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Among all the different milestones that people achieve in their lives, parenthood can be marked as one of the most beautiful and significant ones. This transition from being a couple to parents brings a lot of joy and happiness but also introduces several newfound responsibilities.

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Planning a family and living the most of it is probably all that one wishes for when it comes to parenthood. With the increasing cost of hospitalisation and pregnancy-related expenses, it can become a bit difficult to find a balance between financial stress and the joy of welcoming your new family member. One easy and smart way to deal with such a situation is maternity insurance. Out of the several options available, you can shortlist the best insurance plan for pregnancy and plan a stress-free parenthood. 

The above plans and premiums are for AED 150,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 21 Years for Dubai city.

Maternity Insurance in the UAE

With the introduction of the Dubai Health Insurance's Law no. 11 in 2013, the maternity insurance plans witnessed a new phase in the country. Compared to earlier times, availing of the best insurance for pregnancy has become much easier now. Under this law, every employer in Dubai has to mandatorily provide maternity benefits to their employee. Employers in Abu Dhabi must provide at least basic health insurance benefits to employees as well as employees' dependents. The law came into effect in 2016 and since then, managing maternity expenses have become quite effortless. Pregnancy expenses can go beyond AED 20,000. This makes having a maternity insurance cover more than essential. 

What is Maternity Insurance?

As the name suggests, maternity insurance covers the cost related to pregnancy. Starting from regular checkups, ultrasound, and medication, to delivery and hospitalisation expenses, everything is covered under maternity insurance. The goal is to provide the needed financial support to the insured so they can have a comfortable pregnancy and healthy postnatal period.

As per the DHA laws of 2013, each and every employee of Dubai is entitled to receive maternity coverage with health insurance dubai plans. Since maternity expense are high, a mandatory cover ensures least possible hassle during maternity phase. It is also interesting to know that the employed women of Dubai have the right to avail of 45 days of maternity leave with full pay. 

What are the Benefits of Maternity Insurance?

Pregnancy insurance provides a number of benefits to the insured and her family. No matter which company you choose to purchase maternity insurance from, there are certain basic benefits that come with every maternity plan. These include:

A Financial Backup 

Pregnancy is an expensive matter in Dubai and other emirates as well. Hence, having a maternity insurance plan provides a financial backup so that you don't fall short on money when needed. 

Private Hospital Treatment Cover

Treatment and care at private hospitals are even costlier. So, many may not be able to afford it. However, when you have maternity insurance, it becomes possible to avail the best maternity insurance. 

Newborn Care

A maternity insurance plan not only covers the mother but also her child. The newborn coverage may vary from company to company. 

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Waiting Period Waiver

The general waiting period for maternity insurance plans in Dubai is 6 to 12 months. However, due to rising competition among the insurance companies, some of them have removed the waiting period. Most comprehensive plans only have a waiting period of 40 days only. This means that the insured need not wait before claiming.

Stress-Free Maternity 

Amidst the happiness of welcoming a new life, a family may suffer the burden of hefty medical expenses. It somewhere cuts down the celebrations as well. However, with the help of maternity insurance and its financial aid, one can enjoy every phase of pregnancy without any stress. 

What is Covered in Maternity Insurance in UAE?

Comprehensive pregnancy insurance is entitled to cover almost all aspects of maternity care. If you are planning to get maternity insurance, it is essential that you understand what is covered under a maternity insurance plan-

Prenatal Care

The maximum copayment rate for maternity covers, as per the DHA law of 2013, can be 10%. The prenatal care coverage provided now is much more than ever before all because of enhanced maternity insurance law. The insurance companies are required to cover a minimum of 8 prenatal appointments and three prenatal scans at the gynecologist. It also covers basic blood tests and regular health check-ups. All these are to ensure that both mother and baby are healthy. 

Postnatal Care

Postnatal care refers to post-delivery care and related expenses. It is most helpful for women with childbirth complications and post-pregnancy health issues. A health insurance plan may also provide post-childbirth cover until the mother is healthy again. 

Hospitalisation Expenses

Getting hospitalised during the final days of pregnancy or for delivery is a normal procedure. However, the expenses of hospitalisation can be sky-high. Hence, maternity insurance plans provide hospitalisation expenses cover as well. 


Most maternity insurance plans cover normal deliveries, C-sections, terminations and complications during delivery. All expenses related to a covered form of childbirth are included in the plan coverage. 

Newborn Expenses

Health insurance companies also offer newborn expenses cover to help the families keep their newborns healthy. The minimum tenure of newborn cover in maternity insurance is 30 days. Some providers may offer a longer newborn cover ranging up to 3 months. 

What is Not Covered in ​​Maternity Insurance in UAE?

There are some aspects of the maternity expenses that are not covered by most of the maternity insurance companies in Dubai. These include:

Age Limit

Almost all the maternity insurance companies have an age limit for maternity care and cover. After a certain age limit, one may not be entitled to purchase maternity insurance or get covered for pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Before Insurance

Existing pregnancy expenses are not covered in a new maternity cover unless pre-existing conditions cover requirements have been met. 

Voluntary Abortion

The expenses incurred out of voluntary abortion or termination of the pregnancy are not covered under the maternity insurance plans. So, if an insured woman goes for wishful abortion, the expenses of medication and hospitalisation shall be covered by herself. However, medically necessary terminations are covered. 

Multiple Births

Most health insurance companies have fixed the number of births covered under one maternity cover.  

Voluntary C-section Delivery

C-section delivery or caesarean delivery refers to the surgical delivery of a newborn. If a woman voluntarily chooses C-section delivery over normal delivery, the expenses incurred will not be covered. Only medically necessary C-sections are covered. 

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How to Choose the Best Maternity Insurance in UAE?

As there are several options available, it can be a tricky task to get the best health insurance for pregnancy. However, some certain tips and tricks can help you choose the best insurance for pregnancy. Follow the below given tips to find your ideal maternity plan: 

  • The first step is to surf all the best possible options that also match your requirements to at least some extent. 
  • Know your budget. It is vital to decide the premium that you can easily pay without burdening yourself.
  • The third step is to note down your expectations from maternity insurance.
  • The last step involves shortlisting the available options, comparing them thoroughly and picking the best one among them. provides you with a platform where you can have all leading health insurance companies in Dubai and their top plans at your disposal. You can easily compare several maternity insurance plans and choose the best one for yourself.

Best Maternity Insurance in UAE 

Now let us take a look at the best health insurance plans that offer maternity insurance in UAE and the special maternity features offered by them:

1. Takaful Emarat Health Insurance

(A) Takaful Emarat Silver Health Insurance Plan 

  • Coverage up to AED 7,000 with 10% co-insurance
  • Cover in-patient as well as out-patient maternity services with a 10% co-pay
  • Comes with a waiting period of 40 days (in case of pregnancy during this period, the inception of the policy lies with the company)
  • C-Section cover - Up to AED 10,000 with 10% co-insurance

(B) Takaful Emarat Platinum Health Insurance Plan

  • Coverage up to AED 20,000 with 10% co-insurance
  • Maternity benefits come with a 10% co-pay which is to be borne by the insured
  • Medicines are covered up to AED 10,000
  • Includes health check-ups and ante-natal ultrasounds
  • Comes with a 30-day new born Cover
  • Offers global coverage

2. Adamjee Health Insurance

(A) Adamjee Family Care - Silk Road 
Adamjee Family Care plan offers worldwide coverage for emergency as well as elective treatment.  

  • Cover in-patient as well as out-patient maternity services with 10% as the co-insurance clause that is to be paid by the insured
  • Free health check-ups are available
  • There is a 40-day waiting period (in case of pregnancy during this period, the inception of the policy lies with the company)
  • In the case of normal delivery, the coverage is up to a sub-limit of AED 10,000
  • Expenses due to complications/ medically required C-Section are covered to a sub-limit of AED 10,000
  • Maternity-related emergencies are covered up to AED 150,000

(B) Adamjee Family Care - Emarald 
Adamjee Family Care plan offers coverage for medical emergencies as well as elective treatments.

  • Cover 10% co-payment for all out-patient maternity treatments, including maternity consultation
  • In-patient maternity treatments are covered but subject to pre-approval
  • For normal delivery, coverage of up to a sub-limit of AED 10,000 is provided
  • Expenses up to a sub-limit of AED 10,000 is covered for complication and C-sections 
  • Any medical emergency related to maternity is covered up to a sub-limit of AED 150,000

3. Daman Health Insurance

(A) Care Bronze DNE Without Dental

  • 10% coinsurance is payable by the policyholder as co-payment for both in-patient and out-patient maternity services
  • Out-patient maternity services require pre-approval from the insurance company
  • For out-patient maternity services in Abu Dhabi, 10% coinsurance is payable by the insured in Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and AED 50 for other providers
  • For out-patient maternity services outside Abu Dhabi, 20% coinsurance is applicable limited to a maximum of AED 50
  • Coverage of a maximum of AED 150,000 is offered for both in-patient and out-patient services, and complications too
  • Offers a newborn cover up to 30 days from birth

(B) Care Bronze DNE with Dental

  • No waiting period is applicable if pre-requisition of uninterrupted coverage is satisfied
  • Co-payment of 10% coinsurance is payable by the insured for both in-patient and out-patient services
  • Requires pre-approval from the insurance company for out-patient services
  • The policy offers a maximum cover of up to AED 150,000 for both in-patient and out-patient services including complications
  • Offers newborn cover for up to 30 days from birth

4. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)

(A) Shifa Silver Opt - 1

  • 10% co-payment limited to AED 30 on every maternity consultation
  • Covers out-patient services like physiotherapy treatment, pharmacy limit, lab and scan / x-ray, and minor surgery
  • Offers coverage up to AED 750 per day for In-patient services overseas and inside UAE but not outside network
  • Coverage is available for both elective and emergency treatments under in-patient services
  • 20% co-payment limited to AED 30 on every consultation excluding maternity consultation.

(B) Shifa Bronze Opt - 1

  • Covers out-patient services like physiotherapy treatment, pharmacy limit, consultations, and lab scans / x-rays 
  • Offers coverage for semi-private rooms under in-patient services
  • Coverage up to AED 400 per day is available outside network, inside UAE for emergency cases
  • Covers pre-existing and chronic conditions
  • Deductible per consultation is applicable as 10% up to AED 30 for maternity services and 20% up to AED 30 for other services


(A) Silver Classic

  • 10% co-payment is payable by the policyholder for both in-patient and out-patient services
  • 10% coinsurance is payable for out-patient services by the insured
  • A waiting period of 40 days is applicable during which maternity cover cannot be claimed
  • Up to AED 10,000 is allotted for normal delivery and C-section
  • Up to AED 150,000 is available in case of complicated and emergency cases
  • New Born Cover is applicable for 30 days

(B) Silk Road

  • For both in-patient and out-patient services 10% co-payment applies to the policyholder
  • 10% coinsurance is payable for out-patient services by the policyholder
  • A waiting period of 40 days applies to maternity cover
  • Up to AED 10,000 is allotted for normal delivery and C-section
  • Up to AED 150,000 is available in case of complicated and emergency cases
  • New Born Cover is applicable for 30 days from the date of birth


Planning a family is a matter of great joy, however, planning your finances is an integral part of good parenting. Investing in a good plan at the right time, therefore, is crucial.  Different policies offered by different insurance companies provide a wide range of benefits that are exclusive to each policy. Before opting for any insurance policy, make sure to read the fine print for all the policy details, terms, and conditions. allows you to take into account the features of each plan that suits you. You can browse through different maternity plans and make a well-thought-of decision for your family.

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