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As you venture into the thriving automobile market of the UAE, you will find your purchase decision influenced by a myriad of considerations, each shaping the value and efficacy of your investment. 

One crucial factor to contemplate here is the difference between the GCC specs and American specs of vehicles. This is a crossroad where many buyers find themselves puzzled, struggling to decide the specification standard that would best cater to their requirements. 

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Each category bears its unique advantages and drawbacks. Understanding these disparities is crucial to simplify the decision-making process. This article will provide you with all the key details to help you gain a profound understanding of GCC specs, American specs, and American specs vs GCC specs. We will even shed light on what is the problem with American specs cars in UAE. 

What are GCC Specs Vehicles?

Vehicles classified under the GCC specs, short for Gulf Cooperation Council specifications, comply with a unique set of criteria and regulations tailored for the member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

This regional alliance, comprising six Middle Eastern countries - the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait - mandates these specifications. GCC spec vehicles are engineered to thrive in the region's distinct climate. These vehicles are capable of enduring the scorching heat and sandy landscapes that are characteristics of this geographical context. 

What are American Specs Vehicles?

American specification (or 'American spec') vehicles, as the name suggests, adhere to the regulatory standards and specifications mandated by the United States for automobile manufacturing. These specifications encompass a broad range of elements related to safety, performance, fuel economy, and environmental impact, which are often unique to the U.S. given its geographical diversity, climate, and infrastructural conditions.

Difference Between GCC and American Specs

Tabled below are the highlights of American specs vs GCC Specs – 

Key Factors GCC Spec Vehicles American Spec Vehicles
Climate Adaptability Engineered for harsh heat and sandy landscapes Configured for a wide spectrum of weather conditions
Noteworthy Features Emphasises reinforced air conditioning and dust-proof measures Diverse array of features, focusing on advanced technologies
Radiator Capacity Enhanced capacity to manage extreme heat Varied capacity influenced by additional vehicle attributes
Availability Predominantly found in the countries of the GCC Extensively available across the U.S. and globally
Safety Compliance Conforms to safety regulations of the GCC region Meets U.S. safety standards
Pricing Structure Typically more affordable owing to local production Pricing fluctuates depending on the model and its feature set
Range of Options Tends to offer a more confined range of models and variants Offers a broader assortment of models and customisable options
Fuel Economy Designed keeping in mind the readily available fuel types in the GCC region Complies with the U.S. fuel economy standards which are stringent
Maintenance Local service centres familiar with typical issues and maintenance May require specialised service for certain models outside the U.S.
Resale Value Tends to retain a higher resale value within the GCC countries Resale value may fluctuate based on the model and regional preferences

How To Identify a GCC Spec Vehicle?

Here are some easy ways to check if your vehicle is GCC spec are listed below – 

  • Identify the unique chassis number and engine numbers, typically inscribed in Arabic for GCC spec vehicles. They are usually found on the driver's side door or under the hood.
  • Look for Arabic writing on the side-view mirrors, including instructions or safety warnings. Their absence could suggest a non-GCC spec vehicle.
  • Request for the Vehicle Conformity Certificate (VCC) from the seller, which validates the vehicle's adherence to GCC standards.
  • Examine the official dealer's invoice. It should explicitly affirm the car's GCC spec status, usually written in both English and Arabic.
  • If uncertain, consult a trusted mechanic or car expert before finalising your purchase.

American Specs Vs GCC Specs – Which One You Should Buy?

Choosing between an American spec vehicle and a GCC spec vehicle while residing in the UAE can be an intriguing puzzle to solve. Your decision should hinge on various factors that are directly tied to your personal preferences, driving habits, budget, and practical considerations regarding the UAE climatic conditions.

GCC spec vehicles are tailored to withstand the extreme heat and harsh sandy landscapes that characterise the UAE's environment. Their reinforced air conditioning systems, enhanced radiator capacities, and dust-protection measures are ideal for managing the region's climate, offering a level of comfort and durability that's hard to match. 

Furthermore, with local production, these vehicles are generally more affordable and are easier to service, as local service centres are well-versed in their maintenance and repair. They also tend to retain higher resale value within the GCC countries.

On the other hand, American spec vehicles come with a diverse array of advanced features, powerful engines, and sophisticated interiors that cater to a wide variety of user preferences. They offer a wide range of models and customisable options, giving buyers the opportunity to choose a vehicle that fits their specific lifestyle and preferences. 

With that said, these vehicles, while adhering to U.S. safety and environmental standards, may not be specifically designed to cope with the UAE's intense heat. In fact, they may require specialised services outside the U.S.

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What is the Problem with American Specs Car in UAE?

Some of the potential issues with American specs cars in UAE are listed below – 

  1. Different Standards: American vehicles are built to different standards and specifications than those used in the UAE. These differences could include everything from emissions standards to safety requirements. As such, they may not meet UAE standards, which could cause problems with inspections and registrations.
  2. Vehicle Servicing and Parts Availability: American-spec vehicles may not have the same level of service and parts availability in the UAE as vehicles specifically built for the UAE market. This could make servicing and repairs more difficult and expensive.
  3. Climate Differences: The UAE has a very different climate than most parts of the US. This means that certain aspects of the vehicle, such as the cooling system, may not be designed to handle the extreme heat and harsh weather conditions common in the UAE. Over time, this could lead to a higher risk of vehicle failure or damage.
  4. Radio Frequencies: There can be differences in FM radio frequencies as well. The UAE uses a different band (87.5 to 108 MHz) than the US (87.8 to 107.9 MHz). While this difference is small, it can still lead to some stations not being picked up.
  5. Insurance and Resale Value: Insurance companies in the UAE often provide lower coverage for American-spec vehicles. The resale value of these vehicles also tends to be lower because of concerns about their suitability for the UAE market.

Note: As the specifics can change over time, it's best to check with UAE authorities or car experts for the most up-to-date information.

Bottom Line

In the labyrinth of choices that the UAE automobile market presents, making the right purchase decision is both an art and a science. The difference between GCC and American specs vehicles often boils down to individual priorities, lifestyle, and budget. 

While GCC spec vehicles promise better adaptability to the region's climatic conditions, more straightforward maintenance, and potentially higher resale value, American spec cars are preferred for their range, technology, and distinct features. 

However, considerations like suitability to the local environment, servicing difficulties, and possible lower resale value make American spec vehicles a more complex choice in the UAE. As the automobile industry evolves, these considerations may change, so ongoing consultation with car experts and authorities is crucial. 

Ultimately, the best decision relies on a balance of personal preferences, practicalities, and an understanding of these specifications and their implications.

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