Tokio Marine Car Insurance Garage List

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Headquartered in Japan, Tokio Marine is one of the best insurance provider companies operating in the UAE. The company has a variety of excellent insurance plans for the car, corporate, travel, home, travel, and much more. The category for car insurance plans helps policyholders cover their damages caused due to accidents, fire, or any natural disaster like floods, earthquakes, rain, etc.

The company has some A-grade car insurance cashless garages to help policyholders deal with their expenses in the most efficient way. These garages deliver excellent services and get the insured vehicle repaired at the quickest. With the wide range of cashless benefits, these garages make the whole claim and repair process simple for the policyholders.

Let us go ahead and understand some more benefits of these garages that fall under the Tokio Marine Auto Garage List.

Benefits of Tokio Marine Car Insurance Cashless Garages

Here are the benefits offered by garages that fall under the Tokio Marine auto insurance garage list.

  1. The cashless garages from Tokio Marine Auto Insurance Garage List has a well-aligned, quick repair process to help policy buyers get their vehicles up and running in no time.
  2. The cashless garages provide full-time help and assistance if you get stuck on a roadside and your vehicle doesn’t move. You can just call on the helpline number to get your vehicle towed down to the agency’s garage.
  3. These cashless garages get directly paid by the insurance company which is why you need not worry about how your bills will be settled after the repairs are done. All you need to do is report the claim and get approval for the same. Rest will be taken care of by the insurance company and your repair agency.
  4. Cashless garages in the Tokio Marine Car Insurance Garage List save you from getting charged for any extra repair charges. As they get directly paid from the insurance company so they list out only the standard rates in the bills.
  5. All the garages listed under Tokio Marine Cashless Garage List are usually the best-performing garages in the city and offer quality repair services for the policyholders.
  6. With cashless garages from Tokio Marine Car Garage List, you need not worry about messy paperwork. They directly get in touch with the insurance company, submit the estimated repair cost report and get direct payments.

How to Report a Claim with Tokio Marine Car Insurance?

Here are a few simple steps to report a claim with Tokio Marine Car Insurance:

  1. Fill out the claims form available on the company’s website and report the claim.
  2. Submit all the essential documents including the original police report and one copy of your driving license and car registration card.
  3. You will be sent with the contact details of the repair agency once your claim gets acknowledged. Get in touch with the repair agency and finalize the estimated cost.
  4. Get the approval and have your car repaired
  5. Inspect the vehicle and take a test drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I Get the Claims Form?
You can find the claims form on the company’s website.

Q2. How do I reach the emergency roadside assistance helpline?
. You can reach out to the company’s toll-free helpline on 800 4 900, for emergency roadside assistance.