Are you Aware of the Black Points on Driving License in Dubai?

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The UAE is a home for diversity when it comes to nationality and the driving culture of the country is maintained strictly. Hence, it can be difficult for someone who is new to the city to drive on the roads of Dubai without a sheer knowledge of traffic rules.

The basic rule is- stay calm and relaxed while driving and boost your facts about the prevailing laws. What saves you behind the wheel is the awareness of the various rules, ignoring what can lead to a hefty fine.

In addition to the hefty fines, Dubai has been introduced to a black points system, to combat bad driving. But before you jump into a conclusion, let’s clear your doubts on the concept of Black Points!

What does Black Points Means in UAE?

Black points is charged for not having car insurance, speeding, parking fines, reckless driving, etc. In Dubai, cameras are used for traffic monitoring and capturing any violation.  A particular number of black points will be issued against your driving license for a violation. These are updated within 48 hours of the offense and you are notified. You can check the black points you may have in your traffic file by visiting the Dubai Police website. If the total number of black points exceeds 24, your license may be suspended for a fixed period of time.

Violations With Number of Black Points in UAE

The number of black points varies according to the violation. Some violations carry a higher number of black points as compared to the others. Consider the below information regarding traffic violations that weigh the heaviest penalties of black points in Dubai:


Black Points


Using the vehicle in carrying and transporting passengers without permission



Using the vehicle in carrying inflammable or hazardous material without permission  



Driving under the influence of alcohol


Decided by court

Causing death to someone


Decided by court

Causing a serious accident or injuries


Decided by court

Exceeding the maximum speed limit (above 60km/hour)



Driving a vehicle that leads to noise pollution



Jumping a red light



Modifying the vehicle’s engine without permission



Driving a vehicle with the license other than the one granted



Driving without a car insurance



NOTE – This table shows a few of the numerous violations that carry heavy black points. There are more violations that carry black points within the range of 6-2 as a penalty.

How to Reduce Black Points in UAE?

There are very few options for getting rid of black points in Dubai once you have earned them. For the people who have earned 24 black points, there is nothing that can be done other than waiting for a year for them to elapse and then start fresh. For those who still have black points that weigh 23 or less, below mentioned are the things you can do:

  1. There are classes offered by the traffic police department of Dubai. This course is valued at AED 200 per course and can help you reduce 8 black points (applicable for those with black points lesser than 24). However small 8 black points seem, they can save you from hitting the mark of 24 black points and hence being suspended.
  2. Sometimes during the festive season such as Ramadan, the traffic police comes with an option to reduce the traffic fines. You can use this opportunity to reduce your black points as well.
  3. It is good to participate in black point redemption programs offered by the traffic police of Dubai and other Emirates. These programs give the participants a chance to reduce their points.

However, the most simple way to keep a low black point count would be to drive safely and abiding by all the traffic rules.

Some obvious tips to save you from getting black points are:

  • Stick to the speed limits
  • Absolutely do not drink and drive
  • In case of entering a metered parking zone, pay at the meter
  • Do not use your phone while driving, in case of emergency calls, keep a Bluetooth headset with you
  • Always put on your seatbelt
  • Do not jump a red light
  • Do not drive your car without car insurance, it is easy to get car insurance online these days by comparing among the different providers

What if you are Driving a Rental Car?

In the scenario when you’re driving a rental car and violate a rule, the rental company of the car would be responsible for the payment of the fine. It is advisable to contact the company and take further consultation. In the majority of the cases, the company would pay the fine and add it to your bill.

Transferring Black Points

Any fines or black points to the vehicle or owner can be transferred to the driver who was driving the car at the time of the violation. This option is open to both, private and commercial vehicles. In case the driver has any opposition in receiving the black points, he can directly contact the Dubai Police.

Note – this is applicable if the driver has actually committed the violation.

On an Endnote

The road safety in Dubai has been increasing day by day, due to the strictness of the Dubai Police. It now lies in the wheel and mind of the driver to ensure the high standard of safety.  It goes without saying that black points are serious penalties that can even lead to termination of your license for a year.

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