Joiner's Visa.
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Resident Unsponsored Visas are available for foreign property owners in approved tourist complexes in Oman.

Visit Sponsored Visas provide opportunities such as:

  • Family Visit Visa
  • Official Visit Visa
  • Festivals Visa
  • Business Visit Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Express Visa Multi-entry Visit Visa (sponsored)
  • Contractor Visit Visa
  • Band Visa
  • Short Work Visa
  • Emergency Visa
  • Sailor's Transit Visa
  • Scientific Research Visa
  • Cruise Ship Passenger And Crew Visa
  • Business Man Visa

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Lastly, Visit Unsponsored Visas encompass:

  • Visit Visa Multi-Entry 1 year
  • Truck Driver Visa
  • GCC Resident Visa
  • Patient Visa
  • Oman / Qatar Common Visa
  • Dubai / Oman Common Visa
  • Airport Transit Visa
  • Multi-entry Visit Visa
  • Tourist Visit Visa
  • Short Transit Visa
  • GCC Citizen Companion Visa
  • Off the Plan Owner Visa
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Diplomat Visit for individuals holding Diplomatic/Special/Service/Official passports from specific countries

Furthermore, it's important to note that each of these visa types, such as Resident Sponsored, Visit Sponsored, and Visit Unsponsored visas, may have subtypes, and in some cases, these subtypes might have additional variations to cater to specific needs. To ensure you select the most suitable visa type for your visit to Oman, it is highly recommended to refer to ROP's eVisa website or contact the appropriate authorities to get the most up-to-date and complete information on visa options, eligibility requirements, and application procedures. This will help you navigate the visa application process with confidence and clarity, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free entry into the Sultanate of Oman.

  • The Tourist Visa, designed for leisure explorations, offers an ideal pathway for individuals seeking to immerse themselves in Oman's rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. Delve into its validity period, which unlocks the opportunity for an unforgettable journey.
  • The Business Visa, on the other hand, facilitates seamless work-related visits by outlining specific documentation needs and validation processes.
  • For those in transit, the Transit Visa ensures a smooth journey for individuals en route to other destinations, granting a brief yet convenient stay in Oman.

Whether it's leisure, commerce, or transit, Oman's visa spectrum holds the key to a world of opportunities for UAE residents.

Applying for an Oman Visa

For UAE residents looking to secure an Oman visa, the procedure is overseen by the Royal Oman Police (ROP). The ROP's eVisa website offers a user-friendly platform to navigate and initiate a suitable visa application.

The following steps outline the process:

  1. Visit the ROP's eVisa website to initiate your visa application.
  2. The website provides comprehensive guidance on the online visa application process, including video guides for assistance.
  3. Choose a suitable visa type based on your purpose of travel. While the Tourist Visit Visa is ideal for tourists, other visa types might be necessary for different purposes.


Requirements to Apply for Oman Visa for UAE Residents

Applying for an Oman visa as a UAE resident has been streamlined to ensure a hassle-free process. You have two primary options to choose from: utilizing the official Omani government website or entrusting authorized visa processing centers, which are well-equipped to expertly guide you through the intricacies of the application. To further enhance the ease of this process, it's imperative to adhere to a few key tips, all of which contribute to a seamless experience:

  • Passport Validity: Confirm that your passport remains valid for your planned stay.
  • Accurate Application: Ensuring meticulous accuracy when completing the application form is crucial to avoid any potential delays.
  • Essential Documentation: Gather indispensable documents encompassing:
Recent passport-sized photographs
Proof of accommodation and comprehensive travel itinerary
Financial statements that demonstrate your financial readiness
A fully completed application form

Reviewing and confirming the details within the application form to align precisely with your official records is paramount. By satisfying these essential criteria, you establish the foundation for a smooth and successful application process, instilling unwavering confidence in your forthcoming journey to Oman.

Oman Visa Application Process

Obtaining an Oman visa is now more convenient than ever. Access the online application through the official portal, offering an efficient way to submit your request from anywhere. This digital approach reduces paperwork and processing time, enhancing user-friendliness. Alternatively, authorized visa agencies can guide you, handling all details expertly. Whether you opt for the online platform or visa agencies, the application process caters to your preferences, transforming your dream of exploring Oman into a reality.

Visa Fees and Processing Time

When considering travel to Oman, it's essential to factor in the nuances of visa acquisition. The cost of an Oman visa depends upon the specific category you require, spanning tourist, business, and transit visas. To navigate the financial aspect effectively, consult official Omani government resources or authorized visa processing centers, as they can offer precise fee details tailored to your intended visa type. Be attentive to potential processing fees or supplementary charges that might be applicable. Moreover, bear in mind that different visa types boast distinct processing durations. Some visas undergo rapid processing, while others entail a more extended timeline.

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In a nutshell

This guide highlights key aspects of acquiring an Oman visa, covering diverse visa types, crucial prerequisites, and processing times. As a UAE resident, exploring Oman is a fantastic opportunity to delve into its diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. Whether you're attracted to Muscat's bustling markets or the desert's tranquil beauty, Oman has something for every traveller. With the visa exemptions and a convenient application process, your journey to Oman promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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