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Car insurance is a necessity in the UAE. Those who drive without valid insurance can face several issues such as hefty fines and black points. In some cases, their driving licence may also get confiscated. 

Besides legal compliance, car insurance is also an important element in effective money management. Costs associated with car repairs or medical treatments due to a car accident can be pretty high. Car insurance can save you from covering these expenses out of your own pocket.

At the same time, it’s worth noting that not claiming car insurance correctly can result in claim denial, which may require you to settle the bills from your own pocket.

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Claim Process of Abu Dhabi National Takaful Car Insurance in UAE

Car insurance plans come with a multitude of benefits and provide you with monetary compensation if your car gets damaged due to an accident. It is crucial to understand the procedure of making a claim so that you don’t come across any issues during the process. Even a minor error can lead to claim rejection. 

Have a look at the step-by-step process to make an Abu Dhabi National Takaful car insurance claim:

  • Step1-  A police report is one of the important and mandatory elements of a car insurance claim. To start with, you must go to your nearest police station and get a police report.
  • Step2- Call your insurance provider and inform them about the incident that took place to start the claim process. Don’t forget to ask for the car towing service.
  • Step3- Visit the official website of the provider and download the claim form.
  • Step4- Fill out the form with proper details and attach all the documents as required by your insurance provider.
  • Step5- Once your car is at one of the insurer’s approved repairers, the respective authorities will inspect your car's damages precisely.
  • Step6- They will create an invoice and transfer it to your car insurance provider.
  • Step7- Your insurance provider will look into and approve it.
  • Step8- As the servicing of your car starts, you will be notified about the expected date of car delivery.
  • Step9- Collect your car and complete the final formalities as required by the car repair station. 

Documents Required for the Abu Dhabi National Takaful Car Insurance Claim Settlement

The documents listed below are mandatory to make a claim with your car insurance in the UAE -  

  • Copy of the police report
  • Copy of the vehicle registration (both sides)
  • Copy of the driving license of the individual driving the vehicle at the time of the accident (both sides)
  • Copy of the Emirates ID card of the individual driving the vehicle at the time of the accident (both sides)

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How to File an Abu Dhabi National Takaful Car Insurance Claim?

As a policyholder, you can make an Abu Dhabi National Takaful claim online. To initiate the process, open the official website of the provider and select & Motor Takaful Cover from the General Takaful drop-down.

Next, choose the File a claim online option from the left side of the left pane of the screen. You can then download the claim form and complete the further documentation as prompted.

How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

Common Abu Dhabi National Takaful Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

Certain conditions can lead to the rejection of your car insurance claim. Refer to the points below to understand the primary reasons for claim denial - 

Failure to Disclose Material Information

When applying for car insurance in the UAE, it is necessary to provide accurate and complete information about your vehicle and your driving history. Insurance companies consider these details to assess risk and calculate premiums. 

As discrepancies can be grounds for claim denial, failing to disclose material information, such as previous accidents or modifications to your vehicle, can lead to claim rejection. 

Policy Exclusions

Car insurance policies list down exclusions, which are specific scenarios or circumstances under which the concerned insurance company will not provide coverage. Common exclusions include rash driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and more. 

It is essential to review your policy carefully to understand what is and isn't covered to avoid filing a claim for a situation explicitly excluded from your coverage.

Lapsed or Non-Payment of Premiums

Your car insurance coverage is only valid if you regularly pay your premiums. If your policy lapses due to non-payment, any claims made during the period of non-coverage will be rejected. It is crucial to maintain timely payments to ensure continuous coverage.

Unapproved Modifications

If you make modifications to your vehicle without informing your insurance provider, your claim can be rejected. Modifications can affect the safety and performance of your car, potentially increasing the risk of accidents. Always notify your insurer of any alterations to your vehicle to ensure proper coverage.

Driving Without a Valid Licence

Driving without a valid driving licence is illegal and can result in the rejection of your insurance claim if you are involved in an accident. Insurance policies require drivers to have a valid and appropriate licence for the type of vehicle that they are driving.

avoid your fine

Negligent Driving

Insurance companies in the UAE may deny claims if the accident occurred due to negligence on your part. This can include actions like using a mobile phone while driving, running a red light, or not following traffic rules. 

To avoid claim rejection and ensure road safety, you must drive responsibly.

Unreported Accidents

Failing to report an accident to the police or your insurance company promptly can lead to claim rejection. Insurance policies often have a stipulated time period within which accidents must be reported. Delaying this process can raise suspicions and result in denial of your claim.

Inadequate Documentation

When filing a claim, you need to provide proper documentation, including a police report, photographs of the accident scene, and all other relevant details. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation can give the insurer a reason to reject your claim. Ensure you gather and submit all required documents promptly.

Pre-existing Damage

If your car already had damage before the accident, you will be required to clearly convey pre-existing and accident-related damage when filing a claim. This is because insurance providers can reject claims if they suspect that the damage existed before the accident.

Filing a False Claim

Filing a false or fraudulent claim is illegal and can lead to severe consequences such as the rejection of the claim and legal action against you. Always provide accurate information when making a claim, and never fabricate details.

Abu Dhabi National Takaful Car Insurance Contact Details

Do you have any questions associated with the Abu Dhabi National Takaful car insurance claim? You can immediately seek assistance through the provider’s customer support team by dialling +97124107700. Alternatively, you can drop them an email stating your concerns.

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What are the documents required to claim an Abu Dhabi National Takaful car insurance claim?

The checklist of the documents necessary to file a car insurance claim is given below:

  • Copy of the police report
  • Copy of the driving licence of the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident (both sides)
  • Copy of the Emirates ID card of the individual driving the vehicle at the time of the accident (both sides)
  • Copy of the vehicle registration (both sides)
What will happen if I do not submit all the necessary documents for a car insurance claim?

If you fail to submit all the required documents to carry out the insurance claim process, your claim can be rejected.

Can I make an Abu Dhabi National Takaful car insurance claim through a call?

No, you must file your claim via the provider’s official website.

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