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With such excellent roads of Dubai, driving, or rather cruising on them, is cherished by people in the UAE. However, the most important thing to secure before fulfilling this goal is to have a proper driving licence in the UAE. Owing to the strict measures, heavy fines and a prison sentence could be imposed on a person driving without a licence in Dubai. 

While applying for a driving licence in the UAE is easy, you might need to do a proper Driving Licence Check sometimes. Checking your status online allows you to operate safely on Dubai roads. If you want to avoid the offline route and check your Driving Licence Status Online in the UAE, you can always visit the official portal ‘’. To know more about that and some other related facts, keep reading.

Enquiring About Your Driving Licence Status

The UAE has multiple states or emirates where the licence status can be checked online. These include Dubai, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah. After applying for the driving licence by the area of your residence, you can check the status online by going to the online driving licence status of the state.  Multiple subcategories are present in the “Check the Status of Your Driving Licence” on the official website of RTA online. 

Depending on the state and status of your driving licence, you will be required to submit further details online, which may include the driving licence number, date of birth, etc.

What is the Process of Checking Driving Licence Status in Dubai?

Checking your driving licence status online in Dubai will take only a few minutes. On visiting the RTA official open-source website, select the online services related to a driving licence. A drop-down menu will be present where you can easily check your application status. You can use this to evaluate if your driving privilege has been greenlit.

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What You Should Know Before Getting a Driving Licence in Dubai?

  • Institutions: Multiple institutions, like the Dubai Driving Centre, the Emirates Driving Institute, and the Belhasa Driving Centre are present. Besides equipping you with driving and related skills, these institutions can also help you with your role in the driving licensing programme. You can check your driving licence status systematically through them.
  • Costs: The cost of obtaining a driving licence in the UAE can usually range between AED 4,500 and AED 7,000. This extensive range comes due to the varying number of attempts required by you. The higher the number of your trials, the higher your costs. In such cases of multiple attempts, even the process of checking status for driving licence may get delayed further.
  • Swap-ability: If you have a driving licence from countries like Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, and so on, you don’t have to wait and check your driving licence in the UAE. The RTA allows drivers from these countries to swap their licence for UAE-focused support.

Thing to Remember Before Checking Driving Licence Status in UAE

  • Your driving licence can be ready within a few weeks in the UAE. However, on several occasions, it can take at least a month to reach you. Moreover, you would need to be at home, as this licence is only provided to the authorised person.
  • If your driving licence gets damaged or lost, you must apply for a duplicate immediately. The process is easy and streamlined, and you can easily secure a replacement of the driving licence at a nominal fee.
  • No fee is imposed on checking your driving licence status, and you can check it as many times as you want. 
  • The validity period of the driving licence in the UAE is 10 years. However, this is applicable only for UAE and GCC citizens, with the period being 5 years for residents from other countries.
  • Facility for renewal of driving licence is available in a majority of the emirates. To effectively renew your driving licence after the validity period ends, you have to first pay your traffic fines if there are any applicable. After that, you will need to check your licence status online on the RTA’s official website.

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

How to Apply for Driving Licence in UAE

Before checking your driving licence online, you must obviously have a licence first. In case you are above the legal age but don’t have one, simply follow these steps to get a driving licence in the UAE:

  • Start by registering on the RTA website, where you will be required to submit all relevant documents.
  • At the prescribed driving school, you will be required to take an eye test through an optician. Unless your eyesight can handle the UAE traffic, you will be disqualified. Consequently, maintaining good eyesight is mandatory.
  • You will obtain a temporary UAE driving licence or a learning permit to begin further training.
  • Once received, you will be required to take online classes or attend physical driving school classes to understand traffic rules.
  • After passing all theoretical texts comes the practical training process. Here, you will be demonstrating your driving abilities.
  • More practical situations await you, as after the practice tests, you will be evaluated on highways and city roads.
  • Finally comes the internal parking test. After passing it, you can apply for the RTA test.
  • Check your driving licence status once you pass the RTA test. At this stage, you can visit the RTA website and check documents that match your identity and open your status.
  • Once you have checked your driving licence status and found everything in place, hop on to your car and cruise on UAE roads!
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Ensuring Safety After Checking Your driving licence Status        

Checking your driving licence and obtaining one are only the initial steps. Ensuring safety of your vehicle and yourself is paramount. Policybazaar UAE allows you to achieve this. is a unique portal that provides an integrated system to easily obtain insurance. It operates as a one-stop solution for individuals concerned about their health and vehicles for secured life experiences. With car insurance being compulsory in the UAE, you will need to obtain one to ensure adequate compensation in case of any accident and avoid penalties. Policybazaar has a wide range of motor insurances that you can use to secure your two-wheeler vehicles, four wheelers, or business vehicles as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is driver’s vehicle insurance?

Ans: Vehicle insurance focuses on creating a contract between the driver and the insurance company to seek protection from unforeseen road accidents. Simply put, vehicle insurance provides cover if the policyholder’s vehicle gets damaged in any accidents subject to terms and conditions.

Q2. What encompasses add-on riders?

Ans: These riders are additional benefits for individuals who take motor insurance to facilitate enhanced protection. This protection covers waiver of premium rider, critical illness, and other features.

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