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Chevrolet quickly became one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world with sports cars like Corvette, muscle cars like Impala and some of the most affordable sub-compact and heavy vehicles. Chevrolet cars have garnered immense popularity in the emirates as well given the passion most residents have for premium sports cars. read more more

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*Above mentioned prices are for Chevrolet Camaro 2.0TC RWD, 2020 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Chevrolet Camaro 2.0TC RWD, 2020 model.

Almost all top car insurance providers in the UAE offer Chevrolet comprehensive car insurance plans with a broad range overage. This piece will cover all the important aspects of a Chevrolet car insurance plan including top plans, methods to purchase, renewals and more. Let’s begin with a list of top Chevrolet motor insurance plans for some of the most popular Chevrolet cars.

Premium Rates for Top Chevrolet Car Insurance Plans in the UAE

Following are some of the top Chevrolet car insurance plans available in the UAE for 3 most popular Chevrolet cars:

Chevrolet Camaro Car Insurance Plans

Provider Name 

Plan Name 

Plan Premium 

Aman Insurance 

Comprehensive (Standard Agency)

AED 5,685

Noor Takaful – Watania 

Comprehensive (Mumtaz Agency)

AED 6,985

Oriental Insurance 

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 6,985

Al Wathba 

Third-Party Insurance

AED 1,365

Noor Takaful – Watania  

Third-Party Insurance 

AED 2,205

Chevrolet Bolt EV Car Insurance Plans

Provider Name 

Plan Name 

Plan Premium 

New India Assurance 

Comprehensive (Garage)

AED 1,176

Al Sagr Insurance 

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 1,575

Dubai National Insurance

Comprehensive (Premium Agency)

AED 1,607

Oriental Insurance 

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 1,890

Noor Takaful – Watania

Comprehensive (Standard Agency)

AED 3,574

Chevrolet Captiva Car Insurance Plans

Provider Name

Plan Name

Plan Premium

Alliance Assurance 

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 1,644

Oriental Insurance 

Comprehensive ( Agency)

AED 2,631

New India Assurance 

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 3,289

Al Wathba 

Comprehensive (Agency)

AED 4,029

Orient Insurance

Comprehensive (Gold Agency)

AED 5,245

Type of Chevrolet Car Insurance

You can buy two types of car insurance plans in the UAE – Chevrolet comprehensive insurance plans and third-party liability insurance plans. Here’s a brief description of the same:

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance: A third-party liability insurance plan for Chevrolet cars will cover all the damages incurred by a third-party vehicle in an at fault (caused due to negligence of the policyholder) accident. The injuries incurred by third-party passengers are also covered by these plans. On the other hand, damages caused to the policyholder’s vehicle are not covered by these. Some plans may cover the emergency medical care cost of the owner/driver. 
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: A Chevrolet comprehensive insurance plan will cover both third-party liabilities and the own damages of your Chevrolet car as well. The own damage cover of the car includes damages incurred in an accident, theft of the car or the car accessories, fire and explosion damages, off-road driving damages and more. Personal accident cover includes driver and passengers along with damages caused due to natural calamity. In a comprehensive plan, some lesser known but very popular benefits are also covered like roadside assistance. 

Why Buy Chevrolet Car Insurance Policy?

Let’s cover some of the most important benefits of purchasing a Chevrolet motor insurance plan in the emirates: 

  • Mandatory Legal Requirement: Having a proper Chevrolet insurance policy for your car is mandatory for all car owners. Not having a valid insurance plan can attract hefty fines, black points on your licence and a possible seizing of your car. Getting a Chevrolet insurance plan will take care of all these concerns. 
  • Protects Financial Interests: Given the fact that Chevrolet cars require a substantial investment, it is wise to get an insurance plan to protect your financial interests. Chevrolet insurance policies help in managing the maintenance and repair expenses of the car. A major chunk of every Chevrolet car insurance claim is covered by the insurance company while you are only responsible to cover the deductibles for the plan. 
  • Comprehensive Protection: Chevrolet car insurance plans available in UAE offer comprehensive protection to against all kinds of accidental damages. From third-party liabilities to fire and explosion damages, theft, natural calamity damages and roadside assistance, everything is covered by Chevrolet comprehensive insurance plans. 
  • Cost-Effective: With a host of benefits available only at a fraction of the total price of the car, Chevrolet insurance plans prove to be quite cost-effective. Depending on the car you have, the make, the model, condition, and your driving history, Chevrolet car insurance costs can range from AED 700 to AED 7,000. 
  • Personal Injury Cover: Most of the Chevrolet comprehensive insurance plans offer personal accident cover for drivers and passengers. Personal accident cover provides compensation for injuries, disabilities and death caused by a car accident. Depending on the plan you have purchased, these covers can come as a free benefit or as an add-on benefit. 
  • Theft Protection: Chevrolet comprehensive insurance provides theft protection for the car as well as the car accessories. Insurance companies cover compensation as per the current market value of the car or the stolen car accessories. 

Inclusions of Chevrolet Car Insurance Plans

The inclusion of your car insurance plan can change as per the chosen plan and its provider. Given below are some of the common inclusions of Chevrolet car insurance plans:

  • Own damage covers against accidental damages 
  • Third-party damages cover for accidental injuries and vehicular damages
  • Loss of personal belonging cover
  • Windscreen damage cover
  • Coverage for damages by fire or explosions
  • Off-road cover for 4x4 cars
  • Agency repair cover
  • Theft protection cover
  • Riots and strike damage cover
  • Coverage for emergency medical expenses 

Add-On Covers for Chevrolet Car Insurance Plans

You can use any of the given below add-on covers to customise your Chevrolet comprehensive car insurance plans: 

  • Natural calamity cover 
  • Replacement of vehicle cover
  • Personal accident cover for the driver
  • Personal accident cover for passengers
  • Roadside accident cover 
  • Oman extension cover

Exclusions for Chevrolet Car Insurance Plans

Damages caused during the following situations are counted as exclusions for Chevrolet car insurance plans:

  • Driving without a valid driver’s licence
  • Damages caused by the policyholder when driving under the influence of intoxicating substances
  • Consequential damages incurred by own vehicle due to impending repairs of an earlier accident
  • Normal wear and tear of the car leading to damages
  • Damages incurred during illegal activities, any other use than the intended purpose. 
  • Damages incurred due to voluntary negligence

How to Buy Chevrolet Insurance Online?

There are a few methods to purchase your Chevrolet insurance coverage online. The easiest one is to buy Chevrolet car insurance via Simply visit the car insurance section and fill out the lead form. You will be redirected to the Chevrolet insurance quotes page once you submit the lead form. Compare and choose the right plan from the list of plans on the Chevrolet insurance quotes page. Fill out the details for the chosen plan, upload the documents and complete the purchase with payment. Your policy documents will be delivered to your home you plan benefits will begin shortly after. 

Why Buy from

Given below are some of the major benefits that come accompany your insurance purchase from

  • Your transactions are conducted on an encrypted platform that ensures safety during each transaction. 
  • Our safe, user-friendly platform is designed to help you buy an insurance plan in just a matter of a few clicks. Here, you can research, compare and purchase – all from a single platform. 
  • The 24x7 customer support is always ready to help you with your insurance-related queries and troubles. You can expect to get real-time solutions for all your questions.
  • Our team of insurance experts is always ready to guide you in choosing the best Chevrolet car insurance plans. 
  • We offer you a collection of top car insurance plans with a host of benefits for you to choose from, all in one place.
  • Our evergreen discount deals and offers ensure that you always get your hands on the best Chevrolet car insurance prices in the country. 

Chevrolet Car Insurance Claim Procedure

The procedure to submit Chevrolet car insurance claims can differ slightly as per the type of claim – theft or accidental. Let’s cover the steps involved in the procedure of filing a claim against your Chevrolet car insurance plan in the UAE:

Accidental Damage Claims

  • Contact the insurance provider and let them know about the type of claim you wish to initiate. Explain the situation briefly including all the important aspects. 
  • Once you have initiated the claim, call the police and register an official police report. get a copy of the same for yourself as you will need to file the claim. 
  • Take your car to a nearby agency/network garage or call roadside assistance to help. 
  • Get a claim form from the website of your provider and fill it out. Attach the documents and submit them using the website. You can also submit the form at the agency/network garage you have chosen for repairs. 
  • The insurance company will examine the claim and send approval to the garage. 
  • A claim inspector present at the garage will examine the damages incurred by your vehicle and prepare a repair expense sheet. 
  • The garage will begin the repairs once you pay the due car insurance excess. The rest of the cost will be covered by the insurance company directly. 

Theft Claims

  • Call the police and submit an official police report for the theft. If car accessories have been stolen, submit an itemised list of all that is stolen. Obtain a copy of the report for yourself as well. 
  • Call the insurance provider and let them know about the theft. Initiate a claim for the theft and begin the process on your end. 
  • Obtain a claim form, fill it out and attach the documents. Also add an itemised list of all the car accessories stolen, if any. Submit the claim form using the provider website or at a branch office.
  • The police will search for your lost car/accessories. If they are untraceable, a certificate will be issued for the same. 
  • Submit this certificate as a claim document. The insurance company will begin the settlement process once this certificate is received. 

Documents Required for Chevrolet Car Insurance Claims

The following documents will be required to file a Chevrolet car insurance claim in the UAE, depending on the kind of claim you wish to make:

  • Duly filled claim form for Chevrolet car insurance 
  • Valid UAE driver’s license
  • Registration documents of your Chevrolet car 
  • Policy documents or policy number
  • The police report of the accident/incident
  • General details related to the incident/accident (this includes vehicle plate numbers of the third-party car and names of the third-party people involved)
  • An itemised list of all car accessories stolen for theft claims
  • The certificate of untraceable stolen items from the police department

How to Renew Chevrolet Car Insurance Plans?

The Chevrolet car insurance renewal process is a simple one. You can easily complete the Chevrolet insurance renewal process using our online platform. Simply log in to your account and click on the plan you wish to renew. Add or remove the add-ons as per your latest needs and pay the premium. Your new policy documents will be delivered to you shortly. The same set of documents will be uploaded on your ‘My Accounts’ dashboard as well.  


How much does Chevrolet car insurance cost in the UAE?

Chevrolet car insurance plans can cost start at AED 700 and go up to AED 7,000 as per the make and model of the car, along with a few factors that affect premium prices. 

Are Chevrolet cars expensive to insure in the emirates?

No, an insurance costs only 2% to 6% of your car’s value. 

What is covered by my Chevrolet car insurance plans?

Your Chevrolet comprehensive insurance plan will cover both third-party liability and own damages incurred by your Chevrolet car.

How can I purchase a Chevrolet car insurance plan in the UAE?

You can buy your Chevrolet insurance policy using our official platform  

How long does a Chevrolet car insurance plan stay valid?

Chevrolet car insurance plans are valid for 1 year after the date of purchase. 

How is Chevrolet car insurance cost calculated?

The basic Chevrolet car insurance cost is generally 2% to 6% of the car’s value. The price can further change as per the condition of the car, driving history and some other factors. 

Is off-road damage covered by Chevrolet car insurance plans?

The off-road cover is available for all 4x4 cars with most of the Chevrolet car insurance plans. 

Can I purchase insurance for my luxury Chevrolet cars in the UAE?

Yes, you can easily find insurance for all kinds of Chevrolet cars on our website. 

Is theft covered by Chevrolet car insurance plans in the UAE? What happens to recovered cars?

Yes, theft of the vehicle or the car accessories is covered by Chevrolet insurance policy. Recovered vehicles after claim settlement become the property of the insurance provider. 

How can I get my Chevrolet insurance renewal done in the UAE?

You can complete the Chevrolet insurance renewal procedure using the customer dashboard by visiting ‘My Account’. 

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