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Safe roads are the Sharjah Police's utmost priority, which is why it has implemented fines. For this reason, its important to look at fines not as a punishment but rather as a way to improve your driving skills and stay safe on the road. 

Traffic penalties in Sharjah are not only limited to monetary fines but also include black points and the chances of vehicles getting confiscated.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Let’s read this write-up to learn more about the types of charges and how to check and pay Sharjah traffic fines online.

Know What You Can Be Charged for Sharjah Traffic Fines

Here’s a descriptive list of Sharjah traffic fines that you need to be aware of —-

Fine Type Amount Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
Crossing the maximum limit speed by over 80 kmph AED 3,000 23 60 days
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by not more than 60 kmph  AED 1,500 6 15 days
Parking in front of the fire nozzles or special needs zone AED 1,000 6 -
Walking at night or in fog without lights AED 500 4 -
Driving a vehicle without the right lighting AED 400 6 -
Driving in the opposite direction  AED 600 4 7 days
Not leaving appropriate distance between the vehicle in front AED 400 4 -
Overtaking from the wrong side AED 600 6 -
Not letting emergency vehicles or official processions go ahead AED 1,000 6 -
Driving under the influence of alcohol As per the court 23 60 days
Causing accidental death As per the court 23 60 days
Outdoing the maximum limit speed by over 60 kmph AED 2,000 12 30 days
Heavy vehicles not adhering to the safety standards AED 2,000 6 -
Parking in spaces dedicated to taxis and cabs AED 500 4 -
Modifying the vehicle engine or chassis without a proper licence AED 1.000 12 30 days
Skipping traffic lights in light vehicles AED 1,000 12 30 days
Not wearing seatbelts while driving AED 400 - -
Changing lanes suddenly AED 1,000 4 -
Being busy while driving  AED 800 4 -
Driving a vehicle with an expired licence AED 500 4 7 days
Causing serious accident or injury As per the court 23 30 days
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Note: Your driving licence gets suspended if you get 24 black points. 

How to Check Sharjah Traffic Fines Online ?

Here we have mentioned all methods where you can check traffic fines in Sharjah - 

Method1 - Check Sharjah Traffic Fines through Sharjah Police Website

Visit Sharjah police’s official website. Next, select the ‘Traffic Fine’ option under the ‘Traffic Service’ tab. 

Here, you can check all your pending Sharjah traffic fines via any of the following 3 modes — check traffic fines by number plate, traffic symbol, or licence information. 

Check Sharjah Traffic Fines through Sharjah Police Website

Method2 - Check Traffic Fines in Sharjah through Emirate Vehicle Gate (EVG) Website

First, create an account on the EVG website and log in. 

You can then check your Sharjah traffic fines online using details such as the ticket code, plate number, and licence number. Check in the right boxes to avoid false information. 

Method3 - Traffic Fines Check in Sharjah through Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Website

On the RTA website, you can check your Sharjah traffic fines. Simply, click on the ‘Traffic Fine’ tab and enter your file number to access the required information. 

Note — You can also visit a nearby RTA centre or kiosk to check Sharjah traffic fines. 

Traffic Fines Check in Sharjah through Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Website

Method4- Sharjah Traffic Fines Check through UAE Ministry of Interior Website

You can visit the website of the Ministry of Interior for the UAE to check Sharjah traffic fines. Simply log into the portal and provide the required information to check for pending fines. 

How to Pay Sharjah Traffic Fine Online ?

To avoid further penalties and issues, settle your Sharjah traffic fines on time. 

It's important to note that the process of paying fines can be conveniently done online. Here are some ways to pay Sharjah traffic fines online —

Method1- Pay Sharjah Traffic Fine through Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website

  • Step1- Visit the official website. 
  • Step2- Select the ‘Payment of Traffic Fines’ option. 
  • Step3- Log in with your UAE pass. 
  • Step4- Go to the ‘Traffic Fines’ option and check your fines. 
  • Step5- Select the location where you committed the traffic violation and choose the ‘Pay Now’ option to make the payment. 

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Method2- Traffic Fine Payment Online in Sharjah through EVG Website

Once you have checked your fines on the EVG website, select the penalties that you need to pay right away. Next, simply click on the ‘Pay Now’ tab to get redirected to the payment page. 

Method3- Pay Your Traffic Fine in Sharjah through Sharjah Police App

Log into the application and check your Sharjah traffic fines first. When done, follow the instructions thereon to pay the fine online. 

Note: You can also pay your Shajah traffic fine offline by visiting any of the following offices —

  • The Sharjah City Municipality Centre in Al Khalidiya
  • The Public Parking Department building in Industrial Area 5
  • The Sharjah Municipality Headquarters in Al Manakh
  • Tasjeel Village on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road

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Discount on Sharjah Traffic Fine?

To promote safe driving, Sharjah police now offer discounts on traffic fines — up to 35%. 

If you pay within 60 days of getting fined, you qualify for the full discount. Even if you pay between 60 days and one year, you still get a 25% discount. It's a way to encourage timely payment and safer roads.

How to Avoid Traffic Fines in Sharjah?

The best and simplest way to avoid fines is to diligently follow the Sharjah traffic rules and regulations.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind regarding the same – 

  • The first thing to ensure is to memorise the broad parameters of the major routes that you would take for your journey. 
  • Using cruise control will assist you in avoiding the human error of exceeding the legal speed limit.
  • Make sure you take a moment to scan for signs while parking your automobile. For instance, parking where an ambulance or ‘persons of determination’ are supposed to park can bring fines.
  • You should be familiar with the various parking areas including those that are only available to cardholders, charge a fee, and occasionally offer free parking. Be aware of the parking zone letters (Zones A to G) and familiarise yourself with their meanings.
  • Automobiles that cause considerable air and noise pollution are fined AED 500 for each offence. It is advisable to ensure that your vehicle’s pollution levels are in check and maintain your car so that it doesn’t create unnecessary noise. 

Please note that if you use the horn without any reason or do so in a prohibited area, it would be a traffic offence. Loud horn blowing by drivers attracts a fine of AED 100.

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Can you pay your Sharjah traffic fines in instalments?

No, you are required to pay the entire amount. 

How long does it take for Sharjah traffic fines to show up in your Sharjah police portal?

If the radar catches any violation, the fine will show up within 24 hours to 3 days on the portal.

What are the traffic offences for which you can fined?

The traffic offences include skipping a traffic light, overspeeding, illegal parking, and driving without a valid driving licence.

Are there any deadlines to pay your traffic fines in Sharjah?

You should pay your fines in the specified timeframe to avoid any additional penalties.

Can you contest the traffic fine in Sharjah?

You can contest the fine within 30 days of the issuance. This can be done either online over the Sharjah Police website or at any of the service centres. 

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