What is the Black Points System in Dubai?

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  | Published: 07 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 13 January 2021

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To drive a car in Dubai is not easy for someone who is not used to driving on busy and large roads. It is very important to stay relaxed and safe behind the wheel. However, it is most important to be aware of the traffic rules and avoid any violation that leads to penalties. Some violations are exceeding the speed limit, not having a car insurance Dubai, distracted driving, and jumping a red light. Penalities can be in the form of heavy fines and black points, some may also involve suspension of your license or cancellation for a  fixed period. 

The aim of the government is to reduce the road accident casualties to 3 per every 100,000 people by the year 2021. For this, the number of black points per violation has increased.

Black Points in Dubai

Black points are stringent penalties to discourage drivers from breaking the law. In most cases, black points are issued in combination with a fixed fine. The different types of laws have different black points assigned depending on the violated law.

Camera and Radars are used in Dubai to monitor traffic and capture any violation. If you commit a traffic offense, the traffic police add the black points to your file within 48 hours and you are notified with an SMS alert.

You can access the number of black points on your file using the Dubai Police website. If the total number of black points on your license exceeds 24 points, your license is suspended for a fixed period of time and you can’t drive any vehicle during that period.

The Consequences of Black Points

The consequences of the accumulated black points on your credit card depending on the traffic rule that has been violated. The suspension period for license ranges between 3 to 6 months. The first time your accumulated points reach 24, your license is suspended for 3 months. The second time the suspension period is 6 months long and the third time your licenses suspension period will be one year. In addition to this, you will be required to take a driving course and test conducted by the authorities of Dubai.

Traffic Offenses With The Highest Black Points

 The revised traffic rules in the UAE aimed at implementing stricter rules for certain traffic offenses that carry high risk. Unlike before, one offense carries 23 or 24 points also which leads to an automatic suspension of your license. Below mentioned is a list of traffic offenses with the black points they carry:

Traffic Rule Violations That Carry 24 Black Points

  • Use of a vehicle to carry & transport passengers without permission
  • Use of a vehicle to carry & transport inflammable or hazardous materials without permission

Traffic Rule Violations That Carry 23 Black Points

  • Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol
  • Causing the death of someone while driving a vehicle
  • Causing serious injuries or a serious accident while driving a vehicle
  • Exceeding the maximum speed limit by 80km/h

Traffic Rule Violations That Carry 12 Black Points

  • Jumping a red light
  • Driving a noisy vehicle
  • Driving a vehicle with a driving license permitted for some other vehicle
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit by 60km/h
  • Running away from traffic police when asked to stop

Traffic Rule Violations That Carry Less than 12 Black Points

There are other traffic offenses that carry a smaller number of black points. However, these black points may seem small but when accumulated can round up to a total of 24 points and lead to a suspension of your license. Some of these offenses are:

  • Driving with no car insurance Dubai holds 4 black points
  • A sudden deviation of the vehicle holds 4 black points
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit by less than 60km/h holds 6 points
  • Overtaking from the road shoulder holds 6 points

Ways to Reduce Your Black Points

Once you manage to get black points in Dubai it becomes difficult to get rid of them. Other than waiting for a year for them to elapse so that you can start afresh, there are very few options to clear them.

For anyone who has reached the 24 black points mark, there is no option other than to wait for one year. Whereas, for anyone with 23 or less black points, the following measures can be taken to reduce your points:

Classes for Reducing Points

You can enroll yourself in the classes to reduce black points that are offered by the department of traffic police in Dubai. The Dubai Police offer a course to reduce 8 black points and costs AED 200.

This is eligible for those with less than 24 points. 8 points seem small in number but when it comes to saving you from the suspension of your license, it can save you.

Black Points Redemption Program

There are occasional Black Points Redemption Programs offered by the traffic police department.

Special Occasion Discounts

Sometimes during special occasions such as Ramadan, etc. traffic police departments offer discounts on fines and you can use these to reduce the number of black points on your file.

On an Endnote

Traffic offenses like driving without a car insurance Dubai can be prevented simply if you get car insurance online in Dubai, whereas violations with a bigger number of black points such as exceeding the speed limit by 80km/h can be avoided by knowing the speed limit of the road you are driving in.

It is best for any driver to stay safe and ensure the safety of others around and in the vehicle.  This can be done by knowing and following the traffic violations, not only does it help in safety but also saves you from heavy fines and black points.