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Oman Insurance Company (OIC), founded in 1975, is one of the Middle East's premier insurance providers, with over 45 years of expertise. Through its high-quality products, OIC provides a customer-focused service. OIC gains the trust of its policyholders by providing appropriate insurance solutions that match up to customer expectations. With unmatched coverage and benefits at competitive rates and contactless approvals, new customers can avail 10% discount on their purchase. OIC offers specialised coverage for a wide range of vehicle types and fleet sizes of all kinds, namely the Comprehensive Motor Insurance, Third Party Liability Insurance, Insuremytesla Insurance Plan and the High Net Worth Cover Insurance Plan.

How to Fill OIC Reimbursement Form?

  1. Visit the OIC website and download your claim form from the "Download Forms" section. Remember to download one form per individual. Family members must all apply independently.
  2. Download the form.
  3. Fill in your name, policy number, and any personal information like phone number and email address. Continue by filling out the specifics of the occurrence that caused the automobile damage.
  4. Next, enter the kind of damages, the location of the occurrence, and how the incident occurred. Make sure your explanation is complete and clear.
  5. Next, select a type of insurance that will enable OIC in determining the nature of the claim car insurance. If the accident/incident was caused by a third party, write the third party's name and contact information in the following column.
  6. In the event of an accident in which you are found not to be at fault by the police, you must contact the insurance of the motorist who was at fault and register your right to have any damage to your vehicle repaired by that insurer.
  7. Next, list all of the damaged components and accessories for which you want to be paid. Do not leave out any details. You will also need to fill in information such as the purchase date and location, purchase cost, repair cost, the amount claimed for reimbursement, depreciation value of the item (vehicle or accessories), and the amount due.
  8. Continue in the same manner to fill out the injury section for medical expenditure reimbursements, if any. 
  9. Finish the OIC Auto/Car Insurance reimbursement claim form by signing and attesting it with the date.

How To Claim Oman Insurance Company Car Insurance In the Event of An Accident?

If an occurrence occurs that gives rise to a claim under the policy, the following actions should

be taken:

  • In the event of an accident, the first step should be to notify the authorities and acquire a police report (as applicable in each Emirate).
  • If your vehicle is not in a condition to be driven, you can call their 24-hour roadside assistance toll-free number for free towing.
  • Notify your claim by phone or email to motorclaims@omaninsurance.ae, along with the necessary papers.
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Documents Required for OIC Car Insurance Claim Submission

For OIC to begin processing your claim, you must submit the following documents. Original documents must be submitted for claims over AED 5,000. Physical copies are not required for online claims submissions of less than AED 5,000.

  • A duplicate copy of the police report
  • A duplicate copy of the car registration
  • A copy of your driver's licence
  • A duplicate copy of the Emirates ID card

How to Submit OIC Insurance Claim Form

Customers who are interested in filing a claim should do so as soon as feasible – ideally within 90 days of treatment to expedite the process. Along with your form, ensure that you submit all of the needed supporting paperwork, as listed in the Summary Table of Invoices that is linked to your claim form. For speedier claim payments, add your International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Make a copy of the form, the summary table, and the original invoices and reports for your records.

Online Submission

To submit your claim online you can either visit the OIC website or download the OIC mobile app.

Offline Submission

Make a claim deposit with your broker or visit one of their branches or send the claim form and the documents via courier.

The Waiting Period for OIC Car Insurance Claim

Customers can choose and purchase their ideal insurance cover online in less than 3 minutes with no human assistance. However, claims with more complicated settlements and conflicting statements may take longer.

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Things to Keep in Mind About OIC Car Insurance Claim Process

  • Once you have provided all relevant documents, OIC will send you a claim acknowledgement email with the repairer's contact information.
  • Deliver your vehicle to the designated repairer. They will keep you updated on the estimated time it will take to finish the repairs.
  • If the repair status is "Garage," your vehicle will be assigned to one of their premium network garages.
  • If the vehicle is a case of “total loss”, the claims team will advise you on the next steps to take accordingly.
  • Oman Insurance makes every effort to pay all valid claims within three weeks of receipt of the form.

OIC Car Insurance FAQ

Q1. How is Total Loss calculated and resolved?

Ans. In one of the following scenarios, your vehicle will be deemed a total loss:

  • In the event of chassis damage or a cut
  • If the repair expenses surpass 50% of the depreciated value of your vehicle, as determined by the Insurance Authority's depreciation plan

You must transfer ownership of your car and provide OIC with the original ownership transfer letter authorised by the traffic department. The depreciated value of your car will be settled within 5 business days from receipt of the letter. If your vehicle is ruled as a “total loss”, OIC will send you an email with all necessary information and processes.

Q2. What is the procedure for filing a claim if my automobile is stolen?

Ans. First, you must report the occurrence to the police, acquire a report, and file a claim with us. We will require the following information from you to process the claim:

  • The final untraceable report, which often takes 6 months to acquire from the police department,
  • Copy of the Court's Decision
  • Original keys
  • Discharge receipt and original vehicle transfer letter

When the aforementioned is received, the claim will be classified as a Total Loss case, and the amount will be settled within 5 business days.

Q3. Can my insurance company deny my claim for any reason?

Ans. In the following cases, a motor claim may be denied:

  • If the driver lacks a valid driver's licence
  • If was the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If the accident occurred outside of geographical boundaries.
  • If the car was being operated illegally.
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