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Whether for the purpose of leisure, adventure, or daily commute, driving in the UAE is highly convenient for all considering the infrastructure and the number of car options. However, you won’t be able to enjoy any of these without a valid driving licence, with the UAE having strict driving licence requirements.

One can easily apply for a driving licence in the UAE and obtain it after successfully clearing the required tests. While the licence is provided to the applicant soon after their test is cleared, one may still wish to conduct a proper driving licence check to find out about the status of their licence.

You can quickly check the driving license via both offline and online modes. Continue reading below to get acquainted with more details related to online driving licence check and other related facts.

Why Check Your Driving Licence Online?

As discussed earlier, getting a driving licence is a fairly straightforward process. However, in case of any delays, one can always utilise the online driving licence check service and find the status of their licence.

By heading to the official website of the concerned authorities, you can also

  • Check the status of your driving licence
  • Find out when your driving license is due for renewal
  • Obtain a soft copy of your driving licence if needed

The government of the UAE has made the process quite simple for individuals who can now avoid long waiting queues of the offline procedure and check their driving licence status online. In the UAE, multiple states like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah, where the driver can check their driving license status online without any problems.

How to Check the Driving Licence Status Online?

You can quickly check the status of your driving licence and even view or renew it via the Emirates Vehicle Gate website:

Driving Licence Status Check Using Emirates Vehicle Gate

This website provides more than 50 electronic services for all drivers and vehicle owners in the UAE online. Using this website, one can check all the details related to their driving licence (including current status after application) in the following way:

  • Visit the official website of Emirates Vehicle Gate
  • Under the ‘services tab, click on the ‘drivers’ option
  • Choose the ‘Driving License Information’ on the next page
  • If you are registered with EVG, you can simply log in to view all the details of your licence
  • In case you are not registered with EVG, you can sign up and register with the following details required:

After registration, you will have full access to the driving licence details.

As mentioned earlier, you can also renew your driving licence online in the UAE. For this, you would be required to visit the website of the UAE RTA.

insurer your car

RTA (Road and Transports Authority) Website

RTA is the official portal of the UAE government, which is maintained by the Roads and Transport Authority. You can apply for or renew your driving licence using this site in the following steps:

  1. Visit the official RTA website
  2. Under the ‘Services’ tab, click on ‘driver and car owner services’
  3. Filter the results by searching the term ‘license renew’
  4. Once you find the relevant option, click on ‘apply now’
  5. You can then provide the required details and pay the renewal fee to get your driving licence renewed in a few minutes

Driving License Renewal Fees

Given below are the fees applicable for driving licence renewal based on the age of the applicant:

Applicants Below the Age of 21 Years

AED 100 + AED20*

Applicants Above the Age of 21 Years

AED 300 + AED 20*

*Knowledge and innovation fees

Documents and Details Required for Driving Licence Renewal

  1. Electronic eye-test report
  2. Emirates ID
  3. Driving licence number
  4. OTP verification

After settling all the dues and final payment, the RTA will send the renewed driving licence to the registered email address of the applicant. You can also get the hard copy of your driving license through customer happiness centres in Deira or Al Barsha, or via courier with additional fees.

Besides the official website of RTA, you can also use RTA smart apps like the Dubai Drive or RTA Dubai, self-service machines, and RTA call centres for the process of licence renewal.

Note: All traffic fines must be settled before your driving licence can be renewed. A fine of 10 AED per month will be levied on customers who delay the renewal of their driving licence for more than one month.

How to Check the Validity of a Driving Licence?

A driving licence in the UAE is valid for two years for all nationalities. After renewal, the driving licence for UAE and GCCC citizens is valid for 10 years while a resident driving licence is valid for five years.

Using the official RTA website, you can find out whether your driving licence is still valid or requires renewal. Follow the given steps to view details concerning the validity of your driving licence in the UAE:

  1. Under the drop-down menu of the official website, select the ‘driving license’ option
  2. Enter the specified details of your driving licence
  3. After the verification is completed via the captcha, all the details of your licence will be displayed on the screen

RTA/Driving License

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai
Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Sharjah Transfer Car Registration
Driving License UAE Driving License in Dubai

How to Check the Driving Licence Black Points and Traffic Fines in UAE?

If a driver violates traffic laws in the UAE, they will incur black points as well as fines. A driver's account is updated with black points within 48 hours of committing a traffic violation, with the driver also being notified of the same via SMS.

Being aware of the black points is crucial as a driver in the UAE. In case the number of incurred black points crosses 24, their licence is revoked and banned for a certain period.

The process of checking black points is different in every Emirate. To find out how you can check the black points based on the emirate of your residence or of registration of your vehicle, let’s have a look at the following section.

insurer your car

Across the UAE

Regardless of the emirate your vehicle is registered in, you can visit the Emirates Vehicle Gate to check the black points.

  • Visit the official website of the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)
  • Select the ‘drivers’ option under the ‘services’ section
  • Log into the dashboard with your credentials

This will allow you to see all the details related to your driving licence, with the incurred black points (if any) also visible here.


In Dubai, a driver can check the black points on the official website of the Dubai police and even pay the traffic fines on the same website. For this, you can

  • Visit the official website of the Dubai police
  • Select the ‘fines inquiry and payment'
  • Click on ‘access service’

You can pay fines and make inquiries using details related to your vehicle plate, TC number, licence, or tickets

Abu Dhabi

In case you are a resident of Abu Dhabi, you can check the black points from the official police website of Abu Dhabi via the following steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Abu Dhabi police
  • Under the ‘e-services’ tab, select the ‘traffic fines and inquiry’
  • Enter the relevant details to have the black points and traffic fines (if any) displayed for your consideration


To check your black points and traffic fines in Sharjah, you have the following two online options available:

Police portal

  • Visit the official portal of the Sharjah Police
  • Under the ‘Services’ tab, click ‘traffic and licensing services’
  • Select ‘traffic fines’ before clicking the ‘start service’ option
  • You can then see traffic fines and black points list using the TC No. of your licence, plate information, chassis number, and so on

Ministry of Interior Website

  • Visit the official website of the MOI
  • Under the 'e-services' tab, click the 'traffic and licensing' option
  • Log in to the dashboard using credentials like your username and password
  • You can also log in through a UAE pass
  • After logging in, all the relevant details will appear on your screen


You can directly visit the official website of Ajman Police to check your black points. For this, you can

  • Visit the official website of Ajman Police
  • Under ‘electronic services’, select the ‘pay the fines’ option
  • Select the ‘Start the service’ option
  • Enter login details, i.e., username and password
  • All black/penalty points will appear along with traffic fines details on your screen

Ras Al-Khaimah

Keep the following steps in mind to verify your black points and fines in Ras Al-Khaimah

  • Visit the official website of Ras Al Khaimah Police HQ
  • Under ‘services’, click on ‘e-services’
  • Select the ‘traffic fine inquiry’
  • Choose the option for verification using driving licence number or Emirates ID
  • All the information regarding black points and fines will appear


In Fujairah, one can easily access information regarding their black points and traffic fines in the following manner:

  • Visit the official website of Fujairah GHQ
  • Under the 'Ministry of Interior services' tab, click the ‘open a traffic file’ option
  • Select ‘start the service’
  • Sign in using your login credentials
  • All traffic fines and black points list will appear

insurer your car

How to Modify the Address in the Traffic File Online?

If you have relocated or have some changes to your residential address, you can easily modify it online. Listed below are the steps to be followed for the same:

  • Visit the official website of the Emirates Vehicle Gate
  • Under the ‘Services’ tab, select the ‘modify the address’ option
  • Log in to the dashboard and click on the ‘my profile’ tab
  • Select the ‘update your information’ tab
  • Modify data related to your address as required and save it to have it updated

Key Takeaways

UAE government has introduced various digital platforms that allow users to know about their driving licence status in the UAE online. These platforms also enable users to check the validity of their licence, complete licence renewal and check their fines and black points easily. For all these tasks, one can easily utilise the official RTA website or the specific websites related to police or traffic authorities of the emirate of their residence.

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Q2. What encompasses add-on riders?

Ans: These riders are additional benefits for individuals who take motor insurance to facilitate enhanced protection. This protection covers waiver of premium rider, critical illness, and other features.

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