Updated List of Dubai Traffic Fines - Black Points, Traffic Violation Charges

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While owning a vehicle is a matter of convenience, driving it safely is also our prime responsibility. Having said that, Dubai Police and Road and Transport Authority (RTA) levy traffic fines to ensure that you adhere to the traffic rules in the city. 

These Dubai traffic fines should not be looked at as a compulsion but as a way to improve your conduct and remain safe while driving in the city. Read on to find out more about Dubai traffic fines. 

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Complete List of Dubai Traffic Fines 2024 - Black Points, Violations Charges & More

Here is the list of Dubai traffic fines you need to be aware of -

Violation Fine Amount Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
Driving below the minimum speed set for the road (if any) AED 400 4 -
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by over 80 kmph AED 2,000  12 30 days
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by not over 50 kmph AED 1,000 - -
Going over the maximum speed limit by not over 30 kmph AED 300 - -
Going over the maximum speed limit by over 60 kmph AED 2,000 12 30 days
Going over the maximum speed limit by not over 60 kmph AED 1,500 6 15 days
Going beyond the maximum speed limit by not over 40 kmph AED 700 - -
Parking in front of the fire hydrant AED 1,000 6 -
Parking on the left side of the ride in prohibited places AED 1,000 - -
Parking in a manner that puts passersby in danger AED 400 - -
Parking on pavements AED 400 - -
Parking in spaces reserved for people with special needs AED 1,000 6 -
Parking in the wrong way AED 500 - -
Parking vehicles in a manner that stops pedestrian movement AED 400 - -
Parking behind other vehicles and blocking their way AED 500 - -
Not wearing seatbelts while driving  AED 400 4 -
Causing an accident while driving a heavy vehicle AED 3,000 or freezing the licence for a year - -
Harming public or private properties while driving a heavy vehicle AED 3,000 or freezing the licence for a year - -
Skipping traffic signal while driving a heavy vehicle  AED 3,000 or freezing the licence for a year - -
Heavy vehicle driving leading to an overturned vehicle AED 3,000 or freezing the licence for a year - -
Switching lanes in heavy vehicles suddenly AED 1,500 12 -
Loading a heavy vehicle that could pose a risk to others AED 2,000 6 -
Loading a heavy vehicle that negatively affects the road AED 2,000 6 -
Entering heavy vehicles’ prohibited entry AED 1,000 4 -
Leaking a heavy vehicle’s contents or load AED 1,000 12 -
Not driving a heavy vehicle safely AED 2,000 6 -
Escaping the traffic police officer while driving a heavy vehicle AED 1,000 16 30 days
Heavy vehicle driver not stopping the car after a minor accident AED 1,000 16 60 days
Endangering the lives of self or the safety of others while driving  AED 2,000 23 60 days
Harming public or private properties while driving  AED 2,000 23 60 days
Drunk driving As per the court 23 60 days
Driving under the influence of drugs  As per the court - 60 days
Skipping the traffic signal AED 600 4 7 days
Reversing car dangerously AED 500 4 -
Using mobile while driving AED 800 4 -
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Additional Dubai Traffic Fines to Know About (Introduced on July 6th 2023)

On July 6th, 2023, Dubai Police introduced additional fines. The following is the list of Dubai traffic fines and offences -

Traffic Violations Leading to AED 10,000 Fines -

  • Modifying vehicles without required permissions or making modifications that increase the vehicle speed and sound. 
  • Driving a vehicle without a number plate. 
  • Escaping the police
  • Participating in illegal or dangerous activities like racing or road stunts
  • Tinting windows or windshields without permission

Traffic Violations That Can Lead To AED 50,000 Fines -

  • Riding bikes on paved roads for recreation
  • Reckless driving that endangers others
  • Jumping a red light
  • Driving with an invalid driver’s licence
  • Intentionally harming a police vehicle
  • Underage driving

Traffic Violations that Can Cause AED 100,000 Fines -

Racing a vehicle without the authority's permission and getting it impounded.

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Are There Any Discounts on Dubai Traffic Fines?

Yes, there are discounts on Dubai traffic fines. RTA reduces traffic fines in the following situations -

  • The total value of your fines is less than AED 5,000 (for individuals). 
  • The overall Dubai traffic fines should be less than AED 20,000 (for organisations and companies).
  • At least 25% of your fines should be cleared. 

It is important to note that the reductions in fines or the discount in Dubai traffic fines are meant to encourage you to drive safely while adhering to the rules of the roads.

Dubai Traffic Police Fine Details and Major Offences 

The following offences are considered major by the Dubai Traffic Police and can attract hefty fines. On committing these offences, you earn black points that stay on your record permanently. The authorities may also cancel your driving license in case you accumulate a significant number of black points. Scroll through the list of major Dubai traffic fines below:

Driving Under Alcohol’s Influence

Drinking and driving are considered to be severe offences in the UAE. While the court decides the fine based on Dubai traffic laws, the authorities may end up seizing your vehicle for up to a period of 60 days added to the Dubai Traffic fine that you will be levied. Additionally, if you end up having an accident, you won’t even be able to make a claim under any of the Dubai car insurance plans.

Causing Somebody’s Death in a Road Accident

While this is not only a serious offence, it can even result in a huge problem for you to tackle. None of the Dubai car insurance plans will cover you and the fine can be quite hefty as well. You will also end up gaining 23 black points which will forever be there on your record. Apart from this, the police will seize your vehicle for a period of 60 days. 

Running Away from Police to Avoid Dubai Traffic Fines 

Dubai takes all of its rules very seriously. Breaking any regulation will result in a heavy fine and in some cases, it may lead to vehicle seizure. If a cop catches you and you try to flee, then the fine is increased by manifold. For a heavy vehicle, the price can go up to 1,000 AED while for the light vehicle the fine can be up to 800 AED apart from the vehicle being retained by the police for 30 days.

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Going Over the Speed Limit

The vehicles in Dubai are known to be fancier than any other place. The good news is that all of these high speeding cars are covered by the best Dubai car insurance plans, so in times of accident, they are covered moneywise. However, speeding attracts hefty Dubai Traffic fines. The primary traffic fine which is levied for going over the allowed speed limit is AED 3,000. You will also accrue 23 black points and if it is a light vehicle, then it will be seized by the police for 30 days.

Running Away from the Site of Accident

Dubai is very strict when it comes to traffic regulations, you cannot just speed your way away from an accident site. You are expected to stop and take care of the situation. This may include using your insurance and calling ambulance for the injured. If acted irresponsibly, you can attract a fine of up to AED 500 for light vehicles and AED 1000 for heavy vehicles. 

Caught Driving without a Valid Vehicle Registration

Ensure that you have a valid registration and a license in place. If you are caught without registration, then you may be expected to give up your vehicle for 17 days. Moreover, you will attract a fine of AED 500 and also earn 4 black points.

Breaking the Signal or Jumping Red Light

This particular offence can be very heavy on your pocket, especially if you drive a heavy vehicle. A heavy vehicle will attract a fine of AED 3,000 apart from you being required to surrender the license to RTA for one year. If you drive a light vehicle, the fine will amount to AED 1,000 along with vehicle retention for 30 days and 12 black points. If you break a signal while driving a two-wheeler, then you will get 12 black points along with vehicle retention of 31 days and also a fine of AED 1,000.

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

Modifying the Engine of the Vehicle

Any type of modification to the engine of the vehicle, without permission of the concerned authorities, will attract a Dubai Traffic fine of up to AED 1,000 and will also accrue 12 black points along with vehicle retention for 12 months. All the manufacturers are given permissions for certain CC and hence if you try to tweak this, you will not only get in trouble with the authorities but also end up compromising while filing a claim with any of the Dubai car insurance plans.

Using Your Phone While Driving

While the black points for this particular offence are quite low accruing to only 4 of them, the fine is around AED 800 which is quite hefty.

How to Check and Pay for Traffic Fines in Dubai?

Here are the steps you need to follow to check and pay your Dubai traffic fines -

  • Visit Dubai Police's or RTA's official website.
  • Click on the Traffic Fines or Traffic Services tab.
  • Select Check Fines from the drop-down menu.
  • Put the necessary details like driving licence number and more and hit the Search button.
  • On the screen, all the due fines will appear.
  • Select the Pay Fine option to pay the Dubai traffic fines.
  • Provide the payment details like payment mode and click on the Pay button.
  • A confirmation message will appear on the screen along with the reference number
  • You can either save or print the receipt for future reference.

Note - It is important to note that if you do not pay the fine within the specified time frame, the fine amount will increase and you can also incur other penalties. 

How to Check Traffic Fines in UAE

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Dubai Police Fine Check Enquiry Number

To know the details of your traffic fines you can contact the RTA office or Dubai Police Helpline number. Here are the various means to contact the authorities for Dubai traffic fine enquiries.

Authority Name

Contact Number

RTA Helpline

800 90 90

Dubai Police Helpline





P.O. Box 1493 Dubai- United Arab Emirates

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How to Check and Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai?
Where can you check traffic fines in Dubai?

You can check your traffic fines on the official RTA website or Dubai Police app. 

Would you need to pay fees to view your Dubai traffic fines?

You can check your traffic fines record online for free. However, if you need a hard copy you need to pay AED 5.

What happens if the car is parked on the pavement?

You are charged AED 400 as a traffic fine

Can you raise a dispute against a traffic fine in Dubai?

Yes, you can raise a complaint in the Dubai Police portal if you are mistakenly charged a traffic fine.

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