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Accidents can not be foreseen, true but the fact that they will cause some level or type of devastation is almost always certain. Accidents will not only damage your car but may also injure you, the other driver(s) and the worst of all – the passengers. To make sure that the injured passengers get the help that they need, most car insurance companies offer an add-on cover. This cover is known as the passenger cover in car insurance policies. This cover directly protects the passengers of the vehicle that is involved in an accident and helps them cover the treatment costs. 

What is an Add-On Passenger Cover in Car Insurance?

Whether it is a personal car or a commercial vehicle that you are driving, the chances of having a passenger in there with you are quite high. But the fact is that vehicle insurance plans do not cover for injuries of a passenger as a base benefit of the plans. But the level of danger and uncertainty remains intact. This is why insurance companies offer an add-on insurance cover for passenger protection. The passenger cover in car insurance aims to protect and pay for any injuries that a passenger incurs due to an accident. 

Does A Passenger Cover in Car Insurance Adds to Insurance Cost?

Yes, since passenger cover in car insurance policies is an additional cover, it will add to the total cost of the premium. However, the cost that it adds is generally very low but the benefits offered under the cover a quite extensive and important too. The total added cost of a passenger cover in a car insurance plan will be decided by how many passenger covers you are buying. 

Most insurance companies offer separate cover for each passenger instead of a single, very expensive cover. This means you can choose the number of covers as per the number of passengers you frequently travel with. Some insurance companies also offer a single insurance cover for all passengers in the car. This cover generally only extends to 3 passengers. Confirm with your insurance company about the umbrella of the cover so that you have a better idea. 

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How Does a Passenger Cover in Car Insurance Works?

A passenger cover in car insurance works exactly like other covers. It offers financial help to the passengers who get injured in an accident that involves your vehicle. In case the said accident results in the death of the passenger, the family of the passenger is offered financial assistance from the insurance companies. Financial cover for the permanent disability of the passenger is also included in the accident. 

Given following is all the inclusion of passenger cover in car insurance:

  • Covers for the cost of the treatment of the injuries caused by the accident involving the insured vehicle.
  • Offers financial help in case of permanent disability of any kind incurred by the passenger.
  • Gives financial assistance if the accidents involving the insured vehicle results in the death of a covered passenger. 

What are the Exclusions of Passenger Cover in Car Insurance?

Just like any other add-on or basic car insurance covers, there are a few things that passenger cover in car insurance do not include. The exclusions are given as follows:

  • Depending on your insurance company, the passengers who happened to step out of the car during the accident may not be covered. 
  • As per some insurance companies, passenger covers for private cars can only be extended to 3 passengers. The cover does not offer financial assistance to any additional passenger in the vehicle.
  • If the accident took place because the driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Injuries that are self-inflicted or incurred as an attempt to commit suicide. 


Passenger cover in car insurance is one of the most important add-ons that the owner of the vehicle should take on additionally. Being the owner and the driver of the vehicle, the responsibility of protecting the passengers ultimately falls on you. So, in a scenario where you are not able to do, your car insurance should at least be able to help them in getting their injuries treated. Apart from the moral angle, it is also a practical decision to have an add-on passenger cover in the car insurance plan of your vehicle. It does not increase the cost by a lot and will prove beneficial. 

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