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Going abroad? Protect your trip with travel insurance

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Travel Insurance is a security plan to safeguard your financial interest if unforeseen happenings cloud your domestic or international travel. In addition, travel Insurance includes coverage for the loss of your luggage and a plan to address medical emergencies. If you wish to optimize your travel experience and make the most of that staycation, check out the world-class travel insurance plans offered by AXA travel insurance in Dubai and UAE.

Why You Should Choose AXA Travel Insurance in UAE?

AXA Travel Insurance is a popular travel insurance provider in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Its plans cover all the aspects of a traveller’s needs by providing coverage for:

Losing Personal Baggage, Money, and Passport

When you are travelling from one place to another, the security of your baggage, money and passport is of significant concern. If you lose any of the items, your travel experience may turn bitter. AXA Travel insurance safeguards your luggage, money, and passport by providing financial cover, ensuring that you do not end up losing money.

Delay in receiving Baggage

While travelling, many people prefer to keep their money and cards in their bags. Even the slightest of delays in receiving your baggage may cost you. If there is any delay of 4 hours or more, AXA Travel Insurance in Dubai and the rest of the UAE will cover you for any emergency purchase of essential items such as clothing, toiletries, and medication.   

Delay in Departure

Usually, flights arrive and depart on time. However, at times, owing to mechanical difficulties or weather problems, your flight’s departure may be delayed causing severe inconvenience and possible financial losses. In case of a delay of 6 hours or more, AXA travel insurance will cover the additional cost of availing of various facilities while waiting at the airport.

Urgent Medical Expenses

If you meet an unfortunate accident while travelling, AXA travel health insurance UAE will cover you against any bodily injury. Besides, the insurance will also take care of your medical expenses in case of illness. They will also arrange transportation to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment on your trip. AXA Travel Insurance assistance team is also available 24/7 around the world to take care of your medical needs while travelling.

COVID-19 Cover

In the post-pandemic world, AXA cover you for any COVID-19 related emergencies that may arise while travelling. AXA Travel Insurance Dubai and the UAE covers for any epidemic/pandemic, COVID-19 related medical emergencies. In case you are infected by COVID-19 on your trip, AXA travel insurance UAE will pay for the disease-related expenses in any country except the country where the trip originated.

Claims round the clock

AXA understands that difficulties on your trip may arise at any time. Whenever you face any problem you should not have to wait to raise the claims. AXA travel insurance UAE allows you to raise claims 24/7. For assistance on AXA Travel Insurance, you can call at +971 44294003. Immediate medical assistance is available in the GCC (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE), any day of the year from a healthcare professional of your choice.

Extensive Protection

With AXA Travel Insurance, you receive coverage for your family, belongings, travel arrangements, and liability.

Fast and fair claims

AXA travel insurance has a high claim satisfaction rate making it the obvious choice for purchasing travel insurance.  With superior customer care and an easy process of filing claims, AXA provides prompt and precise reimbursements offering you peace of mind.

Instant Cover

In case you need to instantly activate your AXA travel insurance in the UAE, you can find assistance at AXA customer care on 800 AXA (UAE). You can also visit your nearest AXA office to activate the insurance.

Wide Hospital Networks

AXA has partnered with many hospitals all around the globe to provide you with support for your medical needs. With the wide network of hospitals, you receive the direct billing facility saving you from the hassle of filing claims.

Types of AXA Travel Insurance

AXA has developed several travel insurance plans to meet your travel-related needs. These plans are designed according to the location of your travel to provide you with maximum benefits:

  • Inbound Travel
  • Inbound Travel Plus
  • Travel Schengen
  • Travel Smart
  • Travel Family
  • Add-ons

Inbound Travel

The travel inbound is a compact AXA travel health insurance plan which provides you mandatory health cover on your stay when you are travelling within the Gulf Cooperation Council i.e. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. This insurance will cover your medical bills in case of an injury or illness but does not cover loss of luggage or flight cancellation.

Inbound Travel Plus

Travel Inbound Plus plan of AXA travel insurance is a more comprehensive plan that not only offers you mandatory medical cover but also safeguards your financial interests in case of loss of baggage or flight cancellation when you are travelling within the GCC. Besides, the travel inbound plus plan also covers adventure sports.

Travel Inbound VS Travel Inbound Plus

While AXA Inbound travel insurance plan only covers Emergency medical treatment, emergency transportation, repatriation of mortal remains, and cancellation or curtailment, AXA Inbound Plus travel insurance plan also adds covers for delayed departure, delayed baggage, personal baggage and money, loss of passport, and adventure sports. Here is a comparison of coverage for Inbound and Inbound plus:

Inbound and Inbound plus for UAE and Qatar

Coverage Inbound (in AED) Inbound Plus (in AED)
Emergency medical treatment 150,000 (In patient only) 150,000 (In and Out Patient)
Emergency Transportation 50,000 50,000
Repatriation of moral remains 15,000 15,000
Cancellation of curtailment NA Up to 5,000
Delayed Departure each completed 12 hours NA Between 50 and 750
Delayed Baggage NA Up to 750
Personal Baggage and money NA  Up to 10,000
Loss of passport NA Up to 1,500
Adventure sports NA Covered

Please note that an excess of AED 400 will be applied for every claim on personal baggage and money, and loss of passport.

Inbound and Inbound plus for Bahrain and Oman

Coverage Inbound (in AED) Inbound Plus (in AED)
Emergency medical treatment 150,000 (In patient only) 150,000 (In and Out Patient)
Emergency Transportation 50,000 50,000
Repatriation of moral remains 1,500 1,500
Cancellation of curtailment NA 5,000
Delayed Departure each completed 12 hours NA Between 5 and 75
Delayed Baggage NA Up to 750
Personal Baggage and money NA  Up to 1,000
Loss of passport NA Up to 150
Adventure sports NA Covered

Travel Schengen

If you are visiting any Schengen country, you are required to purchase travel health insurance. A Schengen country is a part of the Schengen area. It is an area in Europe consisting of 26 countries that have mutually dissolved the provision of requiring a separate passport for travelling from one to another country within Europe. These countries include:  

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

When you visit these countries, AXA Travel Schengen Insurance provides you with a travel insurance certificate immediately allowing you to receive Visa easily. This type of insurance provides claims in Euros. AXA Travel Schengen covers include:

Emergency Medical Expenses

EUR 40,000

Emergency Dental Care

EUR 750

Emergency Medical Transportation

EUR 30,000

Repatriation of other insured people

EUR 5,000

Please note that an excess of USD 100 is applicable for each claim on emergency medical expenses and emergency dental care.

Travel Smart

For travel to other countries, AXA provides Travel Smart plan. This is the most comprehensive travel plan offered by the company that covers multitudes of issues you may face while travelling. From premature return to legal assistance to visit of a close relative, AXA Travel Smart plan provides you a complete cover for all your travel needs.

Emergency medical expenses

USD 1,000,000

Emergency dental care 

USD 1,000

Emergency medical transportation

Varies according to company’s policy

Repatriation of other insured persons

USD 10,000

Repatriation of mortal remains

USD 10,000

Premature return (death of close relative)

Economy Ticket

Visit of close relative

Economy Ticket

Cost of first aid and/or rescue

USD 20,000

Personal liability

USD 1,000,000

Legal assistance in case of redress

USD 4,000

The advance of bail bond (refundable)

USD 10,000

Cancellation or curtailment 

USD 5,000

Delayed departure after 6 hours

Up to USD 500

Delayed baggage

USD 250

Personal baggage and personal money

USD 5000

Loss of passport

USD 500

Personal accident

USD 27,500

Travel Family

As the name suggests, a Travel family plan is a travel insurance plan for your family. When going on a trip with your family members you require travel insurance for each member. With the AXA Travel Family plan, you do not need to purchase a separate travel insurance plan for everyone.

You can simply purchase a travel family plan which will cover your entire family for the trip. It covers:

Emergency Medical Expenses

USD 60,000

Emergency dental care 


USD 1000

Emergency medical transportation


USD 60,000

Repatriation of other insured persons


USD 5,000

Personal Liability

USD 100,000

Delayed Departure after 6 hours

Up to USD 500

Personal Baggage

USD 2,000


USD 1,500


USD 400

Personal Accident

USD 27,500

Loss of Passport

USD 350

Please note that the coverage mentioned is for each family member mentioned in the family plan.

Add-ons for Travel Insurance

Some things are not covered in your regular travel insurance such as terrorism and cover for sports and adventure. Determined to protect you from misfortunes suffered due to an act of terrorism or while participating in sports, AXA Travel Insurance brings you special add-ons for your insurance to provide you maximum protection.

Sports and Adventure

Adventure has its thrill! Nothing stimulates your mind and body like trekking in the wild. While some adventures are relatively safer, others involve risks that may threaten your life and your finances. Securing you against such risks, AXA Travel Insurance Dubai and the UAE provides the option of additional sports and adventure cover to your travel insurance plan. This would cover you against Adventure sports, water sports, trekking, safari, etc so that nothing can come between you and your pursuit of adventure. It covers the cost of first aid and rescue.

Protection against terrorism

When you purchase additional cover on AXA travel insurance in Dubai and the UAE, you receive protection against terrorism, the company protects you against any injury, loss, or damage incurred upon you as an innocent bystander by an act of terrorism up to USD 100,000.

Who is eligible to purchase AXA Travel Insurance?

If you are aged 65 or less, you are eligible to purchase Inbound Travel or Inbound Travel plus insurance. If you have purchased 6 months multi-trip cover and you turn 66 during the duration of the policy, your insurance cover will continue until the date of expiry or cancellation of the policy. Any visitor to the GCC can be insured for any GCC country except the country of their residence.

Travel Smart policy is available only to persons aged 70 or less. If you have opted for an Annual multi-trip and you have reached 71 during the period of insurance, the cover will continue till the expiry date or cancellation of the policy. Coverage of 50% is provided for children aged less than 16. Any UAE National can purchase Travel Smart Insurance.

AXA Travel Insurance Inclusions

Different travel plans include different facilities:

  • AXA Inbound Travel Plan includes only medical expenses while travelling and repatriation of mortal remains.
  • AXA Inbound Travel Plus Plan includes not medical expenses and repatriation of mortal remains but also travel inconvenience, loss, damage, or theft of belongings, and adventure sports.
  • AXA Travel Schengen Plan covers your Medical expenses, emergency dental care emergency, and cost of repatriation of mortal remains while travelling to schengen countries only.
  • AXA Travel Smart Plan covers medical expenses, travel inconvenience, dental care, personal accident, loss, damage, or theft of belongings, visit of close relatives, repatriation of mortal remains and personal accident.
  • AXA Family Plan covers medical expenses, loss, damage, or theft of belongings, travel inconvenience, and repatriation of mortals.

AXA Travel Insurance Exclusions

AXA Travel Insurance plans have some general exclusion such as:

  • AXA does not cover medical expenses not approved by AXA
  • Does not provide cover in the country of residency
  • None of the AXA Travel Insurance plans cover the cost of cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy, plastic surgery, pregnancy, prosthetics, pre-existing condition
  • Any infection acquired directly or indirectly due to HIV or any HIV-related illness
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease, solvent abuse, alcoholism, self-inflicted injury, the use of drugs, self-exposure to a needless peril
  • Work of any kind undertaken during the holiday
  • Wear and tear, depreciation, mechanical or electrical breakdown or derangement, theft not reported to policy within 24 hours of the theft
  • Any consequence of war and terrorism-related risks
  • Any dangerous activity or sports undertaken during the travel

*Different policies may have specific exclusions as per the norms and guidelines of AXA Travel Insurance

Please note that protection against adventurous sports and terrorism can be purchased separately.

How should I choose the plan?

Before applying for AXA Travel Insurance Dubai or the UAE, please find quotation at AXA travel insurance webpage or policybazaar.ae. To find personalized quotation at AXA webpage:

  • Click on ‘buy now'
  • Select the country of residence and destination and click on next
  • Enter departure and return date
  • As per your time and location, AXA will display the most suitable insurance plans for you

AXA also provides flexible travel insurance plans that let you choose the period of your travel insurance. Here are the prices according to the duration for Inbound and Inbound Plus:


Duration Inbound Inbound Plus Duration Inbound Inbound Plus (AED/QAR) Duration Inbound Inbound Plus (AED/QAR)
15 days NA 60
22 days NA 75
30 days 50 100
60 days 80 200
90 days 110 300
6 months 210 400


Duration Inbound Inbound Plus Duration Inbound Inbound Plus (AED/QAR) Duration Inbound Inbound Plus (AED/QAR)
15 days NA 6
22 days NA 7.5
30 days 5 10
60 days 8 20
90 days 11 30
6 months 21 40

Please note that these prices exclude VAT

You can also find the quotation for the best AXA Travel Insurance plans at policybazaar.ae

  • Enter your details and the country you require to visit along with the date and your age. Please add details of family members travelling, if any
  • Enter your mobile number, email address, and full name
  • Click on ‘get free quotes’

How to apply for AXA Travel Insurance?

You can easily apply for purchasing AXA Travel Insurance offline or online. To purchase AXA AXA Travel Insurance offline:

  • Visit AXA Insurance office
  • Fill the required form
  • Pay the amount

You can also choose to avoid the hassle of visiting the AXA branch and purchase the AXA Travel Insurance online in Dubai and the UAE by visiting the AXA Travel Insurance webpage.

Besides, you can also purchase AXA Travel Insurance at policybazaar.ae

What are the documents required for purchasing AXA Travel Insurance?

  • ID proof
  • Valid residence proof
  • Passport for proof of nationality
  • Travel Insurance form

AXA Travel Insurance Claim Process

Required Documents for the claim

  • To make a claim for theft, you will require written proof from the police that the said incident has been reported.
  • To make a claim for baggage delay, you will require written proof from airlines confirming that the delivery of your luggage was delayed.
  • To make a claim for medical bills, you require genuine medical bills from hospitals covered under AXA Travel Insurance.
  • Along with the required documents you also need a copy of your travel insurance confirming your right to claim for a particular loss.

To lodge claim

  • For medical emergencies, you can call 24/7 AXA assistance for travel insurance no. +971 4 429 4000 or email at medex.travel@axa-gulf.comFor non-medical claims contact at local AXA offices