Whether it is an old car or a new car it is mandatory for all the car owners - to get their car insured before or after the car registration process. Not only is it a legal requirement, as per the laws in the United Arab Emirates, it is a protective measure to cover any unforeseen incidences while driving on road.

There are a plethora of insurance policies that are offered by different insurance companies, banks, and brokers. Choosing an adequate motor insurance policy among them can be a confusing task for anyone.

It is imperative to have an understanding of the provisions of a car insurance scheme and the market presence of the insurer, to choose the one that meets most of your preferences.

You can decide it on the basis of Incurred Claims Ratio (ICR), which indicates the financial capabilities of the insurer and its ability to pay the insurance claims. Furthermore, you can analyze it on the basis of policy benefits (comprehensive, third-party liability and roadside assistance), limitations, additional covers, and deductibles.

Before finalizing the one, it is advisable to check the policy wordings, as car insurance policies may vary when it comes to comprehensive coverage like agency repair, geographical coverage (Oman &GCC cover) etc.

So, to save your time and help you make an informed decision we have outlined some of the best motor insurance providers in the UAE. Once you get an idea, we can help you in getting quotes from these motor insurance providers!

List of Motor Insurance Companies