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To encourage drivers to be careful on the road, Abu Dhabi’s government authority has a system for hefty fines and black points in the Emirate. While most residents and citizens are familiar with these penalties, people new to Abu Dhabi can get confused about the system.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

If you are one of them, don’t worry! We have curated this go-to handbook on Abu Dhabi traffic fines just for you. 

Types of Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi

We will first discuss the 3 main types of traffic fines in Abu Dhabi in detail —

  • Speeding Fines — Speeding fines in Abu Dhabi are penalties for exceeding the assigned speed limit. The idea is fairly straightforward — the higher you are above the speed limit, the more would be fine. Speeding fines encourage drivers to drive safely and within the speed limit. Ultimately, the idea is to minimise the risk of accidents and smoothen the traffic flow. 
  • Reckless Driving Fines — This fine is issued if you drive recklessly. It is issued for tailgating, changing lanes suddenly, aggressive driving, or overtaking in prohibited areas. The fine for this offence is extreme considering the fact that driving recklessly is dangerous. 
  • Traffic Violation Fines —  These fines are applicable for scenarios like not wearing a seatbelt while driving, skipping the red light, using a mobile phone on the road, illegal parking, and more. These fines are imposed to encourage responsible driving habits and make sure that drivers follow the traffic rules laid down by the authorities. 

Black Points for Traffic Violations in Abu Dhabi 

Besides fines, black points are also levied on your driving record when you violate traffic rules. If you accumulate a specific amount of black points in your driving record, your licence gets suspended or your vehicle gets confiscated. 

This is done to break the chain of repeated traffic offences and encourage driving safely. 

Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines List - 2024

Here are the traffic fines in Abu Dhabi across various categories —

Speed Fines in Abu Dhabi

Traffic Violations Fine Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
Overspeeding by more than 80 kmph AED 3,000 23 60 days
Overspeeding by not more than 60 kmph AED 1,500 6 15 days
Overspeeding by not more than 40 kmph AED 700
Overspeeding by not more than 20 kmph AED 300 - -
Overspeeding by more than 60 kmph AED 2,000 12 30 days
Overspeeding by not more than 50 kmph AED 1,000 - -
Overspeeding by not more than 30 kmph AED 600 - -
Driving below the minimum speed limit AED 400 - -

Note: The minimum speed limit to drive on the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road is 120 kmph. If you drive below this speed limit on the first 2 lanes of the 4-lane highway, you will be fined AED 400. 

Traffic Violations Fine Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
Driving a vehicle without a number plate AED 3,000 23 90 days
Improper use of commercial number plates AED 500 - 7 days
Driving with only one or an unclear number plate AED 400

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Reckless Driving Fines

Traffic Violations Fine Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
Driving in a way that may cause a fatal accident or damage public or private property AED 2,000 23 60 days
Causing serious injuries or accidents As per the Court 23 30 days
Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that endangers lives or damages property AED 3,000
Skipping a red light on a light vehicle or motorcycle  AED 1,000 12 30 days
Entering the road in a dangerous manner AED 600 6 -
Sudden deviation along the road AED 1,000 4 -
Not maintaining a safe distance between the vehicles AED 400 4 -
Not wearing a helmet when driving a bike (including the pillion rider) AED 500 4 (for the driver) -
Driving without lights at night or during foggy weather  AED 500 4 -
Not taking safety measures upon vehicle breakdown AED 500 - -
Not using indicators for turning or changing lane AED 400 - -
Crowding the accident scene AED 1,000 - -
Driving under the influence of drugs As per the Court - 60 days
Not stopping the vehicle after causing an accident AED 500 for Light Vehicle and AED 1,000 for Heavy Vehicle 8 Points for Light Vehicles; 16 points for Heavy Vehicle 7 days for Light Vehicle
Entering a prohibited area AED 1,000 8 7 days
Driving in the wrong direction  AED 600 4 7 days
Reversing vehicle dangerously AED 500 4 -
Entering a blocked road AED 400 4 -
Making improper turns or U-turns AED 500 4 -
Not following traffic signs or instructions AED 500 - -
Disturbing the flow of traffic AED 500 - -
Not adhering to the lane rules AED 400 - -

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Fines Associated with the Driving Licence

Traffic Violations Fine Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
Driving on a different vehicle class licence AED 400 12 -
Driving with a prohibited foreign licence AED 400 - -
Driving with an expired licence or vehicle registration AED 500 4 7 days
Not carrying a vehicle registration card or driving licence while driving AED 400 - -

Note: If you drive your vehicle when you have maximum black points and have not submitted the licence to Abu Dhabi Police, you will be charged hefty Abu Dhabi traffic fines —

  • First Violation — AED 1,000
  • Second Violation — AED 2,000
  • Third Violation — AED 3,000

Parking and Overtaking Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi

Traffic Violations Fine Black Points
Parking vehicle in a fire hydrant’s spot AED 1,000 6
Parking behind vehicles obstructing their movement AED 500 -
Damaging parking places AED 500
Truck driver overtaking at no overtaking areas AED 3,000 -
Overtaking from a hard shoulder AED 1,000 6
Parking in areas for people of determination AED 1,000 6
Parking cabs at non-designated spots AED 500 4
Parking vehicles over the pavement AED 400 -
Overtaking the wrong way AED 600 6
Overtaking in a prohibited place AED 600 -

Seats and Seatbelt-Related Fines

Traffic Violations Fine Black Points
Driving without seat belt  AED 400 4
Seating children who are less than 10 years old or less than 145 cm tall in the front seat AED 400 -
Passengers without seat belt  AED 400
Not providing infant seats to children below the age of 4 years in the car AED 400 -

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Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi for Stopping Cars in the Wrong Place

Traffic Violations Fine Black Points
Stopping car such that it endangers pedestrians AED 400 -
Stopping on the road without reason AED 1,000 6
Stopping the car on the left side of the road in prohibited areas AED 1,000 -
Not stopping the car at a pedestrian crossing  AED 500 6
Stopping cars and blocking pedestrian movement  AED 400 -
Stopping over the yellow box AED 500 -
Stopping cars on pedestrian lines AED 500 -

How to Check Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi?

You can easily check your Abu Dhabi traffic fines online using Abu Dhabi Police's official website or mobile application. Simply follow these steps —

  • Visit Abu Dhabi Police’s official website or mobile app. 
  • Create an account using your details. You can log into your account if you already have one. 
  • Visit the traffic fines section.
  • Enter your car details including car plate number and car registration details. 
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button and find out what fines you have. 

Note: Check your fines regularly, particularly when you receive any alerts. Pay your fines on time to steer clear of any dire consequences. 

Steps to Pay Abu Dhabi Police Fines For Traffic Rule Violation

Anyone owning the registered vehicle in the city can request Abu Dhabi traffic fine enquiry simply by visiting the Abu Dhabi Police official portal. Alternatively, you can also visit the EVG (Emirates Vehicle Gate) to check and pay your Abu Dhabi Traffic fine. For traffic fine payments, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Step1- Visit the official website of EVG or Abu Dhabi Police
  • Step2- Choose the Traffic Fine Payment option from the navigation menu,
  • Step3- You can enquire your traffic fine in Abu Dhabi by providing license number, plate number, or traffic code number. Choose any of the option and enter your details. 
  • Step4- Subsequently, you will receive the fine amount on the screen. 
  • Step5- Choose a payment method and pay your traffic fines without hassles.

You can also visit the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department in person and pay your fines in cash or cheques. However, unless your are called to visit the traffic department Abu Dhabi, online traffic fine payment method is the most suitable.

To pay your fines through phone call, you can contact the traffic helpdesk on 8003333 and follow the instructions of the support representative. 

How to Reduce Traffic Black Points in Abu Dhabi?

In a remarkable development, Abu Dhabi drivers now have a new option to decrease black points via awareness classes offered by the police. 

3 programs cater to different point ranges —

  • 1st programme — for those with 8 to 23 black points
  • 2nd programme — for those with 24 points and suspended licences
  • 3rd programme — for drivers with confiscated vehicles

These sessions promote safe driving practices and help individuals trim black points in Abu Dhabi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines?

You may avail of a 35% discount if you pay traffic fines within 60 days from the starting date. On the other hand, a discount of 25% may apply after 60 days of the traffic violation (if paid within 1 year of issuance).

How old should you be to drive in Abu Dhabi?

To drive a car in Abu Dhabi, you must be at least 18 years old.

After getting how many black points is your driving licence suspended in Abu Dhabi?

If you get up to 24 black points, your driving licence gets suspended for 3 months.

How can you make enquiries about traffic fines via Abu Dhabi Police website?

You can make traffic fine enquiries using your traffic number, driving licence, Emirates ID, or vehicle number plate.

What happens if you accumulate 24 black points for the second time?

If you accumulate 24 black points for the second time, your driving licence gets suspended for 1 year.

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