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No car can work properly if its engine is not in a good condition. You must keep the engine of your car in good and working condition. However, getting an engine repaired can cost you dearly as it is the most expensive part of a vehicle.

Even if you have a car insurance policy, the cost of engine repair will not be covered under the same as these policies are meant to cover the damages caused to the insured vehicle in case of an accident. But you can still get these expenses covered under the same car insurance policy simply with an Engine Protection add-on.

What is Engine Protection Cover?

Engine Protection Cover is additional coverage that can be added to comprehensive car insurance plans. The add-on helps policyholders get insurance cover for all their engine repair expenses in case of damage. The cover compensates the policyholders when they need to get their car engine repaired or replaced. There could be any reason behind it including the water ingression, lubricant oil leakage, etc.

You need to pay an additional premium cost to get the cover added to your car insurance policy. The engine protection add-on also covers the repair expenses of different parts of the engine.

Why Do You Need Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance?

Engine protection cover is an excellent add-on for your comprehensive car insurance cover. Here is when you might want to consider adding it to your insurance plan:

  • If you live in a flood-prone area
  • If you want your car’s engine to stay healthy
  • If you have bought a new car
  • If you own a luxury car and the engine replacement could be expensive
  • If you don’t want to foolproof your insurance plan
  • If you want an extra cover for your car’s engine
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Benefits of Adding Engine Protection Cover to Your Car Insurance Policy

The engine protection cover can be added to a comprehensive car insurance plan. The add-on has unique features and benefits that are useful to the policyholders. It helps you manage your engine repair expenses and saves you from paying anything extra if your engine breaks down. It helps you get the damaged engine parts repaired without any hassle.

Here is a list of the features and benefits of engine protection cover.

  1. Pays for the Engine Repair: Having engine protection cover in car insurance policy is the best idea to get your engine repaired at lowest possible cost or sometimes free-of-cost. The engine is an expensive part of a vehicle. The cover added to the policy can help you get the engine repaired without any hassle.
  2. Best for Flood-Prone Areas: If you live in an area that is more prone to floods or water-logging, adding the cover to your insurance policy can be a judicious choice. The engine protection cover in the car insurance policy ensures that you get your engine repaired every time water enters inside it.
  3. Financial Support: A car insurance policy excluding the engine protection cover is not at all useful if your engine breaks down or gets damaged. In this case, you would need to manage the engine repair expenses all by yourself. However, if you have the engine protection cover in your car insurance policy, your insurance company will pay for the expenses.
  4. Saves Labour Charges: The engine protection cover in the car insurance policy provides you the cover for the labour charges charged during the repair. You need not even spend a penny from your pocket if you have this cover.
  5. Increases the Life of your Vehicle: If you have an engine protection cover added to your insurance policy, you can have the engine repaired in case of minor damages also. The cover helps you get the engine repaired in time of need and increases the life of your vehicle.
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Engine Protection Cover Inclusions

Here is a list of inclusions for Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance:

  1. Damages Due to Leakage: You get the cover for the damages caused to your engine due to lubricating oil leakage.
  2. Damage Caused to Physical Components: When you have engine protection cover in car insurance, you can get cover for the damages caused to physical components of your car like piston, gearbox, connecting rods, etc.
  3. Damage Due to Water Ingression: You can also get the cover for the engine repair if water enters the engine. This situation can arise in case of a natural disaster like floods, monsoons, etc.
  4. Damage to Hydrostatic Lock: The damage caused to the hydrostatic lock while starting the vehicle when the engine is wet also gets covered under this add-on.
  5. Cost of Consumables: The add-on also covers the cost of consumables used to fix the engine while the repair work was going on. These consumables include nuts& bolts, lubricant oil, coolants, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Buying an Engine Protection Cover

Here are the eligibility criteria to buy an Engine Protection Cover in car insurance.

  • Your car must not be more than 5 years old.
  • You must have your own comprehensive car insurance policy ad this feature can’t be added to a third-party car insurance plan.
  • You need to pay an additional insurance premium amount to buy this cover as this is an add-on.
  • You can make only up to two claims in one engine protection cover.
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How to Buy Engine Protection Add-On?

You must have a comprehensive car insurance plan registered under your vehicle’s name to add engine protection cover to it. This add-on is not a part of a standard insurance policy and can be added just as an add-on.

Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to buy an engine protection cover for your vehicle:

  1. Visit the Online Portal: Get in touch with your insurance company either by visiting the online portal or by calling on the help desk number.
  2. Select Your Policy: Search for your insurance policy if you have an existing one. Or you can also buy a comprehensive car insurance plan to get this cover.
  3. Include the add-on: Once you have your policy details up on the screen, you can type the add-on name in the search box to find the desired add-on from the list. Select the ‘Engine Protection’ add-on and add it to your plan.
  4. Pay the Premium: Pay the premium amount and you now have the engine protection cover.

The Bottom Line

Most car insurance companies in the UAE offer engine protection cover as an add-on. You can simply get in touch with your insurance service provider and get the cover added to your existing car insurance policy. This will help you keep your car and its engine healthy.

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