What is the Black Points System in Dubai?

  | Published: 07 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 15 September 2021

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When you are on roads, driving, you are responsible for the safety of fellow drivers along with your own. Driving is a responsible job and even the slightest carelessness can result in a serious mishaps. To ensure that drivers conform to the driving ethics and norms black points system has been introduced in the UAE. The purpose of introducing the system of black points in the UAE is to minimise cases of callous driving and ensure on road safety. Through black points in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, the government aims to reduce road accident casualties to maximum 3 per 100,000 people by the end of 2021. This article offers you guideline about black points in Dubai to spread awareness regarding the black point system in the UAE.

What are Black Points?

Black points in Dubai are added to your driving license in case of traffic rules violation. The black point in Abu Dhabi is an indicator of your driving habits and history. By checking black points in the UAE on your driving license, one can determine if you are a regular traffic violator or if have committed any notable driving errors in the past.

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Purpose of Black Points

Black points in the UAE are stringent penalties to discourage drivers from breaking the law. In most cases, black points are issued in combination with a pre-determined fine. The different types of laws have different black points assigned depending on the violated law.

How Black Points are calculated and added?

Camera and Radars are used in Dubai to monitor traffic and capture violations. If you commit are caught violating traffic rules, then the traffic police adds black points to your file within 48 hours and you are notified with an SMS alert.

The revised traffic rules in the UAE aimed at implementing stricter rules for certain traffic offenses that carry high risk. Unlike before, one offense carries 23 or 24 points also which leads to an automatic suspension of your license. Here’s a list of offenses for your reference along with respective black points they carry:

Traffic Rule Violations That Carry 24 Black Points

  • Use of a vehicle to carry & transport passengers without permission
  • Use of a vehicle to carry & transport inflammable or hazardous materials without permission

Traffic Rule Violations That Carry 23 Black Points

  • Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol
  • Causing death in an accident while driving
  • Causing serious injuries while driving a vehicle
  • Exceeding the maximum speed limit that ranges between 60-80km/h in urban areas.

Traffic Rule Violations That Carry 12 Black Points

  • Jumping a red light
  • Driving a noisy vehicle
  • Driving a vehicle with a driving license issued for a differnet vehicle
  • Running away from traffic police when asked to stop

Traffic Rule Violations That Carry Less than 12 Black Points

There are other traffic offenses that carry a smaller number of black points in Dubai. These black points in the UAE may seem small but when accumulated, these can round up to a total of 24 points and lead to a suspension of your license. Some of these offenses are:

  • Driving with no car insurance in Dubai holds 4 black points
  • A sudden deviation of the vehicle holds 4 black points
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit holds 6 points
  • Overtaking from the road shoulder holds 6 points

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How to check black points on license in Dubai?

To check black points in Dubai on your driving license, visit the official Dubai police website and access the ‘Traffic Fines’ payment page. Enter your license details or plate number of your car on the page to see the black points on your Dubai driving license.

How many black points are allowed in Dubai

The maximum black points in Dubai that you can accumulate on your driving license are 24. For each black point acquired, the police impose fines. You are allowed to drive and keep your driving license up to 23 black points in the UAE. Once the black points on your license reach to 24, your driving license will be confiscated for six months.

To get your driving license back, you will need to enroll and attend the rehabilitation course at a driving school where you will be re-educated about the driving ethics. If the black points on the suspension period for license ranges between 3 to 6 months.

The first time your accumulated points reach 24, your license is suspended for 3 months. The second time the suspension period is 6 months long and the third time your licenses suspension period will be one year. In addition to this, you will be required to take a driving course and test conducted by the authorities of Dubai.

Impact of Black Points on Car Insurance

The black point system in the UAE creates a file of all your traffic violations and offences. When you are looking to purchase a car insurance, the car insurance provider often asks you to provide your driving license details and car number. Before offering you a premium quote for your car insurance, the car insurance company checks your black points in the UAE. This informs the company about your driving habits, style, and history.

The companies then offer you insurance quotes based on your driving records. In case you have fewer black points on license the company will consider you a reliable client and the car insurance premium will not shoot up because of these penalty points. However, if you have too many black points on your license the company will offer you a high premium to cover your car.

According to experts, black points on license is one of the primary reasons for costly car insurance premium. Therefore, keeping a check on black points on your license in Dubai is important before purchasing car insurance. Besides, purchasing car insurance is important to avoid receiving black points on license. You will receive 4 black points for not having a car insurance policy.

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How to reduce black points on license in Dubai?

According to researches, “how to reduce black point on license in the UAE” is one of the most searched questions online. Once you accumulate black points in Dubai it becomes very difficult to get rid of them. However, in Abu Dhabi black points can be reset. All over the UAE, after a year the black points on license elapse. This allows you to start afresh after a year. It is one of the easiest way of removing black points on your driving license in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. However, in case you have accumulated too many black points on your license for some reason, you can try these methods as well:

Traffic offences in the UAE are taken quite seriously. For anyone who has reached the 24 points mark, there is no option other than to wait for one year. Whereas, for anyone with 23 or less black points, the following measures can be taken to reduce your points:

Classes for Reducing Points

 Abu Dhabi police organizes awareness classes that allow you to lose black points in Abu Dhabi:

  • The first program benefits those who have more than 8 and less than 24 black points on their license.The second program benefits those who have 24 points on their license and their license has been suspended.
  • The third program for those whose car has been confiscated for traffic rules’ violation.

Similar courses are offered in the rest of the UAE. You can take these courses to reduce black points on license.

Social Media Program

Ras Al Khaimah police has started a special social media plan to help violators reduce black points on license in the UAE. According to this program, launched in 2018, vehicle owners with black points on license can get rid of the black points by sharing videos regarding traffic awareness on social media and sending those shared videos to police through whatsapp. This program aims to spread the traffic awareness and reducing traffic violation. If you have too many black points on license in the UAE, you can try this and get rid of black points.

Black Points Transfer

If you have accumulated black points on your license because of someone else, then, you can request transferring of these black points on the license of the offender. In case there is any objection or you wish to contend the black points awarded, you can contact Dubai police at 800777 and raise your concerns.

For transferring the black points, you will need to visit the police station along with the person driving at the time of offence. Once the person declares that they were driving the vehicle, the points will be shifted to their license and they will be liable for paying fines or bear the punishment.

On an Endnote

Traffic offences like driving without a car insurance Dubai can simply be prevented by buying or renewing your car insurance policy on time. You must also be aware of speeding limits of the roads and areas that you’re driving on/in.

It is best for any driver to stay safe and ensure the safety of others around by following traffic rules and avoiding penalties.  This can be done by keeping oneself updated with general traffic rules and the kind of black points they attracted when breached. Remember! The best way of getting rid of black points in the UAE is by not having them at all.