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One of the best options to fulfil your zeal for a sedan car in the UAE is the all-new Nissan Altima. Nissan Altima UAE, built with advanced technology, futuristic design, turbo engine, and an impressive interior, can be your ideal choice for a four-wheeler. Comfortable seats and a spacious interior are a few features that add to its aesthetics. more

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*Above mentioned prices are for Nissan Altima S 2.5L, 2020 model.
*Above mentioned prices are for Nissan Altima S 2.5L, 2020 model.

You get several options to choose from when it comes to Nissan Altima, with this car having a 4-cylinder DIG (Direct Injection Gasoline) along with a 2.5-litre engine and 244/380 torque power. The same variety of options is available when you search for Nissan Altima car insurance.

Besides the legal aspect of car insurance being mandatory in the country, having such a plan for your Nissan Altima can be immensely helpful if your car faces damage of any type. To get the best Nissan Altima car insurance plan for yourself, you can continue reading the article below.

Features of Nissan Altima Car Insurance

Besides the key aspect of providing financial assistance during emergencies, Nissan Altima Car Insurance also provides other features and benefits like -

Cashless Repairing Services

Most insurance companies offer cashless repair services for insured cars at network garages. Such repairing services are offered to the policyholders 24/7 along with the benefits of doorstep pickup and delivery.

Network Garages

The top car insurance firms in the UAE have their network garages present all over the country. You can get your Nissan Altima repaired at any of the network garages at any time in a completely hassle-free manner.

Affordable Rates of Interest

Nissan Altima car insurance policies are available at pocket-friendly rates of interest, which reduce the cost of the loan.

Easy Claim Settlement

One can experience a hassle-free Nissan Altima claim settlement with any of the top providers. With both the online and offline options available, you can now easily raise a claim and submit the required documents to have your claim settled in a few days.

Numerous Add-ons for Enhanced Protection

Almost all insurance firms provide add-on covers with car insurance plans for those who wish to enhance their car protection at nominal rates.

Dedicated Customer Care

With the leading insurance companies having a dedicated customer helpline, you can expect quick assistance regarding any query at any time.

Easy Policy Renewal

Purchasing car insurance in UAE is easy, and the same is the case for renewing them. For Nissan Altima car insurance policy renewal, you can simply visit the website of your provider or connect offline at a branch and follow the directions to have your policy renewed.

Types of Nissan Altima Car Insurance Plans

For Nissan Altima UAE, you can expect the following types of car insurance:

  • Third-Party Coverage Insurance

With third-party liability coverage, your insurance firm will offer financial assistance to the third party if their property or vehicle is damaged due to your driving. In the UAE, third-party coverage is mandatory for every car on the road.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

Unlike third-party insurance, you can expect to be covered for any damage to your car if you have comprehensive car insurance. This type of plan includes cover for car damages due to fire, calamities, and even theft. Third-party coverage is also often included in the comprehensive package.

While comprehensive car insurance plans usually cost more than their third-party counterparts, their scope of coverage makes them worth the extra cost.

Nissan Altima Car Insurance Price

Numerous car insurance plans, offered by different insurance companies, are available in the UAE. As the price varies based on the features and benefits of the policies, the price for Nissan Altima Car Insurance is also variable. Generally, comprehensive Nissan Altima car insurance prices are higher due to their greater scope of coverage compared to third-party insurance plans.

You can also increase the coverage further with the inclusion of add-ons to the plan. However, you can expect an increase in the cost in terms of the premium here.

Nissan Altima Car Insurance Policy Inclusion

All the coverage scenarios provided with a car insurance policy are mentioned as inclusions. The following are the inclusions for Nissan Altima car insurance.

  • Natural Calamities

Natural calamities can cause serious damage to your vehicle. However, most insurance firms compensate the cost of repairs as incurred by the car owner in such cases.

  • Man-Made Disasters

If there is any damage to your vehicle owing to any man-made disaster, you can expect the required coverage from the insurance company.

  • Explosion and Fire

Damages due to explosions and fire are also covered by the insurance company, with the cost of repairing the vehicle provided by the insurance provider in such cases.

  • Personal Damage

If the driver faces any injuries during an accident, the medical cost can be compensated by the insurance company.

  • Accident

In case your Nissan Altima faces any accident, the damage caused to the car is covered by the insurance company.

  • Third-Party Liability Cover

Third-party liability is covered in both comprehensive and third-party insurance. Here, the damage caused to a third-party person or property during an accident is covered.

  • Loss Due to Theft

A police complaint is filed if your vehicle is stolen. In case the police cannot find the vehicle, the estimated cost of the car is paid by the insurance company to the car owner.

Nissan Altima Car Insurance Policy Exclusion

A few conditions that are not covered by car insurance policies are:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Damaging the vehicle during any fraudulent/illegal activity
  • Oil leakage problems leading to car damage
  • Driving the car without a valid driving licence
  • The cost of petrol, nuts, or bolts
  • Deterioration of the car
  • Mechanical and electrical problems
  • Intentional damage caused to the vehicle

Nissan Altima Car Insurance Add-ons

If you opt for comprehensive coverage, you will also be able to choose some extra benefits with respect to the coverage of your car with the add-ons.

Listed below are some add-ons that you can take advantage of with Nissan Altima car insurance by getting cover for

  • Loss of key(s)
  • Geographical extension coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Off-roading
  • Oman extension

Eligibility Criteria for Nissan Altima Car Insurance

If you want Nissan Altima Insurance for your car, you will need to meet the following requirements set by most providers in the UAE:

  • You must possess a valid driving licence
  • You should be at least 21 years old
  • Your driving licence must have been in existence for at least 2 years
  • Only residents of the UAE are eligible to apply for this car insurance

Documents Required for Nissan Altima Car Insurance

You can keep the following documents ready you when you apply for Nissan Altima Car insurance

  • Emirates ID
  • Copy of your Passport and Visa if you are an ex-pat
  • Documents affirming your age
  • Documents for address proof in UAE
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Registration papers of your car

Filing Claim for Nissan Altima Car Insurance

Car insurance, as we observed earlier, offers financial assistance in the event of an accident or theft. However, to get the required assistance, it is necessary to know how to file a claim. To raise a claim in any such unforeseen situation, keep the following steps in mind:


Claims for accidents can be raised both under third-party and comprehensive insurance plans. Follow the steps discussed below to do so:

  • The first step is to call the ambulance if anyone is injured, followed by calling the police and reporting the accident
  • Click the images for proof and collect a copy of the report from the police
  • Inform the insurance company about the accident and file a claim with all the supporting documents
  • For third-party claims, provide the necessary car details and documents to the company
  • For your own car damage claim, providing your policy details, car details, and personal information would be necessary
  • The company will send a surveyor to analyse the details and report back to the company
  • Based on the report, the company will notify you of the estimated claim settlement amount and transfer the same to you


To raise a claim against theft or loss of valuables, it is necessary to have a comprehensive policy. With that said, here are the steps to file a theft claim –

  • File a complaint at a police station, informing about the theft and also providing the list of lost items (if any)
  • Collect a copy of your report and submit it to the insurance company while informing them about the theft
  • If the police fail to locate your car and valuables, you will be provided with a letter affirming the same which you will need to submit to the insurance company and raise a claim
  • The insurance company will instantly start examining the claim and evaluating your lost car price
  • After thorough verification, you will be informed about the estimated claim settlement amount
  • The claim will be resolved once the amount is delivered to your account

Nissan Altima Car Insurance Renewal

Compared to buying car insurance, the renewal process is fairly easy if you are aware of the steps involved in the same. This is how you can renew your car insurance plan online or offline.

Online Method

  • Go to the official website of your insurance provider  
  • Head to the auto insurance section and search for the option for renewal
  • Alternatively, you can locate your purchased plan and find the specific option for its renewal
  • Enter details like your car registration number, policy number, and others as specified
  • Verify whether you are receiving the benefit of a no-claim bonus (if any)
  • Pay the renewal fees to complete the process

Offline Method

  • Find the nearest branch of your insurance provider and visit it – for this, you can use the bank website and utilise the option for locating the nearest branch
  • Before you head to the branch, collect all the necessary documents - you can find the list of documents required for renewal on the official website
  • Get in touch with an executive at the office and ask for the policy renewal application form
  • Fill out the form correctly, attach all the required documents, and submit them
  • Check whether you are getting any discounts as a no-claim bonus (if applicable)
  • Make the payment to conclude the process of policy renewal

Tips to Buy the Best Nissan Altima Car Insurance Plan

If you are confused due to the large number of insurance plans available in the market, you can keep the following tips in consideration to easily find the best insurance plan for your Nissan Altima.

Analyse Your Requirements

One may recall the two major types of car insurance plans offered by the UAE insurance companies as discussed earlier: third-party and comprehensive car insurance policies. While both plans have certain benefits, you should first assess your needs before opting for one. Comprehensive cover can be useful for everyday riders. For owners who rarely drive their cars, on the other hand, a third-party plan can be sufficient.

Ensure Proper Evaluation

Numerous factors like the year of purchase, the condition of the car, and others affect the price of the insurance cover for your car. Consequently, you should examine if the evaluation of the car is done properly by the insurance company or an authorised firm for the same.

Check the Inclusions and Exclusions

One should make sure to know the inclusions and exclusions of the cover in detail to understand the scope of benefits they can get in their time of emergency.

Availability of Add-Ons

If you wish to enhance the protection of your vehicle with add-ons, you should check whether your selected insurance provider has the available add-ons for the same. Moreover, you should also shortlist only the add-ons that you would actually need, as including add-ons without any requirement only leads to unnecessary increases in insurance costs.

Compare Plans

It is advisable to compare the top plans in the UAE to understand which one best suits your car requirements at affordable prices. For this, you can continue on and check out the top plans under the ‘Car Insurance’ section.

Examine the Terms and Conditions

You should always ensure to read the fine print of the policy documents to make an informed decision and clarify any doubts before making the payment.

How to Buy Car Insurance Online and Offline?

Buying car insurance online can make your buying experience hassle-free while providing you with great discounts and rewards. To purchase car insurance from Policybazaar UAE, you can follow the process described below:

  • Visit and go to the ‘Car Insurance’ category
  • Enter details related to your vehicle, your income, etc., in the form shown on the page
  • This will instantly bring the most relevant car insurance quotes for your car model
  • Compare the plans in terms of price, coverage, add-ons, and more
  • Once you decided to go with a specific plan for car insurance in UAE, you can apply for that plan instantly
  • Fill out the details required to apply for your selected plan to conclude the process
  • Policybazaar UAE will soon connect with you to discuss the further procedures

You can also buy car insurance offline by directly visiting one of the branches of your insurance provider or even contacting your car insurance agent. Whichever source you opt for, you will be required to obtain an application form for the same. After filling up the form and submitting it along with the required documents, you can wait for the provider to contact you regarding the remaining processes.


Q1. What factors affect the premium of my Nissan Altima car insurance?

Ans: Several factors affect the premium of your Nissan Altima car insurance like geographical location, your driving history, make and model of the car, the car’s manufacturing year, and so on.

Q2. What happens if the police cannot find my stolen car?

Ans: If the police fail to find your stolen Nissan Altima, the insurance company will evaluate the value of your car and compensate you with the same.

Q3. What happens if I fail to renew Nissan Altima car insurance on time?

Ans: You must renew your Nissan Altima car insurance before it expires. After you fail to do so even within the grace period of 30 days, you can expect penalties if you approach the provider to renew your plan afterwards.

Q4. How much does car insurance cost in the UAE?

Ans: Car insurance may usually cost between 1.25% to 3% of the value of the car as per several factors.

Q5. How to choose the Best Nissan Altima Car Insurance?

Ans: Comparing the available plans extensively and selecting one of them is the only way to get the best Nissan Altima car insurance. The best way to perform such a comparison is to visit, where you can check the best insurance plans and get one for your Nissan Altima.


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