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Purchasing a second-hand car is often considered a wise choice, as it signifies the optimum usage of the automobile and diminishes the carbon footprint incurred in creating a brand new car. However, several factors like the features, functions, mileage, and the on-road history of the car are to be considered before purchasing a used car.

The last factor, i.e., the on-road history, is crucial to know about the number of accidents in which the car has been involved. The larger the number, the bigger the hassle the vehicle becomes. Moreover, such an abysmal history also impacts car insurance prices and maintenance charges. As a result, it is necessary to check the history of a used car. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to check the chassis number in UAE before purchasing the used car.

This article offers insights into what is chassis number, how to locate it, and ways for chassis number checking in the UAE.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

What is the Vehicle Chassis Number?

To find the answer to that question, it is essential to understand the VIN first. A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique identification number that helps in generating essential information about a vehicle. It comprises 17 characters that are a mix of numbers and alphabets, with cars produced after 1989 containing this number. 

The chassis number is the last six-digit number of this alphanumeric series. There are several ways to check the chassis number in the UAE. You can look for the chassis number on the following sites:

  • Bottom of the windshield of the car
  • Front of the vehicle’s frame
  • Registration documents
  • Door Jamb on the driver’s seat
  • Under the car’s hood

This number contains information like the car model and the time and place of production. 

Reasons for Car Chassis Number Check in UAE

The chassis number is essential in revealing the following information:

  • Fraudulent Information: The chassis number check in the UAE helps in identifying if any unethical activities were conducted with the help of the used car. Notably, as the chassis number always needs to match the numbers on all the paperwork, you can detect any discrepancies from the past and follow the suitable course of action. 
  • How Old is the Car: Besides providing information about the brand and the manufacturer of the car, VIN also reveals the date of the manufacturing year of the vehicle.
  • Accident History: If the VIN is different from the number mentioned on the registration certificate, chances are that the car was involved in a car accident at some point. It implies the possibility that the vehicle was repaired and the number was damaged. Thus, you can easily discover if your chosen used car was ever involved in an accident with the help of the chassis number.
  • History of Theft: By getting the chassis number checked in the UAE, you will be able to track down if there was any robbery or theft of the car in question although the police authorities can offer clarity about the same by sifting through the records. 

If the chassis number on the car does not match the one mentioned on the registration document, it is suggested to not buy the car because criminals generally clone the VIN to shift the identity of an officially registered car on the stolen car. Moreover, such individuals can even provide fake documents to mislead the buyers. Consequently, one must make extensive usage of the chassis number and verify all these mentioned details to make a safe purchase.

Decoding the VIN

The chassis number plays an important role when you seek to purchase a used car or even secure car insurance for the same in the UAE. Thus, it is important to understand the connotations of the chassis number as decoded below:

  • The first three characters imply the manufacturing place of the car and the brand name. For instance, if the car is manufactured in Japan, there will be a distinctive code succeeded by the brand code. The brand code is mentioned as the first letter of the car brand name. So if the car is of, say, Audi, it will be represented with the letter ‘A’. 
  • The succeeding six digits describe the vehicle 
  • The fourth character is the category of the vehicle - car, scooter, truck, and so on 
  • The fifth character implies the movement of the engine
  • The sixth character signifies the type of engine in the car
  • The seventh character describes the vehicle design 
  • The eighth character denotes the version of the automobile
  • The ninth digit is the security code 
  • The tenth character marks the year in which the vehicle was produced 
  • The eleventh character is the manufacturing unit’s code
  • The last six numbers make for a distinctive code assigned to each vehicle 

Ways to Check the Chassis Number in UAE

Chassis number check in the UAE can be completed using the either of the following ways:

  • Vehicle Documents: This unique number is often mentioned in the car’s paperwork. When you get Mulkiya (vehicle ownership card), the chassis number is printed at the back of the card under the “vehicle information” section. 
  • On the Vehicle: One can also find the chassis number embossed at the bottom of the dashboard, on the doorjamb corresponding to the driver’s seat, and on the car’s engine. 

Places to Get the Chassis Number Checked in UAE

The car chassis number check in the UAE is conducted at the places mentioned below. You can get it checked either in person or online from:

Key Takeaways

  • Chassis number is a unique number assigned to the vehicle. It comprises the last six digits of a 17-character long vehicle identification number (VIN), which is distinct for each vehicle. 
  • The VIN consists of all the necessary details related to the vehicle including the brand name, the manufacturer, manufacturing facility, and the date of manufacturing.
  • It is essential to go for a chassis number check in the UAE to detect any fraudulent activity or theft that occurred with the car previously. If the chassis number on the documents does not match with the chassis number on the car, chances are that it has been stolen or involved in an accident. 
  • If you are purchasing a second-hand car in UAE, a chassis number check for free in the UAE is necessary as it makes it easy for you to secure auto insurance in the UAE as well. 
  • You can check the chassis number either in person or online at portals like EVG, Tamam Vehicle Testing Dubai, MOI, Tasjeel, and RTA.

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