5 Ways to Avoid Not-So-Desirable Traffic Fines in the UAE

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Nothing can be a greater buzzkill than traffic fines. Especially when you are in the middle of an adventurous road trip with your pals. But, lets come back to reality, fun is not the only thing that is impacted because of fines, your perfect driving record gets tainted too.

However, the ultimate truth of life is, nobody is entirely perfect in everything. You may be a pro driver, but unfortunately, even a pro may end up breaking rules (probably unintentionally), thus getting in trouble.

In the Emirate of Dubai, it isn’t just the fine, which you have to bear, black points also get added for each traffic violation you make. Whenever the violation of traffic laws is on an extreme level, there are chances of your driving license getting canceled.

For instance, you have just started driving, and you did not buy car insurance in UAE. If you take your car out on the roads without insurance, then, the authorities have all the right to charge a fine on you. This is because auto insurance is mandatory in the UAE.

Do you know, even drinking, eating, applying makeup, or putting on sunglasses after sunset while driving can also lead to fine. See, it pays to be cool!

For avoiding traffic fines in the UAE, we have listed a few tips depending upon some of the common traffic violations and penalties. These tips will help you in saving some pennies, which would otherwise be wasted on paying fines.

Boozing and Driving Together is a Big No-No!

This one is not just for the sake of fine, it is important for safety too. Having said that, all traffic rules are determined keeping your safety in mind. For the safety of you and your family, never even think of driving with alcohol in your body.

No, we are not doubting your driving skills. But, drinking and driving may lead to impaired driving, which in turn may lead to a road accident. And, no matter whether the accident is small or huge, an accident is supposed to be dangerous.

Being a violator, you may even have to go to prison as a penalty in such a situation. According to the law, the offender will have to pay a fine of up to 20,000 dirhams or a jail term in the drinking and driving case.

And it doesn’t end here. 23 black points will be added to the offender’s account along with the retention of their vehicle by the authorities.

While speaking of driving and impaired driving, there is another serious offense that can book your tickets to jail and for good reason.

You must have already guessed who is the star of this conversation- drugs. Driving after having drugs may lead to the suspension of your driving license for one year along with the usual fine, black points, and retention of vehicle.

After Booze, Buzz is Also in the “No” Category!

While learning how to drive, the first and basic rule that we are told is “Always keep your eyes on the road”.

These days, our eyes are mostly on our mobile phones, but while driving we need to break that eye contact with our smartphones and focus on the road, at least to avoid paying fine.

Taking calls or generally using your phone while driving may lead to a fine of up to 1,000 dirhams, 12 black points, and vehicle retention for at least a month.

Do Not Turn Roads into F1 Race Grounds!

We know life is a race, but running too fast may take you towards trouble sometimes.

The consequences of going above the maximum speed limit by over 80 km/hour is a fine of up to 3,000 dirhams, vehicle retention for 60 days, and 23 black points by the traffic authorities in the UAE.

And make sure you have bought car insurance online because if you get pulled out by the authorities, which you will be, then not having insurance will only add up to your share of fine.

Therefore, avoid over speeding because prevention is better than cure.

Do Not Run Away from Life, oh and Traffic Authorities too!

Let’s say you have made a traffic violation, what would you do? If running away is on your mind, then start saving a few pennies right away.

The ideal thing to do is take a deep breath and face the mistake you have made. Otherwise, you will have to bear higher fines.

Running away after breaking a traffic rule may lead to a fine of 800 dirhams for light vehicles and 1,000 dirhams for heavy vehicles.

Moreover, black points will also be added to your account- 12 and 16 for light and heavy vehicles respectively along with vehicle retention for 30 days.

Hence, running away from traffic authorities is the worst available option.

Crossing the Line is Not an Option

There are repercussions of crossing the lines, no matter you are on the road or off the road.

If you suddenly deviate from the lane, it may lead to bad road accidents, and hence, is considered illegal (and rightly so).

Crossing the line can lead to a fine of 1,000 dirhams, four black points on your license, and jail term.

The Parting Words!

The best and the most economical way of avoiding traffic fines in the UAE is by being aware of the traffic rules. After all, awareness comes free of cost (usually).

Just like all other things, the main reason for traffic violations is the lack of awareness about traffic laws. This ultimately empties your pockets and disturbs your peace of mind through penalties and fines.

It is the most difficult for the new expatriates and tourists who have rented a car in the UAE for exploring different places.

But do not worry, we have listed these tips to help you avoid this problem. Go through them and save money on these fines.

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