International Women's Day 2024

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Women from around the world continue to break down barriers and evolve into a better version of themselves every single day. And now, yet another International Women’s Day is here to mark and celebrate these accomplishments of the womenfolk. If there’s one thing that comes easy to women is lack of self-care. They evidently do take themselves and their well-being for granted when they are multitasking most days to fulfil a variety of personal and professional obligations. So, why don’t we dedicate this women’s day to self-care and taking charge of our own health. Let’s learn a bit more about women’s day, women’s health and women’s health insurance

International Women’s Day Celebrating Women Empowerment

The 8th of March is an annual, global holiday celebrated as International Women’s Day. People from different walks of life come together to celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women. Another reason to celebrate international women’s day is its call out to people to support women empowerment, gender parity and by taking concrete steps to make it a reality. International women’s day has a special theme every year to guide the cause of celebration. This year, the theme is “Inspire Inclusion”.


Women’s Health – What Is the Climate Like in the UAE?

Keeping a tab on women’s health is important and essential as is. Women's healthcare is not just limited to reproductive and sexual health but also encompasses the general health issues that they’re likely to face. This includes everything from common cold cases to critical illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Breast cancer prevalence in the UAE falls into the category of most commonly found cancers. Reportedly, 21.3% of the cancer cases found in the UAE were breast cancer. It was believed that cardiovascular diseases are more common among men. However, the recent data shows a change in pattern and almost equal number of women are affected by heart diseases now. 

Health hazards spare none. So, assuming that a certain disease will not affect you can prove to be a lethal mistake. Creating and spreading awareness about women’s health and health issues is one of the most important things here. Because, when you are aware of the diseases and illnesses that you can potentially get, you get a chance to opt for preventive healthcare services. While the healthcare system of the UAE is top-notch and it is pretty easy to access the available services, not all women get the healthcare that they need. Lack of proper insurance is one of the biggest reasons for the inaccessibility of healthcare services in the UAE. Medical services are world-class in UAE, yes, but they are also very expensive. Anyone who does not have a health card to access public healthcare services will need a good insurance plan to handle the financial impact. 

Insuring Your Health as a Woman

Women of the UAE are stepping in the working sector and participating in the economy actively. While the change is still relatively new, it is slowly but steadily settling in. The government has even asked listed companies to have women in managerial and executive roles as a new rule. Women are achieving new heights of independence and it’s the perfect time to discuss individual healthcare insurance plan for women. Taking charge of your life in every aspect is what women’s day is about after all. And this includes your health and health insurance as well. 

Naturally, there is a vast sea of health insurance plans that you can explore in the UAE. However, we have compiled a few types of insurance plans on which you can direct your attention to make the best of your investment. Given below is a detailed description of them all. 

Basic Individual Health Insurance Plans

These health insurance plans are designed to cover only one policyholder. Individual health insurance plans are the most generic insurance plans you would find anywhere in the world. All working individuals in the UAE can buy a private health insurance plan. Any common plan from this category will include benefits like hospitalization expenses cover, pre-and post-hospitalisation cover, ambulance expenses cover, preventive healthcare services cover, pre-existing illnesses cover, dental and optical cover, etc. The coverage span and assured sum of the plans may be different for each available option. Check out all important eligibility criteria for each provider before you finalise a plan. 

You Should Buy Individual Health Insurance IF – you do not have dependents and you only need a health insurance plan to cover your medical insurance needs. 

Family Health Insurance Plans

As the name suggests, a family health insurance plan is designed to cover you as well as your family members. A family health insurance plan can have one policyholder and up to 6-8 insured members in it. The maximum limit of members insured often differ for each provider. The benefits included in these plans are the same as individual health insurance plans. The division of assured sum is different though. The assured sum of a family health insurance plan is to be used by all insured members. The policyholder can decide to either leave it open for use or put an individual sub-limit for each included member. 

You Should Buy Family Health Insurance IF – you have dependents children, spouse or adults in your family. 

Maternity Health Insurance Plans

Maternity health insurance plans are designed to cover the pregnancy and postnatal period for women. These plans cover all important healthcare services a woman needs during her pregnancy and after giving birth. The benefits of these plans can include prenatal screenings and tests, doctor visits and consultations, diagnostic tests like ultrasounds, normal or cesarean deliveries, delivery complications and infant cover for the newborn baby. Maternity health insurance plans can be bought as a stand-alone plan or as an add-on cover with basic individual insurance plans. Most maternity covers come with a waiting period which shall be completed before you can utilise the plan benefits. 

You Should Buy Maternity Health Insurance IF – you are planning to start a family soon enough. Make sure that you buy this cover with enough time to complete the waiting period. 

Critical Illness Health Insurance for Women

Critical illnesses are those diseases that present a potential threat to the patient life but can still be cured. For example, live cirrhosis, kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, etc. All critical illnesses are lethal if not treated in time. A critical illness health insurance cover provides a lump sum compensation amount to the policyholder when they are diagnosed with a critical illness. This compensation amount can be used to cover the treatment cost of the illness or to cover loss of income as well. Critical illness covered by any particular plan may differ, make sure you check all the covered illnesses of the plan you are thinking of buying. 

You Should Buy Individual Health Insurance IF – you are at risk of developing a critical illness. Examine genetic as well as current health specs to figure this out in time. 

Preventive Healthcare Insurance 

We take preventive healthcare services to protect ourselves from potential disease hazards. The most common preventive healthcare service is vaccination. While most insurance plans cover immunization services as a part of the basic benefits of the plan, separate covers are also available for the same. You can choose to get a separate cover if your individual or family health insurance plan does not offer good enough coverage for preventive services. 

Customising Your Dependent Health Insurance

You could be still studying or finalizing your work plans or taking a sabbatical from work. In this situation, you will probably be using a dependent health insurance plan with either your parents or your spouse aka sponsor. While your sponsor will be the policyholder here, you can still cater for the dependent health insurance plan as per your individual needs. Health insurance add-ons can be used to customize your health insurance plan. Services like dental, optical, maternity, geographical extension coverage are some of the many benefits you can add to your plan to customize it. See which add-ons are available with your provider and have a word with the policyholder to get the ones you need. 

Know Your Rights to Employer-Provided Health Insurance

Working in the UAE comes with several added on-job benefits. One of these benefits is employer-provided insurance plans. Employers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are mandated by the law to provide their employees with at least an essential benefits plan. While you will receive insurance cover from your company in these emirates, it may not always be comprehensive enough. If that is the case, you can always choose to get a personal medical insurance plan as an added layer of coverage. 

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Buying Health Insurance

  • Evaluate the Coverage You Require: Check your current insurance needs first and only then set out to buy a plan. Find options that fit your needs ideally and do not come with any added benefits that you will never use. For example, if you are not planning a family anytime soon, there is no point in buying medical insurance with maternity benefits. 
  • Compare Options: Choose three or four top options and then compare them to find the most cost-effective plan for you. Obtain quotes for all top options and take a little advice from finance experts as well. Comparison is the key to buying the best.
  • Buy Online: Almost all medical insurance providers offer special discounts for plans bought online. Make sure that you buy your plan from the available online portals of the provider or the aggregator. 
  • Choose Add-Ons Carefully: Add-ons will cost you extra on top of the basic premium amount of the plan. Som only gets add-ons that you actually need, If you do not need an add-on that you already had, drop it when you renew the plan. 
  • Re-evaluate Your Needs: Always keep reassessing your insurance needs and bring required changes to the plan. Keep a good track of your health conditions and update your medical insurance plans accordingly. Also, keep looking for any newly available discounts or benefits that you can get. for All Your Health Insurance Needs

Buying health insurance with is as easy as it can be. You compare and choose plans from the comfort of your home and buy policies with a few simple clicks. Scout plans from 35+ top medical insurance providers in the UAE and finds your perfect fit with ease. You can also take assistance from our health insurance and finance experts to make you choose the ideal plan. And finally, our skilled customer support staff stays at your beck and call 24x7 to make sure you never face any unresolved problems with your plan. Buy your new health insurance from to save more and score more. 

International Women’s Day FAQs

What is the theme for international women's day 2024?

“Inspire Inclusion” is the theme for international women’s day 2024.

What can you do to support international women's day?

There are several things one can do to show their support for special ladies in their life. Try and find time to take part in the #breakthebias campaign which represents the theme of this year’s women’s day. Additionally, keep supporting women around you throughout the year to keep the spirit of international women’s day alive. Take concrete steps to engage in women's empowerment and help it evolve into something bigger than what it is today.

Who does women's day apply to?

International women’s day is a celebration of womanhood and women empowerment. It applies to everyone who wants to celebrate the accomplishments of women and would like to keep up the same positive energy.

Is women's day an international public holiday?

International women’s day is a national holiday in many countries but it is not an international public holiday.

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