Non-GCC Vehicles Affect Car Insurance Premium

By Laxita Gautam
  | Published: 30 July 2021

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The first thing that a potential insurance buyer will notice after insurance coverage is the premium amount. You may have seen that there is often a difference between premium amounts even for the same vehicles and the same policies. The premium of a car insurance policy can be affected by several factors including depreciation, age of the car, GCC or non-GCC specifications, etc. Non-GCC vehicle car insurance can be a little tricky to understand and hard to obtain too because of the risk involved for insurance companies. Let us find out why.

What are Non-GCC Vehicles?

Non-GCC vehicles are classified as those vehicles that do not come with GCC-approved specifications. Almost all imported vehicles can be included in this category. Since they are made outside of UAE, the vehicles are not made to comply with the intense environment that the Gulf region has. This simply makes non-GCC vehicles more prone to breaking down or getting damaged in Gulf countries. 

How is Premium Affected by Non-GCC Vehicle Specifications?

Premium paid for insurance is essentially the fee that the insurance company charges to accept the risk of your vehicles getting damaged. This is why, the higher is the risk that your insurance company takes on, the higher your premium goes. Since non-GCC vehicles are not company-made to survive ideally in the environment of the Gulf region, insuring them is a bigger risk for car insurance companies. This is why the premium of non-GCC vehicle car insurance is higher than GCC vehicle car insurance. 

What Specifications do GCC-Complaint Vehicles Have?

Almost all locally manufactured vehicles are modified by the manufactures to make them fitter for the GCC environment. Following is a list of modifications that are present in GCC-approved locally manufactured vehicles and are important for GCC vehicle car insurance approval:

Filtration System: It is well-known that Gulf countries have a lot of dust flying around because of the vast deserts and high winds in the area. Vehicles manufactured in GCC countries are fitted with extra-strong filtration system to prevent breakdowns. 

Air Conditioning: The exceptionally hot environment of Gulf countries adversely affects the cooling system of a vehicle. Most air conditioning systems in imported cars are prone to breaking down in gulf countries. To prevent this, locally manufactured models come with an upgraded air conditioning system that is more suited to the environmental requirements of the area and GCC vehicle car insurance needs. 

Rust Protection: With high heat, comes humidity hand-in-hand which may quckly rust the vehicles not made locally. All GCC-approved vehicles are made with additional rust protection qualities, especially when they are to be driven in and around coastal areas of the Gulf region. 

Radiators: The engine of the car needs to stay cool as much as the passengers and drivers when driving in Gulf countries. This is why GCC vehicles come with bigger and more powerful radiators to easily tackle gulf heat and keep the engine in good condition.  


It can be slightly difficult to find the ideal insurance for your exclusive imported cars since they are a huge risk for insurance companies to take on. However, there are still a few selected providers who offer GCC vehicle car insurance to non-GCC vehicles, at relatively higher prices. The premium of the GCC vehicle car insurance for your non-GCC vehicle will reflect this increased price but you will most certainly get coverage for the damages that any common GCC-compliant vehicle has in UAE and other Gulf countries. Just make sure that you do the background checks and buy from trusted providers only. 

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