How to Transfer Car Registration From Sharjah to Dubai?

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You may need to transfer your car registration if you are living in Sharjah and are selling your car to a buyer who lives in Dubai or you are moving to Dubai from Sharjah and you wish to take your car along with you. Either way, you will require transferring your car registration.

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How to transfer car registration?

To transfer your car registration from one Emirate to the other, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Pay all pending fines

Before you can consider transferring the car registration, you will need to clear all the pending dues on your car. Pay all the pending fines to clear your car’s record.

  • Get your documents in line

The registration office will demand the necessary documents to transfer the car. Prepare your documents to avoid multiple visits to the registration office. You will require the following documents for a transfer:

  • Emirates ID
  • Address Proof
  • Valid Passport
  • Residence Visa (For expats)
  • Vehicle’s registration card
  • Car insurance (in the name of the new buyer if selling)
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Transfer the debt

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If you are selling the car, you will need to transfer the power of attorney to the new buyer so that the debt on your car can be transferred to the new buyer. Without transferring the debt, you cannot transfer the car registration. Though, you can also choose to ask the buyer to settle the debt on your behalf.

  • De-register your car

To register your car to the new Emirate, you will require de-registering your car in the current Emirates. Show the aforementioned documents and submit a duly filled form for de-registration.

  • Receive inspection certificate

Take your car to the nearest Road and Transport Authority (RTA) centre for the inspection of your car. The RTA will check your car for any problems and fix them (if any). The test will cost you AED 120 which the new buyer will pay you at the time of settling the purchase. After the authorities have checked your car, they will provide a certification verifying the quality and condition of your car. This inspection is useful for transferring the car to the new buyer. After the inspection, the new buyer can change the car plate number.

  • Registering the new car

The next step is to transport the car from Sharjah to Dubai. This may cost you up to AED 500. Once your car is transferred, visit the nearest RTA office and register your new car in Dubai. To register a new car in Dubai, you will require new car insurance.

Car Insurance:

Car insurance is the most important document you need when you transfer your car from one Emirate to the other. Car insurance not only protects your financial interests in case of an accident but also safeguards your finances in case of thefts or natural disasters. If you meet an accident, car insurance will bear the cost of damages caused to the car or injuries sustained by the third party. Besides, if you opt for comprehensive car insurance, the damage to your car and the bodily injuries sustained by you in a car accident will be borne by the car insurance company.

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