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A vehicle on road is prone to being damaged by an accident or a collision. If that happens, you will have more than enough things to stress about on your plate, filling out a direct or reimbursement claim for the damages should not be an added reason to worry. Tokio Marine direct claim or cashless claims are rather easy to file and can be done in just a few simple steps only. However, filing a reimbursement Tokio Marine claim for car insurance can be a bit tricky and lengthy. But, with the right information and tools at your disposal, you can easily file any kind of Tokio Marine car insurance claim that you need to.  

Tokio Marine Car Insurance Claims

As you must be aware, you can file two kinds of claims when it comes to Tokio Marine car insurance claims. Both of these have a different process and are carried forward in different ways in terms of services as well. 

  • Direct or Cashless Claims: A direct claim allows you to get your damaged vehicle repaired in a cashless manner from the network garages of Tokio Marine. You can apply for a cashless claim if your plan covers the said benefit. 
  • Reimbursement Claims: Reimbursement claims can be filed for any damages and benefits covered under your plan be it vehicle damage, accessories or theft. The idea behind reimbursement claims is that you bear the cost of the repairs in the present and the insurance company makes up for it in the future when you make a claim. 

Tokio Marine Reimbursement Claim Process

Filing a reimbursement claim will require you to fill the Tokio Marine reimbursement form and submit it along with a set of important documents. Let us understand how to go about filling the Tokio Marine reimbursement form:

Steps to Fill Tokio Marine Reimbursement Form:

  1. Download the Tokio Marine reimbursement via a trusted source like or the Tokio Marine website itself. There is a page dedicated to all the reimbursement claims on the website. The reimbursement form requires for a car insurance claim will be the common form used for all other reimbursement claims other than health insurance claims.
  2. Download the form and make sure to get a coloured print. 
  3. The form begins with the basic details of the insured and the policy. Fill out your name and policy number and other personal details like phone number and email address. Move on to fill out the details of the incident that caused the damage to the car. 
  4. Next, you will enter the nature of the damage (theft, etc.), the place of the incident and how the incident occurred. Be sure to be thorough and clear in your explanation. 
  5. After that, you will have to choose a class of insurance that will help Tokio Marine determine what kind of claim it is (car insurance).
  6. If the accident/incident was the fault of a third party, enter the name and details in the next column. 
  7. Fill out the next few columns which include police reporting, action take and body injury details.
  8. Next comes the property section. Mention all the damaged parts and accessories you are looking to get reimbursed for in this section. Do not leave out even a single part. You will also have to enter other details like purchase date and place, purchasing cost, repair cost, amount claimed for reimbursement, depreciation value of the item (car or accessories) and the amount payable. 
  9. Follow along the same lines to fill the injury section for medical expenses reimbursements (if any). 
  10. Finish the Tokio Marine reimbursement claim form by signing and attesting it with the date. 

How to Make Tokio Marine Car Insurance Cashless Claim?

Tokio Marine direct claim process is simple. All you need to do is inform the insurance company of the damages and the upcoming claim and file an application. Following is a list of the complete steps:

  • Submit a request for direct claim via the Tokio Marine website claim portal or email them the application.
  • You will receive the approval of the claim from the company, the claim form for direct claims and a list of possible network garages that you can use to have your car repaired.
  • Take the vehicle to one of the suggested garages.
  • Next, you will need to submit all the required documents which include the registration of the car/vehicle, driving license, etc. along with the filled-out claim form. The complete list is given below in the next section.
  • A surveyor will check the damages and give an estimated cost of the repairs. If the repair cost is more than AED 5000 for non-agency repairs or AED 10,000 for agency repairs (where the fault is of a third party), a third-party inspector will come to check out the damage and LPO will be released for the garage to carry out the repairs. 
  • Wait for the repairs to be finished and the vehicle to be ready for release.
  • The final step is paying the deductible as applicable in your Tokio Marine car insurance plan and take the vehicle home. 

Documents Required for Tokio Marine Car Insurance Claim Submission

Following is a complete list of the documents that you will need to submit while making a Tokio Marine car insurance claim: 

For Cashless Direct Car Insurance Claims:

  • The original police report of the incident/accident 
  • Claim form provided by Tokio Marine
  • Driving License (a copy)
  • A copy of the registration of the car/vehicle

For Reimbursement Car Insurance Claims

  • The original police report of the accident/incident
  • Duly filled reimbursement claim form signed and attested by the insured
  • Receipts, bills and invoices of all the repairs that you have claimed for
  • Original invoice of the accessories/parts claimed for replacement
  • A copy of your driving license 
  • A copy of your insurance card as issued by Tokio Marine
  • A copy of the registration of the car/vehicle

How to Submit a Tokio Marine Claim Form?

Submission of the Tokio Marine claim form depends on the kind of claim you are making. Following are the ways to submit your Tokio Marine car insurance claim:

Submitting a Direct Claim: The initial submission of your direct car insurance claim from Tokio Marine will be online. You will have to go to the website and file a claim request there or email Tokio Marine at their official email address. The company will acknowledge the claim from there. The submission of your documents will be done offline at the garage you choose for repairs after the claim has been approved by the company.

Submitting a Reimbursement Claim: All Tokio Marine car insurance reimbursement claims must be submitted offline. You will have to download the form from the Tokio Marine website or use and take out a print. After filling the form and attaching all the required documents and receipts, either courier the set of these document to the branch office of Tokio Marine located in Dubai at the agency office of Tokio Marine or submit it yourself. Al Futtaim is the agency of Tokio Marine for UAE customer. All claim shall be submitted at the agency office. 

The Waiting Period Tokio Marine Claim

Tokio Marine reimbursement claims are settled within 14 days from the date of the submission of documents. If you have resubmitted the claim, the waiting period will begin again from the top starting from the date of resubmission of documents. The direct claims are approved in a span of a few hours only. If the repairs of your car require an LPO, you may have to wait for about 72 hours to receive it. 

Things to keep in mind about Tokio Marine Reimbursement Process

  • Make sure that you do not make any mistakes on the claim form. The smallest clerical error may result in the rejection of the claim. You will have to resubmit everything from a top if this happens. 
  • While filing a reimbursement claim, make sure that you have made a copy of all the original documents you are submitted to Tokio Marine. The original documents like receipts and bills are not returned and you may need them later for insurance or other purposes. 
  • Make sure that the receipts and bills to be submitted are either in English or Arabic. Have them translated by an official UAE translator if they are in any other language.
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Q1. What is the claim settlement ratio of Tokio Marine?

Ans. Tokio Marine boasts a 99.1% claim settlement ratio for not only car insurance by all other kinds of claims filed by the users.

Q2. Will I be provided with an alternate vehicle when my car is undergoing repairs?

Ans. If you have the “Rental of Alternate Vehicle” benefit in your plan, you will be provided with an alternate car to use. This is an add-on service and can be added to your basic benefit list with a little extra premium.

Q3. Can I check the status of my previously initiated claim?

Ans. You can easily check the status of your previously filed claims via the online portal on the Tokio Marine website. Click the “Retrieve A Claim” option on the top banner to enter the portal and enter the required details. 

Q4. Why is it important to get an LPO and third-party inspection for the repairs of my vehicle?

Ans. If the damage is caused by a third party and the repair expenses increases the pre-specified limit on the car insurance, it is important to have the third-party insurance company pay the expenses. This will save your No Claim Bonus since your car insurance plan will remain free from any claim.

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