What Should You Look Out for While Buying a Pre-Owned Sports Car in UAE?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
The two main investment decisions in the lives of a majority of people are deciding to purchase a house and a car. Although most of the residents of Dubai might argue to include school tuition on the list, this particular piece focuses on your car. With the increasing reasons for replacing the car, a lot of consumers go for pre-owned or second-hand cars because of the significant advantages of their costs. Then what should be the key pointers for the search of your next second-hand car?

Selecting a Suitable Vehicle

First of all, you should have the knowledge of what is most suitable for you. You can shortlist two or three picks by keeping an estimate of your budget, narrowing down to your preferred brands, considering your expected features and then searching through the statistics and reviews online. The next toughest step is finding a suitable car in good condition and at the right price, followed by finding an online car insurance dubai. The following can be included in the search.

  • Showrooms of second-hand cars in Al Aweer, Dubai or in Al Haraj, Sharjah offer a wide range of cars. Although they cost a premium, they might even help you with your paperwork. They also offer peace of mind to the buyer that they may take back the car to the showroom if any issue comes up after the purchase.
  • The online traditional marketplaces where there is an advantage of purchasing from the seller directly and avoiding the premium charged by the dealers. But, there exists no guarantee for the condition. Hence, you should be sure that get the car inspected and refer to the online sources for going through the paperwork.
  • Finally, marketplaces for used cars that are pre-inspected have been a comparatively new sales model in UAE. In this case, you will still be purchasing them directly from the owners so as to save yourself from paying the dealer premiums. However, you must receive assistance from the company in taking care of the paperwork. All the vehicles are pre-inspected along with warrantied results that are shared online.

After this, you need to make an arrangement for the payment. As a majority of personal cars are purchased via bank financing, it is one of the common considerations for many buyers. The banks usually need a 20% down payment & extend a car loan over 5 years’ maximum with an interest rate of 3-5% per annum in the UAE, based on the profile of the customer. The good part is that you don’t need to be stuck on one bank because you don’t need to deposit the monthly income in the specific bank you chose to get a loan from.

Looking Out for Car Insurance

Then, before getting the ownership transferred in your name, you should think about car insurance. The premiums of the car insurance may differ according to your history of driving, the coverage and the car model you want. There are a lot of online websites for comparison that may help you in finding the policies that are most competitive. Purchasing online car insurance Dubai is very convenient and easy in this age of the internet. The online portals for transactions of insurance have proven to be a game-changer. It does not just save your time & energy, but you also get access to a lot of unbiased information. Alternatively, you can buy insurance, though usually at a premium, from the booths amongst the ones present at the authorized centers for transferring the ownership.

Checking the Vehicle

The buyer should get the history of the used vehicle. It is important to get the vehicle inspected by some mechanic. Buyers should also research the market value & consider the resale value. The engine, chassis, and VIN number of the car should tally with documents of the car. Check that the seats are not damaged. Check whether the radio is working or not. The turn signals and lights are also to be examined. How many kilometers does the clock show and if it matches with what is mentioned on the documents or not? Use all the switches in the car to check if they are working or not. Sit in the car for some time to see if the AC is working properly enough for surviving the heat in Dubai or not.

Transferring the Ownership

Lastly, you may visit a center that is RTA authorized, like, Al Mumayaz or Tasjeel, for transferring the ownership. A Dh170 car inspection is needed at these centers in order to make sure that the car meets the minimum standards for road safety. This generally takes around thirty minutes and could be done when you visit the center for getting the ownership transferred.

Proper Documentation

Once you have made the payment to the seller and have the car registered freshly on your name, make sure you have the originals as well as the copies of all required documents with you. Safely keep with yourself the receipts, service details, and cards. While selling the car, the history of service might come handy for negotiating the fair price for the car that is in good condition. Check the efficiency and safety of the car periodically. Take the car on the road & stay safe.

The Parting Words!

A car has become a necessity for the people in the UAE. Instead of purchasing a new car from the market, a lot of consumers prefer to buy second-hand cars because of the cost advantages. You should analyze your needs and shortlist a few options for cars and their brands. Once you have selected a suitable car, you should get it checked inside out so as to see that it is in good condition. You also need to look out for suitable online car insurance Dubai before getting the ownership of the car transferred in your name. Once the ownership is transferred, you can get behind the wheel and enjoy your ride on the roads of the UAE.

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