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The above plans and premiums are for AED 1,000,000 Sum insured for 1 Adult of 30 Years for Dubai city.

Health care in UAE is undoubtedly amongst the best in the entire MENAT region, primarily because the advanced medical infrastructure and professional medical staffs provide world-class medical facilities. However, treatment costs worldwide are soaring, and individuals require health insurance to cope with their treatment expenses. Although the Emirates of Ajman offers enhanced healthcare facilities, opting for health insurance is utterly crucial since the medical care costs are pretty expensive and can be heavy on your pocket. 

Furthermore, Ajman's health insurance market has significantly grown over the last decade, and several insurance companies provide a wide range of health insurance plans to choose from. Along with affordable healthcare plans, you get numerous medical insurance policies in Ajman that cover chronic and pre-existing conditions, including general health risks. So, to get deep insights into various health insurance plans in Ajman, along with their features and benefits, tread along! 

Why do You Need a Health Insurance Plan in Ajman? 

You must be wondering why you need a health insurance Plan in Ajman in the first place? The answer to this question extends to the information mentioned earlier that the health care cost in the Ajman, including other emirates, is quite expensive and bearing the treatment expenses from your pocket can cost you an arm and a leg. Additionally, health issues can be unpredictable, and arranging funds for treatment during emergencies can be challenging. Therefore, with health insurance in Ajman, you can take a deep sigh and quickly seek medical attention without worrying about the treatment expenses. 

Forbye, most medical insurances in Ajman provide coverage ranging from basic health check-ups, diagnostics, lab tests, surgeries and so forth. However, you need to compare various health insurance plans before purchasing one. Additionally, you also need to be aware of the policy inclusions and exclusions. Luckily, with shallow research on numerous available options, you can conveniently find the right medical policy for yourself and your family.  

Types of Health Insurance in Ajman

Please note that Health insurance in Ajman is mandatory to help you protect yourself and your family from several health conditions. However, before buying a plan, you need to understand various available options to choose the best health insurance. Following is the rundown of various types of health insurance in Ajman. 

  • Individual Health Insurance - As the name suggests, this type of health insurance covers an individual's treatment and medical care expenses in the plan. Under Individual Health Insurance, the insurer provides health coverage in return for an annual premium. Also, individual health plans are cheaper than family health plans as they include only one person within the insurance plan. 
  • Family Health Insurance - The plans covering the entire family within a single insurance plan are commonly known as family health insurance plans. For individuals with dependent members, family health insurance is a feasible option as it is easy to manage and affordable compared to buying medical plans separately for each dependent family member. Under the Family Health insurance plan, the insurer secures the treatment expenses of your entire family against various health issues in return for an annual premium payment. 
  • Group Health Insurance - Group medical insurance is the type of health insurance that covers a group of employees and pays the employer's premiums. In group health insurance, the employees are beneficiaries, and the company owns the policy. Several insurance providers offer group health insurance in Ajman with a range of health benefits, including worldwide coverage. Over and above, the group medical coverages are available to small scale businesses as well as large corporates in Ajman. 
  • Critical Health Insurance - Most health insurance plans offer medical coverage for general consultations and minor surgeries that have no life risks. However, to have coverage against critical illnesses that are threatening to life and have complex treatment processes, insurance companies in Ajam offer critical health insurance. With these plans, you get extensive coverage against health conditions such as cancer, lung and heart diseases etc. Of course, premiums for the critical health insurance premiums are slightly higher in comparison to individual and family health insurance. 

Health Insurance Available in

Sharjah , Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah , Umm al Quwain , Abu Dhabi

Features and Benefits of Health Insurance In Ajman

Health insurance plans offer a plethora of benefits to the residents of Ajman. For example, treatment expenses are covered under Ajman health insurance plans, whether cashless claims or emergency medical care. So, let's have a quick look at the benefits of health insurance in Ajman. 

  • Medical Consultations - Several insurers in Ajman offer free medical screenings at regular intervals, including dental care. As a policyholder, you can receive free health care by visiting any health centre in your vicinity. Moreover, a few insurance companies also offer breast and prostate screenings along with general consultations. 
  • Cashless Health Care and Treatment - Health insurance companies in Ajman have tie-ups with various hospitals, forming a network across the UAE. So, you can visit any of these network hospitals and avail of any treatment without spending a single dirham from your pocket. This is one of the significant benefits of health insurance in Ajman as the insurance companies bear the treatment cost and pay the amount to the concerned hospital through direct billing. Additionally, you can also reimburse the treatment cost depending on the companies' terms and conditions after getting the treatment. 
  • Coverage for Pre & Post Hospitalisation - Several insurance companies in Ajman provide pre and post hospitalisation expenses along with home nursing care. Pre hospitalisation includes teleconsultation from experienced professionals before getting treatment. Additionally, you also get post hospitalisation services like intensive care, bed charges and so on. 
  • Ambulance Expenses – Many health insurance plans in Ajman also covers the patient transportation cost. Ambulance expenses include transferring the individual from home to the health centre and back, between hospitals, and in case of repatriation. SO, depending on your insurance provider, you may get this coverage in your standard health insurance plan or an add-on by paying an additional premium. 
  • Room Charges - When an individual gets hospitalised, he/she needs to pay the room charges along with medical bills. Don't forget that the hospital room charges in Ajman and other Emirates are a bit on the dear side. However, you don't need to worry about the huge amounts when you are backed up with a health insurance plan to take care of your treatment expenses. 
  • No Claim Bonus - If you don't make any claim in the preceding year, your insurance provider may offer you no claim bonuses as a reward. Moreover, you may get a rebate on your future insurance premiums, or your insurer may increase the coverage amount. Not all companies offer no claim bonus, so you need to research when buying health insurance in Ajman. 
  • Third-Party Administration - Managing health insurance requires numerous tasks, and the third party administrator assists the insurance companies in effectively managing it. Among their functions, they look after premium collections, claim settlements, enrolments and arranging teleconsultations. 

Companies Offering Health Insurance in Ajman

With an extensive health insurance market in the UAE, several insurers offer various types of medical plans in Ajman as well as other Emirates. 

So, read on to know about the top companies offering health insurance plans in Ajman. 

AXA Insurance Company

AXA is one of the oldest and largest global insurance providers. Moreover, with a legacy of over 200 years, the company provides reliable health insurance plans with easy claims and a network of over 3000 hospitals and health centres within the UAE. Along with regional plans, you also get worldwide coverage at affordable prices. Following are the key benefits of AXA health insurance:

  • With Axa Insurance, you get a dedicated team of professionals for multilingual support. 
  • As a policyholder, you get a sizeable yearly coverage of AED 1.5 million.
  • Within the insurance plan, you get also get expenses for dental treatment.
  • With a 10% co-payment option, you get maternity coverage of up to AED 25,000 for normal delivery.
  • The plan also covers pre-existing and chronic conditions along with inpatient and outpatient services.
  • As an AXA health policyholder, you also get convenient access to over 3000 hospitals in the UAE and more than 800,000 health centres across the globe.
  • The medical plan also includes coverage for critical illnesses like cancer and related support program.
  • You can also avail worldwide medical assistance from top medical professionals prior to medical treatment. 

Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Company

Famously known as DNIRC, Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Company is one of the largest health insurance providers in the UAE. It offers several medical insurance plans in Ajman, providing a wide range of benefits, including general consultations, in and outpatient services, emergency hospitalisation expenses and more. 

Continue reading to know the key benefits of Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance company:

  • DNIRC health insurance plans include diagnostics and lab tests, ambulance services, private nursing, minor surgeries, etc. 
  • For undertaking treatments at DNIRC network hospitals, you get 100% of the treatment expenses through direct billing and up to 80% expense coverage for treatments outside the network hospital. 
  • As a policyholder, you also get maternity benefits for up to AED 15,000 for normal deliveries.
  • It also covers various therapies expenses, including chemo and radiation therapy. 
  • The policy owner also receives routine annual check-ups, including annual breast and prostate screenings and optical cataract surgery. 

Salama Insurance Company

With over 40 years of experience in the insurance sector, Salama Insurance Company is the oldest takaful provider in the UAE. Also, it is one of the largest Takaful companies in the world offering Sharia-compliant health insurance in Ajman. In addition, Salama health insurance provides an extensive network of over 4000 hospitals in its umbrella with a direct billing facility for customers' ease. Let's have a look at the key benefits of Salama Health Insurance in Ajman

  • The comprehensive health insurance plans include in and outpatient services, emergency hospitalisation services, prescription expenses, ambulance services and more.
  • The plan also offers worldwide coverage, including emergency medical assistance round the clock.
  • You also get several health insurance options for individuals, dependent family members and domestic help.  
  • With the Salama health insurance plans, you also get intensive care, coronary care and hospitalisation charges. 
  • Along with the benefits mentioned above, you also get coverage for organ transplants and home nursing care. 
  • Salama's health policy also includes dental care and treatment expenses. 

Takaful Emarat 

Established in 2008, Takaful Emarat is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the UAE. With numerous health insurance plans in Ajman, Takaful Emarat provides comprehensive health care benefits in Sharia-compliant methods. Along with that, the medical plans include EBP as per the recommendations of DHA, including plans with chronic and pre-existing conditions coverage. In addition, the company offers straightforward and quick medical claims, with its support team assisting you throughout the treatment process. Let's talk about the advantages of buying a Takaful Emarat Health Insurance:

  • The company offers a range of insurance plans with high yearly coverage of up to AED 1 million.
  • You get a broad network of hospitals and health centres across the UAE with direct billing options for your ease.
  • Along with general consultations, you also get several inpatient and outpatient services across all network hospitals in the UAE. 
  • As a policyholder, you get both regional and worldwide coverage options, and you can purchase a health plan depending on your needs. 
  • Takaful Emarat health insurance covers not only medical expenses but also the cost of prescription drugs up to an amount of AED 1,500 and dental care benefits of up to AED 3000 per year. Additionally, you also get up to 20 free sessions of physiotherapy. 

Oman Insurance

Established in 1975, Oman Insurance company is one of the largest publically listed companies in the UAE. Headquartered in Dubai, it offers a range of insurance products across the country. Among various plans, Oman health insurance is popular in Ajman for affordability and extensive coverages. Following are the benefits of Oman Insurance in Ajman:

  • You get several health plan options for yourself and your dependent family members with Oman insurance, including your domestic help. 
  • The company offers some of the cheapest health insurance in Ajman, with plans starting from as low as AED 560. 
  • It offers full medical coverage across the UAE, excluding Abu Dhabi, where it only covers emergency medical treatments.  
  • For individuals already insured with health insurance, Oman insurance also secures them against chronic and pre-existing conditions. 
  • In case of emergency medical treatments, the company revokes the co-insurance option even for the treatments outside your network hospitals. 
  • Oman insurance offers lenient criteria for buying health insurance along with easy online and offline purchases.
  • To make your health care easily accessible, the company offers various digital services through an online portal, mobile app and health insurance ecard. 
  • Additionally, you also get an Ajman health card for convenient billings at the hospital.

Alliance Insurance Company

Founded in 1975, Alliance Insurance company is one of the oldest and largest insurers in the UAE. With over 40 years of experience in the UAE insurance sector, it primarily focuses on customer satisfaction and service. Over and above, the company offers a range of personal and corporate insurance across the country, with health insurance being its widely held product. Alliance health insurance plans are prominent for their affordability and comprehensive health benefits. So, let's go through the following rundown to know the key benefits of Alliance Insurance plans:

  • With numerous health insurance options, you can choose a regional, local or international insurance scheme as per your requirements.
  • Alliance Insurance has appointed NEXtCare as its TPA that provides 24-hour support for all types of health insurance-related issues. 
  • The health plans from Alliance Insurance are concise, covering the essential benefits and maintaining affordable premiums.
  • Depending on your requirements, you can purchase health insurance with coverage ranging from AED 50,000 to AED 2,500,000. 
  • The plan benefit includes in and outpatient services, maternity cover, emergency care, surgeries and more. 
  • The plan also covers the diagnostic and lab tests, including ambulance and evacuation services. 

Common Inclusions of Health Insurance Plans in Ajman

Medical Insurance inclusions are the health risks that an insurance policy covers. While selecting health insurance, you need to consider the policy inclusions for getting the right amount of coverage. Following are the common inclusions of health insurance in Ajman: 

  • Inpatient hospitalisation, 
  • Outpatient consultations, 
  • Ambulance and Patient transportation cost, 
  • Daycare procedures and minor surgeries,
  • Lab testing and diagnostics,
  • Maternity and childcare benefits, 
  • Donor expenses for organ transplant surgeries,
  • Vaccinations and preventive health care,
  • Health check-ups and medications,
  • Hospital room charges, and
  • Intensive care and coronary care.

Common Exclusions of Health Insurance Plans in Ajman

There are several exclusions in the health insurance plans that your insurer doesn't cover. Therefore, you need to ensure that the exclusions align with your protection requirements while choosing a plan. Following are the general exclusions of health insurance plans in Ajman: 

  • Optical and dental care,
  • Obesity treatment,
  • Terminal illnesses, including cancer and similar health conditions,
  • Cosmetic and sex-change surgeries, hormone replacements,
  • Injuries caused due to war, terrorism, suicide attempt and nuclear hazards, and
  • Non-allopathic treatments. 

How to Buy the Right Medical Insurance Plan in Ajman?

With the myriad of insurance plans available in the market, it genuinely can be hectic to find the right health insurance plan in Ajman. Additionally, it is utterly crucial to find the right health plan to get comprehensive protection against various health issues. Still, there's no need for you to be snowed under with extensive and clueless research, as we have done the legwork for you. Just have a look at the guidelines you may follow to buy health insurance in Ajman:

  • Define your Coverage Type - When starting your research, you first need to understand the type of coverage you require. This research is imperative as you can opt for an individual plan if you are looking for a health plan. Or, you can choose a family health plan if you have dependent family members. Please note that several Insurance providers also offer domestic help health insurance for the housekeeping staff. Additionally, if you are an employer, you can search for various group health insurance at affordable prices. Moreover, when you know the type of insurance plan you need, you can effortlessly search for various available options because now you at least know your requirements. 
  • Cost of Your Health Insurance -  After choosing suitable health insurance, now you need to consider your budget. For example, you need to figure out the maximum amount you can spend on your health insurance plan. Deciding on a budget for health insurance helps you find an optimal health insurance plan fulfiling your coverage requirement while remaining cost-effective. 
  • Compare Health Insurance Plans -  Once you have defined your budget range and insurance type, you can start your research on the viable options. To begin with, you can visit the websites of various insurance providers and prepare a list of suitable options. Alternatively, you can also visit various health insurance aggregators like, where you can compare various health insurance plans, including benefits and costs, in one place. 
  • Analyse A Suitable Plan -  When you have found the right insurance plan suiting your medical requirements, you need to go through its terms and conditions, policy inclusions and exclusions. Additionally, you need to look for the claim and reimbursement process etc. 
  • Purchase your Health Plan - Subsequently, you need to contact the insurer and purchase the health insurance plan by paying your premium. While online insurance purchases are easy and straightforward, you can also visit an insurance provider in person to buy health insurance. 

How to Buy a Health Insurance Plan in Ajman?

With various online and offline channels, you can conveniently buy a health insurance plan in Ajman. Let's have a look at the ways to buy a health plan:

  • Online Purchase -  To purchase health insurance online, you can visit the official portal of the insurance company in Ajman. Subsequently, you need to choose a suitable plan from various available options and purchase it by paying your insurance premiums. 
  • Offline Purchase – In an offline purchase, you can also visit an insurance provider in person with relevant documents and purchase the health insurance plan in Ajman. 

How to File a Health Insurance Claim in Ajman? 

Like the rest of the UAE, there are two ways of filing health insurance claims in Ajman. Either you can get direct billing through cashless claims or get reimbursement after paying the treatment cost from your pocket. Following are the details of various health insurance claim processes:

  • Cashless Claims - If you get your treatments from the insurance provider's network hospitals, your medical bills are settled through cashless claims. In addition, the insurance company pays the treatment expenses directly to the hospital as per the policy terms and conditions. 
  • Reimbursements - In the cases where you receive medical treatments from hospitals outside the insurer's network, you need to pay your treatment expenses from your side and collect the medical bills. Moreover, while filling a medical claim, you need to submit this invoice along with other policy documents. Finally, your insurer will pay for the treatment costs based on the invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which are the most affordable health insurance plans in Ajman?

Ans: Family health insurance plans are one of the cheapest health insurance plans in Ajman. However, to find the right plan, you need to compare various family health plans. 

Q2: Do health insurance in Ajman cover war injuries?

Ans: No, health insurance plans in Ajman do not cover injuries due to war, terrorism, nuclear attack and suicide attempts. 

Q3: Can I undertake cosmetic surgeries with my health insurance?

Ans: No, health insurance in Ajman does not cover cosmetic surgeries, including sex-change surgeries, etc. 

Q4: Do health insurance in Ajman cover treatment of terminal illnesses?

Ans: No, Ajman health insurance does not cover the treatment cost of terminal illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, etc. 

Q5: Do health policies in Ajman cover chronic and pre-existing conditions?

Ans: Ajman health insurance may cover chronic and pre-existing conditions depending on the plan and the company. 

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