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*Above mentioned prices are for Jaguar F-Pace Prestige 2.0L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Jaguar F-Pace Prestige 2.0L, 2023 model.

Established in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company, Jaguar grew to be a premium car manufacturer in Europe. Jaguar’s car business spans across the globe offering a range of sedans, saloons, SUVs and multi-utility vehicles. Over the years, the company has tested its vehicle on the toughest roads and terrains around the world. As a result, the high-performance Jaguars are one of the most preferred vehicles among the customers. In the UAE, Al Tayer is the authorised distributor of Jaguar Cars, including its finances, insurance and after-sales service.

Providing top-notch services to its valued customers, Jaguar offers car insurance in the UAE for safeguarding your vehicle against various threats and accidents such as fire and allied perils, natural calamities, third-party malicious acts, road accidents, vandalism and more. While buying a Jaguar car insurance in the UAE, you need to understand the extent and type of protection you need. To have wholesome protection, you should buy a comprehensive car insurance plan. On the other hand, third-party car insurance is compulsory to drive on UAE roads. Go through the following article to know the details of Jaguar car insurance.  

Jaguar Car Insurance Cost in the UAE

Jaguar offers an affordable car insurance cost, and the policyholder (car owners) can pay their insurance premium conveniently through online mode. The insurance thus obtained helps the owner to avail of comprehensive vehicle protection that includes accidental damages, loss due to fire and allied perils and other vulnerabilities.

In UAE, the cost of the Jaguar car insurance varies depending on the model, price and build year of the car. The insurance provider considers several factors before offering you the actual cost of your car insurance. Depending on the factors, the Jaguar car insurance in the UAE can cost you between AED 4400 to 6100. 

How is the Motor Insurance Cost Calculated?

The insurance company calculates the insurance premium according to the insured declared value (IDV). An IDV is a maximum amount that the insurance company is liable to pay in case of an accident or mishap. While calculating the IDV, the insurer deducts the depreciation rates and the insurance exclusions from the selling price of a specific Jaguar car model. In addition, the depreciation rate is based on the age of the car. 

Types of Jaguar Car Insurance in the UAE

To provide customised insurance solutions, the Jaguar car company comes with two types of car insurance in the UAE. Based on your protection requirements, you can opt for comprehensive or third-party liability insurance. Following are the type of Jaguar Car insurance available in the UAE. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance

As the name suggests, comprehensive car insurance provides extensive protection from unforeseen losses/damages to the car, whether it’s running on the road or parked. Additionally, it provides cover for the driver and passengers involved during the accidents. 

A comprehensive car insurance policy also comes with third-party liability protection that provides security against the losses and damages caused to the uninsured due to the insured vehicle. Such damages include the loss of property and vehicles of a third person who does not belong to the insurance contract. 

Third-Party Liability Insurance

As mentioned earlier, a third party is not a part of the car insurance contract. In some instances, the insured car may cause an accident and result in loss of another vehicle or bodily injury to a passerby. In such cases, third-party liability insurance covers the recovery and repair expenses of the uninsured vehicle and injuries of the passengers.

Third-party liability insurance does not secure the insured vehicle and its passengers in case of an accident. According to the RTA regulations, third-party liability insurance is compulsory for driving your car on the UAE roads. Since the third-party insurance plan provides basic security, the insurance cost is much lower than the Jaguar comprehensive car insurance. 

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Reasons to Buy Jaguar Car Insurance in the UAE

Car insurance is crucial for securing your vehicle, driver and passengers against unforeseen events. Among several reasons, the following are the key factors for choosing a Jaguar car insurance in the UAE. 

  • The Jaguar car insurance policy comes with the options of comprehensive and third-party liability protection. You can choose the policy that suits your requirements. 
  • An in-house Jaguar insurance is affordable and offers extensive protection to your Jaguar car. 
  • With a range of additional riders, you can opt for customised security. However, the riders come with a nominal increase in the insurance premium. 
  • With Jaguar car insurance, you also get roadside assistance, towing facility and emergency fuel delivery during unforeseen situations. 
  • With a network of service and repair facilities, Jaguar provides quick assistance and accidental damage repair. 
  • Through a complete online claim application process, you get a hassle-free and convenient car insurance settlement.   
  • During the claim process, the vehicle owners get a team of professionals to guide them through the process. 
  • With the Jaguar insurance cashless claim, you don’t need to pay any amount from your pocket.  
  • An uninsured (third-party) can file a claim directly in case of accidents caused due to the insured vehicle. 
  • Getting a Jaguar car insurance is easy, quick and reliable through a completely online process. Additionally, you can pay your car insurance premium conveniently via online as well as offline mode. 
  • You also get a quick claim survey process within hours. 

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Car Insurance Inclusions

Insurance inclusion is the extent of coverage your car insurance provides. Comprehensive Jaguar car insurance protects the insured vehicle from numerous threats as mentioned below - 

  • Inclusions against the damages to the insured vehicle 
    • Explosion, Fire, Self-ignition
    • External damages due to accidents
    • Third-party malicious act
    • Strike, vandalism, riots
    • Earthquakes, landslides, storms
    • Flood, cyclone and other allied perils
    • Damages during transportation and transit
    • Burglary, theft and break-in
  • Personal accident cover to the passengers and driver of the insured vehicle. 
  • Third-party liability coverage against property damage, bodily injury or death during an accident caused by the insured vehicle.  

Car Insurance Add-ons

Add-ons are additional coverage that you can opt for to have extra protection for your Jaguar car. An add-on increases the cost of your insurance, so you should consider your security requirements and purchase a rider. The following add-ons are offered with Jaguar Car insurance. 

  • Zero Depreciation Add-on: With a zero depreciation add-on, the depreciation value of your Jaguar car is not considered while calculating the IDV (Insured Declared Value). Since it is an add-on cover, your insurance premium would increase. However, a zero depreciation cover helps to get the invoice amount in case of vehicle damage. 
  • Tire Damage Add-on: Tire damage coverage protects the tires of your Jaguar vehicle from accidental damages. The add-on does not cover wear and tear due to the vehicle’s normal operations. 
  • Cost of Consumable Items: This add-on covers the cost of the replacement of consumable items such as lubricants, brake oil, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.
  • GAP Value Cover: Usually, there is a difference between the actual vehicle price and the amount that the leaser lends to the borrower. The GAP insurance covers the difference between these two amounts.  
  • Roadside Assistance Cover - The add-on covers the emergency expenses to transport your vehicle to a service centre from the accident spot. It covers the cost of towing, tire replacement, fuel assistance and more. 
  • Engine and Transmission Cover - This rider covers the cost of accidental damages to the vehicle’s engine and gearbox when added to Jaguar car insurance. 
  • Add-on Cover for Electrical and Non-Electrical Accessories - The add-on covers the cost of replacement of mechanical and electrical accessories from accidental damages. 

Car Insurance Exclusions

Exclusions are those events for which insurance providers don’t offer any financial assistance. The insurers are under moral and legal obligation to inhibit intentional damages to vehicles for monetary benefits. Following are some of the Jaguar car insurance exclusions.

  • The insurer does not provide any insurance benefits for accidents occurring due to drug or alcohol consumption.  
  • Jaguar car insurance does not cover any intentional damages caused to the own vehicle for monetary benefits. 
  • If a non-licensed driver causes the accident, the insurer is not liable to pay any insurance benefits. 
  • The policy does not cover the electrical and mechanical breakdown. 
  • The wear and tear of vehicle parts due to normal operations are not part of the insurance policy. 
  • If the Jaguar car is used for commercial or purposes other than the specified, the car insurance company is not liable to pay the insurance benefits. For example, if a Jaguar car registered for an individual is used for commercial purposes, the insurance stands nullified. 
  • During an accident, if the insurance inspector finds the reason for the accident to be vehicle overloading, the Jaguar car insurance won’t offer the insurance benefits. Overloading is a condition in which the vehicle exceeds its loading limit. For example, if a 5-seater Jaguar car has 6 occupants during an accident, the insurance provider is liable to reject the insurance claim. 
  • In case of nuclear accidents and explosions, foreign attacks and war, the insurance company is not liable for the claim settlement.   

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How to Buy Jaguar Car Insurance in the UAE?

The most convenient way to buy a Jaguar car insurance is online purchase. You can conveniently visit the insurer’s website, compare various plans and riders, check estimated quotes and choose the best Jaguar car insurance in the UAE. Following are the steps to purchase an insurance policy for your Jaguar car. 

  1. Visit the Jaguar car insurance provider’s official website and navigate to the car/motor insurance page. 
  2. Check for the insurance plans available for your Jaguar car. A few plans may be model-specific; keep a note for the same. 
  3. Once you have chosen the best Jaguar insurance plan according to your requirements, move further with entering your personal and contact details. 
  4. Subsequently, you need to enter your Jaguar car details such as build year, model and fuel type and click on proceed. 
  5. You will get the list of insurances, quotes and add-on cover options based on your Jaguar car model. 
  6. Select the plan and pay the insurance premium online. 
  7. After successful payment, you will receive the insurance receipt and the policy details. Download and save it for future references. 

You can also buy Jaguar car insurance at by following the above-mentioned steps. 

Jaguar Car Insurance Renewal Process

The policyholders can renew their Jaguar car insurance online from the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Visit your insurance provider’s official website or to renew your Jaguar vehicle insurance online.
  2. Navigate to the insurance section and choose the car insurance renewal option. 
  3. Enter the policy details such as policy number and owner’s details.
  4. After entering all the details, click on the ‘Proceed’ button. 
  5. You will receive the policy details and the premium amount on the screen. 
  6. Verify all the details and pay the insurance premium to complete the Jaguar car insurance renewal process. 

Note: If your insurance provider offers a no-claim bonus, verify if you have availed of the no-claim bonus discount before making the payment. If the customer does not file a claim in the preceding year, the insurer offers a no-claim bonus. 

Jaguar Car Insurance Claim Process

With a completely online claim process, Jaguar Car insurance claim is quick and hassle-free. All you need to do is collect your policy, vehicle details and supporting documents and fill the claim application form. The following are the detailed steps for filing an online Jaguar car insurance claim.   

  1. Report Insurer about the Accident - After an accident, the policyholder needs to contact the insurance provider as soon as possible. In case of casualty, contact the ambulance and the police. It is important to intimate the police during accidents as you would require a police report during the claim process. 
  1. Go through your Insurance Policy - After reporting the competent authority, go through your insurance policy and check if they provide roadside assistance and other emergency facilities. Contact the authorities and take your vehicle to the nearest authorised service centre.
  • Document Collection - While filing your claim, you need to submit a set of documents related to your insurance policy, vehicle and personal details. Apart from these, you need to collect all the supporting documents and proof of the accident. You can take a video proof to aid the investigation (survey) process. 
  • Filling up the Claim Application Form - Once you have collected all the documents, visit the car insurance provider’s official website. Later, select the Jaguar car insurance claim form. Fill in all the required details and upload the policy-related documents and proof of the accident. 
  • Approval and Claim Settlement - After filing the online claim, the insurance provider will go through the documents and proofs and conduct the insurance claim survey. Once the survey is successfully completed, you will receive the insurance benefits. 

If your vehicle is in a repairable condition, it will be sent to the nearest authorised service centre. The insurer will directly pay the expenses incurred to the garage under a cashless claim. In cashless claims, you won’t have to pay any amount from your pocket.   

Documents Required for Jaguar Car Insurance Claim 

While applying for a Jaguar car insurance claim, you need to collect all the necessary proofs and documents. The documents include your insurance details, personal details, details of the insured car and supporting documents. You will require the following documents during the Jaguar car insurance claim process. 

  • A duly filled Jaguar car insurance claim form
  • The policy details such as policy number and policy receipt
  • The registration number of your Jaguar vehicle
  • Driving license of the person driving the car during an accident or the owner’s driving license
  • Police FIR and inspection report in case of an accident
  • Inspection and the final investigation report from the police
  • Proofs such as photos and videos related to the accident

Note - Your insurer may ask for additional documents like car modification certificate, police investigation reports, owner’s details, etc. To have a hassle-free claim settlement, collect all the relevant documents and proofs before applying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the Jaguar car insurance cover?

Ans. The extent of Jaguar car insurance coverage depends on the type of policy you own. Third-party liability insurance covers the expenses of the property damage and bodily injuries of the uninsured. Jaguar comprehensive car insurance offers extensive security from different threats, including fire and allied perils, explosion, natural calamities, theft, burglary and accidental damages.

Q2. Is it expensive to buy a Jaguar car insurance in the UAE?

Ans. Most insurance providers offer a competitive insurance cost for your Jaguar vehicle. However, there are price differences if you pay close attention. Buying a Jaguar car insurance online can fetch you the most reasonable price. You can visit the insurance section of and compare car insurance costs from various insurers. 

Q3. What are the factors that determine the car insurance cost for my Jaguar vehicle?

Ans. The following factors determine the cost of your Jaguar car insurance in the UAE. 

  • The manufacturing year and the current market price of your Jaguar vehicle
  • Model of your Jaguar car
  • Claim record of your car
  • Insured Declared Value (IDV),
  • Type of insurance you opt for
  • Additional riders bought with the basic insurance plan
Q4. Where can I buy Jaguar car insurance in the UAE?

Ans. You can opt for in-house insurance purchase where the company offers Jaguar car insurance at the time of vehicle purchase. Additionally, you can buy a car protection policy from other insurers in the UAE. 

Q5. Do I get third-party liability coverage with a comprehensive insurance plan?

Ans. Yes, the Jaguar comprehensive insurance plan covers the third party liabilities against accidental property damages and bodily injuries.

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