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A GCC spec car is particularly designed to be driven in Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) region. These cars have strong bodies and engines suitable for even the roughest terrains of the region. They are also a lot more efficient than regular cars courtesy of their modified design that’s compatible with extreme weather conditions of the desserts.  

American Spec Car, on the other hand, aren’t designed specifically for deserts. Hence, they have comparatively weaker radiators, air conditioning system and a speedometer in mph. The question here is - is it sensible to purchase an American specs car in the UAE? 

Let’s probe this question through an interesting comparison by presenting an overview of GCC specs car vs American Specs car. 

GCC Specs Car Vs American Specs Car

Let’s take a look at the key distinctions –





GCC cars have larger radiators that keep the engine cool in the excessive Gulf heat

American cars have weaker radiators that cannot cool the engine sufficiently as per the GCC requirements

Air Conditioning

The AC compressors are more efficient in GCC cars

As the air conditioning in American cars is designed for tropical climates, it is less efficient in the UAE’s weather

Car Filters

GCC cars feature exclusive air filters that stop sand and dust particles from entering the engine

American cars don’t have any such enhanced filtration system. If you drive an American car in UAE, chances are that its engine will be damaged due to a weak filtration system.

Rust Protection

GCC cars are corrosion-resistant to withstand the humidity in the Gulf region

American cars can easily corrode in the UAE’s weather conditions

Some other aspects that can be considered for comparison are:

GCC Specs Car Vs American Specs Car – Price Comparison

An American specs car is usually more affordable than a GCC car as there is a massive demand for cars in the US market. Each car model has a designated dealer that regulates the car price. The GCC cars, on the other hand, are more expensive as they include several distinctive features to adapt to the Gulf region’s climate. 

insurer your car

GCC Specs Car Vs American Specs Car – Servicing

In the UAE, most car repair workshops and dealerships have personnel trained in handling and maintaining GCC spec cars. On the other side, it is difficult to locate a service centre that has personnel with expertise in handling your American specs car. A GCC car here can save you the time and hassle of locating the right garage at the time of an unfortunate event.

GCC Specs Car Vs American Specs Car – Which One to Purchase?

While American cars seem to have a better value, it is advisable to purchase a GCC car in the region for the following reasons –

  • The GCC spec cars are specially developed to be driven in the UAE and generally require fewer trips to the garage compared to their American counterparts.
  • GCC cars have better resale value than the American specs cars. So if your car is still in the guarantee period from the dealership, you can easily sell your used GCC car. Before purchasing a used American car, on the other hand, you would need to note its chassis number and examine its accident history.

To Recap

It is recommended to purchase a GCC spec car if you are living in the UAE, as a GCC car is specially designed and manufactured to adjust to the harsh weather conditions in the Gulf region. These cars are vouched for their large radiators, enhanced filtration system, strong air conditioning system, and corrosion-resistant parts. 

An American spec car, on the contrary, cannot withstand the harsh conditions of the Gulf region due to its weaker radiators, filtration system, and air conditioning system. While these cars may be affordable, they could break down often as sand particles can easily enter the engine. Finally, while there are several servicing centres specialising in repairing and maintaining GCC cars, it is difficult to locate one for your imported American Car. 

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