Does your Car Insurance Provide Protection Against Fire Damage?

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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Increasing vehicles on the road have increased the chances of road accidents around the world. Most road accidents in the UAE occur due to drivers’ distractions or traffic rules violations. Several factors such as vandalism, riots, natural calamities may also cause road accidents. The best car insurance plan in UAE covers most of the accidental losses of your vehicle. When it comes to accidents involving fire, insurance claims can be a little tricky. According to the experts, comprehensive car insurance in UAE provide insurance against car fire. These accidents are quite common and can occur due to internal or external factors.

While settling the claim, your insurance provider would consider several factors that initiated the car fire. Therefore, you need to verify whether your insurance company provides car insurance for fire damage or not. The article below gives insight into the same. 

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What Does Your Car Insurance Plan in the UAE Cover?

A car insurance plan in UAE is available in two forms. The first one being a comprehensive insurance plan, and the other is third-party liability insurance. Comprehensive car insurance in UAE covers most accidental losses/damages to the vehicle and protects the driver and the passengers against bodily injuries and death. The insurance company covers car fires under comprehensive insurance with some conditions such as self-inflicted fires are not eligible for claim settlement. Similarly, fires due to mechanical or electrical failure won’t fetch you the settlement funds. 

For a car insurance company to accept the claim, visible flames must be present on the car. Engine damage due to overheating or an electrical short circuit won’t be acceptable for claims. On the other hand, fire resulting from third-party malpractices, explosions and natural calamities are eligible for the claim settlement. 

Third-party insurance is a basic plan that covers the uninsured individual for his loss of property or life caused due to the insured vehicle. The policyholder himself does not receive any insurance benefit under the third-party liability car insurance in UAE. 

Several insurance companies in UAE provide customisable insurance that you can include for added protection with an extra premium. Through online research, you can choose the best car insurance in uae.

How to Claim Car Insurance for Fire Damage in the UAE?

Suppose your car catches fire due to an external factor, let’s say lightning. The first thing you should do is to call the fire department and report to the police. An immediate FIR can facilitate a spot survey and can help in settling the claim faster. You can also collect video or photo proofs as additional support to your FIR. While filing the claim, the insurance company would require you to submit a copy of the FIR and supporting proofs. Based on your FIR, they would start the investigation. Once they finish the approval process, you receive your insurance settlement. At any stage, if your insurer found out that the car fire was self-induced or framed, they may reject your insurance claim. 

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Documents Required to Claim for Car Insurance Due to Fire Damage

For a convenient and early claim settlement, you need to have adequate supporting proof along with the following documents.

  • A duly filled claim form. 
  • Copy of your car insurance. 
  • First investigation report. 
  • If the police investigation has concluded, you need to submit the final report as well. 
  • If the fire brigade was called, you need to submit the report from the fire department.
  • Survey Report of the losses and damages to the insured vehicle due to the fire. 
  • In case the fire occurred due to a riot, you also need to submit the paper cutting stating the same. 
  • Other supporting documents.

Reasons that can Lead to Claim Rejections

Not all car fire accidents are eligible for claim settlement. Before purchasing car insurance in UAE, you should verify various inclusions and exclusions that your insurer offers. Even though a comprehensive car insurance plan covers major accidental damages, it may reject your claim under the following situations. 

  • Damage due to fire accident when the vehicle was involved or used for unlawful activity.
  • Fire damage due to overloading of goods or passengers than the permissible limit. 
  • Involvement of vehicles in risky or adventure sports and fire damage resulted due to it. 
  • Fire damage arising due to the use of the vehicle other than those mentioned in the policy contract. 
  • In case an unlicensed driver was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident leading to the fire damage.   

In addition, the insurance company can reject the claim for car insurance for fire damage in UAE due to mechanical failure as such - 

  • An overheating of the moving parts 
  • Sparks due to electrical system failure, exposed wires, etc.
  • Short circuits due to wire tampering or due to modified parts like speaker systems, amplifiers, lamps, etc.
  • Oil leakage, fuel seepage, engine overheating, and damages due to high pressure
  • Leakage of refrigerants from ACs, gas from the CNG units, etc.

Preventive Measures for Safety of Your Car from Fire Damages

Since claims for car insurance due to fire can be tricky and your insurer considers various factors before settlement, you need to take a few precautions to ensure convenient claim settlement. Before customising your vehicle or replacing a significant part, contact your insurance representative. You can also ask for modified car insurance in UAE if you are very keen on customising your car. 

While replacing electrical and mechanical parts, always use the authorised products. If an uncertified accessory causes fire damage to your vehicle, the insurer may reject your claim. Also, ask your mechanic to check for loose electrical fittings and wires. It would ensure safety against fire accidents due to short circuits. Installing a fire extinguisher in your vehicle would also help in dealing with fire accidents. 

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Insurance plans, in general, come with some underlying terms and conditions. It is critical to read between the lines to have surety and security. Insurance companies offer car insurance for fire damages in UAE, but it includes several conditions that may reject your claim. Research on all vehicle plans available before buying the best car insurance policy in UAE. 

Always ensure that any modification in your vehicle is done at the authorised dealership to avoid fire accidents due to replaced parts. This helps in ensuring that your car insurance company settles your car fire accident claims conveniently.

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