5 Important Things that You Must Know About Transferring Used Car Ownership

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Purchasing a new vehicle is amongst an important breakthrough that requires at least some homework, if not very comprehensive research. Now, it doesn’t matter if you are buying a brand new car or a pre-owned model.

However, the enthusiasm for purchasing a car should not overhaul other essential things such as transferring car ownership, important documents required, and car insurance.

Buying or selling a used car is as hefty a purchase or sale as for a new one. Each one of you would want it to be done as securely and conveniently as possible. One of the most critical steps in this process is car ownership transfer.

After thorough research, we have listed the important things regarding the transfer of ownership that you must know in order to avoid any disaster.

Preparations for the Buyer of the Vehicle

Documents are an important requirement for legal activity. Do not forget to carry your valid Emirates ID (original), the valid Ejari contract or copy of your Dubai Visa for residence proof. Other than these, you must also bring along your UAE driver’s license (it is obviously important since we are talking about car ownership here).

Most importantly, you will need insurance for the vehicle on your name for the sake of registering it and being able to get license plates for driving the car. You can buy the insurance at various centers that are authorized by RTA. However, you may find a good deal for car insurance online.

Preparations for the Seller of the Vehicle

Ownership transfer is not a cakewalk. Doing some preps beforehand may help you in saving various trips or another time sink. Being a seller, first of all, you need to get rid of all the fines well in advance. You may not be able to clear some of the hefty fines online and hence may have to visit the branch of the authorities for making the payment.

The next important thing is the mandatory RTA vehicle test. You need to ensure that your car clears this test. The RTA can conduct this test at the same center where the transfer of car ownership will be done. If your vehicle has cleared the test once, it will remain valid for 30 days.

Finally, do not forget to bring your vehicle registration card and a valid ID. In case the car is registered on someone else’s name, make sure you carry an attested Power of Attorney, which allows you to make the ownership transfer.

Selecting an Appropriate Place and Time

This is an important step. Once the buyer and seller have agreed on making the vehicle transaction and the money has been arranged, the legal ownership transfer of the used car becomes necessary (this we all know by now).

The transfer can be done at any one of the various centers (RTA authorized) in Dubai. Some of these centers even work during the late hours at night, including Shamil, Tasjeel, Mumayaz, and more.

By any chance, if the vehicle is registered in some other Emirate, you will first have to do the ownership transfer in that Emirate. Then, you may visit the authorized center for registering the pre-owned car and issuing the license plate. 

The Exchange of Funds

When it comes to money exchange, you must stay alert because it is this part where things become dicey. If you are a buyer then remember, make payment for the car only when you are standing at the authorized counter and are going to get the car ownership.

For the sellers, we suggest that you always prefer the payments through the manager’s check or cash. This will make sure that the buyer is in the financial capacity of purchasing your car.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Outstanding Loans

In case the seller has purchased the vehicle through a loan, they will have to clear the outstanding amount of debt before transferring the ownership.

The registration card will show whether there is a bank loan on the car or not. This will be mentioned under the “mortgaged by” section at the bottom.

After clearing the loan, the seller must bring with him the release letter from their bank for providing confirmation for transferring the ownership.

In a Nutshell!

There are many people who have second thoughts about buying a used car. Without a doubt, there are certain steps that you need to go through in the process. However, if you remain safe and careful, the money you save on buying a pre-owned car makes it worthwhile.

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