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Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC) has been present in the UAE insurance market for over 2 decades. In this period, it has served its customers with top-notch products and services for both individual and business insurance. Within individual insurance, the company offers travel, home, motor, and other insurance.

Al Wathba car insurance is one of the most prominent choices for car owners in the UAE. In case of any mishap, such as an accident, this car insurance plan financially helps the insured as they are covered for the damages caused to the vehicle or the medical treatment of the driver injured during the accident.

To avail of all these services and benefits with your plan, you must immediately make a claim with your car insurance plan after the accident. In this article, we will look into the Al Wathba car insurance claim and all the related details in detail.

  • Comprehensive
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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Claim Process of Al Wathba Car Insurance in UAE

As a car insurance policyholder, you must keep in mind that it is crucial to conduct the claim process carefully and accurately to avoid any issues later. Failing to carry out the process precisely can lead to claim rejections — in this case, you will be required to cover all the damages, injuries, and liabilities from your own pocket.

With Al Wathba, the car insurance claim process is a pretty convenient one.  In just a few steps (and with minimal documentation), you can file a claim and get the necessary financial assistance. In this section, we have provided a set of instructions to complete the Al Wathba car insurance claim process -

  • Step1- Obtain a police report by going to your nearest police station. Inform them about the incident that took place in detail.
  • Step2- Immediately contact your insurance provider after informing the police. Additionally, ask them to provide the towing service.
  • Step3- Download the insurance claim form from the official website.
  • Step4- Fill out the form correctly and upload the required documents.
  • Step5- Submit the documents along with the duly filled form.
  • Step6- Once your car is in the automobile repair shop, the respective authorities will analyse the car damage.
  • Step7- An invoice for the same will be created and sent to your insurance provider.
  • Step8- Your insurer will give final approval.
  • Step9- Once the car repair starts, you will be informed about the expected date of car delivery.
  • Step10- Collect your car and complete the required documentation.

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List of Documents Required for Al Wathba Car Insurance Claim Settlement

It is mandatory to submit the documents mentioned below in order to initiate your Al Wathba car insurance claim process in the UAE -

  • A valid copy of the police report
  • A valid copy of the Emirates ID of the driver present during the accident (both sides)
  • A valid copy of the vehicle registration (both sides)
  • A valid copy of the driving licence of the driver present during the accident (both sides)

How to File an Al Wathba Car Insurance Claim?

The online channel is available for filing an Al Wathba car insurance claim in the UAE. Refer to the following steps to know the process in detail -

  • Step1: Open the official website of Al Wathba.
  • Step2: On the top right of the screen, select ‘Report Motor Claim’.
  • Step3: Type in your car insurance policy number and other required details.
  • Step4: Click ‘Search’ and proceed with the on-screen prompted instructions.
How to File Your Car Insurance Claim in the UAE

What are Some Common Al Wathba Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons?

Car insurance, as mentioned earlier, is a vital aspect of owning a vehicle in the UAE. Mandatory in the Emirates, car insurance provides financial protection in case of accidents, theft, or damage to your car.

At the same time, it must be noted that your claim may get rejected due to numerous reasons. Knowing these reasons is crucial so that you don’t face any issues in the future.

  • Reason1:- Non-Disclosure of Material Information - One of the primary reasons for car insurance claim rejection in the UAE is the failure to disclose material information during the policy application process. Material information includes details about your driving history, previous claims, modifications to the vehicle, and any additional drivers. If you omit or provide incorrect information, your insurance provider may reject your claim. It is crucial to be completely honest and transparent when applying for insurance.
  • Reason2:- Policy Exclusions - Every car insurance policy has exclusions, which refer to specific situations or circumstances where the insurance provider will not provide coverage. These exclusions are outlined in the policy documents. Common exclusions in UAE car insurance policies include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or intentional damage to the vehicle. Before making a claim, review your policy to ensure that your situation is covered.
  • Reason3:- Delayed Reporting - Timely reporting an accident or incident to your insurance company is essential. If you delay reporting a claim, your insurance provider may reject it. This is because most policies have a specific period within which you must report an accident. Failing to meet this deadline could result in claim denial. It is advisable to report any incidents as soon as possible and follow the insurer's guidelines.
  • Reason4:- Lack of Supporting Documentation - Insurance providers in the UAE typically require thorough documentation to process a claim. This includes a police report, photographs of the damage, repair estimates, and any other relevant evidence. If you cannot provide the necessary documentation or if it is incomplete, your claim may be rejected. For this reason, make sure that you gather all required documents and follow the insurance provider's guidelines for submission.
  • Reason5:- Unapproved Repair Shops - Choosing an unapproved repair shop can lead to claim rejection. This is because car insurance companies in the UAE have a network of approved repair centres where they guarantee the quality of service and parts. Using an unapproved shop might result in inflated bills, which the insurer may refuse to cover. Always consult your insurance company for a list of authorised repair centres.
  • Reason6:- Policy Lapse - In case your car insurance policy lapses due to non-payment, it can result in claim rejection. If an accident occurs when your policy is not active, you won't be covered. For this reason, it is essential to make timely premium payments to ensure continuous coverage. You can set up reminders or automatic payments to prevent policy lapses.
  • Reason7:- Unauthorised Drivers - If someone not listed on your insurance policy as an authorised driver is involved in an accident while driving your car, your claim may be denied. Most policies require all regular drivers to be listed on the policy. To avoid claim rejection and be on the safe side, make sure that only authorised individuals operate your vehicle.

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Al Wathba Car Insurance Contact Details

Do you have any queries regarding the Al Wathba car insurance claim process? You can always connect with the concerned officials of the provider to get proper assistance. To connect with them via call, simply dial 600544040.

Additionally, WhatsApp service is also available for the customers of Al Wathba car insurance policyholders. To initiate a chat and get answers to your queries at your fingertips, drop a WhatsApp text at +97124185300.

Alternatively, you can resolve your questions through email as well at If you wish to have a face-to-face conversation with the officials of AWNIC, visit its office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to contact the customer support team of AWNIC?

Ans: You can get in touch with the AWNIC official by dialling 600544040 or sending a WhatsApp message at +97124185300. Note that you can also send an email to

Q2. What are some of the common reasons for car insurance claim rejections in the UAE?

Ans: Some of the usual reasons for car insurance claim rejections include the following -

  • Providing insufficient or false information to the provider
  • Accidents occurring due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Providing insufficient documents
Q3. Where can I submit the documents for filing AWNIC car insurance claim?

Ans: You can fill out the claim form available on the insurer’s website, attach the documents on the same form, and submit it.

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