Tokio Marine Car Insurance

Tokio Marine car insurance is a renowned name in the UAE market. It offers four variants of car insurance – Tokio Marine Third-Party Cover, Tokio Must, Tokio Smart Plus and Tokio Million Package. Right from reasonable premiums and comprehensive coverage to faster claims and complimentary road assistance, they have become one of the top choices for UAE residents and expatriates. Some additional benefits of Tokio Marine car insurance are no claim bonus, rent-a-car cover, fast agency repair process and so on. more

Tokio Marine Car Insurance
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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Tokio Marine Car Insurance is one of the best car insurance products available in the UAE. It comes in four variants with benefit of comprehensive car insurance policy and third-party liability car insurance policy in addition to add-on covers and optional covers. Right from premium agency repairs and fast claims to complimentary roadside assistance and free hire car cover, Tokio Marine motor insurance offers  exclusive benefits to provide you the complete peace of mind behind the wheel. 

Tokio Marine Group is a renowned name in auto insurance market in the UAE. It is known to offer custom tailored, Tokio marine car insurance policies that are designed to meet its customer’s requirements. Also, the aim is to offer financial protection and security to its customers in hours of need.

Types of Tokio Marine Car Insurance

Currently, there are four types of Tokio Marine motor insurance available in the UAE and they are as follows:

  1. Tokio Marine Third-Party Cover
  2. Tokio Must
  3. Tokio Smart Plus
  4. Tokio Million Package

Let’s take a quick look at the coverage provided by Tokio Marine Auto Insurance Plans:  

Tokio Marine Car Insurance Plans
Coverage Third-Party Cover Tokio Must   Tokio Smart Plus   Tokio Million Package  
Damage or loss to the insured automobile Not included Yes Yes Yes
Theft & fire cover Not included Yes Yes Yes
Flood, storm, strike, riot, & civil commotion Not included Yes Yes Yes
Third-party liability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Third-party bodily injury Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Third party property damage AED 2 million AED 2 million AED 3.5 million AED 5 million
Third-party liability to family members (up to AED 200,000) Optional Yes Yes Yes
Emergency medical expenditures Not included AED 3000 AED 4,000 AED 10,000
Free personal injury cover Not included AED 10,000 AED 15,000 AED 25,000
Loss of personal effects Not included AED 2500 AED 3500 AED 5000
Windshield damage excess waiver Not included Waived once Waived once Unlimited
Self authorization repairs Not included AED 1,000 AED 2,000 AED 2500
Third party to non owned vehicles Not included Yes Yes Yes
Unauthorized driver Not included Yes Yes Yes
Free agency repair Not included Not included 3 Years 5 Years
New car replacement (from first year of registration as brand new - 0 kms) Not included Yes (6 months) Yes (6 months) Yes (13 months)
Geographical area UAE UAE UAE UAE
Off-road coverage Not included Yes (4WD only) Yes (4WD only) Yes (4WD only)
Oman cover Not included Yes (Own damage only) Yes (Own damage only) Yes (Own damage only)
Personal accident cover benefit for driver Optional Yes Yes Optional
Personal accident cover benefit for passengers Optional Yes Yes Optional
Loss of usage (rental or alternative vehicle) Yes (if the claims not at fault) Yes (10 days during the policy period) Optional Yes (15 days during the policy period)
Loss of usage (rental or alternative vehicle) Max. Usage per policy period 10 days (maximum) 10 days (maximum) Up to 10 to 15 days 15 days (maximum)
Loss of usage (rental or alternative vehicle) Max. Limit per day subject to actual bills AED 300 (maximum) AED 100 (maximum) AED 100 (maximum) AED 175 (maximum)
24 hour accident & breakdown recovery Not included Yes Yes Yes
Taxi fare (in case vehicle is not roadworthy) Not included AED 200 (maximum) AED 350 (maximum) AED 350 (maximum)
Under age deductible Not included 10% 10% 5%
Loyalty discount Yes Yes Yes Yes
No claim discount Yes Yes Not Included Yes
Valet parking Not included Not included Not included Not included
National ambulance Cover AED 6770 AED 6770 AED 6770 AED 6770

Features and Benefits of Tokio Marine Car Insurance

There is a whole list of Tokio marine car insurance benefits and features. You can go through the list below to look at those few amazing benefits:

  1. Easy Payment Plan: Tokio Marine Car Insurance company offers easy instalment plan facilities. Thus, you can convert your policy premium into equated monthly instalments with no interest levied on them. This policy applies to plans that have a policy premium of AED 1000 or higher. All the Emirates NBD, Mashreq, and FAB card members can enjoy these benefits.
  2. Agency Repair: With Tokio marine car insurance Dubai you get access to premium agency repair.
  3. Reasonable Prices: Tokio Marine auto insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage at affordable premiums.
  4. Online Payment Facility: The company has a secure online payment facility in place to make all the transactions smooth and easy.
  5. Complimentary Roadside assistance: You can avail of roadside assistance service on a complimentary basis with Tokio car insurance.
  6. Comprehensive Cover: You can opt for Tokio Marine comprehensive motor insurance policy that covers loss or damages to you and your vehicle in addition to protecting you against third-party liability.
  7. Third-Party Cover: You can avail of Tokio Marine third party motor insurance policy. It covers liability towards third-party bodily injury, permanent disability or death, and property damage in case of an accident.
  8. No Claim bonus: You can avail of 20% no claim bonus discount with Tokio Marine Car Insurance UAE on maintaining an accident-free record for policy tenure.
  9. Rent a Car Cover: With the Tokio Marine motor insurance, “rent a car cover” is available on a complimentary basis.
  10. Quick Services & Claims: Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance are well-known for offering fast services and reimbursing hassle-free claims to its customers.

Tokio Marine Car Insurance Inclusions

Following are the Tokio Marine vehicle insurance inclusions:

  1. Premium agency repair for up to 5 years.
  2. All Tokio Marine Nichido car insurance policies cover family members of the owner of the car.
  3. Personal belongings cover
  4. Off-road coverage (subject to 4WD capacity)
  5. Round the clock roadside assistance service
  6. Rent a car service for up to 15 days during any policy period.
  7. Natural perils coverage
  8. Oman coverage (own damage)
  9. Free legal liability coverage
  10. No excess on windshield or sunroof damage
  11. Third-party liability to non owned private automobiles
  12. Unauthorized driver and intrusion coverage

Tokio Marine Car Insurance Exclusions

Tokio Marine Motor Insurance Company will not pay any compensation for the following issues:

  1. Damages arising due to exceeding permissible length, width, or height including driving with number of passengers beyond allowed limit.
  2. If insured vehicle is used for any kind of speed race or test.
  3. Using the motor vehicle in any way beyond what’s mentioned in the insurance application attached to the Tokio Marine Car Insurance policy.
  4. If an insured vehicle is damaged or any bodily injury is caused as a result of wilful participation in an act that results in violation of the law.
  5. If the driver is driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other narcotic substances.
  6. If the driver is driving a vehicle without a valid driving license.
  7. Any losses or damages occurring outside the geographical territory as specified in the Tokio Marine vehicle Insurance policy.
  8. The accidents are caused, occurred or are related directly or indirectly to natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.
  9. Any damage, loss, injury or accident which is the direct or indirect result of invasion, foreign enemy hostilities or warlike operations (whether war was declared or not), civil war, strike, civil commotion, rebellion, revolution, or insurrection, atomic or nuclear explosions, or any other factor which is directly or indirectly related to any of the foregoing causes.

Tokio Marine Car Insurance Additional Covers

You can choose from a broad range of additional covers that are sure to help you in customizing your auto insurance policy and offer enhanced coverage:

  1. Personal accident cover for driver
  2. Personal accident cover for passengers
  3. Rent a car cover

How to file a claim with Tokio Marine Motor Insurance in the UAE?

Filing a claim with Tokio Marine car insurance UAE is simple. All you have to do is just follow a few simple steps to get your claim:

  • Step 1: You can register the claim immediately by writing an email to Alternatively, you can call claim helpline desk number 600 5030 30 and register a claim.
  • Step 2: TMNF will acknowledge the claim & provide you a claim form along with all the workshop details.
  • Step 3: Submit all the required documents which include an original police report, completed & signed claim form, driving license copy, and copy of registration card (both sides).
  • Step 4: Take the car to one of the approved garages in the company’s panel or dealer workshop.
  • Step 5: Once the repair estimate is received, a surveyor will be deputed to inspect & finalize the vehicle repair cost.
  • Step 6: LPO will then be released if everything is in order to initiate the repair.  
  • Step 7: Garage or dealer workshop will inform the claimant once the vehicle is repaired.
  • Step 8: Do not forget to inspect your vehicle before signing the discharge receipt.

Tokio Marine Car Insurance FAQs

Q.1. Can I purchase Tokio Marine comprehensive motor insurance policy for my old vehicle?

Ans. Tokio Marine comprehensive motor insurance cover is available for automobiles of up to 10 years of age only. Automobiles over 10 years  are referred to company’s motor underwriters who then review the vehicle. 

Q.2. Do I need auto insurance?

Ans. As per the UAE traffic authorities, it is compulsory to have car insurance because driving without an auto insurance is illegal. So, yes you need it. 

Q.3. What is the difference between agency repair and non-agency repair?

Ans. In agency repair, you can take your car to manufacturer's authorized workshop for repairing damages. In case of non-agency repair, you can take your car to any of the company’s authorized garages to repair accidental damages.

Q.4. Can I renew my Tokio Marine Car Insurance Policy online?

Ans. Yes, Tokio Marine car insurance renewal can be done online through the company’s official website.

Q.5. What exclusive benefits are give with Tokio Marine car insurance UAE?

Ans. Tokio Marine offers a wide range of lucrative benefits on its auto insurance policy which include:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Loss of personal effects
  • Self-authorization repairs
  • Extended legal liability to insured person’s family members
  • Natural calamities, civil commotion, strike, and riot
  • Extended third-party property damage

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