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Going abroad? Protect your trip with travel insurance

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A public joint shareholder company, Orient Insurance was established in 1982 as a part of the Al-Futtaim Group. It is one of the most preferred insurance providers in the UAE when it comes to general insurance products and services. Orient Insurance Dubai made the highest net profit in the UAE in both 2010 and 2011. Since then, the company has been expanding its assets and customer base at a steady pace. Orient travel insurance has one of the top-performing insurance products from the general insurance department of the company. The plans are designed to fulfill all travel requirements for both international and domestic travel on a varying budget spectrum.

Orient Travel Insurance Quotes in UAE

Plan Name  Medical Cover Personal Accident Cover Price
Orient Travel Lite Plus $ 50,000 $10,000
Orient Travel Safe Plus $ 100,000 $25,000
Orient Travel Secure Plus $ 1,000,000 $50,000

Features of Orient Travel Insurance Plans

  • Wide Coverage Base: The exceptionally extensive coverage of the travel insurance plans is one of the best features of Orient travel insurance in Dubai. There are specific plans available for adults, senior citizens, and family members. You can easily choose a plan that suits your travels the best.
  • Comprehensive Plans: All international travel insurance plans from Orient travel insurance are compliant with Schengen country travel insurance rules. Which means you can use one plan to travel anywhere in the world. Most of the domestic travel insurance plans cover not only travels in the UAE but also Oman and Bahrain.
  • Extensive Add-Ons Options: Most inbound and outbound plans can be combined with an add-on of your choice from the available list for customization. You can easily trim or add to the plans to make them ideally suited to your needs.
  • Complete Medical Support: All Orient travel insurance plans offer coverage for emergency medical expenses, hospitalization cover, medical evacuation, and many other supporting benefits.
  • Easy Claim Process: A simple, streamlined process is designed to make sure that all Orient travel insurance claims can be easily submitted and settled with minimal paperwork.
  • Customer Support: The customer support center of Orient insurance is at customers’ beck and call at all times to ensure maximum support when needed.

Types of Orient Travel Insurance Plans

There are two basic categories of travel insurance plans offered by Orient Insurance – inbound and outbound. The inbound travel insurance plans are designed for domestic travels while the outbound plans deal with international travels.

Orient Insurance Travel Inbound

The Orient travel insurance inbound plans can be classified into three parts:

Travel Inbound

  • The Travel Inbound plan is the basic/primary level travel insurance plan in the Orient travel insurance UAE catalog.
  • It covers all kinds of trips and travels made within the borders of the UAE, in any of the seven emirates.
  • The plan comes without any co-pay or deductibles. all the included services/benefits are completely paid off by the insurance company, as per the coverage limit.
  • It covers emergency medical expenses and related expenses up to the limit of USD 150,000/AED 550949.25.
  • Only in-patient benefits are covered by the Orient travel inbound plan.
  • Includes a cover for medical evacuation expenses for up to USD 7,500/AED 27547.46.
  • Also covers repatriation expenses in case of demise when traveling for up to USD 10,000/AED 36729.95.
  • Lost travel document cover of USD 250/AED918.25 and all-inclusive assistance services.

Travel Inbound Plus

  • Travel Inbound Plus from Orient travel insurance is an exclusive level plan for domestic travels designed for adults.
  • The Travel Inbound Plus plan covers travels and trips within the UAE as well as Oman and Bahrain.
  • Emergency medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation expenses cover USD 50,000/AED 183,650.
  • In case of demise when traveling, USD 5,000/ AED 18364.97for repatriation expenses cover.
  • Emergency family travel - If you get stuck in a medical emergency when traveling, one of your family members or friends can fly free of charge to see you. Cover available for economy class travel only for one person.
  • Emergency dental expenses cover USD 500/AED 1836.50. Up to USD 100 allotted sum for each tooth to be treated.
  • Cover of up to USD 2,500/AED 9182.49 for loss of personal baggage. Cover of up to USD 300/AED 1101.90 each for loss of personal money and credit fraud.
  • Baggage delay covers up to USD 300/AED 1101.90 with a minimum delay time of 3 hours. The plan holder can claim USD 30/AED 110.19 for every 3 passing hours.
  • Flight delay cover of up to USD 500/AED 1836.50, with a minimum delay of 6 hours.
  • Cover of up to USD 500/AED 1836.50 for loss of travel documents.

Travel Inbound Plus – Senior

The Travel Inbound Plus – Senior plan comes with the same benefits and assured sum limits as the Travel Inbound Plus plan. The only distinction here is that the Travel Inbound Plus – Senior plan from Orient Travel Insurance UAE is designed for senior citizens and can be availed by UAE residents/citizens aged 66-79 years.

Add-ons or Optional Covers – For Travel Inbound Plus

Terrorism Cover-Up to USD 50,000/AED 183,650 or as per the limit applied in the claimed section. The terrorism cover comes with an additional premium. The additional premium amount is set at 25% of the basic plan premium.

Orient Travel Insurance Outbound Plans

There are four types of different outbound or international travel insurance plans offered by Orient travel insurance Dubai. Given following is a complete overview of the benefits offered for each international travel insurance plan:

Travel Lite Plus

  • The primary/basic level international travel insurance is offered by Orient travel insurance UAE.
  • It covers emergency medical expenses, treatments, and evacuation up to the limit of USD 50,000/AED 183,650. This includes the cost of treatments and tests if diagnosed with Covid-19 and critical care monitoring covers as well.
  • Dental cover for emergency dental treatment only – up to USD 500/AED 1836.50. The dental cover is a part of the emergency medical expenses covers.
  • Repatriation expenses in case of demise when traveling for up to USD 5,000/AED 18,365 and funeral cost cover of USD 500/AED 1836.50.
  • Emergency message relay service to family members and others.
  • The covid-19 accommodation cost-benefit of USD100/AED 367.30 every day for up to 14 days.
  • Hospital cash benefits of USD 250/AED 918.25 with a division of USD 25/AED 91.82 per day for 10 days. A 48-hour long minimum limit applies.
  • Accidental death cover of USD 10,000/AED 36729.95.
  • Loss of travel document compensation of USD 100/AED 367.30.

Travel Safe Plus

  • Emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and emergency dental treatment benefit up to USD 100,000/AED 367299.5. Also includes critical care monitoring expenses.
  • In case of death when traveling, repatriation expenses benefit of USD 7000 and funeral benefit of USD 700/AED 2571.10.
  • Personal liability cover of USD 100,000/AED 367299.5.
  • Emergency family travel cover for one family member.
  • Covid-19 related accommodation cover upon diagnosis – USD 100/AED 367.30 per day for a maximum of 14 days.
  • Hospital cash benefit of up to USD 350/AED 1285.55.
  • Loss of personal baggage cover of up to USD 1,000/AED 3672.99 and loss of personal money cover of USD 200/AED 734.60.
  • Trip cancellation cover of USD 1,000/AED 3672.99.
  • Baggage and flight delay benefit of USD 500/AED 1836.50, each.
  • Personal accident benefits of up to USD 25,000/AED 91824.88 including death benefit and permanent disability compensation.
  • Additional covers include bail bond, miss departure, loss of travel documents, flight overbooking, visa rejection, and mugging.

Travel Family Plus

  • The Travel Family Plus is the only family travel insurance plan offered by Orient travel insurance UAE. It includes all basic benefits and covers such as emergency medical expenses, associated expenses, emergency medical evacuation cover, critical care expenses cover and emergency dental treatment expenses.
  • The emergency medical expenses have a cover amount of USD 150,000/AED 550949.25 which includes the dental and evacuation expenses as well.
  • Personal liability cover of USD 100,000/AED 367,299.5.
  • Personal accident cover of up to USD 30,000/AED 110189.85 with death and permanent disability cover.
  • The plan also offers repatriation expenses benefit of up to USD 7000/AED 25710.97. If any of the plan holders happen to meet their unfortunate demise while traveling, the cost of transporting the mortal remains will be covered by the insurance company.
  • Funeral costs cover the demise of any of the plan holders for up to USD 2000/AED 7345.99.
  • One economy ticket for anyone family member in case you are in a medical emergency.
  • Emergency message relay services.
  • Covid-19 diagnosis-related accommodation costs benefit of up to USD 100/ AED 367.30 per family for 14 days maximum.
  • Hospital cash benefit of USD 500/AED 1836.50 per family day.
  • Loss of personal baggage cover of up to USD 3,500 /AED 12855.48 and loss of travel documents cover of up to USD 500/AED 1836.50.
  • Loss of personal money cover and credit card fraud cover of up to USD 300/AED 1101.90, each.
  • Baggage and flight delay benefit of up to USD 750/AED 2754.75, each. The minimum delay time required is 3 hours. After that, the plan holder will get USD 75/AED 275.475 for every passing 3 hours in the delay time.

Travel Secure Plus

  • The Travel Secure Plus comes with the highest levels of travel benefits offered by Orient travel insurance UAE in both international and domestic travel plans.
  • The plan includes emergency medical treatment benefit, medical evacuation benefit, emergency dental treatment benefit and critical care monitoring cover of USD 1,000,000/AED 3,672,995.
  • Personal liability cover of USD 1,000,000/AED 3,672,995
  • Repatriation expenses benefit of USD 10,000/AED 36729.95 and funeral cost-benefit of USD 2,000/AED 7345.99.
  • Emergency family travel and accommodation cover for one family member and emergency message delivery service.
  • Covid-19 diagnosis-related accommodation benefit of USD 100/AED 367.30 per day for 14 days.
  • Loss of personal baggage cover of USD 5,000/AED 18,365.
  • Trip cancellation compensation of up to USD 10,000/AED 36,729.95.
  • Home away protection benefit of USD 1,000/AED 3672.99.
  • Personal accident cover of up to USD 50,000/AED 183,650.
  • Additional basic covers include credit card fraud, trip delay cover, visa denial cover, baggage delay, flight delay, bail bond cover, flight overbooking cover and mugging cover.

Add-ons for Orient Travel Insurance Outbound Plans

  • Winter sports extension of up to USD 500/AED 1836.50
  • Terrorism extension add-on of up to USD 100,000/AED 367299.50
  • Gold extension add-on of up to USD 1000/AED 3672.99
  • Rental car extension add-on of Up to USD 1000/AED 3672.99

Orient Travel Insurance UAE General Exclusions

  • Pre-existing medical conditions, routine treatments, and check-ups, and pregnancy-related treatments.
  • Injuries caused by an act of war, terrorism (unless an extension is taken) foreign enemies, civil wars, rebellions, political risks, etc.
  • Epidemics and pandemic-related treatments and loss, unless specified.
  • Injuries and loss if involved in unlawful activity.
  • Injuries and loss when under influence of drugs or due to substance abuse.
  • Self-inflicted injuries or suicide.
  • Injuries when driving without a valid permit or license.

Note: All the AED values are subject to the current conversion rate of USD to AED. The true values and limits of the benefits are to be considered as per the USD amount stated.

Orient Travel Insurance Claim Process

Orient travel insurance claims are handled by Nextcare Claim Management L.L.C. You can simply call on the given helpline number of Orient travel insurance, write and mail the claim request to Nextcare Claim Management or get in touch via the official website of Orient Travel Insurance. Given following are the important steps you need to take when filing an Orient Insurance claim:

  • Contact the Orient travel insurance Dubai claim department using any of the aforementioned ways. Let them know about the claim that you are about to file.
  • All claims related to one journey are to be submitted within 30 days of your return home to the UAE. All claims submitted after that will be considered denied.
  • Depending on the type of claim you need to submit, follow the prerequisite list of steps to ensure you get all the documented proof.
    • For example, in case of baggage loss, loss of personal money, credit card, etc. contact the local police of the area you are visiting and file a police report.
    • In case of a medical emergency, get to the hospital and contact the 24-hour helpline of Orient travel insurance in Dubai to let them know about the situation.
    • If you plan to cancel your trip, call the claim department of Orient travel insurance Dubai and obtain an oral agreement.
  • For any reimbursement claims, make sure you have all the invoices and payment receipts with dates and times visible.
  • Collect the documents – travel documents like tickets with dates of travel, original invoice and bills, information of any other primary or secondary insurance you may have, and evidence to support your claim, if any.
  • Combine the documents with a duly filled claim form. Email it using the website or courier the set to the claim office in Dubai.

How to Buy Orient Travel Insurance?

There are two basic ways you can buy any travel insurance in the UAE – online and offline. The same goes for Orient travel insurance UAE as well. To buy Orient travel insurance plans offline, you will either need to visit a branch office or find a broker. One of the executives from the branch office or the broker will further help you with the process.

If you want to buy Orient travel insurance plans online, you can either use the official website of the company or log in to PolicyBazaar UAE. You will find a user-friendly quotation and buying portal to complete your purchase. Simply choose your plan, add-ons and move on to the payment section. When buying Orient travel insurance online from PolicyBazaar UAE, you also get to stop and compare all plans and benefits. This way, you are only able to purchase travel insurance from the comfort of your home but also buy goods.

Orient Travel Insurance FAQs

Q1.How many family members can get the Travel Family Plus plan?

Ans. The Travel Family Plus plan from Orient Travel Insurance can cover up to 2 parents (adults) and 8 children (younger than 18 years). The plan can also be customized for single parents.

Q2.Who is eligible to get Orient travel insurance UAE?

Ans. All UAE citizens and residents with properly documented proof can buy Orient Travel Insurance plans.

Q3.What is the age limit for getting the Travel Plus inbound insurance plan?

Ans. Anyone older than younger than 66 years can get the Travel insurance Plus plan. The plan is open to be bought for all adults and children.

Q4.Are there any special premium rates offered for children?

Ans. All plans except the Travel Family Plus plan offer a half-rate discount for children younger than 18 years. Although this special condition is subject to change at the discretion of Orient Insurance.

Q5.Are there any special conditions applicable on terrorism extension claims for travel insurance plans?

Ans. Terrorism claims are only deemed applicable if a terrorism activity happened within a100 kilometer radius of the insured person and posed a threat.

Q6.Can I submit Orient travel insurance UAE claims without a police report?

Ans. Incidents like hospital treatment for illnesses do not require a police report. However, any activity criminal in nature would require a proper police report. For example, mugging, baggage loss, loss of money, accidental injuries, etc.