Oriental Car Insurance

Oriental car insurance is one of the prominent names in the auto insurance industry. It provides three types of car insurance in UAE – comprehensive insurance, third-party liability car insurance and motorcycle insurance. Oriental car insurance plans help cover you and your car with financial cover against unforeseen circumstances. Some of the damages covered by the Oriental comprehensive car insurance plans are road collisions, any malicious act of any third party and vehicle theft. In the third-party car insurance plans, the company is liable to pay for only those damages incurred to the third-party vehicle.read more ...read more

Oriental Car Insurance
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*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Honda City EX 1.5L, 2017 model.

Oriental Insurance Company is one of the prominent names in the Indian General Insurance market. During these 65 years, the company has expanded its operations overseas, which includes its venture into the UAE insurance market. Since 1960, it has been operating in collaboration with Armab Insurance Works, LLC. Oriental Insurance also extends support to other companies operating in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

In these 54 years, the company has gained a dedicated clientele in the insurance market UAE. It is a much-admired provider of Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE and is known for its quick and efficient insurance services.

Type of Motor Insurance Covers Provided By Oriental Insurance

There are 3 types of vehicle insurance coverage provided by Oriental Insurance 

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Third-Party Liability Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Comprehensive car insurance in uae -

Comprehensive Car Insurance in UAE -

We invest so much in a car that it soon becomes a prized possession. Which is why any unanticipated loss or damage can prove to be stressful. The expenses incurred on repairs/replacement can be a costly affair. Thus, a comprehensive motor insurance policy is recommended for every vehicle owner. It provides you and your car with a financial cover against any unforeseen circumstances like physical damage, third party liability, and personal accident cover along with emergency roadside assistance.  

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Oriental Car Insurance is in Accordance with UAE Unified Motor Policy

Comprehensive Insurance provides protection against any loss or damage caused to the vehicle, the insured, and any third-party due to -

  • On-road collision or accident
  • Theft or burglary attempt
  • Self-ignition, fire, lightning, explosion etc.
  • Malicious act of any third party
  • ​Damage caused during transit via railways, road, inland waterways or relating to the said transportation
  • In case of third party bodily injury or death, the maximum liability of the insurer is restricted to the total sum decided by the Court.
  • The coverage is applicable across the UAE.
  • Personal Accident Benefit Cover up to 200,000 AED is provided to the passengers and the driver of the insured car. This is applicable in case of any permanent disability or accidental death.
  • Up to 1,000 AED (per accident) can be compensated for towing and removal assistance. For vehicles weighing above 10 tons, 3,500 AED (per accident) is provided.
  • Agency repair for the insured cars is provided.
  • If not agency repair, the car will be repaired at an OIC-registered garage. OIC network garages are equipped with all the top-notch facilities.

The Same is Applicable for Motor Fleet Insurance.

All the benefits are subject to policy terms, clauses, conditions, inclusion and exclusions. Please refer the policy documents for more details.

Third Party Liability Insurance

  • Provides protection against any bodily injury, loss or damage caused to another vehicle, person or property caused by the insured vehicle
  • Third party property damage cover of up to 250,000 AED
  • In case of third party bodily injury or death, the maximum liability of the insurer is restricted to the sum determined by the Court
  • Personal accident cover is provided up to 200,000 AED. This covers death and any permanent disability caused to the third party
  • The coverage is applicable across the UAE
  • Repairing assistance for the third-party vehicle in their nominated category A Class 1 garage

The coverage is subject to policy wordings.

Motorcycle Insurance

Comprehensive insurance cover is provided to motorcycles up to 350cc.

Third party or legal liability cover of 500,000 AED is provided against loss damage caused to a third party’s property in the UAE.

Repairing work will be done at Al Ameek garage

In case of third-party bodily injury or death, the maximum liability of the Oriental insurance is restricted to the total sum conferred by the Court.

Documents required for Oriental Insurance:

The insured will need to fax or email the following documents-

  • Copy of driving license, passport (if required)
  • Trade license copy is also required if the insurance is to be bought in the name of a company
  • For a new motorcycle, complete vehicle details including engine number, chassis number will be required
  • Vehicle Registration card (if available)

Arabic Certificate can be asked for while registering your car.

Kindly note, OIC’s insurance quote is subject to change.

Provisions under Roadside Assistance

Oriental Insurance Company (OIC) provides round-the-clock roadside assistance to its customers across the United Arab Emirates through International Motoring Club (IMC).  

The following assistance will be provided to the insured person or anyone who is driving the insured vehicle (with a valid license) -

  • Vehicle Towing Assistance- In case the car breaks down or meets with an accident, the vehicle will be taken by IMC to an OIC-chosen garage (agency or non-agency garage).
  • Battery Boost Service - In case the car’s battery is dead, assistance will be provided to jump-start the engine. If it does not start, the vehicle will be taken to the closest insurer-nominated garage.
  • Lock-Out Service - In case, the car keys are left inside the car/vehicle, assistance will be provided by IMC to unlock it.
  • Refueling Service - If the insured vehicle runs out of fuel and there is no help available nearby, then IMC will deliver the fuel to the insured person. However, the cost of the fuel shall be borne by the driver.
  • Flat Tyre Assistance - A flat tyre will be replaced with a spare tyre. If it is not available at that time, then IMC will tow the vehicle to an OIC network garage.
  • Car Rent Service - In case the insured vehicle is stolen or meets with an accident, a spare car can be rented for 24 hours, but only if the vehicle is immovable or cannot be towed.
  • International Driving License- A discount of 10% is provided to OIC customers. The insured member needs to submit their UAE driving license, passport size photos with a duly filled application form signed by IMC.

Note - All garage expenses, excluding accidental repairs, will be borne by the insured. Please refer to oriental car insurance policy documents for further details.

For assistance related to car insurance in UAE, get in touch with the claim team of OIC at their toll-free number - 800 NATURE (628873). Additionally, the insured can download a claim form from their website and file the claim online.

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Motor Accident Claims Procedure for Oriental Insurance

Immediately intimate the insurer to receive timely assistance. The following documents will be required for the same.

  • A police report with the details of the accident and damage is mandatory
  • A copy of driving license
  • Front and back copy of the registration card

Once the above-mentioned documents are submitted, OIC’s claim team will provide immediate assistance to insured anytime and anywhere.

Oriental Car Insurance FAQs

Q1. How can I get in touch with the claims team?

Ans: OIC’s Claims team is available from Sunday to Thursday between 8 am and 5 pm. Contact Details: customercare@oicgulf[dot]ae Phone: 800 NATURE (628873)

Q2. What all services are provided under roadside assistance?

Ans: You can avail vehicle towing assistance, battery-boost service, lockout service, refueling service, flat tyre assistance, car rent service, to name a few. Please check policy wordings for the same.

Q3. What is a comprehensive motor insurance plan?

Ans: A comprehensive plan provides coverage against any physical damage to the vehicle, third-party liability cover, and roadside assistance to the insured.

Q4. When is a trade license copy required?

Ans: If your motor insurance is in the name of a company, then a trade license copy needs to be submitted.

Q5. Is motorcycle insurance also provided by OIC?

Ans: Yes, motorcycles up to 350cc can be covered by comprehensive insurance.

Q6. What is the limit of personal accident cover in comprehensive motor insurance?

Ans: Up to 200,000 AED is provided as personal accident cover to the insured. This covers death and any permanent disability.

Q7. What is the compensation in case of third-party property damage or bodily injuries?

Ans: If there is any third-party bodily injury or death, the maximum liability of OIC is restricted to the total sum decided by the Court.

Q8. What documents are required to file a motor accident claim?

Ans: You need to submit a copy of police report, registration card’s copy (front & bank) and a copy of the driving license.

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