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Insurance House is an excellent UAE-based insurance service provider. The company comes with a wide range of insurance services for health, personal, engineering, energy, marine, motor, property, and many more. The company offers various customized plans based on the needs of potential customers.

The Insurance House comes with various excellent car insurance plans. The company offers multiple effective features and benefits to make these plans more useful for the policyholders. The comprehensive ad third-party car insurance plans for the users help them handle their expenses in a better way.

The company also comes with the list of best garages in the UAE. These garages offer cashless benefits to the policyholders and enable them to manage their property damages and losses with quality repair services.

The garages that fall under the Insurance House Auto Garage List deliver the best service experience to the policyholders. They offer full-time roadside assistance for the policyholders to help them tow the vehicles to the agency.

Let us go ahead and learn more about the benefits that the garages in Insurance House Insurance Cashless Garage List offer.

Benefits of Insurance House Car Insurance Cashless Garages

Here is the list of benefits that the garages in Insurance House auto insurance garage list come with.

  1. Roadside Assistance: The Insurance House Insurance garages provide round-the-clock roadside assistance to help policyholders tow their vehicles when they don’t move. The policyholders can call the roadside assistance helpline anytime when their vehicle doesn’t move due to any reason including an empty fuel tank, engine breakdown, or when they meet with an accident.
  2. Hassle-free Claim Process: Insurance House Insurance garages make the whole claim process simple for the policyholders. They get in touch with the insurance provider, share the estimation report and get the payment processed. The policyholder just needs to file a claim and get it approved.
  3. No Extra Repair Cost Applied: With cashless garages, you need not worry about being charged for the extra repair costs. These garages will monitor the condition of the vehicle and will deliver the best service.
  4. Cashless Payment: The garages that fall under the Insurance House Insurance garage list come with effective cashless benefits. With these garages, you need not pay the bills yourself and get them reimbursed by your insurance company later. They get directly paid by your insurance company which makes the whole claim process smooth for the policyholders.
  5. Quality Repair Services: The garages covered under the Insurance House Car Insurance Garage List deliver quality repair services for the policyholders. In some cases, they provide an extended warranty for the products replaced while repairing your vehicle.
  6. Reduced Paperwork: No lengthy paperwork is required with the cashless garages. As they are directly connected with the insurance company, they just need to send the estimation report after the claim to get the clearance for the settlement.

How to Report a Claim with Insurance House Car Insurance?

Here are the simple steps to report a claim with Insurance House Car Insurance.

  1. Call the insurance company and report your claim.
  2. Provide the required documents like the original police report and a copy of your driving license and car registration card along with the garage repair estimation report.
  3. Get the approval for the claim and wait for your car to be repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get in touch with the Insurance House Car Insurance Company if I have any queries?

Ans. You can get in touch with Insurance House Insurance on 600 5 11112.

Q2. Do you provide no claims discount?

Ans. Yes, Insurance House provides no claims discounts if your vehicle doesn’t meet with an accident throughout the year.

Q3. What types of car insurance plans does Insurance House Car Insurance Company offer?

Ans. Insurance House Car Insurance Company offers two types of insurance plans.

  1. Private Motor Insurance
  2. Commercial Motor Insurance