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With global exposure and unprecedented connectivity, businesses are now able to perform worldwide trades with ease and convenience. At the same time, while technology has rendered remote functioning possible, one still requires frequent travel within and outside the country to grow a business and run it profitably. 

As the UAE houses some of the world’s leading corporates and businesses, a massive number of business travels is required for their smooth running. However, journeys can often take unexpected turns and inconveniences, which translates into considerable losses. 

To resolve this issue, several insurance providers offer best travel insurance in UAE. These travel plans are specifically designed for frequent business travellers. Additionally, they include personal accidents and trip inconveniences cover to provide you with comprehensive protection for your journey. Read the article below to learn more about business travel insurance, its features and benefits, and ways to get the right plan for your emerging venture. 

What is a Business Travel Insurance?

Business travel insurance, similar to personal travel insurance, aims to provide comprehensive security for your trips. These plans are specifically designed for businesses by analysing their travel requirements, the threats and eventualities they may encounter during a business trip, and the implications of such incidents for them. 
Several insurance providers in the UAE offer business travel insurance at nominal premiums and provide extensive security against travel accidents, medical emergencies, trip inconveniences like baggage loss, credit card fraud, etc. As a business traveller, you can opt for single trip insurance or purchase multi-trip travel insurance for the whole year to secure all your yearly trips in a single plan.

Business Travel Insurance Highlights



Duration of Trip Cover

Up to 90 days per trip depending on the insurance provider

Age Range

18 years to 65 years

Countries Covered

Over 200 countries depending on the insurance provider

Duration of the Insurance

Valid for 1 year (Renewable on yearly basis)

Business Travel Insurance Benefits

  • Medical expense cover
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment cover
  • Baggage loss and delay cover
  • Accidental death cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Personal and legal liability cover

Additional Riders

  • Dental Cover
  • Luxury item loss cover
  • Credit card fraud cover
  • Pre-existing medical conditions cover
  • War prone locations cover
  • Electrical Item and Gadget Cover

Claim Settlement Mode

Online and offline

Claim Settlement Period

Around 30 days from filing the insurance claim

Best Business Travel Insurance Online

Here is a comprehensive list of cheap travel insurance online plans in UAE :

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
See More Plans >>

Types of Business Travel Insurance

With a goal of covering diverse business requirements, insurers in the UAE provide a broad range of travel insurance plans that you can avail of. Here are a few important types of business travel insurance in the UAE. 

Based on the Travel Frequencies 

  • Single Trip Business Travel Insurance - As the name suggests, a single trip business travel insurance plan secures the policyholder for a single business trip. Moreover, you can opt for a comprehensive plan if you wish to get extensive coverage. In the UAE, travel insurance plans usually offer security for up to a 90 days’ trip. 
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance - Multi-trip travel insurance plans have annual validity and cover all the business trips of the policyholder within a year. These plans are ideal for individuals travelling frequently as a single plan covering yearly trips is easy to manage and cost-effective. However, it should be noted that each trip should not exceed the duration of 90 days.

Based on the Insurance Coverage

  • Travel medical insurance - Whether due to a change in climate or infections, you can encounter health issues while travelling abroad. With travel medical insurance plans offered in the UAE, you can travel freely as these plans offer travel medical insurance covering the treatment and medical expenses during your business trip.
  • Baggage and Personal Item Insurance -  This is a type of travel cover that secures your baggage and belongings in case it is lost or get delayed during travel. It should be noted that instead of only providing the benefits for the flight or during transit, the coverage offers the security of your belongings and baggage for the entire trip. 
  • Trip Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance - Due to unforeseen situations, your trip can get postponed or cancelled. However, you can at least drop your worries regarding payment even with cancelled trips as trip cancellation and curtailment insurance plans cover the cancellation and curtailment of your trips. 
  • Evacuation Insurance - There are certain medical situations where one might need to return to their home urgently. Evacuation insurance proves helpful here as it covers the evacuation expenses for bringing you back to your original country. 
  • Travel Life Insurance - As one can comprehend from the name, travel life insurance secures the policyholder against life-threatening events that may cause bodily injuries or loss of life. Following is the coverage for travel life insurance
    • Accidental Death Cover
    • Air Flight Accident Cover
    • Common Carrier Cover
Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa

Features and Benefits of Business Travel Insurance

While comprehensive protection is the central aspect of business travel insurance in the UAE, these plans also offer a range of features that can help you secure your business travel better. Here are a few features and benefits of business travel insurance plans.

Extensive Travel Insurance - A business travel insurance provides extensive cover against various threats and eventualities that you may encounter during your travel. From travel inconveniences to accidents, the business travel plan secures you against unforeseen situations so that you can travel with peace of mind and succeed in your venture. 

Cost-effective Travel Plans - With business travel plans in the UAE starting as low as AED 190, you can easily pay a small fee to financially protect you from a range of untimely situations in an affordable manner. 

Extensive Medical and Dental Cover -You may get caught up in health issues, infections, or accidents and require immediate medical attention while travelling. Travel medical insurance provides extensive protection against various such health conditions, with several insurance providers offering dental coverage as well. If not, you can always go for a dental cover through add-on riders. 

Baggage Loss and Delay Cover - Most insurance policies offer baggage loss and delay cover in case you lose your luggage during the trip. And while a few insurance companies offer flight baggage delay to secure baggage loss only during the flight, most companies offer security for your baggage for the entire trip. 

Trip Cancellation Cover – If you select any comprehensive travel plan, you can easily secure your trip cancellation and postponement in the base plan. In case of last-minute cancellation or delay, the booking expenses are covered under your trip cancellation security. 

Customisable Plans - Almost every insurer in the UAE provides a comprehensive plan that secures you against various trip eventualities to provide you with safer business travel. You can also customise your business travel plans through additional riders by paying a nominal premium in addition to your base plan. 

Trip Cover of up to 90 days – While most business travel plans secure you for a 90 days’ trip, several insurance providers offer trip security between 30 and 92 days. You can verify the maximum period of security per trip by contacting your insurance provider.

Personal and Legal Liability Cover - Business travel plans in the UAE also come with personal and legal liability cover in case you get into an unforeseen situation. The plan covers the expenses for legal proceedings abroad. 



Top Business Travel Insurance Plans in the UAE

Following are the top business travel insurance plans in the UAE. 

AXA Business Travel Insurance

AXA is one of the largest insurance providers in the world with an excellent track record and convenient claim process. Renowned for offering customisable and flexible insurance plans, AXA Business Travel Insurance provides comprehensive protection against a range of threats and eventualities that you may encounter during your business trip. Following are the key features and benefits of AXA Business Travel Insurance in the UAE.

  • The policy covers the loss of personal baggage, money, and passport during your business trip. It also covers your personal belongings including business-related items against theft, losses, and damages. 
  • AXA Business travel plan also secures you against baggage delay and provides emergency purchase of essential items like clothes, toiletries, etc. 
  • In case your flight is delayed due to unavoidable reasons like strikes, bad weather conditions, mechanical breakdown, and so on, AXA bears the cost of rescheduling your trip or offers you the reimbursement. 
  • You can receive reimbursements or direct payments for emergency medical expenses and transportation costs while you are on a trip abroad. 
  • With this policy, you receive personal accidents and liability coverage that proves beneficial if you find yourself in certain unforeseen situations abroad. 
  • Going online for a convenient experience is also rewarded, as you can enjoy up to a 50% discount on insurance premiums when purchasing AXA travel insurance online. 

ADNIC Corporate Travel Insurance 

Established in 1972, ADNIC is among the leading insurance providers in the MENA region. With an asset capital of over 2.51 billion AED, it is among the largest insurers in the UAE. The company offers a host of both conventional and customisable insurance products ranging from Home, Medical, and Personal to travel accident insurance for individuals and corporates. 

ADNIC corporate travel insurance provides extensive coverage against numerous eventualities during business trips. Here are a few important features and benefits of ADNIC corporate travel insurance.

  • The group or corporate travel insurance from ADNIC offers emergency medical evacuations and repatriation during any emergencies while on a business trip abroad. 
  • In case the medical emergency becomes serious and requires hospitalisation or emergency treatment during a business trip, you can easily seek medical expenses in such cases through the cover. 
  • This policy provides sufficient coverage for losses due to trip cancellation in unavoidable situations. 
  • In case of baggage loss and delays, the plan provides compensation for the incurred losses. 
  • As a policyholder, you have the choice to receive coverage for the loss of important documents related to your business and personal identity. 
  • A host of additional riders to customise your business travel plans as per your needs and requirements are available to ADNIC customers.

Top Travel Insurance Provider

adamjee-travel-insurance allianz-travel-insurance Oman Travel Insurance Orient Travel Insurance Emirates Travel Insurance
RSA Travel Insurance Union Travel Insurance AIG Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance  

Eligibility Criteria for Business Travel Insurance in the UAE

Before purchasing any business travel insurance plan, you are required to ensure your eligibility. Following are the eligibility criteria for Business travel insurance in the UAE. 

  • Age - The policyholder should be at least 18 years old. 
  • Nationality - UAE nationals and residents with valid UAE visas are eligible to buy a business travel insurance plan. 
  • Valid Business in the UAE – As the business travel insurance is owned by the business owner and the beneficiaries may be employees or the owners themselves, you will need to have a valid trade or business in the UAE to own a business travel policy. 
Travel Insurance by Age Group 
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

Business Travel Insurance Inclusion

Policy inclusions are the events and threats covered under the insurance plan. A business travel insurance secures the policyholder from various hazards as described in the inclusions list that one may encounter during the business trips. 

Here are the important inclusions of business travel insurance in the UAE.

  • Medical emergencies due to illness or accidents during the business trip
  • Emergency evacuation of the policyholder on medical grounds
  • Repatriation of bodily remains in case of death of the policyholder
  • Trip cancellation and curtailment due to unavoidable reasons or due to negligence of the airlines
  • Accidental death or permanent/partial disability due to an unforeseen event during the trip
  • International funeral expenses in case repatriation is not possible
  • Damage or loss of travel documents like passport and visa
  • Damage, loss, or delay of personal belongings and baggage
  • Compensation for basic necessities like clothes and toiletries if the baggage gets delayed for more than 6-8 hours
  • Credit card frauds occurring in a foreign country
  • Theft and robbery
  • Trip delay due to bad weather conditions
  • Hijack distress benefits in case of hijack

Note: You can also get additional coverage like maternity coverage if you select the appropriate business travel insurance plan. 

Business Travel Insurance Exclusions

While it might be comprehensive coverage, there are several events known as exclusions that are not covered under a business travel insurance plan. Here are a few major business travel insurance policy exclusions.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions and illnesses
  • Self-inflicted injuries, suicide, or attempt to suicide
  • Treatment for mental conditions, disorders arising due to depression, stress, anxiety, or nervousness
  • Exposure to perils voluntarily
  • Loss of life or bodily injury due to involvement in criminal or illegal activities
  • Loss of life or bodily injury due to involvement in adventure and risky sports
  • Damage to passport due to confiscation by police or detention
  • Damage to passport due to inadequate safeguarding measures 

Add-on Riders for Business Travel Insurance in the UAE

To get cover specifically for your requirements, you can always customise your plan by taking add-on riders available at an additional premium besides the base plan. Here are a few add-on riders for Business Travel Insurance in the UAE. 

Emergency Dental Cover: Several business travel plans include emergency dental treatment as their basic coverage. In case you don’t have it in the basic cover, you can choose an add-on rider that will specifically provide coverage for emergency dental treatment. 

Luxury Item Loss Cover: Despite covering baggage loss and delays, most business travel insurance plans don’t cover the loss of luxury items. In case you are travelling with luxury items during the trip, you can purchase an add-on rider for luxury items in addition to the basic business travel plan.

War-Prone Location Cover:  Travel insurance plans generally do not cover losses or damages if you are travelling to war-prone locations. However, if you are required to travel to a war-prone zone for any crucial business, you can secure yourself with an add-on rider with a nominal premium. 

Pre-Existing Medical Disease: Similar to war-prone locations’ aspect, pre-existing conditions are usually not covered under health insurance plans. So if you have a pre-existing condition that you wish to cover in your travel plan, you can purchase an additional rider along with your basic travel policy. 

Electrical Items and Gadget Cover: While business travel insurance plans cover your luggage and belonging, they don’t secure your electrical items like laptops, mobiles, chargers, trimmers, etc. If you want to carry the electrical items during your business trip, you can easily get an electrical item and gadget cover in your generic travel insurance plan. 

Business Travel Insurance Claim Process

Since business travel insurance covers different events ranging from medical, personal, and accidents to baggage loss, etc., the claim process varies for each inconvenience. However, the common factor here is that the process of filing a business travel insurance claim is straightforward. Following are the steps to be followed while filing a business travel insurance claim process. 

Travel Medical Claims: In case you need emergency medical care during your business travel, you can contact your insurer and head to the nearest network hospital. Inform the hospital about your travel medical coverage. The hospital will take care of the approval process, with the expenses of your treatment being directly transferred to the hospital by the insurance provider.

Theft or Loss of Personal Baggage and Personal Belonging: If you encounter loss or theft of your belongings, you will be required to contact the police and file a report. Call your insurance provider to intimate them about the incident and produce the police report. You will also need to mention the items’ list and the lost or stolen items in the report. After detailed scrutiny, the insurer will pay the compensation in the form of reimbursement.

Flight and Trip Related Claims: To file a flight cancellation and trip-related claims, you can file for settlement online. However, it is recommended to keep all the travel and stay-related documents handy. 

Documents Required for Business Travel Insurance Claim Process

Intimating your insurer is the initial step of filing business travel insurance claims. The next step involves the submission of supporting documents along with your policy documents and identity. To keep the process straightforward, here are the documents you need to keep handy for business travel insurance claims. 

Type of Business Travel Insurance Claims

Required Documents

Travel Medical and Dental Claims

  • Policy details
  • Personal Identification (Passport, Emirates ID, etc.)
  • Medical report
  • Prior medical history (if applicable)
  • Doctor’s prescription and reports
  • Hospital bills
  • Travel documents

Travel Accident Claims

  • Policy Details such as policy number
  • Passport and visa details
  • Copy of Police report
  • Supporting documents and proofs (if applicable)
  • Travel documents

Baggage/Belonging loss and theft 

  • Business travel policy details
  • Passport or Emirates ID
  • Copy of Police report
  • List of items lost or theft 
  • Estimated cost of the lost items
  • Travel documents

Trip Cancellation and Curtailment Claim

  • Business travel insurance details
  • Passport or Emirates ID
  • Trip bookings and flight tickets 
  • Document of notice mentioning trip delay or cancellation (if available)
  • Other travel documents 

Death Claims

  • Business travel policy details, 
  • Passport or Emirates ID of the nominee and the deceased 
  • Death certificate
  • Medical reports/Post mortem report
  • Police report (if death occurs due to accident)
  • Travel documents

Note: The documents mentioned above are generic and indicative. You may be required to submit additional documents as per your insurer’s requirements. 

How to Renew a Business Travel Insurance Policy?

A key aspect to note here is that as the business travel insurance plan is owned by the company, the policies are renewed by the business owners. However, the rest of the process is quite similar to individual travel insurance plans, as you can either visit a nearby branch or log in to their official website to renew the travel plan. Alternatively, you can purchase business travel plans from various insurance brokers. 

Following are the steps to renew a business travel insurance in the UAE. 

Step 1: Once you have purchased a business travel plan, you can access insurer services through an insurance account. You can start by logging in to your insurance account using your login credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the insurance renewal section in your account.

Step 3: Select your plan to be renewed and customise it by adding or removing the add-on riders. If you wish to keep the same plan, you can skip and continue to the next step.

Step 4: You will receive the policy summary. Verify every detail and pay the renewal premium. 

Step 5: Once your premium is paid, you will receive the renewed policy documents on registered contact details.

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