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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
Many citizens of the UAE have their own cars because, apart from 1 or 2 big cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the public transport service in other Emirates is still under development. Also, the car rates are comparatively lesser here as compared to the US or the UK along with subsidized fuel price. These are the advantages of living in a country which is rich in oil.

The UAE market is booming for both brand new and used cars. A lot of expats who might stay in the UAE for a considerable time prefer purchasing pre-owned cars. But you don’t just have to look for a cheap pre-owned car deal but also for cheap car insurance in UAE.

Which Vehicles Are Common in the UAE?

When driving into the busy streets of Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you would find all kinds of car models and makes whooshing by. When compared to other cars, the Japanese seem to be a more cost-effective and practical option for a lot of people. You may find 4x4s in a good number on the streets, not specifically for the desert sand or rough terrain but to experience that how it feels to be a king on the road, especially with a sporty twist!

Thanks to the properly built infrastructure including the bridges, highways, tunnels, alleys, and various parking lots, both hatchbacks and sedans are popular in the UAE. However, if you are more interested in exploring the city outskirts, involving yourself in various sports, adventures and activities like cycling, off-roading, camping, or kayaking using your gear then you should consider a 4x4. The car options available may range from various commercial Japanese, famous German to luxury high-end German and Italian supercars.

How to Avail the Best Car Deals in UAE?

Finding a suitable car deal in the UAE is relatively easy as the Emirates have a buoyant industry for automobile and have predictable shopping spree discounts in the year. Here are the factors you need to keep in mind when looking for a cheap used car dealer in the UAE.

Do the Homework

Even if you do not have much knowledge of cars, it is quite simple to go online and search for the same. You must have at least some knowledge about the kind of car you are looking for. You must also be clear about the amount you are willing to invest in the car. Look at the reviews of the cars that you are interested in so that you can make use of these points while negotiating with the car dealer. Being an informed buyer, there will be less probability of you being fooled by a cunning pre-owned car dealer.

Considering the Resale Price

Many expats, while staying in the country might change their vehicles multiple times. If you are amongst those, it is advised that you purchase the car which holds a resale value in the domestic market. Famous brands like Porsche, Nissan, Honda, Ford, Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes Benz can be resold a competitive price. However, in the case of less famous Korean brands like Hyundai, Kia, and Daihatsu or a few European brands like Peugeot, Rover, and Renault for instance, you should not expect much.

Shop Around

The UAE has a considerable number of used car dealers. Hence, for availing some good deals including service warranty, promotional offers, insurance coverage, and more, shopping around can be a good idea. The dealer you first visit might sound convincing, however, the basic rule while making large purchases is that the first option is not the best option always. Visit a few different dealers for getting the feel for the models or makes of the available cars and their prices. This is one easy way of sorting the wheat out of the chaff and also a good way of checking which dealer is really interested in your deal. A sincere dealer is different from a pushy dealer; you will be able to make that out when you meet them. You might also see that by choosing to simply walk out for exploring other options, the dealers begin to sweeten the deals quickly.

Go for Older Models

Purchasing older models of any brand will provide you with financial leverage above the ones which have just come out. Car dealers generally sell the older stock at lesser prices during the release of new models. Hence, it is very easy to find an old crisp model at a slashed price.

Strike the Offer & Wait

When you have decided on the car that compliments your needs as well as your budget, give your best offer, that is, a price lot lesser than the price asked and the amount that you would be comfortable to pay. In a few rare cases, this might do for the car dealer, however, mostly they may scoff & then try to look for a middle ground. If they still refuse to come to the party, then try to negotiate in a different way. Discuss the methods and terms of payment, check the condition of the vehicle & identify those flaws that you can ignore as the points considerable for the price discount. It can be a difficult task to set the terms of the deal, however, being determined and firm would help while purchasing a used car in the UAE.

Visiting Auction Houses

You can sometimes visit the auction houses alternatively, where you would get both used and new cars along with heavy vehicles. The vehicles you purchase will go through a vehicle check. A few auction houses offer registration services too. But, you should remember that the warranty will not be included in the price.

Best Time to Buy Car in UAE

Usually, the car dealers in the UAE offer attractive deals 2 times in a year, during the Summer months and month of Ramadan. They can produce a lot of annual revenue during these 2 periods. Hence, these are the two best occasions for purchasing a car at bargain price.  

To Sum Up!

You are lucky to have access to a wide range of pre-owned cars in the UAE, that too across every budget and style. In comparison to a lot of other places, the prices for pre-owned cars are quite affordable in the UAE. Even after the availability of affordable cars and fuel, you might still have to negotiate like a pro while purchasing a used car. With this information, you will know how to find an amazing deal for a used car in the UAE. After you have bought the car of your choice, look for a suitable at the same time cheap car insurance in uae keeping in mind the safety of yourself and your car.

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