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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

In the fast-paced world of the UAE where automobiles reign supreme, it is essential to understand the significance of the engine - the heart and soul of any vehicle. This indispensable component powers the entire mechanism, yet many may not realise that comprehensive car insurance often excludes coverage for engine defaults. This is where the crucial role of engine protection cover comes into play, safeguarding your vehicle’s engine from unforeseen mishaps. 

What is Engine Protection Cover?

Engine protection cover is a specialised add-on policy designed to financially protect the engine of your vehicle against damage and losses that may not be covered under a standard comprehensive car insurance policy. This additional layer of coverage covers the costs of repairs or replacements resulting from engine-related issues, such as oil leakage, water ingression, and so forth.

How Does Engine Protection Cover As an Add-On Work?

The functioning of an engine protection cover is akin to other add-on insurance policies. If you reside in an area prone to flooding or experience heavy rainfall, there is a risk of water seeping into the engine, potentially damaging critical components such as pistons, crankshaft, gear parts, cylinders, and oil filters. Moreover, engine damage can also occur due to overheating. In such situations, an engine protection cover offers crucial financial assistance.

When your engine sustains damage and you have engine protection cover included in your car insurance plan in UAE, you can easily file a claim by providing valid proof of repair, which will allow you to have the engine repaired or replaced as needed. It is offered as an add-on to your primary car insurance policy, meaning that an additional charge would be added to your premium.

If you live in a flood-prone area or own a high-end vehicle, it's worthwhile to consider adding an engine protection cover to your policy. This additional coverage not only ensures the longevity of your vehicle but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle's engine will remain operational even in the face of unforeseen damages.

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Why Is Engine Protection Cover Important?

The engine protection cover is an essential add-ons to a car insurance policy as it provides financial assistance in case of engine damage. Getting car engine repairs or replacements can be expensive - having an engine protection cover from a top-notch insurance provider can give you peace of mind and protect you from costly repairs.

In the UAE, the weather and road conditions can be harsh, which might impact the car engine's longevity. For instance, during the monsoon season, there is a higher risk of water flooding, which can cause significant damage to the engine. Similarly, high temperatures during the summer months can lead to overheating of the engine, causing damage or even engine failure.

Apart from damage protection, the engine protection cover can also help in increasing the lifespan of the vehicle by ensuring that the engine is well-maintained and functioning properly. It also ensures that the vehicle can be used safely and without any issues, which is especially important for those who rely on their vehicle for commuting or work purposes.

5 Major Benefits of Engine Protection Add-On Cover for Your Car

Some of the benefits of the engine protection cover as an add-on in the UAE include the following – 

  • The engine protection cover provides financial assistance in case of engine damage. It covers the costs of repair or replacement and can help car owners avoid high expenses.
  • The engine is the most expensive part of a car. With the coverage of engine protection cover including the cost of repairs or replacement of the engine, it provides significant financial aid to car owners.
  • It ensures that the engine is functioning well, which helps increase the lifespan of the car and reduces the chances of engine breakdowns or failures.
  • In the UAE, some regions are prone to flooding, which can lead to significant engine damage. The engine protection cover is ideal for car owners living in such areas as it covers the costs of engine repairs or replacement caused by water damage.
  • It gives car owners peace of mind, knowing their engine and its components are well-protected. 
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Engine Protection Coverage

  • Inclusions

  • Exclusion

Given below are some of the major inclusions of engine protection cover – 

  • The engine protection cover typically covers several factors related to the engine and its components. Some components covered under the engine protection cover include pistons, crankshaft, cylinders, oil filters, and connecting rods.
  • The cover also includes damages from internal oil leakage and damages from water flooding inside the engine.
  • In addition to the engine components, the engine protection cover covers repairing or replacing gearbox components. This can be especially useful if your vehicle experiences problems with its gearbox, which can be expensive to repair or replace.
  • It may also cover the labour costs involved in repairing or replacing the engine or gearbox components. This means that the car owner will not have to bear the additional expense of the labour costs associated with repairing or replacing the engine components.
  • Lastly, the engine protection cover also covers damages to the hydrostatic lock due to force starting the vehicle when the engine is wet. This can happen when the engine is flooded with water and the car owner tries to start the vehicle forcefully, which can cause damage to the engine.

While the engine protection cover is an important add-on to a car insurance policy, certain conditions are not covered under this protection. It's important to be aware of these limitations when considering whether or not to add this cover to your policy – 

  • Most insurance providers generally do not cover the natural wear and tear of the engine parts.
  • Damages caused to other parts of the vehicle apart from the engine or gearbox and its components are not covered under the engine protection cover. This means that any damages or repairs required for other parts of the vehicle will need to be covered by the basic car insurance policy (or out of your own pocket).
  • If the damages to the vehicle are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, they will not be covered by the insurance provider. In such cases, the car owner will need to claim for the repair or replacement under the manufacturer's warranty.
  • If there is no proof of water inundation causing the damage, most providers may not cover the damages related to your engine. So if the engine damage is caused by water flooding, the car owner will need to provide proof of the water damage to claim coverage.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Engine Protection Cover

Here are some important things to keep in mind while purchasing the engine protection cover as an add-on to your car insurance policy – 

  • It is not available for vehicles older than 5 years.
  • Check whether your car needs engine protection cover based on factors such as the car's age, make and model, and the location where it is used.
  • You cannot purchase the engine protection cover with third-party liability cover. It is only available with comprehensive car insurance policies.
  • You can pay an additional premium to get the engine protection covered with the basic car insurance policy.
  • Most car insurance companies in the UAE allow car owners to make up to two claims under their engine protection cover.


What is the eligibility criterion to get engine protection cover for my vehicle?

There are no specific eligibility criteria to get the engine protection cover for your vehicle. However, most insurance providers in UAE do not provide this cover to vehicles that are more than 5 years old.

Is it mandatory to buy engine protection covers in UAE?

No, an engine protection cover is one of the add-ons to enhance your vehicle coverage. While it is not mandatory, getting the engine protection cover is recommended to protect the most important of your vehicle – the engine.

How can I buy an engine protection cover for my vehicle?

You can visit the official website of Policybazaar UAE and contact our customer care to get the engine protection cover for your vehicle as well as more details regarding the same.

Can I get more than one add-on to my insurance policy?

Yes, you can add multiple add-ons to your standard car insurance policy to enhance the coverage of your vehicle.

Is the engine protection cover expensive?

The cost of the engine protection cover depends on your car's make and model, age, and location. However, the cost is usually affordable, especially when compared to the significant financial aid that it provides in case of engine damage.

Can I purchase the engine protection cover at any time during the car insurance policy period?

Yes, you can add the engine protection cover to your car insurance policy at any time during the policy period. However, it is recommended to add it at the time of purchasing the policy to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Does the engine protection cover cover the cost of labour for engine repairs or replacement?

Yes, the engine protection cover by top insurance providers covers the cost of labour for engine repairs or replacement in addition to the cost of parts.

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