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Nissan is one of the most popular brands in the UAE, selling over fourteen different models in the passenger, SUVs, sports and commercial categories. Nissan cars are perfect for most occasions and needs. And to make sure your perfect Nissan is protected ideally from all potential threats, you will need a good Nissan auto insurance plan in the UAE. more

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Nissan insurance plans available in the UAE are quite comprehensive and consist of several different elements. This article will cover all things you need to know when buying your Nissan car insurance plan for a Nissan car, including the benefits you get, the exclusions, the claim and renewal process and what to consider when buying the plan. 

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*Above mentioned prices are for Nissan Altima S 2.5L, 2023 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Nissan Altima S 2.5L, 2023 model.

Nissan Car Insurance Price in the UAE

Insuring a Nissan car in the UAE can cost AED 1800 on average. The price of the insurance plans can change as per the make and model of the car. More expensive models will cost a little more while the less expensive ones will cost lesser. Other factors that can change the price of Nissan insurance include the comprehensiveness of the plan, add-ons you have taken and some other secondary factors like your driving record and claim history. Car insurance prices have gone down quite a bit in the last two to three years along with the price a few other popular car brands in the UAE. 

Types of Nissan Car Insurance 

There are two types of Nissan car insurance plans available in the UAE – third-party liability car insurance plans and comprehensive Nissan auto insurance plans. Given below is a brief introduction of both these types:

  • Third-Party Car Liability Insurance: Third-party liability insurance claims are designed to cover the damages incurred by third party vehicles and third-party drivers in an accident that is caused due to your fault. Injuries, death and disability of the third-party drivers are covered in this Nissan insurance plan. A third-party liability Nissan insurance is the basic mandatory cover for all Nissan cars in the UAE. 
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance: A comprehensive Nissan car insurance plan is a combination of own damage cover and third-party liability insurance cover. This plan covers everything that a third-party liability insurance plan covers. On top of that, damages incurred by your vehicle in an accident, accidental injuries sustained, damages from fire and explosions, theft of the car and damages by natural or man-made disasters are also covered. 

Nissan Gap Insurance 

Gap insurance for Nissan cars is one of the most important types of insurance covers to get for all new car owners who have leased their Nissan cars. Gap insurance is used to cover the difference between your insurance payout and the remaining loan amount if your car gets stolen or damaged beyond repair. Depreciation leads to a steep fall in the market value of cars, which widens the gap between the due loan amount of financed cars and the amount that the insurance company is liable to cover. Your Nissan gap insurance can come in handy for as long as the due loan amount stays more than the market value of the car. Consider combining your comprehensive Nissan insurance with a Nissan gap insurance to further strengthen the protection. 

Benefits and Features of Buying Nissan Car Insurance 

  • Comprehensive Protection: Nissan insurance plans in the UAE are carefully curated to make sure that you get ideal coverage for your Nissan auto insurance plans. From third-party liabilities to all kinds of damages incurred by your car, there is a coverage arrangement for all potential threats. 
  • Personal Accident Benefit: Comprehensive Nissan insurance plans in the UAE come with an option to take the personal accident cover. This cover extends comprehensive coverage for accidental injury treatment as well as compensation in case the accident causes death or disability. The personal accident cover is available for both the driver and the passengers. 
  • Easy Claim Process: Submitting a claim for your Nissan car insurance plans is incredibly easy. The whole process is streamlined and insurance providers have dedicated cells to address each claim individually. The high claim settlement ratio of Nissan car insurance in the UAE is another benchmark of high-quality services of providers and trustworthiness of the plans.
  • Protection from Fire and Theft: Comprehensive Nissan car insurance plans in the UAE offer protection from fire damages and theft as well. If your new Nissan is stolen and is beyond recovery, the insurance company extends reimbursement equal to the current market value of the car. 
  • Customisable Plans: All comprehensive Nissan insurance plans are customisable as per the customers’ individual needs. You can easily add or remove benefits you like and create a plan that best fits your needs. 
  • Convenient Online Renewal: All Nissan car insurance plans bought online can also be renewed via online channels. The process takes only a few minutes and can be performed from the comfort of your home.

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Oman Car Insurance Comprehensive Cover Third-Party Insurance InsureMyTesla High Net Worth Covers (premium covers for luxury cars/vehicles)
Noor Takaful Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance, Third-Party Liability Car Insurance
Orient Car Insurance Comprehensive Plans, Third-Party Liability Plans
Salama Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans
Tokio Marine Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans
New India Car Insurance Third-Party Plans, Comprehensive Plans
RAK Car Insurance Comprehensive and Third-Party liability
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What Does Nissan Car Insurance Plans Cover?

  • Third-party damages including vehicular damages, injury of the driver, disabilities and death
  • Own damages caused in an accident or collision
  • Damages caused by natural or man-made disasters
  • Theft of the car or total loss 
  • Windshield cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Roadside assistance
  • Courtesy car
  • Agency repairs
  • Breakdown cover
  • Engine repair cover

Add-Ons for Nissan Car Insurance Plans

  • Off-road driving cover, unless covered as a basic benefit
  • No depreciation cover 
  • NCB retention cover 
  • Lock replacement cover
  • Return to invoice cover 
  • Daily transport allowance cover
  • Personal belonging cover 
  • Consumables cover
  • Car accessory protection cover 

Exclusions of Nissan Car Insurance Plans

  • Damages caused when driving without a license or permit
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Voluntary negligence on the part of the driver causing damages
  • Wars or war-like situations causing damages
  • Using your personal Nissan car for commercial business
  • Damages caused by the normal wear and tear of the car
  • Damages caused when driving outside the covered geographical range of the plan 

How to Buy the Best Nissan Auto Insurance in Dubai? 

  • Compare Different Plans: Always take your time and compare a few Nissan insurance quotes before you buy the plan. Comparing insurance for your Nissan car will help in finding better benefits at the lowest possible price. This simply means that you can get highly cost-effective Nissan insurance plans with great benefits too. 
  • Choose the Provider Wisely: Having a plan that costs less and offers more is not the only thing you need to consider. The provider of the plan also makes a great difference. Check out customer reviews for the provider and their services. Also, find out the customer support response time and quality. 
  • Look for Promotional Discounts: Promotional discounts are rare when it comes to insurance plans, but they sure pop up every now and then. Run a quick scan of all the available discounts or have a word with the experts to save some extra bucks. 
  • Evaluate Your Needs: Just because a plan is comprehensive enough doesn’t mean it is the best for you. It is a waste to pay for benefits that are of no use to you. For example, a comprehensive Nissan insurance plan with off-road driving cover as a basic benefit is no good if you never drive off-road. Evaluate your needs and find a plan that fits them perfectly. Ditch the benefits that are not required at the moment. 
  • Shop Online: Even though it is hard to come across promotional discounts, most providers offer additional discount on online purchases of Nissan car insurance plans. So make sure that you scout for online shopping discounts and take advantage of them. 
  • Customise the Cover: Get through the available add-ons and see if anything fit your needs. Also, consider gap insurance if you are financing your Nissan car. Customise your Nissan auto insurance plan and buy something unique that is ideal for your car.  
  • Read Online Reviews: Consider reading a lot of online reviews about both plans and the providers. Only buy from authentic sources like Policybazaar UAE and always verify your purchases. 

How Can I Renew my Nissan Car Insurance Plans?

Your Nissan car insurance plan can be renewed via online platforms from the comfort of your homes. To renew your Nissan car insurance plans, you simply need to visit the provider’s website or the aggregator’s website. Locate the login portal and use your policy credentials to log in. Go to the renewal section of the website. Enter your personal details and choose the coverage you want to go with for this year. Add or remove the add-ons if you like and head to the inspection part. If your insurance provider requires you to get an inspection, book one or sign up for a self-inspection. The inspector will arrive as scheduled and his evaluation will be valid for the next 24 hours after getting declared. Make payments and renew the plan within the timeline of the inspection. If you do not have a login credential for online renewal, you can get it done offline. You will need to visit the branch office of your provider for getting the renewal process started. 

Nissan Car Insurance Claim Process

Follow the below given steps to file your Nissan car insurance claims efficiently:

  • Contact the insurance company and inform them about the incident for which you need to file the claim.
  • Contact the police and register a police complaint if the incident involves an accident of any kind or theft of the vehicle. 
  • Get first aid for the injured and contact the insurance company’s roadside assistance number if you need the service. 
  • Obtain a claim form from the provider and fill it out. Attach it with a copy of your driving license, police report and car registration details. 
  • Submit the claim form set to the insurance company. The provider will then examine the claim and may send an inspector to evaluate the damage to the vehicle. 
  • A garage will be allotted to you and your car will be transferred there. 
  • The garage will start the repairs as soon as the insurance company approves the claim. 

Eligibility Criteria for Nissan Car Insurance 

Any UAE citizen or resident with valid identity proof can buy Nissan car insurance plans in the country. You have to be at least 18 years of age as well as a driver to be a policyholder in the UAE. Identity proof can be your passport, residency visa or Emirates ID. There are a few more documents and details you will need apart from the ones mentioned above:

  • Registration details of the car including registration card and other related documents
  • Chassis, engine details, make and model of the car
  • A scanned or physical copy of your driving license 
  • Previous policy number, if you had one
  • No claim bonus transfer certificate from the previous insurer (if applicable)

The Final Word

Whether it is a Nissan Sunny you need to insure or a Patrol Safari, focusing on the contents of your Nissan car insurance plans is extremely important. Follow all the small tips and tricks when you are choosing a plan for your Nissan ride and compare the benefits. Make sure that you have verified the authenticity of the Nissan insurance plan you want to buy as well as the insurance provider. Eliminate a bunch of time-consuming work by comparing and buying your Nissan auto insurance from Policybaaar UAE. Our in-house team of insurance experts will help you in making an informed choice and buy an ideal insurance plan. Do not forget to keep evaluating your insurance needs every few years and customise your Nissan auto insurance plan accordingly. 

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