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If you are stuck in an accidental emergency on road, knowing what to do next can save you from a lot of trouble. An accident can be disturbing for anyone, and after confirming the safety of all the people that are involved, the next thing that you need to do is file your car insurance claim.

Timely and effective communication with the insurer is what you need for quick claim settlement. There is a certain procedure that needs to be followed. Let’s have a quick rundown of the steps that you can follow after a car accident -


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  • Third Party
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1. Contact the Police

In the event of an accident, the first and foremost thing that you should do is report the accident to the police. The police will inspect the vehicle as well as the place of incidence, as part of the procedure.

Once it is done, both the drivers are given a green or a red paper that have the accident summary and contact details of both the drivers.

Please note that it is mandatory to have a police report to initiate the claim process for car insurance Dubai.

2. Immediately Inform Your Insurance Provider

Once you have reported the incidence to the police, your next step should be informing your insurance provider about the incident. To get your claim processed effectively, it is imperative to share all the details with your insurer about the accident.

Try to get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible and provide all the required documents for a quick settlement of the claim.

3. Try to Capture the Incident on Your Phone Camera

Take some live pictures of the damage caused to your vehicle or any other bodily injury, which resulted from the accident. It will support your car insurance claim and be helpful for the future records.

4. Study Your Motor Insurance Policy

Make sure you go through your car insurance policy wordings while filing a claim. It will enable you to claim the appropriate amount.

Also, review the policy terms and conditions to have an idea about the benefits, coverage, and exclusions. If you have a prior understanding of your policy benefits, you can easily negotiate with your insurer regarding your claim settlement.


When to File a Motor Insurance claim in UAE?

Under the following circumstances, you can file your claim

1. In Case of Bodily Injuries During an Accident

If there is an accidental injury, you must immediately inform your insurance provider. While filing the claim, it is advisable that you assess the total loss or damage as per your motor insurance policy.

Remember, you can only file a claim if you have collision or accidental coverage in your motor insurance plan.

2. If There is Any Damage Caused to your Car

In case the damage is caused by the other car, you will be recompensed by a third-party liability cover.

If you are responsible for the damage, then you can get compensation only if you have comprehensive insurance only. It also covers damage caused due to natural calamities.

Please Follow the Steps Below to File your Car Insurance Claim

1. In Case of Accidental Claims

  • It is important to maintain your calm
  • Try to move your vehicle out of traffic to a safe place
  • Alert the traffic with some warning signals
  • For minor accidents also, contact the police
  • For towing or any other assistance, get in touch with your insurance provider on their emergency helpline number

2. For Claim Registration, you will Need to

  • Provide the original copy of police report
  • Have a valid UAE driving license. It is required for both the drivers that are involved in the accident
  • Provide the vehicle registration copy
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3. In Case you are Waiting for Repairs

  • You can drop the vehicle at the recommended garage for repairs. And, if the vehicle is immovable, you can get towing assistance from the insurer to drop it at the garage.
  • The vehicle will be then examined by the motor surveyors to decide if the repair work should be carried out or not. In most cases, the authorization is provided within 2 days.

4. When Claim Procedure or Repair is Completed, you will

  • Get a call from the authorized workshop or the garage as soon as the repair work is completed
  • You can pick it up and enjoy driving your repaired car
  • Some insurers even provide the facility to get it delivered at your home

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Documents Required to Process Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

You need the following documents to claim your car insurance:

  • Police report
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Car modification certificate ( if any)
  • Diving license
  • Both insurance holders are required to fill up a claim form received from their insurance companies, respectively.

Simple Tips to Remember

  • Evaluate the loss or damage and contact the police
  • Immediately intimate your insurer about the accident to initiate fast and smooth settlement of your claim
  • Do not involve in an argument with the other driver, and leave the decision to the police
  • To make the most of your insurance claim, it is advisable that you follow all the instructions laid down by the car insurance company.

Bottom Line

Usually, most insurance companies in the UAE follow the aforementioned steps of the settlement procedure. But, it is advisable that you assess your policy terms and conditions when purchasing the policy. This will make it convenient to file the claim when the need arises.

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