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Traveling with family is an unscaled joy that we don’t get hold of enough in life. Owing to the incredibly busy work schedule of the parents and school curriculum of children, syncing a trip when everyone is available is pretty difficult. It is quite unfortunate if some unannounced calamity or trouble spoils this trip that you planned with such difficulty. Not only does your trip gets canceled but you also lose hard-earned money in this scenario. Travel insurance plans are designed to tackle such inconveniences so that you do not lose money in case of unpredictable inconveniences. Let’s find out all there is to know about family travel insurance and how you can include it in your trip planning to make the most of your time out.

What is Family Travel Insurance?

As the name suggests, a family travel insurance plan is a specific type of travel insurance plan that is designed to cover the whole family under one coverage. The policyholder can include their spouse, children, and parents in the same travel insurance plan. The benefits of a family travel insurance plan are in sync with the basic benefits offered in any other kind of travel insurance plan. Typically, the plan allows up to 2 adults as members and 4 children dependents with them. Some may allow you to add your parents as well.

Why and When Do You Need a Family Travel Insurance Plan?

  • Easy Travelling with Family: Family travel insurance plans takes away the hassle of insuring every person separately when you are traveling with your family. Every member is insured in a single plan and can utilize the same coverage.
  • Coverage for Medical Emergencies: Being in a medical emergency can take a toll on your finances when you’re away from home. The stress is increased if it is a family member who has been affected. Your family travel insurance plan is to make sure that you get all the financial support you need when you’re stuck in a medical emergency. Whether it is for treatment, evacuation, or repatriation.
  • Covers Non-Medical Emergencies Too: Getting injured is not the only emergency you can find yourself in when traveling. Every small inconvenience can seem like a huge deal when you are away from your home, especially with the family. Your family travel insurance plan takes care of several non-medical emergencies too. Be it lost luggage, public liability, or evacuation due to a natural disaster, you can count on your travel insurance to help you out.
  • Saves You from Travel Inconveniences: Be it flight cancellation due to a sudden thunderstorm or your trip gets cut short because a natural disaster struck your place of vacation, family travel insurance has it covered. It offers you a coverage amount for all the pre-booked accommodations and transportation facilities if a situation like this arises. You can look forward to your travel insurance plan having your back here.

Types of Family Travel Insurance Plans

Family travel insurance plans can be divided into four types based on two different parameters. Given below is the classification of family travel insurance plans:

Based on Trip Type

  • Single-Trip Travel Insurance: This type of family travel insurance plan is designed to be used just once for a single trip. The plan coverage beings as soon as the trip starts and ends on the last day of your trip when you have returned. Some features and benefits take effect from the day you buy the plan such as trip cancellation.
  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: An annual-multi trip insurance plan covers all the trips you take within its tenure. The tenure generally lasts for a year and there is a limit on vacation days allotted for each trip. The maximum limit of vacation days generally goes up to 90 days in an annual multi-trip family travel insurance plan.

Based on Destination

  • International Travel Insurance Plans: International family travel insurance in the UAE is designed to offer protection when you are traveling outside of the UAE. It covers most of the countries around the world, except for named exclusions in the policy wordings. You may find specialized international family travel insurance in Dubai as well, for example, Schengen travel insurance plans. Schengen travel insurance plans are applicable when you are traveling to one or more countries from the Schengen group of countries in Europe.
  • Domestic Travel Insurance Plan: These plans are made to offer you cover when you and your family are traveling within the UAE, say to another emirate. The geographical scope is the only different thing between international and domestic family travel insurance in the UAE. The benefits and coverage remain to be mostly identical.

Best Family Travel Insurance Online

Here is a comprehensive list of cheap family travel insurance online plans in UAE :

Plan Name  Medical Cover Max Duration Starting from Price
Alliance Insurance AED 150,000 90 days/trip AED 33
Orient Insurance AED 150,000 92 days/trip AED 183
See More Plans >>

Inclusions of Family Travel Insurance

All the benefits included in a plan can be redeemed by each member separately up to the designated limit of the cover. Given below is the complete list of inclusions for a family travel insurance plan.

Travel Medical Insurance

  • Emergency medical treatment for injuries and illnesses
  • Emergency dental treatment, subject to sub-limits
  • Treatment for accidental injuries
  • Compassionate visit of a family member
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Medical repatriation costs
  • Personal accident cover
  • Hospital cash benefit

Travel Inconvenience Insurance

  • Trip cancellation and curtailment benefits
  • Lost or delayed checked-in baggage
  • Lost travel documents
  • Missed flight or connection flight
  • Theft of personal items of money
  • Cash/financial assistance
  • Burglary cover for your home
  • Plane highjack compensation

Exclusions of Family Travel Insurance

  • Treatment for pre-existing diseases
  • Self-inflicted injuries and suicide
  • Traveling for medical purposes
  • Traveling against the advice of the doctor
  • Damages caused by nuclear or radioactive activities
  • Theft of unattended baggage
  • Damages caused when involved in an unlawful activity
  • Damages and injuries caused when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Injuries and damages due to substance abuse

Best Family Travel Insurance Partners in UAE

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RSA Travel Insurance Union Travel Insurance AIG Travel Insurance AXA Travel Insurance  

Family Travel Insurance Eligibility Criteria

Anyone older than 30 days and under 65 years can be added as a member of a family insurance plan. Children aged from 30 days old to 18 years old can be added to a family insurance plan. Apart from that, your spouse and parents can also be added to a family insurance plan that you hold as a policyholder. Anyone can buy a family insurance plan in their name if they are a UAE citizen or resident and at least 18 years old. The members included in the family insurance plans are also supposed to be UAE citizens or residents. Most insurance companies allow including up to 6-8 members in one family insurance plan.

Travel Insurance by Age Group 
Travel Insurance for over 65 Travel Insurance for over 70 Travel Insurance for over 75

How to Buy Family Travel Insurance Plans?

There are two basic ways one can buy the best family travel insurance plan – via online and offline methods. You can buy family travel insurance online either with PolicyBazaar UAE or from the provider website. To buy your plan with us, simply enter a few details about your requirements such as the number of people to be insured, assured sum of the plan, etc. You will get quotes from different providers matching your requirements. Have your pick and complete the purchasing process. To buy your insurance from the provider website, locate the buying portal, select the plan, enter details about the members to be insured and make payment. To buy your family travel insurance offline, you will need to visit one of the nearest branches of the insurance company you have chosen. An agent there will guide you through the process further.

Information Required When Buying Family Travel Insurance

Apart from the documents like passport, Family resident’s visa UAE, and Emirate’s ID, you will need a complete list of members who are to be included in the family travel insurance plan. Make sure that you have ID proof from each member. Keep details like the age of each member and pre-existing health conditions they have ready with you. The age of the plan members is required to decide a quote for the insurance plan. Information related to the trip will also be required. This includes your destination, the number of days you are traveling for, any adventure sports you are planning to include, etc.

How to Select the Best Family Travel Insurance Plan?

  • Consider Trip Length: The length of your trip will help in deciding the number of vacation days you need to buy in your family travel insurance plan. Consider the time you are planning to spend on your vacation when you set out to buy the travel insurance. If you haven’t already bought the flight bookings or accommodations, getting an estimate should do the trick.
  • Frequency of the Trip: If you are planning to take several trips in one year ahead of you, you may want to consider buying an annual multi-trip family travel insurance plan. It is more cost-effective and easier to handle with multiple trips. If the trip is supposed to be a one-time affair, go with the basic single-trip travel insurance plan.
  • People to Be Insured: The number and details of people to be insured make a huge impact on the premium prices and makeup of your plan. If there are very young children to be insured, the premium will be high since the risk of insuring infants is higher for insurance companies. The same goes for elders as well. Middle-aged folks or people near the senior citizen bracket attract higher premiums. Also, the more people you include in a policy, the higher the premium will go.
  • Destinations and Stops of Your Trip: If you are planning to make additional stops or layovers during your trip, make sure you inform the insurance company and buy additional cover for the place. Figure out the insurance requirements for the different countries you will be visiting and then decide on the coverage.
  • Assured Sum and Benefits: Make sure that the benefits you have chosen to include in your family travel insurance plan are up to the mark for all insured members. Include additional riders if there is a special requirement such as adventure sports cover.
  • Claim Procedure: Ensure beforehand that the claim procedure of your family travel insurance plan is effortless and smooth. Also, check the reachability of customer services because that would be your first point of contact in an emergency. Get familiar with the basics before you set out on the trip.
  • Compare and Buy: The most important thing you need to do when finding the best family travel insurance plan is to compare. Obtain a few quotes and compare the plan benefits as well as prices. Choose the most cost-effective option of all after giving it some thought. Take assistance from finance and insurance experts if you see fit.

Family Travel Insurance FAQs

Q1. Can I cancel my coverage anytime? Will I get a refund from the provider?

Ans. Cancellations with the refund are mostly only applicable when you cancel your plan before the trip starts. If cancellation is done after the trip has begun, you may not receive a refund. Confirm this with your provider once when you buy the family travel insurance plan.

Q2. Is it possible to cover one elderly member in the family travel insurance plan?

Ans. If the elderly member you are planning to insure falls in the senior citizen category, you may not be able to include them in a family travel insurance plan. You will have to buy an individual senior citizen travel insurance for them.

Q3. Am I free to get treated in any hospital of my choice during the trip?

Ans. As long as you stay within the network, you can choose any hospital you like to get treated in a foreign. Out-of-network treatments are not covered by travel insurance plans.

Q4. Can I get a refund on the remaining vacation days on my family travel insurance plan?

Ans. No, generally providers do not offer a refund on utilized vacation days. However, some may offer you a pro-rata compensation for the remaining days on your plan. Have a word with your provider and see if they have such an arrangement running.

Q5. Is it possible to extend the number of vacation days if I decide to extend the trip?

Ans. Yes, you can easily extend the coverage length of your family travel insurance plan by buying additional vacation days. However, make sure that this does not cross the maximum allowed vacation days of the plan.

Q6. Is individual travel insurance cover available in the annual multi-trip family travel insurance plans?

Ans. Although a rare occurrence, some providers may cover a few individual trips under the annual multi-trip family insurance plan you have bought. Yet again, check with the insurance company to be extra sure about this.

Q7. How can I buy good but cheap family travel insurance in UAE?

Ans. Comparison is the key to finding a good yet cheap family travel insurance plan. Make sure you have weighed in all potential options and chosen only the benefits you would need. Buy your cheap family travel insurance from trusted sources only.

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