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Founded in 1985 with a seed funding of AED 10 million, Emirates was the first-ever airline to introduce telecommunication facilities on the flights. The airlines started its first flight in the October of the same year. . In the year 2010, Emirates was declared as the “most valuable airline” in the world and the UAE. The value of this airline had already increased to AED 10 billion by the year 2010 and has been growing steadily ever since. Emirates holds several unique records in its name from building the world’s first purpose-built A380 facility concourse to being the airline with the most nationalities travelling in one flight. Emirates travel insurance is one of the unique products that the airline offers.

Why Buy Emirates Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance in UAE is crucial to safeguard your journeys and trips. As a travel insurance policyholder, you get emergency medical and personal accident coverage against any mishaps that you may encounter during the trip.  Following are some of the important reasons why you must buy an Emirates Travel Insurance plan. 

  • Emirates airlines was the first airline travel insurance company providing COVID 19 cover. With this cover, the insurer bears your treatment expenses if you detect COVID 19 during your trips.. Additionally, you get 14 days quarantine cover while travelling to another country. 
  • With Emirates airlines travel insurance plans, you get personal liability benefits along with legal expense cover to help you pay for legal assistance taken in abroad, if any. 
  • The insurance plan also offers trip cancellation and curtailment for any last moment change in your plans. 
  • Along with trip inconvenience cover, you get coverage for baggage loss and delay. 
  • Emirates Travel Insurance additional benefits include accident cover, pet care cover and domestic trip cover, etc. 
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Features and Benefits of Emirates Travel Insurance 

  • One of its Kind: This Emirates travel insurance plan is one of its kind and Emirates airline is the first one to offer it to its customers. The plan is offered free of cost with every airline ticket bought after December 2020.
  • Flexibility: The Emirates travel health insurance plan is rather flexible and customers are free to choose to take or refuse it as per their convenience. Passengers can choose not to take the cover if they already have an active travel insurance.
  • Covid-19 Cover: The multi-risk Emirates travel health insurance cover is a Covid-19 special cover. It includes protection against several scenarios that can lead to trip cancellation. In inclusion to that, the Emirates travel plan also comes with an emergency medical cover.
  • Long-Range Validity: The Emirates travel insurance plan is valid for 365 days or for the entire time of your round trip. The validity locks in on whichever of these two events come first.
  • Easy Cover Initiation: The Emirates travel insurance plan does not require the passengers to perform additional paperwork to get the coverage. The cover can be taken at the time of buying an Emirates flight ticket and the coverage starts that easily.


Things to Know About Emirates Travel Insurance

Following are the important things you need to know about Emirates Travel Insurance in the UAE. 



Type of Coverage

Domestic and International 

Geographical Extent 

Worldwide Coverage

Insured Sum

Up to USD 500,000

COVID 19 Coverage

Available for all trips

Cashless Treatment 

Available at network hospitals

Claim Assistance

Fulltime available

Emirates Multi-Risk Travel Guard Insurance

The multi-risk Emirates travel insurance is offered to all Emirates customers flying with the airline. It comes with a comprehensive list of travel benefits related to the recent burst of Covid-19 infections. Customers are free to use this insurance coverage or drop it if they like. Let’s examine the benefits offered by this Emirates travel insurance plan in detail:

Emirates Travel Insurance Coverage Details

Following is the run-down of Emirates Travel Insurance Coverage Details. 

Coverage Type

Coverage Amount

Emergency Medical Cover and Medical Evacuation

USD 500,000

Personal Liability Cover

USD 1,000,000

Baggage Loss Cover

Up to USD 5,000

Baggage Delay Cover

Up to USD 1,000

Credit Card fraud benefits 

Up to USD 1,000

Personal money and document loss

Up to USD 500

Hospital cash benefits 

USD 45/per day up to USD 3600

Trip cancellation benefits

Up to USD 7500

  • Emergency medical treatment and medical evacuation expenses benefit with a limit of USD 500,000.
  • Personal liability benefit of USD 1,000,000 including USD 10,000 cover for legal fees and USD 5,000 benefit for bail bonds.
  • Baggage loss cover of USD 5,000 and baggage delay cover of USD 1,000.
  • Personal money and personal document loss benefit of USD 500.
  • Credit card fraud benefit of USD 1,000.
  • Trip delays cover benefit of USD 50/hour up to USD 1,000 and missed departure benefit of USD 1,000.
  • Hospital cash benefit of USD 45/day up to USD 3,600.
  • Emergency return to home and trip resumption benefit of USD 5,000.
  • Trip cancellations cover with a base limit of USD 7,500 if the trip is canceled due to school year emergencies. This can include a school year extension because of Covid-19. You or a relative need to be a school teacher, employee or a student to avail of this cover.
  • Trip cancellations cover USD 7500 if your trip is canceled due to a health emergency, your own or a relative’s.
  • A separate trip cancellation benefit of USD 7,500 if you get infected with Covid-19, fail the screening at the airport or the test.
  • Quarantine cover benefit for 14 days of USD 150 if you get infected by Covid-19 when traveling in another country.
  • Additional benefits include pet care cover, catastrophe cover, collision damage cover, mugging cover, and domestic trip covers.
  • The Emirates travel health insurance plan also comes with a premium adventure sports cover for ski hire, winter sports equipment, piste closure and avalanche and landslide.

Emirates Travel Insurance Exclusions

  • Any medical claims related to pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Trips that are taken against the advice of a doctor.
  • Traveling to receive treatment abroad.
  • List of the excluded countries from the Emirates travels insurance plan Iran, North Korea, Cuba Syria, and the Crimea Region of Ukraine.
  • Claims that have arisen due to war or a war-like situation, invasion, riots, blockades, strikes and other industrial and political actions.
  • Accidental claims involving driver not wearing a helmet, not carrying valid driving license
  • Driving when under the influence of drugs.
  • Damages or injuries due to nuclear or other kinds of explosions.
  • Self-inflicted injuries and suicide attempts.
  • Any claims arising due to voluntary negligence of the plan holder.

How to Buy Emirates Travel Insurance Plans?

You don’t need to purchase an Emirates travel insurance plan separately. Simply buy a flight ticket from any of the Emirates contact centers, Emirates.com, or a travel agency. The company sends your details to the insurance providers and, you get automatically enrolled under the Emirates Travel Insurance cover. You can contact Emirates customer support to know the specifics about Emirates travel insurance plan. 

Emirates Travel Insurance Claim Process

Emirates travel insurance is valid for a maximum period of 365 days or until the return of your trip (whichever is earlier). Emirates Travel insurance covers your expenses and losses incurred due to any mishap or inconveniences caused during the trip insurance tenure. . However, to avail of the benefits, you need to file a travel insurance claim by contacting the company’s support team. 

  • Report your loss, inconvenience, or accident to the insurer through online or offline channels. You can also call the customer support team number to file a claim. 
  • Visit the official website and download the travel insurance claim settlement form. 
  • Enter the details and attach the required documents and proof. 
  • Subsequently, you need to submit the claim form online or at the nearest Emirates contact center. 
  • The insurer will verify your documents and after approval, you will receive the insurance benefits based on the company’s terms and conditions. 

Travel medical claims may require some additional documents from the hospital or the clinic. You need to keep all documents handy while filing an Emirates travel insurance claim to have a hassle-free settlement. 

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Emirates Travel Insurance FAQs

Does Emirates travel insurance cover trip extensions?

Yes, a trip extension of up to 30 days from the original date of travel can be covered in some special circumstances. The circumstances include not being able to complete the trip due to uncontrollable situations which are not a part of the exclusion list of the policy.

Do I get this travel insurance coverage even with one-way trip Emirates tickets?

Yes, the Emirates travel health insurance plan is provided even with one-way trips. The benefits of the insurance plan stay active till 31 days after your travel date.

What is the coverage like for one-way trip ticket holders?

The Emirates travel insurance plan covers emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, dental treatment, repatriation of mortal remains, hospital cash benefit and quarantine allowance.

Are there any upgrades available for this coverage with extra premium?

No, add-ons and upgrades are not available for this Emirates travel insurance plan.

Do I need to purchase Emirates Travel Insurance separately?

No, when you purchase an Emirates airline ticket, you automatically get enrolled for Emirates travel insurance. So, you don’t need to purchase a travel insurance plan separately. 

What is the validity of Emirates Travel Insurance?

Emirates Travel Insurance is valid for a period of up to 365 from the date of departure or up to the return trip whichever is earlier.

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