AL Sagr National Car Insurance (ASNIIC)

Al Sagr National is known to offer comprehensive and third-party liability car insurance policies in the UAE. The comprehensive car insurance cover provides financial assistance of up to AED 2 million in case of damage to objects and property. Other benefits covered under the comprehensive car insurance plan are agency repair, national ambulance service cover, personal accident cover, roadside assistance, no claim discount, and unlimited financial cover in case of any physical injury. more

AL Sagr National Car Insurance (ASNIIC)
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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

The company commenced its operations as a public shareholding firm in Dubai in the year 1979. It was through an Emiri Decree by His Highness, the late Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai and H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Al Maktoum, the then Vice President of the UAE. The company has reinsurance support and is backed by the world’s leading insurers. As a result, it has quickly emerged as one of the prominent names in the insurance market across Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ASNIC is listed with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the UAE and it carries out its insurance business as per the Federal Insurance Law. With its innovative insurance products, it is one of the most renowned names in the insurance market UAE and also the best providers for car insurance in UAE.

Why Al Sagr National Car Insurance?

Al Sagr National Insurance company has relentlessly worked for over 40 years to create a unique name for itself  in the motor insurance market of the United Arab Emirates. They put their customers before everything else, ensuring that they offer quality products every time. They have numerous accolades to vouch for the fact that they are a reliable partner when it comes to buying insurance and the following reasons make them a perfect choice for leading a stress free life:

  • Extensive experience: 40 years worth of achievements make Al Sagr National Insurance company a notable name offering high quality commercial and retail insurance products in the UAE.
  • Long list of achievements: Al Sagr National Insurance company has received many decorated awards for their exceptions services over the years. They also have a gc A + rating from S & P Global (Standard & Poor’s) to speak for their unmatched record.
  • Customers’ trust: Apart from local and national awards that back their remarkable services, the huge number of customers that trust them with their vehicles speaks volumes about their track record. Al Sagr National Insurance company has insured more than 150,000 vehicles till date and this number keeps rising by the day.
  • Insuring lives: If we are talking numbers, it is important to mention that they also offer a shield of protection to more than 80,000 people, thus proving their reliability among the people of UAE.

Importance of Car Takaful:

Car Takaful against Third Party Liability is mandatory to obtain Motor Vehicle Registration as per the United Arab Emirates Federal Law No. (21) Of 1995.

Car Takaful deals with the insurance of motor vehicles. car insurance has become an integral part of everyday life. No one knows what the future beholds and thus, both Individuals and their properties are under constant risk in the present day’s human activities. With the uncertainties in your driving styles, carelessness and habits, traffic collision happens without any caution despite all the precautions one may take. You can be free of all the hassles and consequences of traffic collisions, if your vehicle is insured. Taking these things into consideration, the legislators were urged to mandate Car Insurance in the UAE.

Motor Insurance Benefits

Al Sagr’s vehicle insurance policy is as per the motor insurance law in the United Arab Emirates.

The Company offers two types of coverage in its motor insurance plan as mentioned below -

Comprehensive Insurance

This top-selling car insurance policy from Al Sagr National Car insurance safeguards the insured against any unexpected surprises life brings their way. This includes loss and damage to the insured vehicle and its owner, and any third party, ensuring one doesn’t have to ransack their pockets in the event of an accident. Here are the important features of this insurance plan:

  • Damage to items and property are covered up to AED 2,000,000
  • Agency repair is offered under this policy for a period up to 3 years from the registration date of the vehicle at a manufacturer authorized dealer
  • Outside agency repairs are offered up to a period of 10 years from the date of the vehicle’s registration
  • Unlimited coverage is granted for bodily injury
  • The policy also comes with the national ambulance service for AED 6,770 per person
  • A personal accident cover is provided for a sum of AED 200,000
  • There is a no claims discount too if the insured vehicle is claim-free for 1 year
  • This Al Sagr policy also offers 24* 7 roadside assistance

Third Party Liability (TPL)

This Al Sagr insurance plan offers coverage for the sum one has to pay for accidental damage to a third party and/or injured party as a compensation during an accident. They have got you covered for the following:

  • Outside agency repairs are covered up to a period of 10 years from the date of the vehicle’s registration
  • Damage to any items and property are covered up to AED 2,000,000
  • Unlimited cover is offered for bodily injury
  • Personal accident coverage is provided for a sum up to AED 200,000
  • National ambulance service for AED 6,770 per person is included in the plan
  •  The insured also enjoy no claims discount if the insured vehicle is claim-free for 1 year

Mentioned below are some of the optional benefits can enjoy with these Al Sagr National Car Insurance plans

Optional Benefits Comprehensive Insurance Plan Third Party Liability Plan
Windscreen damage cover Up to AED 2,000 -
Driver and passenger cover Available Available
Personal possessions protection against theft, fire or collision Up to AED 2,000 -
Medical expenses Up to AED 2,000 -
Car replacement Available -
Road risk cover - Available
Natural calamities cover (flood, storm, earthquake and hurricane) Available -
Orange Card benefit (Travelling from one Arab country to another) Available Available
Oman coverage Available at a minimum charge Available at a minimum charge
Road side assistance Covered Available

Insurer’s Coverage Area is the United Arab Emirates:

Upon your request, Al Sagr, by the way of extra endorsements attached to the plan and within the limits of conditions and provisions, may expand its territory to include different countries, and/or offer Personal Accident Cover for you and your family or employees working for the company against accidents that may happen to anyone of you while driving or sitting in the car.

How to File a Claim for Al Sagr National Car Insurance in the UAE ?

The company is renowned for having the Insurance Authority Award for the Best Insurance Company in the Field of Customer Happiness and Dispute Resolution in the Motor Claims Department. This allows the insured to enjoy the much needed peace of mind of knowing that one is in safe hands. One can follow a few simple steps for the  claim filing process with Al Sagr National Car insurance company. Its efficient, its easy and more importantly, anyone can do it from the comfort of their homes, devoid of any hassles. Their dedicated claim processing team helps the insured in case of any queries. All one has to do is:

  • After reporting the accident to the police and getting a police report, one can call the road assistance company on the toll free number- 800 7541 to avail of the free towing service.
  • Contact the Al Sagr National Car insurance company either by calling on 04- 702- 8500 or sending an email at to start with the claim filling procedure.
  • Submit all the required documents along with the claim notification.
  • The insured with soon receive an email notifying them with the claim reference number and the AL Sagr Car insurance garage list details and location for the repairs.
  • The garage with look at the car and provide you with a repair estimation report.
  • File the report with the insurance company.
  • The claim will be processed (in case it is rejected, get in touch with the company and re-submit the documents)
  • A claim approval notification will be sent to you

AL Sagr National Car Insurance FAQs

Q1. What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Ans: A comprehensive takaful or comprehensive insurance is a complete cover for your vehicle. Any loss or damage caused due to fire, accident or theft is covered under this insurance package. The package also covers you against Third Party Liability.

Q2. What are the inclusions of Comprehensive Insurance?

Ans: Comprehensive Car Insurance includes the following:

  • Glass Damage
  • Fire
  • Floodwater
  • Theft
  • Natural Disasters
  • Damage to third-party car
  • Damage to your own car

Q3. What are the exclusions of Comprehensive Insurance?

Ans: The following are the exclusions of Comprehensive Insurance:

  • Damage to tires
  • Depreciation of your car
  • Electrical or mechanical failure
  • Damages caused due to the ‘drunk and drive’ accidents.

Q4. What is Third-Party Liability?

Ans: Third-Party Liability is the basic and mandatory insurance type according to the UAE laws. This package is usually cost-effective than the Comprehensive Insurance package. This scheme covers all the damages or losses caused to a third party by your vehicle. Any damage or loss to your own vehicle is not covered under this plan.

Q5. What are the inclusions of Third Party Liability Insurance?

Ans: Third-Party Liability (TPL) Insurance covers the following:

  • Third-party theft or fire: any damage or loss caused due to a theft like stolen music system, accidental fire or broken window(s).
  • Demise or bodily injuries to any third party or individual along with the property caused by the insured car.

Q6. What are the exclusions of Third-Party Liability?

Ans: There are some exclusions of Third-Party Insurance, which are the following:

  • You’re not given the option of car replacement
  • The package does not cover your own car
  • Bodily injury caused during accident

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