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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

GCC, short for the Gulf Cooperation Council, consists of multiple countries from the Middle East region of the world like Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE. Owing to the unusual climate conditions in the GCC, cars designed in these nations are specially equipped with different technology to withstand the extreme climatic conditions. 

The environment of these specific countries is extremely hot and humid, with natural occurrences like sandstorms being common there. This has a significant impact on cars, as the vehicles can face major damage when driven in this type of weather. Taking a note of this, several car providers have cars specially modified for the GCC while numerous insurance providers also have specific plans like GCC wide car insurance.

In this article, we will look into the facts like what a modified car is and the significance of GCC insurance for car.

What is GCC Car Insurance Cover?

As mentioned earlier, the climate in the Middle Eastern countries tends to be harsh due to their torrid heat and windy conditions most time. However, this makes vehicles more prone to severe damage and breaking down. To prevent this, the GCC cars in the UAE are equipped with upgraded car parts to prevent major damage caused by the weather in the region.

Various insurance providers across the UAE include car insurance for every modified (GCC) car. However, it should be kept in mind that if you do not have a GCC car, the insurance policy options for you will be limited.

Why Do You Need GCC Car Insurance Cover?

Having a car insurance plan is mandatory in most Middle East countries. However, besides the legalities, it is always a wise decision to get GCC car insurance to deal with unexpected car damage and repair expenses. Read on to know about the significance of GCC car insurance -

  • Financial Safety: Expenses for maintaining a car can be quite high with several car models, which can require significant investment on your part. Keeping your car insured, thus, can ensure financial security as you will not have to spend much when the car needs a repair.
  • Financial Support When the Car is Stolen or Damaged: Damage to your car during an event like a fire or accident or its theft can put a financial burden on you. In such situations, you can get your loss covered to a great extent. 
  • Third-Party Coverage: If you do get into an accident that is your fault, the possibility of a third-party getting injured remains. However, if you opt for third-party coverage in your GCC insurance plan, it will cover the loss of the third party for both the car and the injuries.
  • Medical Expenses: When an accident takes place while you are driving, there is always a possibility of medical damages besides car damages as well. In such cases, an appropriate GCC car insurance plan will not only take care of your car damage loss but also your medical needs if get injured in the mishap.

What are the Specifications of a GCC Modified Car?

To get an in-depth insight into the GCC car specs, take a look at the following mentioned points -

  • Modifications in Radiators: Radiators fitted in non-GCC cars are suitable for normal weather conditions. However, radiators equipped in a modified car are considerably stronger for the purpose of driving in the GCC and restrict the car's engine from getting overheated. 
  • Extra Rust Protection: Besides scorching heat and windy and dusty climate, GCC countries also have extreme humidity, especially in their coastal areas. This combination can lead to the development of rust on your car’s body. To prevent such corrosion of metals, cars in these regions are designed with additional rust protection technology. 
  • Alterations in Air Conditioning System: An air conditioner is necessary to overcome sweltering weather while driving. However, as discussed previously, the climate of Middle East nations is different from other countries. So even though air conditioners are installed in every car, the ACs in GCC cars vary from others. 

Turning on the AC for a long time can overheat it, which can eventually lead to a slow functioning or damaged air conditioner. To tackle this, the GCC-modified automobile air conditioners are designed in such a way that they deal effectively with the hot environment without overheating. 

  • Enhanced Filtration System: The usual filtration system fitted in cars is generally unable to withstand the harsh and hot climate of GCC countries. Modified cars, however, have an enhanced version of the filtration technique. As there is regular exposure to dust and sand, an upgraded filtration system can work more effectively in such regions and ensure a hassle-free operation of the car.

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How to Find the Suitable GCC Car Insurance Plan for Your Car?

Enlisted below are a few points that should be kept in mind when looking for an ideal GCC car insurance -

  • Once you find out the leading insurance providers, shortlist the ones offering the most suitable plans for the same
  • Go through all their plans and compare them while considering all the primary factors. This can be easily completed on our website by continuing on policybazaar.ae and checking the ‘car insurance’ section there.
  • Make sure to identify the coverages that add more value at a reasonable price. If required, you can even ask the company for add-ons or customization.
  • At last, read all the relevant terms and conditions and reach out to the concerned authority for clarification in case you have any queries

Is There an Option to Purchase a Non-GCC Car Insurance Policy?

Yes, in GCC nations, you can get car insurance coverage for a non-GCC car although the options there are finite. While none of the cars designed in Middle East countries are non-GCC, some people purchase imported cars that are not modified for the same. For such automobiles, only a few insurance companies provide non-GCC insurance. Non-modified cars have a major drawback here as insurance companies generally set a higher premium for them as they are more likely to incur damage in such conditions.

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Why Should You Get a Modified Car?

Having GCC approval for your car can offer you plenty of options for a car insurance policy, with all the leading insurance companies providing GCC wide car insurance for every modified car. Such cars are also safe from disruptions due to severe weather conditions, whereas non-GCC cars exposed to harsh weather can be adversely affected. Another reason to consider going for GCC cars is that finding appropriate car parts for modified cars is way easier and more convenient than a non-GCC car.

Contact us if you have any doubts or queries related to GCC car insurance in UAE.

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