Car Insurance Reviews & Rating

Shoutout to Amazing Customer Care Team of!Car Insurance

I was confused while buying a used car insurance plan on Policybazaar as there were a lot of options. In just that moment the customer care representative called and saved me from my confusions. Thanks to this lady I now have an amazing plan! Kudos to Policybazaar UAE!

I Secured My New Cab with Policybazaar!Car Insurance

I got an amazing policy from this aggregator. The plan belongs to the top insurance company in the company. And I have never been so relieved. I am a cab business owner who just got a new cab a few days back. Noor Takaful Comprehensive insurance from Policybazaar has not only helped save a lot but also provided ultimate coverage benefits.

Process for Vehicle Insurance in Dubai is indeed Simple Now!Car Insurance

Gone are the days when I had to go from insurer to insurer to compare the plans in this heat for the best policy in Dubai. I can do it all on now. The website makes it easy to compare the plans for their features and add-ons. I can make a better choice now.

Adamjee Motor Insurance in UAE from Policybazaar is One Terrific Plan!Car Insurance

I recently came across this policy in UAE and was amazed by its coverage and cheap premium. I am so happy that if anything happens to my car, I am just a call away from getting assistance. Moreover, Policybazaar has given a bang on guide to handle the claim filing process. Thanks team!

Got My Third-Party Vehicle Insurance at an Affordable Rate on Policybazaar!Car Insurance

I did not need any major comprehensive motor insurance plan at the moment. This is why I got a cheap car insurance plan that too a third-party policy so that I could move on the road without violating any traffic rules. Thanks PB!

Got an Insurance Plan for My New Chevrolet Car!Car Insurance

I was very unhappy with the car insurance that the car dealership was offering when I got my car. But after listening so much about Policybazaar UAE from my colleagues, I decided to give it a try. And boy I got an amazing car insurance in UAE! Thanks to the experts here that I got a catch of a plan!

Got a 28% Discount on Buying Car Insurance!Car Insurance

I bought a car insurance plan from Policybazaar UAE. And guess what? I got an amazing discount. I mean the premium was already affordable but the discount just helped me save a lot. I am so happy. Buy your insurance via Policybazaar people!

Motor Insurance in UAE: I Say Go to!Car Insurance

I mean why not! The platform has the best motor insurance in the UAE from leading providers under one roof. I am so happy I chose this website for my insurance plan. I got to decide the best plan for me and not some third party.

Transparent and Easy Way to Get Car Insurance in UAE!Car Insurance is gem of a website I recently came across. I could easily buy a car insurance in UAE for my imported car. The process was transparent and smooth and I could get the plan in just a few clicks.

Got car insurance in Dubai for my Cab Services!Car Insurance

I just started with my cab service in the Emirates and needed car insurance in Dubai. Came across the Policybazaar and bought amazing plan at reasonable premium. So happy!