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Incorporated in 1903, Ford Motors is one of the largest American automobile manufacturers. The company owns several subsidiaries across the globe, including an 8% stake in Aston Martin and ownership in the Brazilian SUV manufacturer ‘Troller’. Ford Motors delivers a range of automobiles including sports utility vehicles, sedans, hatchbacks and multi-utility vehicles. In UAE, Al Tayer is an authorised dealer of Ford cars and offers sales and after-sales services. Al Tayer has tied up with top banks and insurers to provide Ford car insurance in the UAE. As a part of its after-sales services, Al Tayer forms a network of Ford authorised dealership and service centres all over the UAE. more

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Ford car insurance is customisable as per the needs of the vehicle owner and offers comprehensive as well as third-party liability coverage. Comprehensive vehicle insurance provides extensive protection to the insured vehicle from fire, explosions and allied perils, theft, burglary, third-party malicious act and road accidents. The following article sheds light on Ford car insurance, benefits offered and key inclusions and exclusions. 

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party
*Above mentioned prices are for Ford Edge SE 3.5L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Ford Edge SE 3.5L, 2023 model.

Ford Car Insurance Cost in the UAE

The car insurance cost depends on a few factors such as the vehicle cost, model, manufacturing year, etc. Based on these factors, the Ford car insurance cost can lie between AED 450 to 6,000. 

The insurance cost is also known as the premium and an individual needs to pay it in order to stay in the contract. The policyholders can easily pay Ford car insurance premiums through online modes, or they can visit the insurance provider in person for premium payments. As long as the insurance contract remains active, the insurer secures the vehicle from various vulnerabilities such as fire and allied perils, explosions, road accidents, theft and burglary. 

How is the Ford Motor Insurance Cost Calculated?

The insurance providers calculate the cost according to the insured declared value (IDV). The insured declared value denotes the maximum sum the insurer is liable to pay in case of an accident. During IDV calculation, the depreciation rate and the insurance exclusions are deducted from the selling price of a particular Ford model. The company discloses the IDV amount when you purchase the Ford car insurance. Several other factors also determine the cost of car insurance such as after-sale modification, prior claim history, etc. 

Types of Ford Car Insurance in the UAE

Considering the diverse needs of customers, Ford car insurance providers have come up with comprehensive and third-party liability insurance. To have maximum protection against on-road and off-road threats, you can buy a comprehensive car insurance plan. On the other hand, third-party insurance protects the uninsured individual/vehicle against losses/damages caused due to the insured vehicle. The details of both the insurance type are as follows -

Comprehensive car insurance provides wholesome protection to your Ford car from accidental losses, whether it is on the road or not. As an extensive coverage, the insurance also protects the occupants against any unforeseen event. 

Additionally, the comprehensive car policy comes bundled with third-party liability insurance that secures uninsured individuals/vehicles from mishaps caused due to the insured vehicle. Although comprehensive car insurance is expensive in comparison to third-party liability insurance, it offers extensive coverage to the passenger, vehicle and uninsured individuals on the road. A comprehensive car insurance plan has some exclusions, and the same needs to be confirmed while purchasing a Ford car insurance. 

In cases where the accident is caused due to the insured vehicle, it becomes the liability of the vehicle owner to pay for the third-party losses. A third party is an individual who does not belong to the insurance contract and is not required to pay the insurance premium. However, he/she can claim for the losses incurred due to an accident by the insured vehicle.  

The customers should note that the third party Ford car insurance does not cover the damages to the insured vehicle and the occupants during an accident. However, you need to compulsorily have third-party liability insurance before hitting the roads of the UAE. 

Reasons to Buy Ford Car Insurance in the UAE

To protect your Ford vehicle against various vulnerabilities, you should purchase Ford car insurance in the UAE. Various reasons justifying why you should opt for Ford car insurance in the UAE are as follows. - 

  • With Ford car insurance, you get a completely customisable insurance plan that secures your vehicle as per your requirements. 
  • You have the option of choosing between comprehensive and third-party liability insurance. 
  • The Ford car insurance cost depends on the vehicle model and other factors, so depending on the Ford model you have, you can buy affordable Ford car insurance in the UAE. 
  • Along with the two types of car insurance plans, the providers offer several add-ons to give you bespoke protection as per your needs and omit the undesired protection. 
  • With extensive service centres and garage networks, you get quick and hassle-free parts replacement and recovery of your vehicle. Additionally, a big network facilitates the cashless claim process. 
  • With Ford car insurance, you can file fast and convenient online claims. Additionally, the paperwork reduces exponentially in an online claim, thereby reducing your effort. 
  • During the claim process, you get a team of professionals guiding you through the process and easing out the complexity. 
  • When buying an online Ford car insurance plan, you get exclusive discounts. You may need to satisfy a few terms and conditions in order to avail of the discounts. 
  • As a part of the coverage, the insurance includes emergency medical covers, roadside assistance, fuel delivery, towing, etc.

Best Car Insurance Provider UAE 2021

Car Insurance Companies Types of Car Insurance Plans Offered Plan Details
ADNIC Platinum Cover Gold Cover Standard Cover
AXA Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance cover, Third-Party Liability Cover
RSA Car Insurance Motor Executive (Comprehensive), Motor Smart (Comprehensive), Motor Value (Third-Party)
Oman Car Insurance Comprehensive Cover Third-Party Insurance InsureMyTesla High Net Worth Covers (premium covers for luxury cars/vehicles)
Noor Takaful Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third-Party Liability Car Insurance
Orient Car Insurance Comprehensive Plans, Third-Party Liability Plans
Salama Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans
Tokio Marine Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans
New India Car Insurance Third-Party Plans, Comprehensive Plans
RAK Car Insurance Comprehensive and Third-Party liability

Ford Comprehensive Car Insurance Inclusions in the UAE

Whatever threats car insurance protects the vehicle from falls under the policy inclusions. Ford comprehensive car insurance includes extensive protection from a range of perils and threats as mentioned below - 

  • Following are the extent of coverage to the insured vehicle
    • Protection against fire, explosion and fire caused due to self-ignition
    • Coverage against accidental damages to the external and internal vehicle body
    • Protection from third-party malicious acts resulting in vehicle damages and losses
    • Security against strikes, riots and vandalism
    • Coverage for the vehicle damage caused due to natural calamities such as storms, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, etc.
    • Protection against theft, house break-in, burglary, etc.
    • Coverage for the vehicle loss during transit and transportation
    • Protection against road accidents
  •  Following are the inclusions for third-party liabilities 
    • Protection against accidental damages to the third-party property or vehicle. 
    • Coverage for the third-party bodily injuries or death.
  •  Personal accident cover for the car owner, passengers and the third party.

Ford Car Insurance Add-ons in the UAE

Along with comprehensive and third-party liability insurance, Ford car insurance also comes with several add-ons to extend the boundaries of your vehicle protection. A few Ford car insurance add-ons include:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover - With a zero depreciation cover, your insurance provider does not consider your Ford vehicle depreciation cost to calculate the IDV (Insured Declared Value). A zero depreciation or no dep cover increases the cost of your Ford car insurance premium. However, it offers higher insurance benefits in comparison to the basic policy. 
  • Engine and Gearbox Cover - The engine and transmission cover includes the expenses of engine and gearbox damages due to water ingression or flooding. The insurer covers the engine repair and replacement cost at an authorised service centre. 
  • Return to Invoice Add-on - With a return to invoice add-on, the insurer pays the invoice value of your Ford vehicle instead of the insured declared value in case of accidental damage. 
  • Tire Damage Cover - A tire damage add-on covers the repair and replacement cost of your Ford car tires during accidental damages. It does not include the replacement due to normal wear and tear. 
  • Cost of Consumable Items - This additional rider includes the replacement of consumable items such as brake fluid, engine oil, nuts and bushes. 
  • GAP Value Cover - An acronym for Guaranteed Asset Protection, the GAP insurance covers the difference between the vehicle price and the amount lent to the borrower. 
  • Roadside Assistance Cover - This add-on covers the emergency expenses to carry your Ford vehicle to the nearest service centre from the accident spot. Roadside assistance includes the cost of towing, emergency fuel delivery, tire replacement, etc. 
  • No-Claim Bonus Cover - In Ford car insurance, you receive a no-claim bonus for not making any insurance claim during the preceding year. With a no-claim bonus cover, all your prior unclaimed bonuses are kept intact if you need to file a claim. 

Car Insurance Exclusions in the UAE

In a few instances, the insurance company does not cover accidental vehicle loss or damages. Such events are known as exclusions. Due to moral and legal obligations, the insurance providers strictly follow the exclusions as given below - 

  • In the case of Intoxication - The company provides no insurance benefits for accidents occurring under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any form of intoxication.   
  • Self-Inflicted Damages - In a few cases, the policyholder causes intentional damages to the vehicle for monetary benefits. To avoid such events, the insurance providers exclude the coverage against self-inflicted vehicle damages.  
  • Non-Licensed Driver - The insurance company is not liable to pay insurance benefits for any damages if a non-licensed driver causes the accident.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Failure - The policy does not cover electrical and mechanical breakdown. 
  • Failure due to Regular Operations - The policy does not cover the normal wear and tear of vehicle parts due to regular operations. 
  • Nuclear Accidents and Attacks - In case of nuclear accidents and explosions, foreign attacks and war, the insurance company is not liable for the claim settlement.
  • Accidents due to Unspecified Use -  If the Ford car is used for purposes other than specified by the manufacturer, the insurance company is not liable to pay the insurance benefits. For example, if a Ford car registered for personal use is used for commercial purposes, the insurance stands null and void.
  • Accidents due to Vehicle Overloading - In case of accidents due to overloading of passengers and exceeding the permissible limit, the insurance company won’t provide any insurance benefits.

How to Buy a Ford Car Insurance in the UAE?

To buy Ford car insurance, an individual can visit the insurance provider in person or visit their official website. Purchasing car insurance online is convenient, fast and reliable, and you can also avail of exclusive discounts. Following are the steps to buying an online Ford Car insurance in the UAE. 

  1. Visit the Ford car insurance official website and scroll through the insurance section. 
  2. Choose the type of insurance plan available for your Ford car. Depending on the model, you will find estimated quotes and insurance costs. 
  3. After choosing your plan click on ‘Buy now’. You will be prompted to enter the details of your vehicle and your personal and contact details. 
  4. After entering the details, proceed to the next step, where you will see the insurance cost specific to your vehicle type based on the entered details. 
  5. Select the plan suiting your needs and pay the insurance premium online. 
  6. After you have paid the premium, you get the policy details and payment receipts. Collect the receipt and policy details for all future references.

To buy the Ford car insurance plan offline, you need to visit an insurance broker or the Ford car insurance provider with your identity, driving license and vehicle details. 

Car Insurance Renewal Process

You can conveniently renew your Ford car insurance online from anywhere and anytime. To renew your car insurance, follow the steps below -

  1. Visit or your insurance provider’s official website.
  2. Select the car insurance renewal option by navigating through the car insurance section. 
  3. Enter the policy details such as policy number and owner’s details.
  4. After entering all the details, click on the ‘Proceed’ button. 
  5. You will receive the policy details and the premium amount on the screen. 
  6. Verify all the details and pay the insurance premium to complete the Ford car insurance renewal process. 

If you are eligible for a no-claim bonus, ensure that you are availing of it during the insurance renewal process. With a no-claim bonus, you can get exclusive discounts on the insurance premium. 

Ford Car Insurance Claim Process

The online claim process for Ford Car insurance makes it quick and convenient. All you need to do is collect and submit your policy, vehicle details and supporting documents and fill the claim application form. The following are the detailed steps for filing an online Ford car insurance claim.   

  • Report the Accident - Soon after an accident, the vehicle owner needs to intimate the insurance provider. If there are injured individuals, contact the ambulance and the police. In case of a road accident, it is important to report to the police authority because you will need the first and final police investigation report during the claim process. 
  • Study your Car Insurance - After reporting to the authorities, you need to study your insurance policy and check for the emergency roadside assistance that you can opt for. Contact your insurance support team and ask for assistance. If you have personal accident cover bundled in your insurance plan, the cost of carrying the injured to the hospital and other emergency medical expenses are covered by the insurance. 
  • Accumulate your Documents - Before filing the insurance claim, you need to accumulate a set of documents related to your insurance policy, vehicle and personal details. Apart from these, you need to collect all the supporting documents and proof of the accident. You can take a video proof to aid the investigation (survey) process. 
  • Filing the Ford Car Insurance Claim - Once you have all the documents ready, file an online claim settlement application and upload the documents wherever required. To file an online claim, you need to visit the insurance provider’s official website and navigate to the online car insurance claim section. Subsequently, enter all the required details and submit the claim form. 
  • Approval and Claim Settlement - Soon after the claim submission, the insurance provider studies your documents and all the supporting documents. After a successful investigation, the insurer approves your insurance claim, and you receive your insurance benefits. 

In the case of cashless claims, the cost of repair and replacement is paid directly to the garage. To avail of cashless claims, you need to take your vehicle to an authorised service centre. 

Documents Required for Ford Car Insurance Claim

When you are ready with all the requisite documents, the claim process becomes quick and hassle-free. Therefore, collect all the required documents prior to filling the claim form. To ensure you have each document, you can go through the list given below - 

  • A duly filled Ford car insurance claim form
  • The policy details, including policy number and policy receipt
  • The registration number of your Ford car
  • Driving license of the person driving the car during an accident or the owner’s license
  • Police FIR and inspection report (in case of a road accident)
  • Inspection and the final investigation report from the police
  • Proofs such as photos and videos related to the accident

The insurer may ask for additional documents related to the intricacies of your vehicle accident. To ensure that you have all the necessary documents supporting your claim request, you can contact the insurance support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I buy Ford car insurance in the UAE?

Ans. You can opt for an in-house insurance purchase when you buy a Ford car. In addition, you can buy a car policy from various insurance providers in the UAE. 

Q2. What is the Ford car insurance coverage extent?

Ans. Ford car insurance coverage is based on the insurance type. Ford comprehensive car insurance offers security from a range of perils, including fire, explosion, natural calamities, theft, burglary and accidental damages. Third-party liability insurance covers the expenses of the property damage and bodily injuries of the uninsured. 

Q3. How much is the cost of Ford car insurance in the UAE?

Ans. Several insurance companies in the UAE offer a competitive insurance cost for your Ford vehicle. Ford car insurance purchased online can give you the best rates. You can visit the insurance section of and compare car insurance costs from various insurers. 

Q4. Do I get third-party liability coverage with a comprehensive insurance plan?

Ans. Yes, the Ford comprehensive insurance plan covers the third-party liabilities against accidental property damages and bodily injuries.  

Q5. What are the allied perils? 

Ans. Allied Perils are threats such as fire, explosions, lightning, thunderstorm, etc. 

Q6. Does Ford comprehensive car insurance provide protection against allied perils?

Ans. Yes, Ford Comprehensive car insurance protects the insured vehicle against fire and allied perils. 

Q7. Do I get insurance benefits in the case of vehicle theft and burglary?

Ans. Yes, the comprehensive Ford car insurance protects your vehicle against theft, burglary or house break-in.  

Q8. What is the best way to buy Ford car insurance in the UAE?

Ans. Purchasing the Ford car insurance online is the best way to acquire a car policy. This way, you can compare various insurance plans, view estimated quotes and buy the policy without any hassle. In addition, you can avail of various offers and discounts for purchasing an online Ford car insurance plan.

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