How to Find Your Car Insurance Policy Number?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

The car insurance policy number is one of the key documentary numbers, printed on the policy card that is handed to the policyholder. It is a unique number provided by the insurance company, commonly used to identify the specific account of the car owner. The policy number might be written on the policy document, or bills of statement that have been issued by the insurance company. It is essential, since it can be used to check the premium coverage amount on the specific car, its expiration date, and other essential details. Of course, it is not mandatory to remember the car insurance policy number by heart, it makes sense to have it handy, since it could be required at any time to retrieve details about the policy.

When Can the Car Insurance Policy Number be Required?

Listed below are the specific circumstances when it becomes absolutely vital to have your car insurance policy number handy with you:

  • After an accident: If the car meets with an accident, it is the responsibility of the person owning the vehicle to provide the policy number specifically to the company, so that the claims process might be initiated immediately without any hassles. In case of damages accruing to a third party, the specific clauses under the Third party coverage will be activated.
  • During routine checks by the police: The Dubai Police has routinely issued instructions to drivers to maintain their vehicle wheels and other parts, in order to avoid any unnecessary on road complications. Police patrols are deployed across the road network, in order to prevent accidents, and during the checks, the car insurance policy number might also be demanded.
  • Selling off the car: In case the car owner has decided to do away with their car, and has negotiated with another person who is willing to purchase it on a second hand basis, the car insurance policy number will be required in the transaction. The prospective buyer might want to check the car insurance policy number for themselves, when making the decision. It would influence their decision, since they would know for sure about whether they need to bear overhead costs over and above the purchase value.

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How to Check Your Car Insurance Policy Number

The policyholder might have misplaced the car insurance policy number, or they might feel the need to check the validity of the same at any given time. Alternatively, they might wish to check other details of the insurance company, such as the date on which the policy is liable to be renewed, so that it is not missed. Following are the ways to quickly check car insurance policy number.

  • Policy document: 

The fastest way to find your car insurance policy number is by checking the policy brochure issued by the insurance company. The car owner should make sure that they have a physical copy stored in a safe place, along with a soft copy preferably in their email. Additionally, the owner may also make a note of the car insurance policy number mentioned on the policy document separately in a notebook just to make sure.

  • Official website of the insurance company

The company, whose car insurance you would have subscribed to, is most likely to have a dedicated website which can guide you in knowing your policy number. In order to retrieve the number, the person will be required to fill in a few basic details, such as the registration number of the car, name and phone number. Most companies now have dedicated mobile apps, and entering the requisite information there is enough to access details of the policy number as registered on company rolls.

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  • Telephonic Assistance

In case the customer did not purchase their insurance online, or are unable to physically visit the premises of the insurance proveider, they may make a quick call to the motor insurance company over their officially stated phone ID. The customer service number is dedicated to assisting the car owner who has any doubts regarding their policy number, or the features and services that they are entitled to. They may use the customer service number to not just confirm the policy number, but also to clarify the status of the policy, pending dates for policy renewal, and additional offers etc.

  • Visit the Insurance Provider’s Branch

A simple way to check car insurance policy number is by paying a visit to the insurance provider’s office. The customer care executives would not require more than a few specific details about the car model, purchase date etc. If these are validated without issue, the executives will readily provide the car owner with the car insurance policy number.

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Your car insurance policy number is a vital documentary number that should not be misplaced at any cost. As important as the vehicle itself, it is the proof of the insurance that has been purchased from the company, and the car owner should maintain the document with extreme caution, as well have the number noted safely for emergency purposes.

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