Health Insurance in Dubai

Health insurance in UAE plays a vital role in facilitating access to quality healthcare for residents and expatriates. As an essential element of the country's healthcare system, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it provides financial coverage for medical expenses, including hospitalization, medication, and treatment services. more

AED 1 million Health cover starting @4/Day
Selecting health insurance for
  • Self/Family
  • Domestic Workers
  • Investor
Health Insurance



Worldwide Coverage
Wide Choices
Expert Advice

The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

What is Health Insurance ?

In simple terms, health insurance is a way to pay for your healthcare without bearing the full costs when you need medical attention.

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. It can either reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from the treatment of illness or injury or pay the care provider directly. 

Having good health insurance plan in Dubai is important because it covers essential health benefits critical to maintaining your health and treating illnesses and accidents. Medical insurance in Dubai ensures that you can afford the best medical treatment without depleting your savings or facing financial distress.

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Our sole focus is on streamlining and enhancing the entire journey of our customers' policy ownership, starting from the moment of purchase through the claims process. With a dedicated team of health insurance claim specialists, we are committed to overcoming challenges, whether it's dealing with denied claims, expediting pending claims, managing document submissions, or providing assistance round the clock.

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An Overview of Health Insurance in Dubai



Health Insurance Cost

Starting at AED 4/Day

Most Selected Coverage Amount

AED 1 million

Network Hospital

50+ Network Hospitals

Minimum Entry Age

0 years ( Newborn Baby )

Maximum Entry Age

99 years

Who Should Buy Health Insurance

  • Self
  • Family
  • Domestic Workers
  • Investor

What is Covered in Health Insurance

  • In-Patient Service
  • Out-Patient Service
  • Maternity Coverage
  • Dental Cover

Claim procedure

Cashless or Reimbursement

Types of Health Insurance Plans in Dubai & UAE

In Dubai and UAE, you can find diverse health insurance plans catering to the varying needs of individuals and families. 

Types of Health Insurance Plans

Suitable For

How Premium Is Calculated

Individual Plan

Single adults seeking personal coverage

Based on age, gender, health status, and chosen coverage level

Family Floater Plan

Families wanting inclusive coverage for all family members

Number of family members covered, ages, and overall health risks

Senior Citizens Plan

Elderly individuals requiring more frequent medical care

Age, existing health conditions, and extent of coverage

Kids Plan

Children and adolescents requiring paediatric care

Child’s age, health conditions, and range of paediatric services


Employees of a company, providing benefits as a group

Group size, average age of members, industry health risks

Critical Illness

Those requiring financial protection against serious illnesses

Age, lifestyle, family medical history, specific illness coverage


1. Individual Health Insurance

Individual plans in the UAE provide coverage to a single person. It offers personalised financial coverage, according to their specific health needs.

It’s worth noting that even if you have employer-provided insurance coverage, you should get individual health insurance Dubai for personalised coverage.

2. Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance plans in UAE offer coverage for an entire family unit. Providing comprehensive protection for the policyholder, spouse, dependent children, and parents, it simplifies healthcare management by providing coverage for all under a single policy. 

3. Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Senior citizen health insurance caters to the specific healthcare needs of elderly individuals. These plans address age-related health concerns, cover treatments, and coverage for chronic conditions. 

4. Group Health Insurance

Group plans covers a group of individuals, often employees of a company.These group health Insurance plans offer coverage to a group of people with standard features, although a few customisations may be possible. 

5. Critical Illness Health Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides coverage for specific life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions outlined in the policy, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, or organ failure. These critical illness plans provide a lump sum payment upon diagnosis.


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Best Health Insurance Plans in Dubai 2024

Here is the best health insurance plans and their features —

Insurance Company


View Plans

Sukoon Insurance

  • Over 47 years of experience in providing insurance
  • Availability of online policy purchasing facility
  • DHA Essential Benefits Plans (EBP) plans are available for individuals and families
  • Multiple group plans available for all business sizes


  • 50+ years of experience in providing insurance services to individuals and families
  • Wide medical network 

Takaful Emarat 

  • A multitude of health insurance coverage options available for individuals and families
  • Prescription drug coverage of up to AED 15,000 offered
  • Optical coverage of up to AED 1,500 is included
  • Avail dental benefits with direct billing at network providers – Up to AED 3,000
  • Get up to 20 physiotherapy sessions each year

Orient Takaful

  • Availability of individual and group medical insurance
  • Prompt customer support team that is available for assistance 

Cigna Insurance

  • 20 years of experience in providing health insurance for UAE
  • Strong global and local healthcare networks
  • Round-the-clock assistance available
  • Availability of coverage for working residents and students
  • Residents travelling abroad are also covered
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for families, individuals, and businesses

Salama Insurance

  • Two types of options available regarding health insurance for UAE — Essential Benefits Plan and Enhanced Benefits Plan
  • Flexible healthcare plans available for families and domestic helpers
  • Medical emergency services available across the country

Watania Takaful (formerly Noor Takaful) 

  • Comprehensive medical insurance plans available for individuals and families
  • More than 1,600 care centres available
  • Accidental death and personal accidents covered
  • Homeland treatment coverage is included

Daman Health

  • Availability of individual and business plans
  • Separate coverage for domestic helpers
  • Outbound travel health emergency is offered for UAE nationals and expatriates
  • Availability of inbound travel emergency health insurance

Al Sagr Insurance

  • More than 20 enhanced Emirates plans for individuals and families
  • Availability of 4 different insurance packages: Executive, Standard, Economic, and Essential
  • Annual limit of up to AED 1,000,000
  • Worldwide or limited area of coverage options available
  • Offers global emergency services by Assist America

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When to Buy Health Insurance Plans in Dubai?

You should get health insurance in Dubai as soon as possible, ideally when you're young and healthy. Securing coverage early ensures financial protection against unexpected medical expenses that could arise from illnesses, accidents, or unforeseen health issues. Waiting until a health problem arises can lead to higher premiums or even exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

Consider obtaining health insurance plans in Dubai when you're employed, as many companies offer employer-sponsored plans. Alternatively, it's advisable to seek individual or family plans for those not covered through their employers. 

Life changes like marriage, starting a family, or becoming independent are also key moments to secure coverage. The earlier you invest in health insurance, the better, as it offers a financial safety net as well as access to medical care. This ensures that you are prepared for any future health-related uncertainties without straining your finances. 

How Does a UAE Health Insurance Plan Work?

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  • Policy Selection: Choose a health insurance plan based on coverage requirements, premiums, add-ons and the network hospitals.
  • Premium Payment: After selecting your plan you can pay your premium in installments or annually, depending on the agreement.
  • Coverage and Benefits: Once enrolled, the policyholder gains access to healthcare services within the network specified by the Provider. This coverage includes consultations, treatments, hospitalisation, medications, and preventive care, among other services.
  • Track Claims Process : When medical treatment is required, the insured visits a healthcare provider within the network. The provider sends the invoice to the insurance company for processing.
  • Reimbursement or Cashless: Health insurance companies in UAE either reimburse the insured for the expenses incurred or directly settle the bill with the healthcare provider as per the policy terms. The latter is usually called the cashless benefit.
  • Policy Renewal: The plans are typically annual and require renewal to maintain coverage. Renewal may involve adjustments in premiums or coverage based on the insurance company's policies and the insured's health status.

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying a Health Insurance Plan in 2024

To get the best health insurance policy for yourself, make sure to consider below points  – 

Wisely Choose a Provider: Picking a trusted insurance company ensures reliable access to good healthcare services from the former’s partnered hospitals and doctors.

Check for Inclusions and Exclusions: By recognizing the incentives or discounts for claim-free periods, you can cultivate healthy habits and potentially save more on your policy.

Look Into the Waiting Period: Knowing about the waiting period (if any) for specific treatments and other services ensures that you're aware of when your coverage begins for different health conditions or procedures.

Consider Riders and Add-Ons: Exploring extra coverage options allows you to tailor your policy to suit your unique health needs. This may include the addition of coverage for specific treatments or services.

Read Customer Reviews: Real-time feedback from existing customers provides insights into an insurance company's reliability, customer service, and how smoothly they handle claims. Make sure to check out your chosen company’s reviews to make an informed decision when buying health insurance .

Check Out the No-Claim Bonus Feature: By understanding the rewards or discounts for not making claims, you can maintain good health habits and potentially save more moneymed by staying healthy.

Understand the Insurance Claim Process: Knowing how to make a claim and get reimbursed for medical expenses ensures a clear and straightforward process during health emergencies or treatments.

Verify the Insurance Co-Payment Clause: Finally, make sure to understand whether you will be required to share a part of the medical costs yourself. This will prepare you for out-of-pocket expenses (if any) and help you compare the plans’ health coverage accordingly.

Why Should You Buy Medical Insurance at an Early Age?

As per experts, it is highly recommended for individuals to buy Medical Insurance at an early age. To know why, refer to the reasons below —

Low Premium:

Buying Medical insurance early often results in lower premiums. Locking in a policy early helps you get the cheapest health insurance ( Medical Insurance ) in UAE  as compared to buying medical insurance when you're older and might have developed health conditions (leading to higher premiums). 

Waiting Period:

Insurance policies usually have waiting periods for specific treatments or pre-existing conditions. By getting Medical insurance early, you can navigate through these waiting periods sooner, ensuring coverage for conditions or treatments that might arise in the future. 

Availability of Multiple Plan Options:

At a younger age, you can have access to a wider range of plans for Medical insurance in the United Arab Emirates. Medical Insurance companies offer diverse options tailored to different age groups and needs. Choosing early allows you to explore and select from more plans, finding one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Fewer Chances of Rejection:

When you are young and healthy, health insurance companies in UAE are more likely to approve your application without stringent conditions or increased premiums due to pre-existing conditions. Waiting to buy Medical insurance might lead to complications or rejections due to health issues that develop over time.

Efficient Financial Planning:

More than simply helping you find the cheapest Medical insurance in UAE, early insurance purchase also assists in effective financial planning. It secures coverage before potential health issues arise, ensuring that you're financially prepared for unexpected medical expenses.

Getting health care insurance in Dubai at an early age also offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other financial goals without worrying about healthcare costs.

Know All About the In-Patient VS Out-Patient in Health Insurance

Health Insurance Inclusion & Exclusions in Dubai

  • Inclusion

  • Exclusions

Below are the general inclusions of the plans offered by the leading UAE health insurance companies

  • In-Patient Service - Hospital accommodation, ambulance service, emergency treatment, repatriation costs, and pre-existing conditions 
  • Out-Patient Service - Newborn cover, laboratory tests ( X-ray, CT-Scan, and MRI ), physiotherapy treatment, and more
  • Maternity Coverage - In-patient and out-patient services, complications, miscarriage and legal abortion coverage
  • Pre-Existing and Chronic Conditions - Each provider has its own coverage features and rules for pre-existing and chronic diseases.
  • Vaccines and Preventive Services - Covered as per the schedule of the policy
  • Emergency Cases - Hearing, Vision, Dental and Gum Treatment
  • Physiotherapy Treatment - A certain number of sessions per member are covered by some plans 

While the exclusions of the plans by top health insurance companies vary as per the chosen plan, some of the general exclusions are as follows — 

  • Surgical and non-surgical treatment for obesity
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Growth hormone therapy unless medically suggested
  • Services and treatments for contraception, sex transformation, or sterilisation
  • External prosthetic devices and medical treatment
  • Treatments required due to injuries caused by professional sports activities

Eligibility Criteria for Buying Health Insurance in UAE

Mentioned below are the general eligibility criteria for health insurance in Dubai (UAE) —

Eligibility Criteria


For Adults

18 years - 99 years

For Dependent Children (applicable to family health insurance)

Birth - 17 years

Pre-Existing Health Condition Waiting Period

Usually 6 months

Medical Insurance VS Health Insurance - Explained!

Medical insurance, often referred to as health-specific or critical illness insurance, plays a vital role in the broader landscape of healthcare coverage. While health insurance policies are designed to cover a wide array of medical expenses, such as routine check-ups, preventive care, and prescription drugs, medical insurance has a more specialized focus.

Medical insurance comes into play when individuals face the daunting prospect of a serious illness or injury. It serves as a financial safeguard against the often exorbitant costs associated with treatments, hospital stays, surgeries, and medications necessary to combat these critical health conditions. This form of insurance is particularly valuable for individuals and families facing chronic illnesses, cancer diagnoses, or other severe health challenges.


Health Insurance

Medical Insurance

Coverage Scope

Broad, encompassing various health-related expenses.

Specific, targeting particular medical expenses and illnesses.

Typical Purchasers

Individuals, often provided by employers as a workplace benefit.

Usually added to a health insurance policy as an additional coverage.

Covered Expenses

Preventative care, routine doctor visits, prescription drugs.

Expenses related to surgeries, hospitalization, rehabilitation, etc.

Financial Structure

May involve co-payments or deductibles for certain services.

May offer a lump-sum payment to cover extra expenses and income loss during recovery.

Which Documents are Required for Buying Health Insurance in UAE?

Here is a checklist of the documents commonly required for purchasing health insurance in UAE —

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Original passport
  • Original residence visa (applicable to expatriates) 

Note: The concerned insurance provider may require additional documents as per its requirements.

Which Factors Affect Health Insurance Premiums in Dubai (UAE) ?

Several elements influence health insurance premiums, shaping the cost individuals or companies pay for coverage. Understanding these factors is necessary to comprehend how premiums are determined. 

Age of the Policyholder

Age plays a significant role in determining premiums. Younger individuals can usually get cheap health insurance as they are generally healthier and have fewer medical needs — Health insurance companies consider them lower risk. 

On the other hand, older individuals tend to face higher premiums due to increased health risks and a higher probability of requiring medical care. As age increases, premiums for health insurance in United Arab Emirates typically rise to accommodate potential healthcare expenses associated with aging.

Health Status of the Insured Individual

Your current health condition also influences premiums. For instance, pre-existing medical conditions may lead to higher premiums or exclusions from coverage. 

Insurance providers assess the health status of applicants through medical examinations or health history disclosures. Those with chronic illnesses or a history of serious health issues may face increased premiums due to the higher chances of the utilisation of healthcare services.

Coverage and Benefits

The extent of coverage and the benefits included in a health insurance plan directly impact premiums. Comprehensive plans — offering coverage for a wide range of services like hospitalisation, specialised treatments, and medications —- often come with higher premiums. 

Plans with extensive networks of hospitals and clinics also tend to be priced higher due to increased access to healthcare providers.

Lifestyle Factors

Certain lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption or smoking can affect premiums for healthcare insurance Dubai. Engagement in high-risk activities usually leads to higher premiums. This is because these behaviours are associated with increased health risks, leading insurers to charge higher premiums to cover the potential costs of related health issues.

Family Size

Insuring a family is costlier than individual coverage due to the increased coverage needs for dependents. Family health insurance plans consider the number of family members covered, and the premiums are adjusted accordingly. 

However, when considering health insurance in UAE costs, family plans are often more cost-effective compared to getting individual plans for each family member. 

Insurance Provider

Each health insurance company in UAE has its own pricing strategy based on factors such as the services provided, the network of healthcare providers, administrative costs, and risk assessment models. As a result, premiums for similar coverage might vary among different insurance providers. 

Deductibles and Co-Payments

Opting for higher deductibles or co-payments can lower premiums. However, it means that you will have to pay more out of pocket when making a claim before the insurance coverage kicks in. 

Balancing higher deductibles with affordable premiums is crucial in choosing the right health coverage. 

Add-Ons and Riders

The inclusion of additional coverage options or riders in the policy leads to an increase in premiums. These add-ons might include coverage for specific conditions, additional services like dental or maternity benefits, or enhanced coverage for certain treatments. 

While add-ons expand coverage, they also contribute to higher premium costs. 

Note that insurers don’t charge any amount for including riders in the base plan. However, they charge a minimal amount for offering add-on plans.

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Health Insurance TPA - Third Party Administrator in UAE

How to File a Health Insurance Claim in Dubai?

In the UAE, policyholders can make both cashless and reimbursement claims. Mentioned below are the general steps for both types of claims —

Cashless Claims

  1.   Go through the list of network hospitals mentioned in your policy document.
  2.   Select your preferred hospital and get in touch with its insurance help desk.
  3.   Provide your policy details and fill in the pre-authorisation form.
  4. Upon submitting the form and other details, your claim process will be initiated and the hospital bills will be directly settled between your insurance company and the hospital.

Reimbursement Claims

  1.   Notify your provider regarding the medical treatment that you want to avail of.
  2.   After the treatment from your desired hospital, settle the medical bills and collect other documents such as prescriptions, medical reports, and so on.
  3.   Download the claim form for your healthcare insurance Dubai from your provider’s website and fill it out correctly.
  4.   Submit the form and other required documents to your provider as prompted.
  5.     The concerned insurance company will evaluate your form and reimburse your bill amount.
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How to Renew Health Insurance Dubai Policies?

With, you can quickly and conveniently renew health insurance plan online. If you purchased from our platform, simply follow these steps — 

  1. Log into your account.
  2. On the dashboard, a list of your insurance plans will appear.
  3. Locate and select your health insurance plan that has to be renewed.
  4. Choose the option to renew the policy and review it.
  5. Make customisations, if required, and follow the prompted steps to proceed with the renewal process.

Note: Once renewed, the policy details will be sent to your registered email ID.

If you got your plan from another platform, you can fill up the lead form in the health insurance section of One of our representatives will connect with you and guide you through the renewal process.

Myths About Health Insurance in UAE

When it comes to health insurance, individuals get confused if it is worth buying a plan. They often have certain misconceptions, which restrict them from obtaining a policy. 

Given below are some of the major myths about health insurance:

Myth 1: Fit and Healthy Individuals Don’t Require 

Facts: Unexpected accidents or illnesses can happen to anyone. Moreover, health insurance isn't just for treating existing health issues — it also covers preventive care, routine check-ups, vaccinations, and unforeseen medical emergencies. 

Even healthy individuals benefit from insurance by ensuring access to quality healthcare without facing substantial financial burdens during unexpected health incidents. 

Myth 2: Health Insurance is Costly

Facts: Costs related to healthcare insurance Dubai can vary but are not always unaffordable. In the UAE, there's a range of insurance plans available, allowing individuals to choose options that fit their budget and needs.

Moreover, while premiums exist, they are an investment in ensuring access to medical care without bearing the full financial burden of treatments, hospitalisation, or medications. All of these can be significantly more expensive without insurance. 

Myth 3: Health Insurance Claims Can be Made Immediately After Purchase

Facts: Most medical insurance policies have waiting periods for specific treatments or conditions. Typically, insurance companies in the UAE impose waiting periods to prevent immediate claims for treatments that were already known or planned before obtaining the policy. 

It's essential to understand the waiting periods outlined in the policy to manage expectations regarding when certain coverages become effective. 

Myth 4: Medical Insurance is Not Required if Covered by the Employer

Facts: While many employers offer Medical insurance coverage to employees, these plans might have limitations. Employer-provided coverage might be basic and not cover specific treatments or services that you may require. Moreover, coverage usually extends only to the employee, leaving out dependents. 

Supplementing this coverage with individual or family insurance ensures comprehensive protection tailored to individual or family needs. 

Myth 5: All Medical Procedures are Covered Under Medical Insurance

Facts: Medical insurance plans differ in coverage, benefits, and exclusions. Not all plans cover every medical procedure. Each policy specifies its coverage, including inclusions and exclusions. Most plans do not cover certain treatments, cosmetic procedures, or experimental treatments. 

It is advisable to review policy details to understand which procedures or treatments are included and any associated limitations in your healthcare insurance in Dubai. 

Myth 6: Online Medical Insurance is Fraudulent

Facts: Online insurance platforms can be reliable and legitimate sources to purchase insurance. Reputable insurance companies in the UAE offer secure online platforms for policy purchases, providing convenience, accessibility, and transparency. 

Legitimate online insurance platforms comply with regulations and offer clear policy details and customer support, ensuring secure and trustworthy processing. However, just like offline purchases, it’s essential to verify the credibility of the insurer and the platform before making a purchase. 

Myth 7: Medical Insurance Does Not Cover Pregnancy

Facts: Most Medical insurance plans in UAE offer coverage for pregnancy and childbirth-related expenses. However, coverage for maternity benefits might have waiting periods before becoming effective. 

Some policies may have specific terms regarding pregnancy-related care such as prenatal check-ups, delivery expenses, and postnatal care. Understanding these terms ensures adequate coverage for maternity needs.

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FAQ about Health Insurance

  • General
  • Claim
  • Coverage
  • COVID 19
Q1 - Will my health insurance remain active if my Emirates ID expires?
Ans - Yes, your insurance in UAE, including medical insurance Dubai, remains active even if your Emirates ID expires. Both Daman Health Insurance and ADNIC Health Insurance cover you irrespective of your Emirates ID status.
Q2 - Can I buy more than 1 Medical insurance in UAE?
Ans - No, you generally cannot buy more than one medical insurance policy in UAE. Having multiple health insurance policies could lead to complications in claims and coverage. It's advisable to stick to one reliable provider like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance.
Q3 - Can I cancel my health insurance at any time?
Ans - Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time. Whether it's medical insurance Dubai or health insurance UAE, you have the flexibility to cancel your policy according to your needs with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance.
Q4 - Can I port my current medical insurance plan to other health insurers in the UAE?
Ans - Yes, you can port your current medical insurance plan to other health insurers in the UAE. Both Daman Health Insurance and ADNIC Health Insurance offer portability options, allowing you to switch plans without losing your accumulated benefits.
Q5 - Is it possible to switch to a new health insurer at any time?
Ans - Yes, it is possible to switch to a new health insurer at any time in the UAE. Whether you're considering medical insurance Dubai or health insurance UAE, providers like Daman Health Insurance and ADNIC Health Insurance allow seamless transitions between insurers for better coverage and services.
Q6 - What are pre-existing diseases or conditions?
Ans - Pre-existing diseases or conditions are medical illnesses or injuries that you have before you start a new health care plan. These conditions can be chronic (long-term) heart disease, diabetes, asthma, etc or acute (short-term) like Appendicitis.
Q7 - I have my employer's group policy; do I need to buy a separate health insurance plan
Ans - It’s always recommended to have a separate individual health insurance policy, especially in the event your employment status changes.
Q8 - What are the documents required for purchasing a Medical insurance policy?
Ans - Here is a checklist of the documents commonly required for purchasing UAE health insurance — Original Emirates ID Original passport Original residence visa (applicable to expatriates)
Q1 - What documents are required for a Medical insurance reimbursement claim?
Ans - For a Medical insurance reimbursement claim, you typically need to submit documents such as medical bills, prescriptions, diagnostic reports, and invoices from healthcare providers. These documents are essential for processing claims with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance.
Q2 - How long does it take to settle a reimbursement claim?
Ans - The time to settle a reimbursement health insurance claim varies depending on factors like the complexity of the claim and the insurance provider's processing time. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to process and settle reimbursement claims with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance.
Q3 - In which circumstances can insurance companies deny claim requests?
Ans - Insurance companies can deny claim requests under various circumstances, including if the treatment isn't covered under the policy, if there are discrepancies in the provided information, or if the claim falls outside the policy's terms and conditions. Understanding your policy details is crucial to avoid claim denials with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance.
Q4 - What happens to my health insurance policy after a health claim is filed?
Ans - Upon submitting the form and other details, your claim process will be initiated and the hospital bills will be directly settled between your insurance company and the hospital.
Q1 - How can I add more coverage to my basic standard health insurance plan?
Ans - You can enhance your basic standard health insurance plan by opting for additional coverage options offered by providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance. These options may include coverage for dental care, maternity benefits, or extended hospital stays, among others.
Q2 - Does UAE health insurance cover all diseases?
Ans - UAE health insurance typically covers a wide range of diseases and medical conditions, but coverage may vary depending on the specific policy and its terms and conditions. It's essential to review your policy details with providers like Daman Health Insurance or ADNIC Health Insurance to understand the extent of coverage for different diseases and conditions.
Q1 - Does Your UAE Health Insurance Policy Cover Coronavirus - COVID-19 Treatment?
Ans - Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE government has mandated that all health insurance UAE providers have to cover the cost of COVID-19 testing and treatment. With that said, it is important to note that some insurance policies may have certain exclusions or limitations related to COVID-19 coverage. For instance, some policies may exclude coverage for COVID-19 treatment received outside the UAE. Generally, most of the UAE health policies cover COVID-19 medical expenses including hospitalisation, diagnostic tests, and treatment, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

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