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Life insurance is important for protecting your dependent family members during an untimely event. In the UAE, you get numerous options of life insurance plans as per your requirements. However, the cost of your insurance plan in the UAE depends on a few factors that include your health, age, lifestyle habits, occupational risk, sports and activities, etc. The underwriters consider these factors to provide you with the best insurance quotes in UAE. In few cases, you may need to undergo a medical test to avail a life insurance policy.

Often people assume medical tests as an unwanted process and try to avoid it. But if you have a life-threatening health issue or you are susceptible, disclosing it and taking a medical check-up on your insurers’ demand is crucial. You can avail of several term life insurances in UAE without medical tests if you don’t wish to undergo a check-up. The article below depicts the importance of a medical test and various tests required to buy life insurance in the UAE.    

Why Do You Require a Medical Test to Buy Life Insurance in UAE? 

The objective of medical tests is to know the details of your health conditions so that the insurers can provide you with the best insurance plan in the UAE. A single plan won’t fit the needs of diverse customers and that’s when your medical check-up becomes crucial. Reasons for you take a medical test while buying life insurance are - 

  • To decide your premium cost - Insurance companies work on risk perception. The greater the risk you possess, the more premium you need to pay. If you are young and healthy, the chances of you filing a claim are much lower than a person in his late 30s. So, your premium would be lower than a person above the age of 35 years. Additionally, a pre-existing condition can considerably increase your life insurance cost. Therefore, the insurance provider asks for a medical test to know whether you possess a medical condition that may increase claim chances. If you have a pre-existing condition, it is a risky deal for the insurer, and they would compensate it by increasing your insurance premium.   
  • To offer an assured sum - Usually, people are unaware that a healthy individual receives a relatively higher assured sum than a person with a pre-existing condition. An assured sum is the amount that your beneficiaries receive after your demise. The insurance company decides the death benefits based on your medical test reports, including other factors. A life insurance plan in UAE without a medical test offers low insurance coverage, inadequate to secure your family comprehensively. 
  • Claim Settlements and Rejections - Your claim settlement and rejection may depend on your medical test done during your insurance application. By undergoing a medical check-up, you ensure that the insurance company has your updated medical details. And your beneficiaries would have a hassle-free claim process. On the other hand, if you buy life insurance without a medical test, the company may reject your claim settlement, subject to non-disclosure of facts related to your demise due to pre-existing conditions. 

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What Medical Tests Do You Need to Undertake Before Buying a Life Insurance Plan in the UAE? 

Your insurer may ask for several medical tests depending on your health and any pre-existing conditions. Before asking you to take the check-ups, your insurance provider would undertake a questionnaire relating to your health, activities and lifestyle habits, family medical history, etc. It helps them understand the various test you might need to undergo. Upon auditing your answers, they may ask you to take the following tests - 

  • Blood tests (Differential and complete blood count)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol and Lipid level tests
  • Blood Sugar Level Test
  • HIV Test
  • Urine Test

For serious health issues, they may demand an ECG test report too. The insurance company may ask individuals above the age of 35 years to compulsorily take the medical check-up. However, it depends on the insurer’s discretion and the individual’s health whether to undergo a medical test or not. 

Once your medical reports are ready, the insurance company goes through them to provide you with the best insurance plan in UAE according to your needs. Additionally, the medical reports would also help in deciding your insurance quotes accurately. 

Should You Buy Life Insurance Without a Medical Test?

It can be tempting to buy life insurance in UAE without a medical test for two reasons - 

  • Life insurance without medical tests is convenient to acquire since you don’t need to follow the hectic medical test procedure, saving your efforts and time. 
  • Your medical test can shoot your premium cost if you are diagnosed with pre-existing conditions. 

However, to save your time and money, you may risk your insurance altogether. The insurance provider may reject your claim application due to non-disclosure of information in case of death due to pre-existing conditions. 

In addition, life insurance without a medical test is a basic plan that won’t provide your family with adequate coverage, eventually making them struggle to meet their expenses. The purpose of your life insurance is to provide comprehensive protection during an unforeseen event. A medical test may impact your policy cost, but it would at least fulfil your insurance objective.  

The underwriters design the life insurance plans as per your health conditions and your financial requirements. So it is wise to buy a life insurance plan with a medical test. 

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What Are the Benefits of Taking Medical Tests Before Buying Life Insurance in the UAE?  

Taking medical tests on demand of your insurance provider can benefit you in several ways. It gives an insight into your current health condition that helps underwriters design the best insurance plan suiting your financial needs. Following are the benefits of life insurance with medical tests in the UAE. 

  • Verifies your health condition - A medical check-up before buying life insurance in UAE gives your insurer proof of your current health conditions. With this report, they design your insurance plan, and you also get to know what preventive measures you need to take for staying healthy.
  • Decreases the chance of claim rejection - Your medical test is documental proof of your health condition during the purchase of a life insurance plan. So, there are fewer chances of discrepancies while filing a claim, and ultimately, it would decrease your claim rejection probability. 
  • Higher Sum Assured - As mentioned above, life insurance without a medical test provides basic coverage, which won’t secure your family comprehensively. A life insurance plan with a medical test offers adequate financial protection to your family, depending on your health condition. 
  • Get reasonable premium rates - With the medical tests, your insurer will charge a reasonable premium while giving you comprehensive coverage. Additionally, if you are physically healthy, your insurer follows leniency while deciding your premium. 

The Bottom Line

With a diverse insurance market, individuals have multiple options to select a life insurance plan in UAE that suits their needs. There are life insurance plans with or without the requirements of medical tests. However, if your insurer asks for a medical test, you should undertake the test. It helps them design your insurance the way you need, and you get a higher coverage amount in comparison to basic life insurance without a medical check-up. 

If you are still confused about which life insurance to go for, reach out to our support team and get to know about the best life insurance plans in UAE.                                     

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