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Travel Insurance protects you against medical expenses, travel inconveniences, loss of life, and other issues that may arise on your trip. With Union Travel Insurance, you can safeguard your financial interests against any unfortunate event for both inbound and outbound travel to and from the UAE to anywhere around the globe.

Benefits and Features of Union Travel Insurance

Lost your Passport? Don’t Worry!

There are so many documents you need to arrange while travelling. You may find it challenging to keep your all documents intact unless you have a checklist like Monika, or you are as organized as Amy Sandiego. For us regular Simpsons, handling passport, money, and other documents is a hassling affair and losing any document, especially in a foreign country, tops the list of worst nightmares. Union Travel Insurance in Dubai and the UAE covers your loss of passport and money to protect you from such a problematic situation.

Incurred injury on the trip?

When you are travelling, you tend to overlook some cautions and safety measures that may cause you injury. Besides, you may fall ill during your trip. For such unforeseen circumstances, Union Travel Insurance in Dubai and the rest of the UAE offer insurance for personal injuries, ensuring that you receive the best medical care you need, even in foreign countries.

Medical Emergencies covered

A medical emergency may arise anytime, anywhere. Union travel insurance uae covers you against any and every medical emergency so that you get the medical attention you deserve anywhere in the world. Along with medical emergencies, the travel insurance will also cover the cost of transportation, accommodation, repatriation to the UAE, and even emergency travel for a relative in case of stay or overstay due to illness and dental expenses.


Your trip may not always go as planned. Several unpredictable factors may force you to shorten your trip or even cancel it. While shortening or cancelling a trip spoils your mood, it also taxes your pocket since many bookings cannot be cancelled and stand as ‘non-refundable. Union travel insurance dubai and the rest of the UAE makes sure that you do not have to suffer when you are not at fault. Union Travel Insurance safeguards your financial interests by covering your non-refundable losses for any cancellation or curtailment of the trip.

Travel Inconvenience

One of the major problems faced by travellers is the delay or loss of luggage. Many people keep their documents and money in their bags. Any delay or loss of luggage can cause financial inconvenience. With Union Travel Insurance, you will never be alone facing such difficult situations. Union Travel Insurance will cover any delay, loss, or theft of your baggage, money, and documents ensuring a peaceful and happy journey.

Round the clock service

Are you facing difficulty in the middle of the night? No problem! Union Travel Insurance assistance is available 24/7 to provide you with any support you require. You can call 800 UIC4U (84248) or receive help on their webpage. The facility also lets you file claims anytime at your convenience.

Types of Union Travel Insurance

Union Travel Insurance offers three types of travel insurance plans:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Silver Plan

The silver plan is the most basic Union travel insurance plan, covering your emergency medical and other medical-related expenditures. Besides, it also covers dental expenses, funeral expenses, accidental death, and the deceased's repatriation.

Gold Plan

The Gold plan covers not only your medical and personal accident-related expenses but also the cost of trip cancellation or curtailment, transportation and accommodation expenses, emergency family travel Insurance, missed departure, travel delay, personal possessions, and other valuables.

Platinum Plan

With a Platinum plan, you receive maximum coverage on your travel. This type of plan maximizes the cost of coverage for all your travel-related problems. Everything is covered under this plan with a higher reimbursement claim from medical expenses to travel delays to loss of trip cancellation.

Here are the details of coverage:

Benefits Platinum Gold Silver
Trip Cancellation USD 7,500 USD 5,000 Not covered
Emergency Medical and other expenses USD 1,000,000 USD 500,000 USD 100,000
Transportation and Accommodation expenses USD 100 per day up to USD 2,500 USD 50 per day up to USD 1,500 Not covered
Emergency family travel 1 Economy travel ticket 1 Economy travel ticket Not covered
Repatriation of the deceased USD 15,000 USD 10,000 USD 7,000
Funeral Expenses USD 2,000 USD 1,0000 USD 500
Dental Expenses USD 200 per tooth up to USD 1,500 USD 200 per tooth up to USD 1,500 USD 200 per tooth up to USD 500
Accidental Death or Dismemberment USD 150,000 USD 100,000 Not Covered
Accidental Death (Common Carrier) Include Include $50,000
Permanent total Disablement USD 150,000 USD 100,000 Not covered
Missed Departure USD 1,500 USD 1,000 Not covered
Travel Delay USD 50 per hour up to USD 1,000 USD 50 per hour up to USD 1,000 Not Covered
Personal Possessions USD 1,250 per bag up to USD 7,000 USD 750 per bag up to USD 5,000 Not covered
Valuables (including Laptop USD 500 USD 350 Not covered
Single Item, pair or Set USD 125 USD 75 Not covered
Tobacco, Alcohol & Fragrances USD 125 USD 75 Not covered

Who is eligible to purchase Union Travel Insurance?

Any UAE resident aged less than 75 years is eligible to purchase and receive cover under Union travel insurance.

Union Travel Insurance Inclusion

Union Travel Insurance Dubai and the rest of the UAE includes your medical expenses, emergency medical expenses, dental expenses, personal accident benefits, loss or delay of baggage, cancellation or curtailment of the trip, loss of personal possessions, thefts, damages, flight delay, and accidental death.

How to find the best quotations for Union Travel Insurance as per my need?

To find the most suitable plans, you can visit the Union Travel Insurance webpage:

  • Select “Get a quote”
  • Select what type of cover you would require, i.e. single trip Travel Insurance, annual multi-trip travel Insurance, or inbound
  • Next, enter the date of travelling and the date of return.
  • Mention the destination
  • Select the number of people travelling
  • Specify details of individuals travelling
  • Select area of residence
  • Click on next
  • A new page will pop up providing quotations for your travel.

You can also find the best Union Travel Insurance plan at policybazaar.ae

  • Visit policybazaar.ae
  • Enter personal details
  • Receive quotation on your travel insurance

How can I purchase Union Travel Insurance in Dubai and the rest of the UAE?

You can visit Union Insurance Company’s nearest branch to purchase Union Travel Insurance offline. You can also choose not to visit the branch physically and purchase Union Travel Insurance online by visiting the Union Travel Insurance webpage and following these steps:

  • Select “get a quote”
  • Enter personal details
  • Select the plan that suits your travel needs
  • Review and Pay the premium

You can also purchase Union Travel Insurance online at policybazaar.ae

  • Visit policybazaar.ae
  • Enter details to receive quotations
  • Select the preferred plan
  • Review and make payment

What documents do I require for purchasing Union Travel Insurance?

You will require:

  • ID proof
  • Valid residence proof
  • Passport for proof of nationality
  • Travel Insurance form
  • Health certificate if required

How to raise a claim?

Providing you with the ease of raising a claim, Union Travel Insurance offers several ways of submitting a claim:

For emergency medical assistance, you can contact Mapfre Assistance as per your region on the following numbers:

  • Germany: 00 (49) 1805115610
  • Ireland: 00 (353) 91 56 06 21
  • USA: 00 15672692968
  • International: 00 962 6 56666833

For non-medical claims, contact the Union Insurance Company call centre at 80084248

Documents required for a claim?

  • For any theft or loss: To raise a claim for theft or loss, you will require submitting proof of ownership and a police report along with your policy number.
  • Flight Delay: In the case of flight, you will require depositing the airline invoice and a written document from your airline confirming the delay of the flight.
  • Cancellation or curtailment of the trip: If you wish to raise a claim for non-refundable expenses on your cancellation or curtailment of the trip, you require an airline invoice, booking bill, and proof of cancellation
  • For medical expenses: Health report or applicable document prepared by the physician or consulting doctor along with hospital bills and travel insurance document
  • For permanent disability: The test reports, along with the health document prepared by the physician

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the company may demand more or other documents before validating your claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of coverage for each trip?

For a single trip, there are no restrictions in terms of days. However, if you have purchased an Annual Multi-trip plan, Union Travel Insurance covers one trip for not more than 60 days.

Can I get any discounts under Union Travel Insurance?

Union Travel Insurance UAE offers special discounts for children under 16 and groups with more than ten members.

When does my coverage begin?

Your coverage will begin on the date of booking or when you pay the premium. Whichever is later will be applied.

If you purchase the annual-multi trip policy, your cover will take effect on the date you pay the premium or the effective date mentioned in the certificate. Other benefits on your travel will apply as and when your trip begins. Please note that the initial departure point should be the United Arab Emirates.

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