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The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai is a government entity that takes care of all the services related to transportation, traffic and roads in Dubai. This includes everything from simple tasks like renewing your driving license to complex ones like ensuring seamless functioning of public transport system in Dubai. Founded in 2005, the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai is an independent transportation authority in Dubai. In addition to everything that RTA Dubai oversees, it is also one of the biggest investors in Dubai’s infrastructure projects and development schemes. 

Key Functions of Roads and Transport Authority Dubai

  • Issuing and renewal of driving license 
  • Transfer of driving license to another emirate
  • Converting a foreign driving license to Dubai license 
  • International driving license issuance 
  • Registration and issuance of the license plate and other related services
  • Vehicle registration and transfer of ownership
  • Duplicate vehicle registration
  • Public transport pass issuance – NOL Cards
  • Corporate and business vehicle services
  • Issuance of a temporary license and related services
  • Maintenance of public transportation services
  • Services related to RTA driving tests
  • NOC for drivers and other related certificates for vehicles
  • Exporting the vehicles to other emirates
  • Parking permit services for rehabs, senior Emiratis, people of determination, and people with special medical abilities
  • Public parking services, reserving parking spaces and seasonal parking permits
  • Salik account services

Roads and Transport Authority Dubai Number and Addresses 

The RTA headquarters are located in Dubai. There are several RTA-authorised centers, licensing authorities, bus ticket offices, happiness centers and marine offices spread across Dubai. In addition to that, you can also find NOL ticket machines, vehicle testing centers, driving schools and other authorised centres across Dubai. You can also use the RTA Dubai ‘find us’ tracker to reach the nearest authority as per your requirements. Given below is the address of the headquarters and RTA numbers for Dubai.

RTA Headquarters Dubai Address

Al Garhoud, Street 5, 

Marrakech Street, Next to Emirates Metro Station,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

National Phone Number: +971 4 284 4444

Oversees Caller Number: +971 4 605 1414

FAX Number: +971 4 206 5555

Email Address:

PO Box Number: 118899

RTA Dubai and Public Transportation

One of the biggest things that the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority is responsible for is the public transportation system of the Emirate. From taxis to buses and the tram, RTA Dubai oversees and maintains all the different modes of public transportation in the Emirate. 

NOL Cards

NOL cards in Dubai can be used to travel in any of the available public transport in the Emirate. In addition to that, NOL cards can also be used for using paid parking spaces in Dubai. RTA Dubai website offers streamlined services to acquire, activate and recharge your NOL card anytime, anywhere with just a few taps and clicks. A minimum of AED 7.5 balance is required on an NOL card to use it. It is valid for Dubai metro, buses, the tram as well as Dubai ferry. RTA Dubai website can be used for NOL card services like top-up, new application, tracking the card, refunds, PIN reset, etc. 

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro is one of the most advanced metro services around the world, offering several luxury services to its users. There are two running lines of Dubai metro as of now – Red and Green. Cabinets in the metro are designed as per the types of users. For example, there are separate cabinets for women, NOL gold card users and general NOL card users. Free Wi-Fi access, CCTV surveillance, metro police, emergency calls and radio service links are some of the many features of Dubai Metro. You can travel in Dubai Metro using the NOL card itself. 

Dubai Tram

A kind of train service, Dubai Tram is yet another well maintained public transportation service offered by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority. It connects Dubai Metro to Palm Monorail, running along the Jumeirah Beach Road. Dubai Tram runs on ground-supplied electric connections and hence has no requirements for the generic cable structure. The coaches are air-conditioned with automatic screen doors. Special coaches are available for NOL gold card holders and women. All the same facilities available in Dubai Metro are also available in Dubai Tram. Yet again, you can access the Dubai Tram using your NOL card. 

Dubai Buses

Dubai Bus is probably the largest public transport service network provided by RTA Dubai. It serves almost 370,000 passengers every day and covers more than 80% of the urban Dubai area. The Dubai Bus network has a fleet of 1,518 buses, 119 internal lines, 12 intercity lines, 35 lines to Dubai Metro stations, and 8 fast lines. Dubai buses can transport you not only anywhere in Dubai but also in other emirates. All buses are air-conditioned, and vending machines and a cafeteria are available at all bus stops. The buses themselves have e-card machines, wheelchairs and other special needs facilities, NOL card top-up machines, information screen and separate coaches for women. You can use the RTA Dubai website to know the timetable of the buses and to check fares. NOL cards are to be used for travelling on Dubai buses.

Dubai Taxis

Yet another mode of transportation with free internet service, Dubai Taxi Service is one of the most flexible modes of public transport you can opt for in the Emirate. Taxis are operated by the Dubai Taxi Corporation and are available 24x7, even on holidays. You can simply get a taxi from any of the landmarks in Dubai, commercial centres or public places or book yourself one using the smart app from Dubai Taxi Corporation. Both generic taxis and limousines are available for rental here. Fare calculation machines are installed in every taxi and fares are regulated ideally. Airport taxi, ladies’ and family taxi, Hatta taxi, public taxi, limousine taxi, special needs taxi and rental taxis are some of the many types of services offered by Dubai Taxis. 

Dubai Abra AKA Marine Transport 

Derived from the Arabic word ‘abara’ which means ‘to cross’, Dubai Abra services are all about transportation options to cross the waters of Dubai. The marine transport system is the traditional mode of transport in Dubai, which is still preferred by many people over other options. RTA Dubai now oversees the maintenance of Dubai Abra. Different available Arba services in Dubai include motorised Abra, air-conditioned Abra, petrol-based Abra, and electrical traditional Abra. 

How to Register Your Vehicle at Roads and Transport Authority Dubai?

  • Registration for new vehicles is generally completed by the dealerships themselves. However, if the situation requires you to get your vehicle registered on your own, the following are the steps you need to follow:
  • Visit one of the RTA Dubai authorised service centres or happiness centres in Dubai.
  • Bring all the necessary documents with you and submit them at the concerned section of the service centre. 
  • Once the documents and your request have been processed, you will receive the registration documents, card, the new number plate and the expiration sticker for the registration.
  • You can also use the self-service machines installed at multiple places in Dubai for registering your vehicle. 

Documents required:

  • Emirates ID and resident visa 
  • Traffic file
  • Vehicle customs card
  • Reference number of the e-possession certificate or a physical copy
  • Selling agreement – electronic or physical
  • Test certificates for vehicles imported or tested outside of Dubai
  • GCC specification certificate of the vehicle
  • Insurance certificate for the vehicle with a minimum 6-month-long validity – electronic or physical 

How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration at RTA Dubai?

Go to the RTA Dubai website or download the application.

Look towards the menu given on the left corner of the website. Find ‘renew vehicle registration’ and click on it. 

  • Scroll down on the page you land and find the ‘start vehicle renewal process’ button. 
  • Proceed to the next page and enter all the required details about your vehicle. 
  • Head to the next section and submit all the documents. 
  • Pay the renewal fee for the service and complete the process. 
  • You will first receive a soft copy of the renewed registration documents. Physical copies will arrive later at your selected address. 
  • The documents that you will need are: test results for the vehicle (if required), passport, resident’s visa, Emirates ID and insurance documents of the vehicle. 

Getting a Duplicate Registration Card Issued by RTA Dubai

If you have lost or damaged your original vehicle registration documents, RTA Dubai can help you get a new set issued. The RTA Dubai website, the mobile app and the Smart Kiosk can be used to get the replacement set. Given below are the steps that you need to follow for getting duplicate or replacement registration documents:

Via RTA Dubai website

  • Go to the driver and car owner services section and head to the licensing services section. 
  • Select ‘My vehicle’ and go to the ‘more actions’ section.
  • Choose the option – registration card replacement. 
  • You will get options to have your new registration card delivered to you. Choose the one that is the most convenient. 
  • Pay your due fines or fees and proceed. 
  • Once you have completed this process, your new registration card will be delivered to you. 
  • Similar steps can be followed to apply for a registration card replacement via the RTA Dubai mobile application.

Via Smart Kiosk

  • Go to the concerned Kiosk and select e-services. 
  • Select ‘vehicle registration lost’ once you enter the e-services menu. 
  • Pay the fines, if any, and the applicable transaction fee.
  • Once the process has been completed, you can print your temporary replacement registration papers from the Smart Kiosk. 

How to Transfer Vehicle Ownership via RTA Dubai?

RTA Dubai can be reached out to in case you want to transfer the ownership of your vehicle to another owner when selling the vehicle or giving it to your family member or friends. Given below is the complete process for the same:

  • Take the next owner of the vehicle with you and visit a branch of RTA Dubai.
  • Bring all the signed and filled-out documents with you and submit them at the assigned registration desk. The ownership transfer form can be acquired from the typing centre.
  • Outstanding fines and other dues will be checked for the vehicle under consideration after you submit the required documents.
  • Once all the due fines have been settled, the ownership will be transferred to the next owner and the papers for the same will be provided on the spot. 

Documents required for vehicle ownership transfer are given below: 

  • Driving license of both the owners
  • Old documents of the car
  • Insurance papers of the car
  • A NOC from the bank in case the loan taken for the car is still due
  • Emirates ID – the original and a copy
  • Resident’s visa – the original and a copy 

How to Apply for a Driving License at RTA Dubai?

The Roads and Transfer Authority of Dubai is the one and only authorised government entity that can offer you a driving license in Dubai. The process of obtaining a driving license can differ a little as per the type of driving license you require. The set of documents you will need is pretty much the same for all the different types of driving licenses. Let’s figure out how you can get a driving license from the RTA in Dubai:

Getting a New Driving License from Scratch

  • Anyone requiring a new driving license in Dubai must enrol in a driving school approved by the RTA Dubai.
  • Dubai driving schools are in charge of applying for a driving license on your behalf. The application is sent to the RTA Dubai by the school you enrol in. 
  • You are required to clear the internal assessment exams before you can appear for the final examination conducted by the RTA in Dubai.
  • Once you have cleared the internal assessments from your driving school, you can obtain a date from the RTA in Dubai for your final exam.
  • When you clear the exam, you get your license right away. 

Exchanging Your Old Driving License 

Countries from all around the world with similar driving rules as the UAE are given the exempted status. Residents belonging to these countries can simply exchange their old license from their home country for a Dubai driving license without going through the whole process. Simply take the eye test from an authorised clinic, take all the required documents with you and submit them to the concerned section at RTA Dubai. Pay the Dubai driving license fee and get your license right away. 

Getting an International Driving Permit 

Your international driving permit will be required when you visit a foreign country as a tourist or for work and want to drive. Following are the steps to obtain one from RTA Dubai:

  • Visit any of the RTA offices in Dubai.
  • Get an international driving license form from the concerned section.
  • Fill in the form, attach the documents and submit everything along with the fee of AED 170.
  • The documents are analysed and the license is handed to you right away. 

Documents Required

  • Test results for the eye exam that you took.
  • Passport-sized photographs, at least 2 for the new license and 8 when exchanging the old license.
  • Your Emirates ID, passport and resident visa – copies and originals.
  • NOC from your employer or company, if applying for a new license.
  • International driving license form and a copy of the Dubai driving license (for international driving license only).
  • Verification letters and their translations when exchanging licenses.

How to Check Your Vehicle Fines at RTA in Dubai?

You can not only check but also pay your traffic fines at the Road and Transport Authority website. Given below are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Go to the RTA Dubai website and scan the menu given on the left. Select the “Pay Fines” option and head to the portal. 
  • Click on the “start” button given on the screen to begin the process. 
  • Enter all the required details. You will need your license plate number, category and code, license number, fine number and your traffic file number. 
  • This information will help you search the fines and then proceed to pay them as you see fit. 
  • Keep your traffic file, date of birth and a credit or debit card handy.

RTA Dubai and Salik

RTA Dubai is one of the many places you can buy and recharge your Salik tag from. The required services can be accessed from the ‘Driver and Car Owner Services’ section, where you can find a dedicated section for your Salik account. Given below is the complete list of Salik services you can avail from the RTA Dubai website:

  • Purchasing Salik tags
  • Registering and activating Salik tags
  • Recharging Salik tags – your own or someone else’s
  • Adding or removing a vehicle from your Salik account
  • Application for exemptions from Salik tags
  • Paying Salik fines
  • Application of Salik violation disputes

RTA Dubai and License Plates 

RTA Dubai is in charge of allocating distinguished plates, registering new license plates for vehicles, re-registering old plates, renewing the registration and replacing damaged or lost license plates. Apart from registering new license plates, everything else has to be done by the car owners themselves. New license plates are registered by the showrooms themselves. Let’s cover all the different functions RTA Dubai handles related to license plates:

Registering a Second-Hand Car Number Plate

This is applicable when you are set to buy a used car in Dubai and need to re-register the number plate in your name. Following is the complete process:

  • Take the required documents and the registration form and head to the RTA with the seller. You both will need your passports, resident visas, Emirates IDs, driving licenses, car insurance documents, NOC from the bank, old registration card and old license plate. 
  • Fill in the form, submit the documents and pay the registration fee. 
  • Submit the license plate and have the seller clear the old fines.
  • Once all this is done, you will get a new license plate and updated registration documents of the car. 

Replacing the License Plate 

  • Bring the damaged license plate to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority along with the registration documents.
  • If your number plate has been lost or stolen, bring the police report with you. 
  • Submit everything with a duly filled form for the procedure, which can be obtained at the RTA Dubai itself.
  • Pay the fee of AED 120 for getting a new license plate and an additional fee for the size of the plate – AED 25 for a short plate or AED 35 for a long plate. 
  • That’s it. Once everything is done, you will get a new license plate from the Dubai RTA. 

RTA Corporate and Business Services

Just like the individual services offered for commercial and personal vehicles, RTA Dubai also offers vehicle owner and driver services for businesses and corporates. Given below is the complete list of all the services offered by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority in the business and corporate section:

  • Electronic NOCs: Driver NOC, RTA spare ducts NOC and NOC to change or edit trade licenses.
  • Licensing: Trade plates, NOC for new trade license, NOC for trade license renewal, trade license info update, reprinting of documents and inquiries.
  • Traffic-Related Services: Building or house number application, reserving parking spots, impounded vehicles, road diversion permits, infrastructure work permits.
  • Advertising Permissions: Vehicle advertisements, outdoor advertisements, Dubai metro or tram advertising, pavement or road advertisements. 
  • Driving Institutes: Includes permit to run and operate driving institutes and training and testing vehicles. 
  • Commercial Vehicle Services: License plate and trading permit applications, new trade license, registration of commercial taxis, Naqel services, NOC to hire drivers for luxury vehicles. 

RTA Dubai FAQs

Q1. Do I have to be present physically when transferring ownership of my vehicle at the Government of Dubai RTA office?

Ans: Yes, most RTA Dubai related services and tasks require you to be present physically. This does not apply to services that can be availed online via the RTA Dubai website or mobile application. Services that need you to be present physically include vehicle registration, transfer of ownership and registration of license plates. 

Q2. Can the Government of Dubai RTA help me exchange my driving license for a UAE driving license?

Ans: Yes, any branch of the Dubai Road and Transport Authority can be visited to have your old driving license exchanged for a new Dubai driving license.

Q3. Can RTA in Dubai provide me with details about the insurance plan of a registered vehicle in Dubai?

Ans: Yes, you can get all the required details about a vehicle from the Government of Dubai RTA. Visit the website and enter the registration details of the vehicle. Proceed to get all the available details of the concerned vehicle. 

Q4. How can I transfer my vehicle from one emirate to another?

Ans: RTA Dubai offers export services for transferring your vehicle from one emirate to another. You will first need to unregister your vehicle from RTA in Dubai and then opt for the exporting services. Once the vehicle has arrived in the other emirate of your choice, you can re-register it in that emirate. 

Q5. How do I apply for a driving license with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority?

Ans: If you are applying for a new driving license from scratch, your driving school will do that on your behalf. You only need to get a test date assigned from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority once you have completed all the internal assessments. The date for tests can be taken from the RTA Dubai website itself. 

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